the aqua dolls

@firespirited kindly sent me some lovely aqua doll hair, and I realized it would be fantastic for this Sun Set Malibu PJ head (the original hair fiber was not only blond, but also really hadn’t aged well…)  Thanks to the fact that vintage heads like this have significantly fewer rooting holes than modern heads, and this head was still a very soft vinyl, and the part on this one was not thatched as much as “big line of really thick plugs, split,” I was able to start and finish this reroot today (also helpful: warmer weather meant hand was less hurty, head not being all-over painted meant I didn’t have to be as careful about where I held it.)  I’m not sure if I’ll leave the hair this long or not (you know how it is right after you finish a reroot…)  Hope I can settle on a good skin tone match for a body tomorrow!


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep set
(Top to bottom: Ventus, Vanitas, Aqua, Terra)

FINALLY FINISSSHHHEEDDD. This has been my pet project for a while now and aaahhh I’m really happy with how they turned out! Ven was by far the hardest (WHY SO MANY LAYERS, NOMURA) but he ended up my favorite of the group for that reason. <3

I’m taking orders for these guys as of now! They’re $60 each and made from yarn, thread, and felt, stuffed with polyfill, and featuring hand-painted eyes. Send me an ask if interested! I still have a few commission slots open for the holidays. :)

Burger Records x The Echo = Burger Saturdays

Burger Records
just about runs this town these days. The panache, the Miler High Life laden swagger, and the downright tunes set them apart in the world of slingin’ rock tunes and putting on gnarly shows.

We’re pretty jazzed to be putting together a series of 3 shows with the Burger folk for the next 3 Saturdays. The appropriately named “Burger Saturdays” is free for all y'all 21+ year olds, and $5 for those that aren’t.

Oh right, the bands.

This Saturday we’ve got The Aqua Dolls + more.

The 19th of July we’re lookin’ at Summer Twins + friends.

Finally, we’re finishing things off July 26th with Vision.