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Draco Malfoy hates Malfoy Manor with a burning passion. It’s the end of the War and Voldemort is dead and fucking Potter is alive, and his mother will spend one year in Azkaban and the next 14 under House arrest and Lucius will join her after three in Azkaban and Draco return to his family Manor alone and he hates it. He walks down the hallway and he can smell the Dark Magic, he can smell the blood from the torture victims and he can hear the screams and Bellatrix’s laugh and its always cold like the Manor has lost all the life it had when he was young, before the War, before Voldemort retuned and he had to make his choice.

He calls in an architectural firm after a week, one from France because the ones in Britain refuse to serve anyone associated with Voldemort (and he gets it, he does, he wouldn’t want to associate with himself either, if he could.) He looks the head architect in the eye and tells him to map the Manor and then to burn it to the ground. Draco spent a weekend removing every painting and every book and emptying the sub-vaults and the by the time he’s done the Manor is just a shell, just walls and floor and a roof and theres nothing inside anymore.

He watches in deep satisfaction as it burns. He holds a little party, Harry is there, and Hermione too, and the three watch together with glasses of wine as the walls gave in and the Manor breaks down. (Draco thinks that it’s one great big metaphor for his life, his home in Hogwarts being burnt, and now his home in Wiltshire. One of his own doing, one not.) The next day the land is cleared and the building starts. its beautiful and its wizarding and its muggle and it’s a fuck you and a thank you to his ancestors.

He fills the hallways with the family portraits, and when he finds one of the Black brothers his mother saved from Grimmauld Place he gives it to Harry without a second thought. He redecorates, Slytherin colors of course being the focal point, but there are blues and purples and light, theres so much light. He’s never be stuck in he dark, he swore to himself, and the new Manor reflects that. There is not one space the light doesn’t touch. Theres no red, it reminds him too much of Hermione Granger and Ted Tonks and every other person tortured withint he walls of the Original Manor.

The new Manor embodies everything Draco hopes he could become, and when Narcissa returns after the year is over (Draco, of course, neglected to tell her of the project), she takes one look at it, smiles, kiss his head, whispers that she knows how much courage the choice must have been, swipes the key to the Swiss chateau from the drawer in the study and leaves. Draco doesn’t mind. His parents deserve the peace, the quiet, things they wouldn’t be able to get in the New Manor.

And one day, its five years later to the day he burned the first Manor and its him and Harry and Hermione sitting in the garden with wine glasses and he finds himself feeling like he’s home, like somehow a tentative companionship turned into some real sort of friendship and a whole new Malfoy Manor could really make him feel this way. And he holds up his glass and he toasts to the Manor, but really, he toasting to Harry and to Hermione and to Narcissa and to Lucius and to everything that his life has become.

Because even is some nights he still feels like that little boy panicking in the boys toilet on the night of Dumbledore’s death, he also knows that he has people who wont let that happen ever again, and he offers Harry and Hermione keys to the Manor and somehow, everything is okay, and though it may not last for a while (things never do, he knows), Draco is going to hold onto it with everything he’s got while its still here.

Because somehow, destroying his old life gave him a new one. And so, afer Harry and Hermione have left and its just him alone on the night of the burning of the Original Manor five years alter, he raises a toast to the Original Manor, and everything it gave him when it was gone that it never gave him when it was there.

Real friends//Loose Ends

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