the arms of corinne

With Arms Wide Open-Nobody Gets Forgotten

Summary: It’s “Gotcha Day”! The day has finally come for Corinne and Sebastian to have their family, and how sweet it is! 

A/N: Thank you all for your support throughout this series. Some of you have been guinea pigs for ideas and have had to deal with my emotional roller coaster of a self during this. I can’t promise there won’t be more emotions in future stories, but I can promise that these two are finally getting a little more settled. <3

“Sebastian, I’m so nervous.” I whimpered. We stood on the courthouse steps and I pulled him close to me, taking refuge in his strong frame.

“I know, my love.” He whispered and kissed the top of my head.

“What if the kids don’t remember us? What if the courts say no? What if…” I started fretting until I felt his hands grab my arms.

“Baby, look at me.” He ordered softly. I brought my eyes to meet his, the tears stinging. “Everything is going to be fine. The kids will remember us. And there’s not a chance that they could say no. You were too good to those kids. They belong with you.” He assured me, his body and voice strong where mine couldn’t be.

“They belong with us.” I whispered and smiled nervously.

“With us.” He echoed and kissed my forehead. “Now, let’s go in there and get our kids.” He chuckled, kissing me before grabbing my hand and leading me inside.

We walked through the courthouse, following the directions to get to the family courts. Sebastian stood in front of the courtroom doors, his hands back on my arms and bracing me.

“Breathe, baby doll. It will be okay. What’s that lyric from Ed Sheeran that you turned into your mantra?” Seb asked me, trying to get me to smile.

“Bibia be ye ye. All will be well.” I felt a smile crack on my lips.

“Exactly. We’re going to go in there and hear what they have to say. And then when it’s all done, those kids will be leaving with us.” He talked me through and pulled me into a hug.

“I love you.” I murmured, trying to calm my nerves.

“I love you too, iubită.” He cooed and kissed me before leading me into the courtroom. I looked around to see my family, beaming and nervous. I saw Lillian and waved, happy to know she was ready to fight for us. Then I saw them. Their eyes met mine and they waved, grinning as tears formed in their eyes.

“They didn’t forget us.” I whispered and looked at Sebastian with tear filled eyes.

“Told you so.” He chuckled and kissed my temple. We sat at one of the tables, Lillian and Sebastian on either side of me. The state representatives sat at the other, ready to give any reason that the kids shouldn’t come with us.

“Please stand for the judge.” The bailiff announced as the judge came up to the bench. Katie. Of course she’d get assigned to this case. Thank God. Thank you. I said a silent prayer as my friend sat down with a smile.

“Hello, everyone!” She grinned and gave my husband and I a knowing wink. “So, an adoption? How exciting!” She giggled and starting flipping through the papers.

“Your Honor, I assume you have read everything. I feel that there is nothing that should keep Mr. and Mrs. Stan from having Genevieve and Aiden be their children.” Lillian stated plainly, her hand resting on my shoulder.

“Does the state have any reason that these children should not be adopted by this couple?” Katie asked the state representative. An old man with a receding hairline and a permanent scowl stood up and buttoned his suit jacket before speaking.

“With Mr. Stan’s chosen profession and Mrs. Stan’s contracts, we feel the conditions would not be conducive to raising the children.” He stated, his voice like razors. I felt my blood boil and I started to stand up until I was quickly brought back down, Sebastian and Lillian both pressing my shoulders.

“Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie raise their children just fine. Corinne works from home 4 days a week, only going to her office once a week. They have a reliable network of people who will help them when they need it.” Lillian responded, her words as sharp as his, yet the truth was deeply rooted in them.

“Also, given the fact that Mrs. Stan’s contracts are for convention weekends where her husband and SOME of his costars are present. They have agreed that some weekends the children will be able to go with them and other weekends they will stay with family. You can’t expect them not to do work that they love. And the children are of an age where they can be independent for a time.” Lillian added, her hand cupped on my shoulder.

“There’s no arguing the facts. Mr. and Mrs. Stan have made these children their own. Genevieve and Aiden are, per the post home-life evals, the happiest they have been in a long time.” Katie spoke, her voice filling the courtroom and one corner of her mouth curling into a smile.

“Your Honor, you have obviously read all the information and evaluations. I don’t have anything else to say other than those children deserve the love that this couple is so willing and wanting to give. This couple deserves a family.” Lillian pleaded our case, holding my hand as I held Sebastian’s.

“I believe you, Ms. Monroe. Mr. and Mrs. Stan, you might consider changing their last names, because they’re yours.” Katie grinned at me as her gavel hit the sound block.

That was it. I turned to Sebastian and flung myself into his arms, sobbing violently. Lillian rubbed my hand gently and my family gathered around us. The only thing missing was the kids. My kids. Our kids. I looked around and found them.

“Evie! Aiden!” I bawled and held my arms out. They were in my arms within moments, hugging me tight with a giggle. “My babies.” I sobbed and held them close.

“Mom.” Evie whispered and hugged my neck before running to Sebastian.

“We don’t belong with anyone else.” Aiden murmured and kept his arms around mine.

“I think after we sign the papers to get your last names changed, we should go get ice cream. We could all use a treat.” Sebastian chuckled and looked at us. Genevieve and Aiden nodded with wide smiles before looking to me.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea.” I giggled, wiping my tears and holding Aiden’s hand. We linked hands and walked to the public records office, receiving their papers and signing documents to make them Genevieve Renee Winters-Stan and Aiden Gabriel Winters-Stan. They were ours. Once the papers were signed, we walked out and held hands, linked and laughing. We were a family and my smile wasn’t leaving. Not ever.


Chapter 3: About a Girl (Part I)

It looked like the world was splitting apart.

The hum of the bass vibrated through the earth, seeping into your bones and pulsing in times with your blood. You became music, music became you, your body was made of drums and bass and the burning rift of a guitar solo. When you opened your lips, just a little bit, and the flesh kept touching, you could feel the throb of the music entering you, breathing its life right into your lungs.

Through it all, the colours around you danced.

Flashes of soft blue, lighting up the indigo sky like auroras; magenta pink mixing in with the smoke to create a soft marshmallow glow; and gold, aged honey brown that turned every reflexive surface in its reach into a melting jewel. The music was alive, flowing through the air in bursts and shocks of colourful lightning. Every move made by the crowd was highlighted in its glow and transformed, became real, became everything that mattered. In this crowd, music was a lifeline. A lifeline of happiness manifesting in bursts of warm yellows; a lifeline of confusion and pain mixing in clouds of silvery gray; a lifeline of green jealousy and blue sadness; all of them clinging to their owners and desperately reaching for the lights overhead.

Věra Vávra saw all those colours, unseen by the rest and just tonight, she decided to embrace them.

She lifted her hands above her head and touched the shimmering auras all around her, swaying in time to music. The auras didn’t react to her touch, but they reacted to the movements of their owners and swished around, creating little vertigos all around her. She let herself be consumed by them, overpowered by their presence to a point where she didn’t know which emotion belonged to her, and which one to the dancers surrounding her.

Usually Věra wasn’t so open with auras. She never told anyone about her ability and she certainly never let on she could see emotions to somebody close to her. It was her rule in a world where strangeness was viewed as dangerous and corrupt. And god knew she was strange enough without the others knowing about her… affinity.

Once again, like so many times these past few weeks, she felt the dark shadow gathering over the bridge, watching them. She opened her eyes, frown creasing her brow, and followed her inner radar toward the swirling blackness hanging off the bridge. It made her shiver. It always did.

Catching hold of her friend’s arm she mumbled, ‘We should go.’

‘What?’ cried Corinne over the heavy bass. ‘Now? But they just started playing!’

She hated lying to Corinne. They were like sisters. A kindergarten friendship that survived a drastic move to another continent and wild adolescence that pretty much killed the people they used to be and created something else altogether. Věra would sooner gnaw off her own arm than let Corinne get hurt. The problem lately seemed to be that everybody dark and dangerous had it out for her. Looking up at her friend’s worried face she ground her teeth. ‘I feel pretty worn out. I think I should lie down for a moment.’

Corinne sighed, looking toward the flashing stage and the extravagantly dressed guitarist the giving a solo of her life, but concern won over in her heart as she took V’s arm and started pushing their way out of the crowd.

They finally exited and found themselves under the arching bridge leading to the National Theatre. Lines were forming in front of the public toilets build into the bridge’s base and Corinne and V had to walk all the way around to get to the staircase leading off the island.

They passed the still burning cigarette butt left behind by the shadowy figure following their every step and V pulled on Corinne’s hand to hasten her. This was getting on her nerves. Most of them gave up after a few nights, but not him. This one was always there, just at the corner of her eye, watching and smoking his menthols. The thought of him made the hair on Věra’s neck rise. Walking by Corinne§s side, she turned and twirled in hopes of catching glimpse of him.

She never did.

He moved like a shadow, always latching onto the darkness closest to him and blending in. Were it not for the dark aura following him she would never even know there was someone watching. But the aura… It was the most frightening thing she ever saw. A slick black pitch sticking to his skin that made animals and people back away as he passed.

Sometimes the black inky pitch snaked toward them, trying to reach them in a somewhat desperate fashion. V wasn’t surprised. She had seen auras do similar things when two people were trying to connect. Infatuation, adoration, unrequited love… Every single one of those could, in some cases, be manifested through your aura. But not like this. Not with an aura as disgusting as this. Just seeing it made Věra shiver and gag.

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for rainy mornings when the only sensible thing to do is curl up on a couch with a cup of tea

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With Arms Wide Open-Don’t Forget to Remember Me

Summary: It’s been three months and it’s time for the kids to leave until the court date. 

A/N: If y’all knew how many tears went into this story. It’s a lot if emotions and I simply can’t. 

This was going to be one of the hardest days of my life. Worse than the day I found out I couldn’t give birth to any children. I looked at Sebastian with tear filled eyes as we got dressed silently, knowing the other didn’t get any sleep the night before. We walked down the stairs to find the kids sitting on the couch, their bags by the door. My heart felt like it was being ripped to shreds.

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~Corinne~ Fucking hell. My ribs hurt. My arm had a huge bruise on it. I was walking home in the rain. I didn't have an umbrella, but the rain felt good on my skin. I wanted to go take a bath and go to bed.


I opened the umbrella for Harley and I to walk under. That was a delicious dinner. We walked down the sidewalk. There was a girl walking in the rain. Wait… 

“Corinne?…” Oh my God she looked like she had been beaten!