the army of luck

17.01.01  fancafe - bts_Jin

ARMY happy new year
The most beautiful in the world our ARMY
brings not only luck but all the good strength in this world
don’t have a hard time and don’t get hurt and always stay together by our side. when sorrow is shared it’s halved and when joy is shared it doubles
If our ARMY share their sorrows it will all disappear and together our joy will be big enough to cover the world.
Always stay by our side
I love you ARMY
happy new year!!

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How I would want next week's episode to go:
  • Simmons: We're against a whole army of robots, we're outgunned and out of luck. Radcliffe knows how we think so we need to think outside the box.
  • Fitz: I got an idea.
  • Simmons: So do I.
  • Fitz: Well, let's combine our plans then!
  • *next scene*
  • Bobbi: Thanks for calling us Simmons.
  • Hunter: Happy to help fight against Skynet.
  • Simmons: It's more like the Matrix than Skynet but whatever. Okay, this was my plan. Fitz, how did your plan fair-
  • *gates to hell open and Robbie rides out in his Hell Charger*
  • Robbie: Miss me?
  • Fitz: Can't believe it worked! Oh, hey Bobbi and Hunter, this is Robbie. He's gonna help us out.
  • Bobbi: ...
  • Hunter: ...
  • Robbie: What are we doing just standing around? Let's go destroy some robots.

Whenever you feel like you’ve got bad luck or you’re down on life remember this. I’ve been watching tattoo fixers lately and a man got “you’ll never walk alone” tattooed on his leg which was fine but then he got blown up fighting in Afghanistan and had to have his leg amputated and now his tattoo just says “you’ll never walk” and this is a legit thing that happened.


Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or good normal day if you don’t celebrate anything-

If you’re reading this me and my new army bomb keychain (thx dad) are sending you love, luck, and all the good vibes (✿◠‿◠)

I know the holidays can be awkward, weird, and hard, even though being surrounded by family and loved ones is supposed to make you feel warm and happy, sometimes that isn’t always the case.

This holiday season I am grateful for the overwhelming and sometimes undeserving amount of love i receive from the people in my life and consider myself very lucky.

I know that not everyone has that luxury though, so to everyone who’s having a difficult time right now I am here for you if you need me- please be patient with yourself and love yourself in the best way you can.

Sending you allllll my love from the bottom of my heart-


You are your country’s greatest military leader. You have bested every battle, ambush, and skirmish. However, in truth, you don’t know anything about military strategy, and you’ve only ever won by either pure luck, odd circumstances, or because the opposing army was too intimidated.

BTS NEWARK March 24th

Hey there! My friends and I are going to concert tomorrow and were wondering if anyone would be down to meet up! I’m a Jin stan and my two friends are a V stan and JK stan.

Also, if anyone is going to the show tonight and can give some tips about lining up and stuff, pleaseee message me! 

Best of luck to all ARMY out there today! 


With tonight’s efforts my Panzertruppen are now all built! Now to try and get all the armour painted for Saturday.

The list is kind of horde-ish numbers wise. Will be interesting to play with no friendly air power. Hopefully my Milans, Marders and Gepards will provide a nice safety bubble from enemy ground attack planes and helicopters. Knowing my luck I still wont do well, but the army feels enjoyable and that’s what counts. 


things i expect from “fire”
  • for the song to be lit af
  • killer dance moves
  • THE RAP (my dear soul) i have a feeling they’re gonna go really hard and suga’s spit-fire rap is going to make a cameo
  • taehyung’s deep grungy voice (pls)
  • tongues, smirks, winks, basically fangirl genocide
  • deep lyrics behind that hiphop-trap-esque track that’ll make me double take and cry because bts lyrics are the bomb
  • MORE thighs
  • harmonization in the background by jikook
  • hardcore moving to the rhythm
  • my death

good luck to all the armys out there. we’ll make it, i promise.