the archeologist in the cocoon

Thoughts on last night's Bones episodeS!

First of all, YAY FOR THE RATINGS! I was afraid the hiatus will take a toll on the score but it was a nice surprise. Turns out FOX does enough promoting apparently! 

Let’s get serious now. Globally, I enjoyed the episodes but there are a lot of things to say.

       The Diamong in the Rough: It was dorky, ridiculous and totally adorable. I’m amazed how the writers and producers played with that. During the whole episode, it was “secondhand-embarassment” as a lot of people said. And then the last scene happened. Yes, it was cheesy, corny, fluffy whatever adjective you want to add to those. But that’s not the point.

I love that all the squints were there. Because the squints are the audience, the viewers. To everyone, they can’t dance together. Maybe Booth is a great dancer. Maybe. Maybe Brennan is a good dancer, in her own way. But as a pair, the audience cannot help but see that it doesn’t make sense. It makes sense that Angela, the artist, saw beyond that. Brennan is “happy”. It doesn’t matter that she can’t dance to Booth, he still tells her to keep smiling. The crowd fades away and suddenly their dancing is perfect. It’s beautiful and perfectly balanced, as long as it’s just the two of them, as long as their relationship still makes sense to them. It’s their way of saying “screw everyone else”. And then he tells her that moment is never gonna end, that it will always be just like this. and then I died.

  • Is it some sort of foreshadowing? I really don’t know. [spoilers] I feel like something is going to change between them after the shooting episode. I’m not saying a break-up, maybe just some friction. What everyone is expecting from this episode is that Booth freaks out big time and then it’s just rainbows and butterflies between them because he almost lost the love of his life, bla bla bla. Sure, there is gonna be that, and my body will dry out from all the tears. Remember what Hart’s moto is “Give them what they expect in an unexpected way”. We’ll see, don’t speculate too hard already. [end of spoilers]

The making out in the closet didn’t make me flail any lesser. Kudos to the janitor and his wonderful wonderful facial expressions! I just love how Booth gets back to it before the door is even closed. HE. IS. NOT. DONE. Also, who wants to count how many you’-re-so-adorable-I-love-you-so-much looks from Booth we got in these two episodes for me?

Cam and Michael Vincent was an adorable can’t-stop-watching moment. 

I’m not getting into the Angela storyline, not because I don’t care but because I’ve come to realize that I’m not in that point in my life and thus, I can’t understand if it’s a normal phase to go through or just Angela being whiny. So, I will roll with it.

Hodgins is a WIN. As usual. I just love that guy. 

       The Archeologist in the Cocoon: This was more of a classic Bones episode in every way. The general impression after the episode is that people are tired of the “let’s get Brennan to learn something this week”. I briefly discussed this with a friend. The truth is she has issues and a lot of them. I think the problem is that they usually work on the development the same way. She does something, everyone gangs up against her because she’s not doing the right thing and she realizes that she has to change.

  • Here’s what I appreciated last night. Booth wasn’t the one that made her realize she had to be less competitive. The look of pride he gave her in the reconstitution scene was perfect. The last scene was important too because it showed, once again, that there is indeed balance in the relationship because Booth is not perfect either. What I didn’t appreciate. Sweets. (Surprise, surprise…) “Why is it that when I ask you something, it’s never about what I asked you about?” This is the line that sums up Sweets’ character entirely and it’s getting annoying, to ME. Don’t take this as the general opinion please, I’m not pushing anyone to feel the same way.

The archeological reconstitution was a very moving moment. I shed a tear. I recently watched some old commentaries and HH said that what they love to do on the show is change tones in one scene and that the actors manage to do it brillantly. I couldn’t agree more. It started funny and light with Hodgins speaking like Shakespeare and ended up with a drawing of an outcast family who died in each other’s arms, together. What other show can do that so naturally?

Who’s excited about next week?