the armoured titan


This is my favourite scene so far along with the big reveal in ep.6. The fact Erwin can charge to almost certain death along with those who believe in him as a leader and take responsibility for those who he got killed, makes this one of the most ‘human’ scenes so far.
And Hiroyuki Sawano’s soundtrack is perfect.

reiner, get out
bertholdt, got you
annie, fall

each time RBA is defeated by the SC, an execution catchphrase is uttered right before the finishing blow.

reiner, get out” has got to be my favourite. 

it perfectly encapsulates the catharsis of blasting the armoured titan right out of his nape. 

however, after chapter 97 of the reiner arc, him taking a projectile through the mouth has a new dark and depressing meaning. this panel is no longer as cathartic as it once was anymore…