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describe your dream wedding to horse butt prince

Oh boy time for this adventure then.

So I’m standing in front of the doors that lead to my room, and I can hear the weeding march being faintly played on a lute. I can hear the excited chatter from my friends and family inside and all I can think about is what a dream this is. My dress is white with purple embroidery and weed leaves inside the fabric layers that sweep along the floor as I walk. The doors are opened for me and I walk inside. The isle is carpeted in a rich purple silk that complements the flowers and other decor in the church (I’m a traditional kinda girl). The flower girl (likely @rememberozzie) is throwing weed onto the purple silk and it floats delicately down as she winks at me. I look up, first noticing my bridesmaids, @skys-lover, @whatdowedoaboutcasifer @spillywolf, @bird-princess-official, @extraordinary-arbiter-bluebird, . Oh and @forever-painting-roses and @mememic-bry ;) ofc ur invited. And then I turn to where the groom is standing. My husband is as charming as ever, his human counterpart smiling as he continues playing the lute. He smiles at me and I walk towards him, nearly tripping over a stray weed. I smile and he blushes, staring into my soul with his deep brown eyes that hold a thousand secrets. He lifts a back leg as the two bodies shift their wait to be held on three legs instead of one. I take his hoof and look toward our priest, @atlas-the-toad, and he marries us with a smile on his face. I bend down to kiss my horse babe and the building erupts into applause. My parents have tears in their eyes as we run off together to our carriage, me riding on his back but turned around so I can see him. We ride off into the sunset, a trail of smoke the only thing left at the venue.


Sorry everybody for being so random and sporadic on here. 

I’ve had several family members in the hospital recently and have at the same time been struggling with a really bad relapse. Also just started a new job so everything irl is utter chaos right now. I’m going to try and slowing get back into the swing of things but I can’t make any promises at this point. I know that I have dropped the ball on several different conversations (looking at you @attoliasirenides, @the-alexiad, and @extraordinary-arbiter-bluebird because I think we had specific convos) so hopefully I can pick those threads back up soon. Hope I haven’t missed too much and everybody is still well!

- Queens 

I keep seeing tweets like “okay so america is a dystopian novel now wheres the 16 year old girl to save us” and other condescending shit like that and i just….

where are the girls who are saving us you ask?

oh i don’t know, they are at the Oceti Sakowin camp fighting for the right to clean water and treaty rights. They are protecting their land and water against heavily militarized police forces.

They are and have been at many Black Lives Matter protests. Girls have fought against police brutality in black communities. Women, in fact, are among the top leaders of that movement.

They are the muslim girls who continue to fearlessly wear their hijabs in public despite rampant islamophobia.

And there were plenty of teenage girls at the women’s marches across the country. 

So while a single Katniss Everdeen figure has yet to emerge, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. Because young women are protesting every day. They are the Katnisses and the Laia of Serras and the Aelins and the Mare Barrows and the Nehemia Ytgers and the Lihn Cinders that you’ve all read about. These girls exist. 

Realize that the fallacy of most dystopians, and many books, is that they often presents a single cohesive narrative of revolt and change. And in our huge, wide world, that is not how change works. But the books themselves are not incorrect in assuming that young women will be the arbiters of change. They are spot fucking on. 

Homophobia was your roadblock to discovering your identity. Homophobia was not invented by asexuality, nor is the ace community its sole arbiters. 

Like if you were afraid of being gay so chose to convince yourself you were ace instead that doesn’t make asexuality a toxic identity. That just means our society is toxically homophobic, which we all already knew.

There may even be (read: absolutely is) a community of closeted gay kids self-repulsed by their own internalized homophobia and using the ace community as both a cover and an outlet to convince themselves they are a more “palatable” kind of different, but, y’all, that doesn’t mean we should put some kind of gatekeeping nonsense on the ace community. It means we should promote honest comprehensive sex-positive sex education, discourage sex shaming, and fight homophobia. Those things existing in the ace community are symptoms of those things existing at large. 

And it’s wild to see all these people being like “well a whole lot of homophobes and repressed Christians co-opted asexuality as an identity to perpetuate homophobia and sex shaming before coming to terms with being gay” and somehow come to the conclusion that asexuality is the problem here, instead of yet another community/identity being terrorized by our shitty culture.