the arms im gonna cry


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evan and jared both Suck at sleeping and one night it seems to be especially bad so jared drives over to evan's and they have some snacks and they put on some movies n cuddle and eventually fall asleep in each other's arms

IM GONNA CRY……they love each other so much :((((( they can fall asleep when theyre in each others arms cuz they just feel so content and safe

But imagine sam or cas or anyone trying to find a way to bring benny back.

and they do but they don’t tell dean about it at first. and benny comes back with them after some thorough convincing. they get to the bunker and dean just stares as benny walks down the stairs. and he can’t even believe it really but benny is /back/ and that’s all that matters. and then benny just says “hey darlin” and it’s everything dean needs to fall into his arms.

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imagine spock being a little scared of storms (having grown up on a desert planet, storms would have been rare and devastating for Vulcans, and Spock would perhaps be very nervous about the possibility of flooding). imagine jim helping him feel better during a storm

imagine jim not making  a big deal about it, just wrapping his arm around spock and giving him a squeeze whenever lighting hit


i want to be friends with lauren so i can call her a bitch and she’d laugh and hit me in the arm and then talk about her thoughts in life im gonna cry