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The Memories Of The Future: Photographer Nuno Assis Captures Fantastic Photos Of Hong Kong

Portuguese Nuno Assis’s photos show that there’s more to Hong Kong than the Big Buddha and the skyline. His photos reflect the architect’s eye for symmetry and composition. We totally dig his love for reflection, especially the puddle series.

Pittsburgh // The Amity Affliction

Dean Ambrose - Caught Red Handed

Dean Ambrose - Prompts #6, #13 and #33: “I’m in love with you”, “I hate you so much I love you” and ““Bite me”. “If you insist””

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Warnings - Implied smut (again), swearing, some fluff..maybe?

Word Count - 3381 Words

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So, it had been three years since the destruction of The Shield and the infamous trio were now back together and once again being pushed as the strongest faction of the decade against Triple H’s new innovation of Evolution (although it was The Shield holding nearly all the gold) and pretty much the whole wrestling world was happy - except for me.

Since you had become the Women’s champion creative had decided that to really finish The Shields whole ‘we have all the gold’ facade they needed the Women’s champion as basically their Valet, who occasionally faced off with the ‘new’, more like rip off Evolution’s token bitch Alexa Bliss - which honestly you didn’t mind, in all fairness it rocketed your popularity sky high and obtained you some good matches and a hell of a lot of credit from other wrestlers. But the worst thing about the entire situation was travelling with one particular ‘lunatic’ of The Shield.

You could never quite place my finger on it but there was something about that man that for one, drove you crazy and made you want him in your bed then, there was the other half that was repulsed by his attitude and wanted to be as far away from him as humanly possible. However, you knew that those feelings of sexual tension would never be reciprocated by him. You were pretty sure the guy hated your guts, you were also pretty sure he had used every excuse under the sun not to be near you at any given time. Roman and Seth often tried to convince you that he was just ‘difficult’ and didn’t really hate you - but that was often hard to believe when he’d sigh or roll his eyes at you when you simply coughed.

It was one horrible and shitty, stormy night in Portland, Oregon and you and Dean (of course being the last to arrive because he wanted to stop four times) found ourselves talking to the hotel receptionist who sounded far too happy to be informing yourself and Dean that there’s only one single bedroom available. You both rolled your eyes at each other, he even had the audacity to claim it was your fault you were late. It was a minute or so of hard stares before accepting that neither of you were going to travel to the next town over a 3:20 am. You sighed and satirically thanked the annoyingly preppy and over enthusiastic Beatrice, as you turned to face Dean. You gave the unbearable man one last eye roll before snatching your bags off the floor and trudging towards the elevator with his heavy boots clunking along the floor following suit behind you.

You flung open the door to the rather, for once, not too seedy looking hotel room. Your eyes were instantly drawn to the decently sized bed in the centre of the hotel room, you huffed remembering that both of you and Dean were too stubborn to sleep somewhere else meaning that ultimately you were going to have to share. You let the heavy bags fall off of your shoulders and onto the floor; not really caring where or how the landed as fatigue suddenly hit you upon seeing the comfy looking bed. You lazily reached down into your bag and retrieved my night time clothes before half signaling to that ignorant bastard you was going to change.

The minute you came out of the small, yet seemingly lavish bathroom you cast your gaze upon the lunatic fringe, in just his boxers sprawled out across the whole bed already fast asleep. My top lip curled in annoyance as you snarled, climbing into the small space on the bed and trying to shove his muscly frame over to make some sort of room. You growled when he wouldn’t budge hardly an inch and flopped yourself down pretty much on his whole arm.

“Argh fuck” he groaned sliding his arm out from underneath you, you giggled slightly in an almost evil manner. “You little bitch” he said a playful tone; something that surprised you. Usually, he’d have said it with a lot more meaning and hatred lacing his gruff voice.

“You were taking up the whole fucking bed and wouldn’t move, you literally weigh a tonne when you sleep” you murmured back to him snuggling down into the warm sheets, a comforting sensation as the rain lashed the windows of the high building. He rolled over so he was facing you before chuckling and mumbling an incoherent sentence that you couldn’t even read from his lips in the barely illuminated room - the moon providing the only light in the whole room, yet even that was barely a soft glow. You just shook your head at him; those rare feelings of fondness swelling in your heart. Just as you were about to roll away from the Lunatic you heard him faintly whisper something, yet this time it was a lot clearer. “I’m in love with you, Y/N. You sat up in confusion as you began to repeat those six words over and over in your head, like some sort of mantra. Maybe it was just his lethargic state producing false and irrelevant mumbles…or maybe it really was the truth. You shook the thoughts from your head and turned over to sleep, once again burying yourself back into the soft sheets. Yet throughout the night you struggled to get a fully beneficial sleep as those words just played on your mind like some stupid repetitive song that you just couldn’t banish from your memory.

After last nights sleeping arrangement and Dean’s slip of words; which you discovered he clearly remembered nothing about it, the car ride to the arena over was somewhat awkward - well for you at least. About halfway through the journey you were tired of Dean’s complaining, Seth’s emo playlist and Roman’s severe case of road rage so you plugged you earphones in to ignore the rowdy bunch, but it didn’t help much as it surrounded you with you own thoughts which still continued to dwell on Dean’s words. At some point during the journey you could feel yourself drifting off into a light sleep, the rhythm of the road lulling you into a peaceful sleep; one where you could still sense your surroundings. Your head came to rest on Dean’s broad chest to which he didn’t resist, he simply let you stay there even letting his arm drape around your frame. You smiled to yourself almost unnoticeably just as you felt yourself slipping into a heavier slumber.

You were gently shaken awake by Roman, the ‘dad’ of the three of you as you arrived at the arena. Your eyes fluttered open adjusting to the bright sunshine as you now saw Dean sat in the driver’s seat, you stretched out your limbs as they cracked one by one.

“Hey doll, we have like an hour til the match” Roman spoke as Dean and Seth began grabbing luggage bags from the trunk. You stretched your arms and nodded lethargically, slowly making your way from the all too comfortable back seat. You reached to grab your bag only to see that Dean had already got it and was halfway across the car park, you shrugged and felt your heart swell slightly at the gesture that probably meant nothing more to him than a favour (despite his sleep induced mumbles). You grabbed the various jackets that were left in the trunk before joining Dean and Seth leaving Roman to lock up the rental.

It was now just five minutes before your tag match with Dean against Kevin Owens and Alexa and you and Dean were sitting with Roman and Seth in the gorilla position just chatting as you usually would. Yet once again that annoying arrogance that Dean carried around with him when it came to you reared its ugly head; at every given moment he was talking over every word you said, with a sick smirk etched on his face. Both Roman and Seth could sense how much it was pissing you off, yet gave you a small nod as you kept your cool and simply prepared for your entrance.

Throughout the whole match, your focus was off and Alexa Bliss was beating the absolute shit of you; you just couldn’t distract your mind from those words that Dean had spoken to you. No matter how hard you tried, those stupid words were just glued to the forefront of your mind. Oh and the small factor that for the whole match Dean made it his sole purpose to try and distract you and in fact along with his unnecessary distractions those thoughts nearly cost you the match and definitely would’ve if you hadn’t managed to scramble to your corner and tag an extremely smug look Dean who hit Owens with two Dirty Deeds to obtain the pin.

You walked through the curtains back to the gorilla to where Roman and Seth were still seated in the same place as you had left them fifteen minutes ago.

“Well done you two” Seth spoke standing from the crate and pulling you and Dean into a hug, Roman nodded from his position on a chair and stood to give you both pats on the backs.

“Hey, you three up for drinks at the hotel bar”” Dean questioned wiggling his eyebrows at the three of you as he changed into a new vest and slung his jacket over his shoulder. Both Roman and Seth shook their heads, Dean shot them both a confused look as you shrugged your shoulders in some sort of agreement to his proposal.

“Sorry man, gotta skype the wife and kids” Roman spoke as the four of you began to walk towards the parking lot. Dean nodded as a notion of understanding and slapped his brother back.

“Ah fair enough brother, family first ‘n all that, what’s your reasoning Rollins?” Dean question his gruff voice echoed through the bare parking area as a raised a very much comedic looking eyebrow at the Architect. Seth rolled his eyes at Dean as you and Roman began (once again) loading the bags into the trunk.

“If you must know Ambrose I’m a little preoccupied with some stuff tonight” Seth shrugged as a light blush appeared on his cheeks even under the dimly lit parking lot. You looked over at him and a small bubble of laughter escaped your lips as Dean looked confused as ever before what Seth was implying finally dawned upon him. His top lip curled in disgust.

“Ugh yeah don’t want to hear anything about that thanks very much” he grunted getting in the back passenger seat next to you. “Just me and you for drinks the doll face” he winked, you inwardly rolled your eyes as displeasure racked your body. Yet you were secretly desperate to be alone with him again; even if had been an utter asshole all night.

“Sure thing, when we get to the hotel I go get change then I’ll meet you down there” you smiled at the man who you honestly believed had more mood swings (well regarding you) than any pregnant woman in the world. He just nodded a sly; almost shy looking smile etching his way onto your face - the sight caused your heart to warm in a way that you just hated but couldn’t stop.

As we arrived at the seedy hotel; which somehow seemed a great deal more aesthetically pleasing in the dark of the night, you grabbed yours and Dean’s bags (knowing he’d head straight to the bar) and took them up to the hotel room so you could change into something a little sexier than workout leggings and a Dolph Ziggler top.

You pulled out a pair of skin tight black skinny jeans along with an olive top that had one of those cute lace up corset-like fronts from your suitcase; you knew the top would definitely show off your cleavage a little to much but you just shrugged and threw the clothes onto the bed and went to retrieve your favourite pair of Louboutin boot heels.

As you stood in front of the full-length mirror in the only luxury part of your hotel room; the bathroom, you gave yourself one last check over and touched up your eye makeup and smoothed the material of both your top and jeans before giving your reflection and a curt nod. You swiped your phone and purse off the nightstand and made your way down to the hotel bar.

Your eyes scanned the dimly lit bar rapidly, trying to spot the shaggy-haired man, that you had such a love-hate relationship with. Your eyes lit up a little as you saw him at the bar already nursing a drink probably a jack and coke you thought to yourself as you walked towards where Ambrose was perched.

“Hey Dean” you smiled as you sat on the empty seat next to him; he returned the smile, something which shocked me but I brushed it off just as I noticed his eyes flicker down to my well pronounced cleavage.

“I got you a drink” he spoke, his voice already sounding grittier as a result of the harsh liquor. You nodded in thanks and took a sip of the drink, a grin crossed your lips as you tasted the familiar coconut flavour of Malibu.

“Oh my god, you remembered my favourite drink” you giggled as you downed pretty much the whole thing before placing the drink on the bar and wiping your mouth. I noticed him signal the barman for another round “You tryna get me drunk or something” you nudged his shoulder lightly. He playfully rolled his eyes at your comment.

“Hey, of course I remembered your favourite drink I’m an amazing friend, what can I say? Also, I’m not trying to get you drunk but, ya know what’s a celebration without being at least a little woozy” he announced as he ordered yet more alcohol from the bartender.

“Friend huh? Ya know, I’ve always thought ya hated me” you shrugged taking a rather large gulp of your new Malibu and coke.

“Nah I just do it to piss ya off, ya cute when ya pissed off” he shrugged, offering you a shot of whatever liquor he had just order, you gingerly took the shot from his hand as your mind once again began to race a million miles an hour at his words. You necked the shot and sighed at the almost soothing burn as the liquid travelled down your throat, you shuddered and brushed the thoughts away putting it down to the ‘dutch courage’ he’d gained.

As the night went on more and more shots were ordered and consumed, yet you both only remained slightly drunk; you opted for the term ‘tipsy’. You checked your phone and saw the time. You nudged Dean’s shoulder, “Oh my god, it’s so late you!” you exclaimed as you lazily shoved your phone in his face.

“Sure is Darlin’” he smiled swigging the rest of his drink, “We can go back to the hotel now if you’d like” he hopped off the bar stool and offered you his hand. You gladly accepted his offer but grimaced as you stood on your feet, suddenly remembering the pain these shoes put you in. You pouted up at him as a small wince left your lips.

“Carry me?” you asked quizzically with another pout of your lips. He raised an eyebrow at you before leaning down, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck. You giggled as his muscular arms wrapped around your waist and brought you up to his level, your head rested on his shoulder as he carefully walked out the bar, your smaller frame securely wrapped around his much larger one.

The loud ding of the elevator in the eerily silent hotel lobby gained your attention; forcing you to lift your head from his somehow comfortable shoulder. Dean rested you on the hand rail of the elevator, his herculean frame standing between your legs as you wrapped them around his waist for support; his crotch pressed closely up against yours, sending those rather x-rated thoughts rushing through your head. You shut your eyes and took a deep breath in as you tried to expel the dirty thoughts, for them to only increase when your eyes fluttered open to see his baby blues boring into you, you were just about to speak up when your words were forced to a halt by a pair of soft lips colliding with your own. You squealed in surprise but melted into the quick and messy kiss, you hips beginning to roll against his in a subtle movement of desperation. He reciprocated the movements as he began to grind his own hips into yours, his hands gripping your ass causing light and breathy moans to fill the small elevator. Your manicured hands tangled themselves in his messy locks of hair as you tugged at them, as your mouths continued to collide in the heated kiss. The both of you were so lost in the heat of the moment you had failed to realise the elevator halt to a stop and with the signature ding, you opened your eyes to see your boss; Triple H standing in the doorway of the elevator. You pulled your mouth away from Dean’s quicker than you’ve ever done anything and coughed awkwardly as your boss wearily stepped into the elevator a questioning look animated across his face.You unwrapped your legs from Dean’s and stood up beginning to smooth out your clothes as a few awkward glances were exchanged in the elevator. 

“Aye kids, there’s something called a room ya know. These elevators they all have cameras now” Hunter chuckled as he stepped out of the lift giving Dean a pat on the back and wink which he returned with a smirk. As soon as the heavy metal doors shut obscuring you both from prying eyes Dean slammed your shoulders against the flat wall of the elevator and began roughly trailing his lips down your neck, his hands once again finding their way to your ass. 

The elevator doors opened again as you reached your floor, Dean gripped your wrist and almost dragged your towards your hotel room as you tottered along behind him in your heels. Before you could even blink he had the door unlocked and he was pulling you into the room by your hips. He slammed the door shut and threw you down onto the bed; stripping his t-shirt off then crawling on top of you. His lips straight away beginning to attack your neck as his hands pretty much tore your top in two, you moaned lowly at his kisses as your hands moved towards his belt. Dean pulled away to remove his belt; to met by the sight of your frame laying on the bed with mussed up hair, glassy eyes and swollen lips.

“Fuck you’re beautiful” he sighed placing another peck on your lips as he removed your bra, “I literally, I hate you so much I love you” he muttered his hands harshly massaging your breasts. “Like you get on my nerves but fuck are you amazing” you smiled at his words as your kicked your heels off of your feet.

“Hey Dean, Bite me” you challenge him; pulling down to your level and biting his lip hard enough to draw just a little blood. You pull away and smirk as his eyes turn black with lust. 

If you insist, sweetheart. I don;t think you realise what you’ve started though” he smiled and chuckled darkly as he flipped you over onto your stomach, planting a rather painful yet in every way pleasurable bite near your collarbone. 

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A Party to Remember (Nessian)

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@highfaenesta asked: “ “We’re at a Christmas party and our friends got drunk and started going on about how cute we would be together” Nessian AU”

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A/N: Ahh, I really don’t know how I feel about this one but I’ve spent waaay too long on it so here you go!

“’Come to Aelin’s Christmas party,’ she said. ‘It’ll be fun,’ she said.” I rested my head on my fist and checked my phone for the millionth time. No signal.

I let out a frustrated sigh, surveying the room. There were friends chatting and milling about, people playing board games, and even a few couples making out in the shadowy fringes of the atrium. And then there was me.

I decided that I hated Feyre.

She was the one that made me come to this stupid Christmas party in the first place, luring me in with the promise of a tour of Aelin’s famed library. Per her request, I’d gotten dressed up, wearing my favorite little black dress and matching black pumps. In the two hours since we had arrived, I hadn’t even caught a glimpse of Aelin, let alone her library.

She’d poured each of us a drink before flitting off with Rhysand, the two of them drinking and laughing with the rest of their friends. I never felt I had fit in with their crowd, and thus didn’t attempt to follow.

So I sat alone in the forgotten corner where she’d left me, tucked away from the rest of the partygoers.

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My Equator (Patton’s Guide to Fatherhood #1)

Fandom: Thomas Sanders 

Pairings: Logan/Patton as a married couple, but this fic is family fluff so it’s not the focus :3

Summary: After getting their first son, Roman. Patton and Logan decide to adopt again. Virgil just wants to write poetry. Oh, and maybe have a family, that’d be nice. 

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Four’s Company Part 7

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Pairing - Seth Rollins x Roman Reigns x Dean Ambrose x OC (Katy)

Summary - Kathryn, or Katy as her friends called her, never felt comfortable in a normal relationship. She tried the whole dating scene in college, but she’d always get bored with the guy. She’d always move on and usually without even telling her current boyfriend. Coming from a particularly religious background, Katy didn’t exactly tell her mother her desire to be with more than one man at the same time. The trouble, she soon found out, was not many men felt the same way. Katy learned to keep that desire to herself, and resigned to living alone. Fast forward, Katy is the latest up and coming in ring announcer and interviewer in the WWE, a job that she loves. She gets to travel the world, see wrestling, and hang out with some of the hottest guys she’s ever seen. Arriving in 2013, Katy became fast friends with the three men of the Shield, and began to fantasize about not only having sex with all of them, but at the same time. Katy has long known how to keep her fantasies to herself, and never mention them aloud. That is until one night, she went to her friend’s birthday party, and a few games of shot roulette later, Katy admitted her fantasy to her good friend, who came to pick her up, Roman Reigns.  

Warnings - polyamours and gay relationships, angst, jealousy, ultimate smut, fluff, don’t like this kind of thing don’t read.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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