the aqua dolls


This beautiful painting was brought to my attention by @master–burglar from an Instagram post which is no longer up, but the post did not give a link to where I could find it on Ebay. Thankfully it was easy to locate and it’s by Cynthia Cummens. I’ve actually featured her work on this blog before because she’s created gorgeous sketch cards for Topps, among other things. <3 

Here is where this framed darling is listed on Ebay.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep set
(Top to bottom: Ventus, Vanitas, Aqua, Terra)

FINALLY FINISSSHHHEEDDD. This has been my pet project for a while now and aaahhh I’m really happy with how they turned out! Ven was by far the hardest (WHY SO MANY LAYERS, NOMURA) but he ended up my favorite of the group for that reason. <3

I’m taking orders for these guys as of now! They’re $60 each and made from yarn, thread, and felt, stuffed with polyfill, and featuring hand-painted eyes. Send me an ask if interested! I still have a few commission slots open for the holidays. :)

  • Marli: Hey, are you okay??
  • Aqua: Yeah, why??
  • Marli: Cuz for one that's like your 8th coffee/redbull mix. Number two you're stirring your drink with broken doll leg...
  • aqua: *Shaking* I have reached ultimate power. I can hear colours and see sounds-