the aquamaniac

Hannibal Smith

Name: John Smith
Nickname: Hannibal
Rank: Colonel (O-6)
Birthdate: 36/05/02 (according to Dishpan Man), 1928 (according to Mexican Slayride)
SSN: 044-34-0681B (according to Dishpan Man)
Height: 6'0"

Personal Notes:

He spent 3 years and 5 months at school in Paris according to Mexican Slayride.

Is supposedly from the Midwest.

He loves to wear disguises, whether they be to meet clients, or play his own agent. He does his own makeup.

Gets really into his acting roles, and played everything from the Aquamaniac (his most famous role) to an old lady. From his roles we surmise he’s not a very good actor; he takes them all way too seriously even though they are bit parts.

He plays Mr. Lee, the man who runs the Chinese laundromat and screens clients.

No mention of his family was made, but in Blood, Sweat and Cheers, we meet his best friend Jack Harmon. He and Jack had a falling out over a woman who chose Jack over Hannibal. Jack and the woman had a son, “Kid” Harmon who is a race car driver. He and his wife Dana were expecting a baby in the episode. They refer to Hannibal as “Uncle John” even though he is really no relation to them.

In Members Only, we see that Hannibal can crack a walnut with his bare hands. He’s also not a bad golfer.

Guns he used included a S&W 439, S&W 39-2, and a Browning Hi Power.

He has decent medical skills. In Curtain Call, we saw him remove a bullet from Murdock.

His major love interest was Dr. Maggie Sullivan of Bad Rock, CA.

He was also seen more than once romancing pretty young things…such as the twins he was with in Mexico in Wheel of Fortune.

A cigar smoker, there’s hardly a time when he isn’t chomping on one. He stated he needed one “to think”.

He is continually “on the jazz”. He seems to live off of the excitement that a case brings, and often seeks out the experiences.

He has a scar on his chin, but there was no explanation for it in the series (as it was George’s scar in reality lol).

He can drive a tractor trailer

During Deadly Maneuvers he called Murdock on the radio as Reflex….he was Hammer.

In season 5 he was preparing in one episode for “Hannibal’s Famous 4 Day Thanksgiving Experience” lol.

In the episode Curtain Call, Decker calls Hannibal “Lieutenant Colonel” and in West Coast Turnaround Hannibal mentions he was a Lieutenant Colonel stationed in Pleiku. So when Decker calls him Lt Col, one can assume it was a move to undermine Hannibal by Decker, as Hannibal was probably an Lt. Col when they knew each other in Vietnam.

His mobile phone number was 555-6162 (555-01 is the prefix used in all TV shows, reserved for their use as they are not real numbers. It used to be that all 555 numbers were for the movies, but they’ve begun using some that aren’t 555-01 numbers. Because of this, if the A-Team airs on TV and uses one of the old numbers, they often blank it out since it could be a real number today).

Military History:

He fought in both the Vietnam and Korean wars (which lends credence to him being born in the late 20’s, early 30’s).

According to the pilot, he graduated West Point in 1950 as a 2nd LT, was made 1st LT 5/30/52, Captain on 2/27/54, Major on 7/2/56 Lt. Colonel on 1/23/58 and Colonel on 5/7/61. (Which doesn’t jibe with Hannibal saying he was a Lt. Col stationed in Pleiku)

Hannibal and BA both mined bridges in Vietnam as scuba divers.

Hannibal and Decker “mixed it up” at the DOOM club - the Da Nang Officers Open Mess. Hannibal stated he didn’t like how Decker attacked a hospital with no regard for the people in it.

Was stationed in Pleiku as a Lieutenant Colonel.

FBI File # 451-5683-1

JAG File # A-557-9913 Code 19A-51R

Served with the 1st Air Cavalry and 5th Special Forces (Airborne)

Wore a Paratrooper and Combat Infrantry badge.

Medals were: Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished Service Medal, Soldier’s Medal, Purple Heart, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, National Defence Service Medal, Korea Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

His unit citations were: Korean Presidential Unit Citation, Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation

In Members Only he had a marksmenship skill badge

In Nice Place To Visit he also wore a 101st Airborne patch as a past unit, but it was never seen again

He had 5 hash marks


Called Hannibal by all the Team members. They never called him John (although Not So Face does in the pilot when he goes onto the movie set…of course, they didn’t know he was Hannibal Smith, so it was more a cover than him actually calling him that…)

B.A. would sometimes just call him “Man”…especially when Hannibal was doing something reckless.

Clients would sometimes call him Mr. Smith.

Face and Murdock would most often call him Colonel, and B.A. very rarely. Usually Colonel would be used in military situations…they were outnumbered by the bad guys and it would be “What now Colonel?”

His “nephew” Kid Harmon called him Uncle John, as did his wife Dana.

Frankie called him Johnny, as did a lot of the movie people he worked with.

He’s Smith to Colonel Decker and the other MPs

His Acting Career:

His biggest role was that of the Aquamaniac. In 1986 he was making Aquamaniac 2 according to BA, but in the pilot (Mexican Slayride), they have to be filming Aquamaniac 2, as the director says that in Aquamaniac 1, the actor playing the lizard stayed underwater for 4 minutes. In Bend in the River Hannibal says he’s played the monster in 3 previous movies, so they’re filming Aquamaniac 4 and he was in 1. He was fired off the Aquamaniac 4 film because he was playing his character too much. Perhaps he filmed under an alias for the first film.

He also played the Killigator, the Id, the Monster Masher and Gatorella, and was Ruff the Bear for one episode of the Uncle Buckle Up show.

His agent is named Jerry, and his entertainment lawyer is Jerry Eckworth. No idea if it’s the same person.

Every Friday Hannibal enjoys sneaking onto the Universal set to talk up people for movie roles.

He signs autographs in character, he used to sign John Smith.