the arm is off

 I told myself I wasn’t going to upload any TAZ stuff until I had completely caught up, but uuhhhhhh it was piling up and I haven’t uploaded anything in months

Anyway, here’s the first designs I did for The Boyz™

Ardyn is clearly out of touch with the young people

Who the fuck uses the word ‘sycophancy’ these days??? U bet Ravus’ dead ass that he knew Ardyn was fake right away

“I may not know Noctis that well but he is a simpleton and doesn’t speak words with more than three syllables.”


#2 Morning Routine

more iwadai headcanons! :>

- iwaizumi is the bigger cuddler and kisser 

- daichi is not a morning person

- iwaizumi spoils him

- iwaizumi likes to work out but another reason he keeps it up is because he doesn’t want daichi to feel insecure about gaining weight ;v;


                                   You sound exactly like him.  Why is this a problem?

Ringo: George, Get your blinkin’ teeth out of me arm, Can’t you wait for the dinner bell?

George: You must be daft, I’m nowhere near your arm

Ringo:*switched on flashlight* Well then who’s-YAAAAAH a tiger!

John: *pulls shotgun out of nowhere* Don’t panic Ringo!

judging based on how strong mikael & yousef’s reactions are compared to the rest of the squad’s, and how mutasim talks about even like he’s reciting what he knows about him from what he’s heard before, i feel pretty strongly that even/yousef/mikael was a trio before the rest of the boy squad was formed. that whatever the “thing that happened with even and mikael” must have had an impact on what ultimately caused them all to fall out, hence why yousef looks especially upset towards the end