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Wonder Woman AU // As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

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You’re Safe Now

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Of course you can, Nonnie <3 I’ve never been in this position before; i’ve been blessed with a loving family, but if you are, please please please get help. This is not okay.

Prompt: “Can I request a Raph/reader where they met on a roof when she ran away from her abusive foster home? He ends up keeping her until he could convince April or Casey to adopt her?”

Word count: 1155

Warnings: Swearing, mention of abuse, suicide, rape and drug use

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

You wore a pair of faded old jeans and a plain grey baggy shirt. You hadn’t even taken a shower, and you did not put on an ounce of makeup. You grabbed a worn out black oversized jacket to cover yourself with even though it was warm outside. You made conscious decisions lately to look like less of what you felt a male would want to see. You wanted to disappear.

This life is not what you had in mind. You didn’t enjoy the evenings, when they both were home. When they both drank, and smoked and turned themselves into the monsters they kept deep within. They’d use you for their own gain, and they’d let their friends go at it as well. They’d hiss insults and curse you out for doing the simplest things. You wished your social worker hadn’t left you with these demons, but when they heard that a heart surgeon and his wife wanted to foster a teen girl, they jumped at the idea. Not many teenagers from your old home got fostered, so it was a rare occurrence that someone was actually seeking for one.

Sure, you had releases from this torture: friends, work, the gym, food, but they all came to an end, and you were back to square one. Walking was one way you had found that kept your mind at ease, to keep you from hurting. You would walk for days if you could.

Making your way to the roof of the apartment building you stayed in, you wrapped the jacket tighter around you, feeling like eyes of people were on you at all time. Again, this isn’t the life you wanted, and today marked the second year you had been living like that, and you silently celebrated in your head when you remembered. Not many people could live for this long, in those conditions. Suicide was always an option for you, but you had too much to live for. You dreamed of a house in the Hamptons, with a full-time job and a beautiful family, everything you haven’t had in your short life.

You’d sat on the roof for God knows how long, just staring over the city. New York was your home, and had been since you had been born. You weren’t happy here, anyone could see that, but what could you do? You were still a minor, and you had no way to contact you social worker.

The police was never an option; not when one of them joined in with your foster parents fun.

You’d felt yourself fall asleep, but didn’t do anything to stop it. It’d been months since you had a good night’s sleep. You didn’t even wake when you heard the giant slam, and felt the shake under you. Someone or something had landed on the roof, but you didn’t move. You just laid there. 

Raphael’s patrol had been the west of the city. Nothing had really happened, he just beat up a few thugs. So, he went to his favorite roof (it had the best view of the city) and intended to relax for the rest of the night. He’d had an easy day, but that intention disappeared when he saw you lying on the ground on the roof.

Not knowing what to do, he edged towards you cautiously, his gaze on you at all time. You were obviously alive, you moved too much to be dead.

“Hello?” you let out a small squeak, turning slightly to get a better view of the person, but their giant figure covered all the moonlight, stopping them from being seen.

“Are ya alright?” muttered a gruff voice. Male. He had an accent: Brooklyn.

“Is anyone really ‘alright’?” you turned again, leaning the back of your head on the ground and stared up at him. It was obvious he wasn’t a serial killer, and if he was, he was a bad one for asking if you were okay.

You heard him huff a little bit. Raphael narrowed his eyes at your face. Bruises, cuts, dark circles. He concluded that you looked like shit.

“Who did this ta ya?” he motioned to your face, kneeling down next to you. There was no use lying to him, you couldn’t be bothered to fight anymore. You’d given up.

“My so-called foster parents. But hey, it’s okay. 2 years of this shit and I’m still alive.” You laughed slightly, your voice croaky and scratchy. Raphael didn’t laugh, he didn’t say anything, just stared, feeling his body well up with hate and anger.

“Yer comin’ with me.” He stated finally, after long moments of clenching his fists together and breathing heavily. They shouldn’t be allowed to be ‘parents’, they deserved to be beat up and locked up.

You didn’t say anything, you just licked your dry lips and began to stand. You didn’t know who this man was, but you didn’t care. Where he was going surely wouldn’t be as bad as the life you had with those devils.

“April please, she ain’t gonna cause ya any trouble, she just needs help.” You listened to the man, now you know as Raphael who is also a mutant turtle, talk to his other human friend. Of course you were shocked when you found out, but it was New York, you’d seen worse and weirder. You were more surprised to find out he was a teenager, like you.

You heard April mumble to him, and Raphael give her thanks. You were sat on the couch in April’s living room with a mug of hot chocolate. You hadn’t had one in months, and it felt so good.

April, the beautiful woman you’d seen on the news when passing the TV in your apartment, came into the room, Raphael following behind her.

“Yer gonna be in April’s care. D’you know when ya can go get yer stuff?” you nodded shyly, sipping the chocolate goodness before smiling slightly. You’d already tried to argue with Raphael about staying with someone else, but you’d given in when he stared at you with those pleading green eyes.

“Uhm, they- they go to work tomorrow at 2. We could go then?” April nodded, smiling at you and sitting opposite. Raphael stood against the doorframe.

“Okay [Y/N]. Yer safe now, yer with us, yer new family.” That’s something you’d never heard before, and it was like a bomb was going off in your heart. Raphael truly had a beautiful soul.

Heartbreak Never Goes Away - Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 985
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, mentions a lot though
Warnings: Ansgt!!!
Authors Note: So i’ve had this idea for a while and thought, well, why not do it now? It’s really intense like shit, guys

You reached into your bag, unaware of what your boyfriend was going to tell you only hours later. Things had been going good, but recently, he was feeling and acting a bit off. 

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Scars to Your Beautiful

Request: the fluffiest fluff with bucky for @retroasgardian

Character: Bucky Barnes

Summary: It’s beach day for the Avengers, and Bucky’s real scared. Thankfully, Y/N is there to save his day, like always.

Word Count: 814

A/N: This is very fluffy and I hope it’s just what you wanted!!! (so enjoy)

“Hey, Buck. You ready?” Steve’s poked inside his best friend’s bedroom, catching him slipping on a long-sleeve henley. He sighs, resting his head against the door frame as Bucky finally notices him. “Really, Barnes?”

“I-I-I just don’t know, Steve. I don’t think I should go, well you know, becaus-”

“Because of your arm? No way, buddy. You’re going.” Steve raises an eyebrow at Bucky just before leaving, shaking his finger at him. Bucky groans - why do we even have to go to the beach? We have a pool here…

“Well, because the beach is fun, you old goof!” You bound into his room, jumping onto his bed, practically scaring the crap out of him. He’s so startled, he doesn’t realize he’s blushing. “What’s wrong, James? You’re all pink in the face,”

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Pairing: Winchesters x sister!Reader
Word count: 1,737
Request: Anonymous. Can you do I Winchester Sister!Reader where she’s, like, 13/14 and she becomes and Empath and has to deal with her brothers pain on top of her own. (Maybe set when Dean gets back from Purgatory?) Please & Thank You Xxx

Ever since you were little, you were always a bit more attuned to your brothers feelings. It was normal to you, so you never thought you were any different. You were the most caring and sensitive out of the Winchesters, and part of John loved that about you- that you still held onto that despite their life. However, he feared it would get you into trouble one day.

Sitting with your back to the headboard, you read the book on your tablet in your lap, in your own little world. Knowing there was no way to lug around as many books as you could go through, Sam saved up and surprised you with it for your birthday two months before. You’d hugged him tighter than he thought possible for your young body, making him chuckle.

It was just you and Sam now, as Dean was off in purgatory. You missed your older brother, but there wasn’t anything you could do. At least not as a 14 year old girl who was more into books and fantasy than actually hunting.

Sam had been extra quiet lately, and you’d stopped in a town on your way to the cabin. He had kissed your forehead and said he wanted some fresh air. You didn’t mind. Getting alone time was nice. It left you feeling a bit more recharged, and gave you a chance to read.

You knew that Sam was avoiding talking about her- Amelia. She had been really nice, and you’d liked her. It was refreshing to be able to talk to a woman about things, as opposed to awkwardly talking to Sam about it. One night he shook you awake and the two of you left, and you could feel the pit in your stomach.

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April 2nd.

This is for @sad-af1121 @thatawkwardtinyperson and @bxckyfxcknbxrnes because they are awesome and I wish I can be half as good as them. 

Notes: started as a drabble but now we are here. super spur of the moment. fluff. tell me what you think! my second fic ever. be nice pls?

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April fools!

Those two words keep playing in your head over and over again. You’re an idiot. You are a self proclaimed idiot. Jokes on you this time. 

You turn to your side and look at your boyfriend sleeping right next to you. Ugh. He’s perfect even when he’s sleeping and here you are trying to not to work yourself into an anxiety attack over your stupid mistake. 

I’m an idiot. Who the fuck can’t tell their boyfriend that the joke you proclaimed as an April Fool’s prank is the truth?

It’s not like you planned for your joke to be a joke. You just found out on April Fool’s day.  That little blue stick does not lie. Nor did the ten others you made Wanda go get you and swear on her life that she would not tell anyone about what is going on with you or…rather in you. 

And when you went to tell Bucky, Bucky, the man with the steel blue eyes and the wicked smile and the love of your life that you are pregnant,  p r e g n a n t, you froze. You panicked. And his shocked expression did not make you feel any better so you thought quick and told Bucky it was a joke and was crushed when he sighed in relief. 

You look over Bucky now,  to glance at the clock on your bedside table. 12:01. It’s officially April 2nd. It’s no longer April Fool’s. You’re still pregnant. It’s not a joke. It’s April 2nd, and you’re still pregnant. 

“Babe as much as I love to keep you up at night, why are you awake?” You flinch as you glance at Bucky. He peers at you with one eye open and furrows his brows. 

Oh fuck, oh fuck. He’s awake. fuck. fuck. fuck. 

I swear it’s nothing babe, just going over the mission details for tomorrow in my head” blabbering it out like an idiot that you are and turning to your side only to bury your face into the pillow and hope to God that Bucky does not feel you try to avoid the subject.

“You know, I would believe you if you haven’t been awake and fidgeting for the last three hours” Bucky chuckles and pulls you closer. 

“Talk to me doll, what’s on your mind?” Bucky turns you over and you peer up at him. You search your mind for the right words. 

Hey Buck, remember that time after the mission when the adrenaline was getting to us and we got back to the jet and I tackled you and you took my pant– or that time during Tony’s party last month when you slid your fingers under my dress– or two weeks ago in the shower when you took me up against the wall and—

“Babe I can practically see you thinking but I need words.” He smirked as he leans closer into you, your foreheads are touching at this point. 

“So funny story…” you begin and you look up once again into those eyes. 

I’m fucked. Well we fucked. And now you’re fucked. Because we fucked. And we made a baby. I’m pregnant. Jokes on you and me. Oh shit.

Talk to me doll, you’re starting to worr–” he’s cut off before he can finish the sentence. 

“So I know I told you it was an April Fool’s joke, but I’m pregnant. I’m actually pregnant. And I took about ten tests to make sure I was because who the fuck learns they are pregnant on April Fool’s? And I tried to tell you but then I panicked because you didn’t plan for this, I mean we didn’t plan for this and I saw the relief in your eyes when you heard me say April Fool’s. but Bucky, it’s officially April 2nd, and I’m pregnant. I’m actually pregnant. Please don’t ha–”

This time, you’re the one that’s cut off from your babbling. Bucky’s lips smash into yours and you can’t help but moan at the force. His tongue teases yours a little and you blink your eyes a few times because you are left dazed after a kiss like that. 

“You’re pregnant?” “You’re actually pregnant?” “I’m going to be a Dad?” he whispers as he pulls slightly away from you. 

You stiffen as you come back and hear Bucky’s words. You look at him and you see the biggest smile on his face. 

“I’m pregnant” You say with a little more confidence. Bucky leans back into you.  “I was hoping it wasn’t a joke when you told me yesterday doll, I only looked relieved because I was trying to hide how disappointed I was.”

This time you’re the one who yanks Bucky towards you and in the process he’s on top of you. You reach up and give him a quick kiss before leaning up to his ear. 

“You’re going to be a Daddy, Buck. No April Fool’s joke this time. Happy April 2nd Bucky.” your breath tickling his skin as you trail back to his lips. 

“Happy April 2nd Doll, best non April Fool’s joke ever.” He leans down and joins you into your kiss. 

April Fool’s didn’t turn out so bad.

Imagine Chris turning the tables on you.

A/N: I’m not very good at pranks, I think that will be very obvious when you read this. This is a request from @castellandiangelo, I did end up writing your request. (I’m sorry if it’s bad, I’m not good at pranks!) I’ll make up for this sleep deprived piece, there’s an idea that’s been brewing for a while now. X

1st of April had finally arrived; it was the day you’d been waiting for since you came up with what you thought was the best, and most cruel prank ever. The prank was designed for your husband, Chris, and you’d joined forces with his mom and his brother to pull it off; they’d flown in from Boston just to help you. You still hadn’t decided if it was one of those ‘we-can-laugh-about-it-in-the-future’ pranks or a 'I’m-going-to-fucking-divorce-your-ass’ pranks, but seeing as Lisa and Scott were on board- you saw it as the former. You’d been with Chris for years and years now, so you knew him well. You knew he had a great sense of humor and a great love for your playful side, which made you ninety-nine percent sure he’d appreciate your prank; the sweet note at the end especially. But just to be safe and not to seem too smug, you lowered the probability percentage down to ninety-five.

The prank you’d been planning for over a month now involved Scott 'crashing’ Chris’ brand new Audi while taking you to lunch; Lisa calling from the emergency room; and Chris rushing down only to find you safe and sound with a dozen pink balloons and a sonogram. You’d found out you were pregnant a little while ago and wanted to find the right time to tell your husband, so why not April Fools? It was crazy and a little bit over the top, but then again- that was you. To be fair though, Chris had pulled some pretty horrendous pranks over the years. You could say you were only doing it as a way to get back at him for the time he visited you on your set and put a cockroach on you while you were filming a scene with Meryl Streep- an actress you so thoroughly admired- but hey, you weren’t the vindictive type.

“Do you think your son will divorce me after he finds out this is all just a prank?”

“No,” Lisa chuckled with a shake of her head. “He loves you way too much, and he’s going to be so happy about the baby news that- he’s not going to care about anything else.” You nodded in agreement after slight hesitation. “It’s April Fools and he’s a big boy, he can handle it.”

“I hope so,” you chuckled as you gathered the bundle of pink helium balloons. Lisa chuckled too as she grabbed her purse and headed towards your front door where loud knocking could be heard. “Could you get that, please? I bet it’s Scott, I hope he knows he’s not actually going to drive Chris’-”

“It’s not Scott,” Lisa cut you off as you walked around the corner; your eyes narrowed at the two police officers standing in your doorway with solemn expressions on their faces. “How can I help you gentlemen?” Lisa asked them. “Is there a particular person you’re looking for?”

“We’re here to speak with Y/N Y/L/N,” the taller male answered and you didn’t know to snicker or be genuinely concerned. For all you knew, they were part of Chris’ plan to prank you before you could him. “We have reason to believe that one of the victims involved in the accident on route six is your brother, Oliver Y/L/N.”

“That’s impossible,” you chuckled with narrowed eyes. “My brother’s out of town until the end of the month, he couldn’t possibly be in a car accident. Are you absolutely sure that he’s involved? Is there a possibility that you’re mistaken?”

“We are unable to identify the body, but his motorbike was placed at the crash site,” the shorter male informed you and your heart dropped when you remembered Chris had taken the bike- your brother had left at your place for safe keeping- this morning. “Do you know anyone with access to your brother’s bike? We could really use-”

“My husband,” you cut him off and you heard Lisa gasp. “My husband took my brother’s bike out this morning. Oh my God,” you breathed and felt the bundle of balloons escape your grip; they flew to touch the ceiling. “No no no,” you shook your head. “That’s impossible, Chris wouldn’t- he’s too careful on the- No,” another head shake. “It can’t be him, my husband is not dead!” You felt the tears spill out of your eyes.

“We’re very sorry to ask you to do so, but we’re going to need you to come with us to help identify the body.” The taller male told you and you quickly nodded, grabbing your purse by the door. You glanced over your shoulder at Lisa as you followed the police officers out; she was lost in her thoughts. “After you, Miss Y/L/N.” He held his car door open for you.

“Just give me a moment,” you told him and he nodded. “Lisa,” you walked over to her and took her shaky hands in yours. “We don’t know if it’s him,” your voice broke as you tried to reassure her. “Maybe he let someone else use Oliver’s bike after getting to the studio, or maybe the bike got stolen- I don’t- um- I don’t know,” you tried not to start crying when you remembered you were pregnant and your daughter might not have a father. “But we mustn’t lose hope yet because…” You trailed off, unable to find the right words.

“I can’t go down, Y/N,” she shook her head and you nodded understandingly. “I’m sorry,” she hugged you and you hugged her back, taking slow breaths to stop yourself from breaking down. “But you’re right, we don’t know yet.” She said as she pulled away; you nodded in response. “Call me as soon as you find out, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded.

You left her at your house then got into the police car and let them take you to the crash site. You may not have been a religious person, but it didn’t stop you from praying. You couldn’t lose Chris, especially now that you were pregnant. You didn’t know what to do with a child, you had a child because of him- because you loved him. How were you meant to raise that child alone? How were you meant to look at your daughter and tell her her dad was the most amazing man you’d ever met and never let her meet him? How were you going to survive the rest of your life without the love of your life? Your hand rested on your stomach and you broke down crying, silently begging whatever greater being for your husband to be alive.
• • • • • • • •
The car pulled to a stop in front of a park; the same one where you and Chris worked together on screen for the first time, not that you were in the right mindset to notice. Your entire world had been rocked thanks to your husband and his insane plan to turn the tables on you, except his plans weren’t as easy to find out about as he’d confided in professional actors rather than family members. Of course he’d confided in Lisa and Scott- the two who accidentally let both your pregnancy and prank plans slip, but somehow managed to keep his to themselves- and they both told him it was a bad idea and that you were going to be pissed when you found out it was all just a prank. But did Chris listen? No, because clearly it wasn’t a bad enough idea if his mother and brother didn’t stop him from doing it. Plus- Chris knew you, you’d appreciate a good prank; he was ninety-five percent sure about it. If you didn’t- well, he had a spontaneous trip to Paris to make up for his insanity.

“Wait,” your eyes narrowed as the policemen got out of the car. One opened the car door for you and beckoned you out. “I don’t understand, I thought the accident was on route six.” He didn’t say anything, he just gestured for you to follow him. “I just want to know if my husband’s okay,” you told them and they both nodded.

Chris spotted you and the 'police officers’ approaching and he sat on your brother’s motorbike, laughing. It was pretty sick joke, yes, but he was so excited to celebrate the pregnancy with you that- he didn’t care. He knew when you saw him that you’d understand that it was just an April Fools joke and laugh because he’d turn the tables on you instead.

“Where are you tak-” You stopped yourself when you saw Chris, perfectly fine and in one piece. He waved at you with a cheeky smile; you were so relieved that you couldn’t think about anything else- like how it was just a stupid prank. “Thank God,” you breathed and ran towards him as he got off the bike. “Oh my God,” you threw your arms around his neck and he hugged you tightly, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “I thought you were dead,” you started crying out of absolute relief.

“Yeah, I’m not that easy to kill,” he chuckled. “April Fools, baby.” He said and you pushed him away, frowning. “What?” He laughed, grabbing his left breast. “I just elaborated on your plans a little bit. We’re in the film industry, I thought you’d appreciate the dramatics.”

“A little bit?!” You slapped his arm and he pressed his lips together, suppressing his urge to laugh. “They told me you were dead, Chris. Mine was just emergency room, yours was death! Death, Chris, death.” You emphasized and he nodded, chuckling as he pulled you into his arms for another tight hug. “What the hell is wrong with you?” You chuckled wearily as you hugged him back; you were too happy that he was okay to be mad about the severity of his actions. “No more April Fools for us,” you said, pressing your head against his chest. “We clearly don’t know how to prank each other, it’s getting a little much.”

“Okay,” he chuckled, kissing the top of your head. “I’m sorry, baby. I know it’s been a stressful day, my mom and Scott both said it was a bad idea.” You scoffed and chuckled at the same time; no wonder Lisa didn’t come down. “But hey,” he pulled the plane tickets out of his back pocket as he pulled away from you. “We can relax in Paris.”

“I was about to ask you how you were going to make up for this,” you smiled as you took the tickets from him; he chuckled in response. “Do you want to know how I’m going to make up for the prank that didn’t happen?” You quizzed, reaching into your own back pocket for the sonogram.

“I think I already know,” he smiled and placed his hand on your stomach. “They might have let the baby news slip too when they let your prank plans slip.” You chuckled and pulled the sonogram from your pocket, passing it to him. “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents to a baby girl,” he smiled at the sonogram then at you when you placed a hand over his.

“I know, right?” You laughed. “We are so immature and we’re about to be parents,” you said and he joined you in laughter. “Ground rules before the baby comes, no more pranks like these. No more dead or emergency room pranks because- it’s ridiculous and it’s irresponsible.” He nodded in agreement, chuckling. “I am so glad it was just a prank,” you told him and hugged him again. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d lost you.”

“I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart,” he hugged you tightly as he whispered into your hair. “Not for a very, very long time.” You smiled and looked up at him. “I love you,” he smiled and dipped his head to meet your lips.

“And you’re lucky I still love you after that,” you bit playfully.

“Yes I am,” he laughed.

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Bad Timing

Summary: April Fools is the day of household wars. Pranks and jokes are played, except for when a little someone comes along. (Unedited because I’m trash)

Word Count: 664, drabble length

Warnings: Pregnancy, mentions of child birth, swearing, pranks, I think that’s it

A/N: I’m trying to keep up with the schedule but I can’t! I need to prove it to myself that I can keep writing schedules. There is another one coming out today for last week’s absence. My apologies for last week, I am terrible at this stuff.

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Today marked your 32nd week pregnant, the final weeks of carrying your precious child. Today was also the team’s favorite day, April Fools. Though they had made a promise to not hurt you or the baby, so you would be left alone through the day.

However, you did get to witness the shenanigans of them all. The first one was rude and quite frankly down right scary. Bucky faked being in the Winter Solider

mode, makeup and all.

That resulted in you being forced into a Hulk Proof room until Bucky finally revealed that it was a prank.  After you came out of the room, you promptly punched your fiancé in the shoulder.

As the day continued, the day got even more funny. Thor placed his hammer in the fridge handles, keeping it shut for an hour or so. Nat and Steve hid behind everything and scared the living daylights out of everyone.

Sam teamed up with Wanda and Vision putting temporary hair dye in shampoo, spiking the milk with rum, locking the doors to bedrooms. The best prank had to be when Pepper gathered everyone for dinner and blurted out that she was pregnant.

The prank was, she wasn’t lying. Wanda and Vision both confirmed it right then and there. The look on Tony’s face was priceless. Dinner was when everyone called truce and swore on whatever they saw fit that they wouldn’t pull a prank.

The dinner was simple, chicken and steamed vegetables. Small chatting quickly filled the room as everyone devoured the meal. It was filled with ‘how’d you do this prank’ or ‘was it you who did this’.

You glanced around the table. Steve was subject to a glittery purple mess of hair, Tony and Pepper were talking about baby names, Wanda and Vision were quietly planning out their next prank. Everything was perfect.

After dinner, the day’s war waged on. Chicken bullion cubes in the shower heads, changed WiFi password, and caramel covered onions disguised as apples.

It was perfect for you to watch as the team fought each other. It was nice to see everyone blow off pent up steam in a semi friendly manner. As the night danced into the tower, the amount of pranks dwindled to nothing.

The team had relaxed in the theater room, watching some random movie Sam and Steve wanted to watch. You sat with the love of your life while he rubbed your swollen belly.

“You know, in just a few weeks, we’re going to have a munchkin in our arms.” Bucky whishpers softly.

“I want it to happen sooner. I want to meet our little girl.” You sigh, dragging your hand across your belly for the millionth time.

“How do you know it’s a girl?” You had decided that you wanted to find out the gender when they were born, so neither of you knew what was in there.

“I don’t know, I just feel it in my bones. Evangeline Lucille Barnes is in there and I know it.” You kiss his cheek as Bucky sighs. “I’ll be back.”

You get up and walk as fast as you can to the bathroom. There was something off, you knew it. It was only until the first contraction hit. You were going into labor.

You screamed for Bucky, pain taking over your senses. Stumbling out of the bathroom, you were met with Steve and Bucky catching you as you fell.

The concerned look on everyone’s face came after it stopped. You could stand with help. “The baby is coming,” that was all that could pass through your lips before the second contraction hit.

After sixteen hours of labor, you gave birth to an almost dead son. He was eight weeks early, weighing in at 4 pounds and 6 ounces. After he was presented to you, he was rushed to the NICU.

Bucky sat next to you, holding your hand. “We have to do the birth certificate, Y/N.”

“Sebastian Evan Barnes.”

“It’s wonderful, doll.”


Your monthly constellation of literary consultation


 Get those bottles popping and candles lit - it’s your birthday and the whole world needs to know! Aries season, your season, is upon, and heavens help whoever isn’t ready. That’s no joke - there are five retrogrades in store this month, so proceed with caution. Turning a year older and wiser is having an incredible effect on your ambition - your focus has narrowed down to number one! You have goals to pursue, opportunities to grab, and you simply don’t have the time to be anything but 100% committed to making those dreams happen. We won’t discourage you, but be aware of naysayers who may pop up trying to cramp your style. There will always be people who take personal offense to your capacity to shine, and regardless of their reasons, it’s in your best interest to do all you can to separate yourself from that negativity. That’s right - separate. There is a time to try to talk through someone’s issues with you, slow down your progress, and work through the reasons behind someone’s ire - a retrograde is not that time! Breathe deeply - inhale peace, exhale stress - and focus on how you can channel the wisdom you’ve accrued in all the years you’ve lived to help you make your mark on the world. And while you’re taking all of these deep, fortifying breaths, why not take in some amazing scents? Your lucky book this month is probably unlike anything you’ve read recently, or maybe ever - all the more reason to dive in! Let Mandy Aftel, master perfumologist, walk you through the history and philosophy behind the scents we love and love to hate, the scents that stir up emotions we weren’t even totally aware of. Best of all, she’ll equip you with the knowledge to create some delicious perfumes of your own - how’s that for some birthday self-love?

 LUCKY BOOK: Fragrant by Mandy Aftel


 Go on, take a load off, Taurus. You’re feeling particularly zapped of energy this month, but don’t worry, it will pass - eventually. This month’s retrogrades are about to do a number on you, so be prepared! Retrogrades tend to force us to reflect on the past: what went wrong and how to set things in place in order to move forward smoothly. Where have you been avoiding closure? What divergent areas of your life could use better transitions? Take advantage of your need to slow your pace a bit this month by thinking about how to retrace your steps to clear your head and clear the air as your birthday rapidly approaches. You don’t want is to be caught in the same situations you know you should have outgrown a long time ago. Visualize your areas of growth like a long, winding body of water - where are the blockages? What do you need to filter out and clear away? No more cutting corners - if one area is clogged with toxicity, it will likewise ruin the entire stream. While you take the time to think about how best to tackle the lurking issues in your past, take some inspiration and knowledge from your lucky book this month, an eye-opening examination of the source of all life: water. Where does it come from, where is it going, and what happens when it’s threatened? You’ll enter your birthday season feeling infinitely more prepared for whatever is ahead - and with an even greater appreciation for .

 LUCKY BOOK: Where the Water Goes by David Owen


 Well helloooo, hotshot! You’re in high demand these days, aren’t you? Your popularity is off the charts this month, Gem, so enjoy this time in spotlight. It seems that no one can get enough of you, and keeping up with your own dance card is quickly becoming another full-time job. Good for you: you’ve been working hard to improve your public profile and networking skills, so it’s great to see them paying off! Beware the retrogrades on the horizon, however. The temptation is strong to make new friends and ditch the old, but you know the old song: one is silver, the other gold - both precious. Keep your foundation steady and strong before you attempt to stack more on top. If there’s a friendship in your life that you’ve been ignoring in favor of your new acquaintances, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities and make sure your original friendships are on solid ground. This is a bad time for drama - not only are you more in the public eye than you’ve ever been, but you’re a Gemini: you know how quickly circumstances can flip and up can suddenly become down. Hold on to the people in your life who have been there from the beginning - if things go awry, they are the people you can count on. And if you find yourself craving some drama, your lucky book has your back. Badass female assassins, superhuman abilities, hilarious workplace shenanigans, all with a Buffy-esque flair - you’re in for a literary treat this month. Dive in!

 LUCKY BOOK: The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales


 All systems go, Cancer! You’re a busy bee this month, flitting from this activity to that with barely enough time to take a breath in between. There are places you want to go, new heights you want to reach, and the only way to get there is to work, seemingly non-stop. Your drive is admirable, Cancer, truly. But I must warn you, the retrogrades in store for this month will absolutely throw a wrench in your plans - but by being prepared, you can possibly mitigate their effects by knowing what to expect from yourself. Thus far, you’ve felt totally in control, on top of your game, and honestly, pretty fantastic. Making moves suits you, and you know it does, so you’ve got some swagger in your step. Great for your self-esteem, but it may bite you in the behind when the planets’ movements start to send your emotions haywire. You’re going to start noticing the flaws in your family and friends that you feel need fixing. It’s a lovely impulse, if a bit insulting; no one likes to be berated or make to feel inadequate for simply being human. You’re not Iyanla, they don’t need you to fix their life. Rather, avoid some unnecessary friction with the people you love most and suffer your opinions in silence. This is not the time to try to bring other people’s mistakes or shortcomings to light, no matter how fantastic you’re feeling in comparison - there is usually a log in your eye to deal with before you attempt to point out the speck in someone else’s. Instead, keep pursuing the things that are meaningful to you. Work hard to become a better you. But keep your eyes open for areas of potential growth. Your lucky book this month is a gentle, illuminating story of a woman who found love and new convictions in an unlikely place - let this be your respite from the frenetic pace of your day-to-day. You may discover something you didn’t know you were missing.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill


 Adventure beckons, Leo! Springtime tends to bring with it a quickening, the feeling of restlessness and impatience, and all you want to do right now is set off on a brand new path towards the unknown. Can’t say we blame you! However, if you’re currently find yourself lacking the means to jet off and escape your usual orbit at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with venturing out within your neighborhood, or maybe a town or two over, and exploring places you’ve never visited. There is always something new to discover, new people to meet, new experiences make memories of - so don’t feel beholden to taking trips you simply cannot afford in the name of wanderlust. Either way, whether you’re still home or abroad, you can’t escape the retrogrades on the horizon. One of your main concerns, Leo, is your desire to partner with other people for either personal or professional reasons. A wonderful thing, to be sure, but  your judgment may be just a bit skewed this month - hey, don’t shoot the messenger, blame the planets. Be careful before entering into any binding agreements this month - examine your relationships and the terms of your contract deeply to be sure that they aren’t taking advantage of you, or potentially putting you in a situation you don’t need to be in. Trust is a precious thing - treat it that way. The characters in your lucky book learn this lesson well: chock-full of scandal and gossip in a 16th century French royal court, this is the perfect primer on guarding your secrets until you can be sure of who to entrust them with - you never know who may not have your best interests at heart.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Devils of Cardona by Matthew Carr


 This is a month of intense focus for you, Virgo, and considering your usual proclivities, that’s saying something! Maybe it’s a subconscious pre-empting of the chaos that accompanies a retrograde - much less five - but this month, you know exactly what you want, how you want to get it, and what the reward may be. At this point, there is precious little that can slow you down. You may not want to hear this, but this could be the perfect time for you to find that kindred spirit to partner with on this project. Two heads can truly be better than one, provided you choose your co-collaborator wisely. One word of caution - you’re placing so much stock into this passion project, so much time and energy, that it can become difficult to extricate yourself from your work. Try to be aware of when this is happening, because the inevitable setbacks and misunderstandings then have the potential to grow into major, insurmountable issues. Beware how quickly you can bypass ‘annoyed’ or ‘frustrated’ and dive straight into anger, despite your best intentions. Focus on summoning compassion - it’s free, it feels better in the long run, and it causes less wrinkles (seriously!). You’re in very capable hands with your lucky book this month - written by none other than the master of the arts of compassion and mercy, Anne Lamott. Retreat into a chapter or two whenever you begin to feel yourself spiral, and remember to take a few breaths. You’re going to get where you want to go, Virgo, one way or another. Believe that.

 LUCKY BOOK: Hallelujah Anyway by Anne Lamott


 Hey there, lovely Libra. This month is all about relationships for you, and how to deepen your bond with your chosen #1 - whether that’s your partner, your BFF, or your sibling. With all of the retrogrades that are on their way, you may begin to feel a significant need to take a load off. Lean into this impulse; the planets have their ways of urging us to reset when there is unfinished business in our lives. What have you been holding in lately? What have you been trying to gather the courage to say, and what is keeping your mouth closed? You can only go so long feeling happy and fulfilled in a relationship that has become shrouded by lies of omission, no matter how you may try to convince yourself otherwise. Two is the most important number for you this month, so do yourself a favor and put some serious thought into how to unburden yourself - you may be surprised with their reaction! Your lucky book this month is the perfect accompaniment to your current struggle - it focuses on two young women in 1950s Houston, Texas - one of them the quintessential “it” girl who everyone either wants to date or wants to emulate; the other, her best friend, somewhere between babysitter and co-conspirator. When the it girl goes off the rails, it’s her best friend’s job to pluck up the courage to bring her back to her senses - and accept the attendant consequences. See what happens when a friend is confronted with a tough decision - and acts. Your time for inaction has passed, but that’s not necessarily reason to fear - you may find that saying what you’re really thinking is the best decision you ever made.

 LUCKY BOOK: The After Party by Anton DiSclafani


 Hello, spring, and hello, Scorpio! No matter where you live, the arrival of the spring months can have a serious rejuvenating effect on your psyche. It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh outlooks, and clean slates. Clean, indeed - another impulse of spring is the tidying one, and it’s hitting you hard this month. Excellent! Whether it be your home, your body, your mind, or all three (seriously, bravo), your number one focus this month is getting into shape, clearing away old clutter, and using the arrival of a new season as a reset button. Be aware: there are several retrogrades this month; be on the alert for their influence over your emotions. In the midst of the thorough emotional scrubbing you’re doing, don’t be surprised if you receive a surprise DM or late-night text from a certain someone you’d sworn off long ago. The funny thing about retrogrades is right in the name - things from our past tend to pop up and test our commitment to the here and now. Feel whatever emotion that naturally arises - there is precious little you can do about that - but then, move right past it. You don’t owe anybody your time or energy, especially if you’ve already made the decision to stop giving it to them. Resist the urge to rehash old wrongdoings, put down your phone, and pick up your lucky book: a heartfelt and hilarious collection of short stories by a woman who has attended one too many weddings. Every union is a new beginning of sorts, and despite the flak perpetual wedding guests sometimes receive, witnessing the foundational moments of someone else’s love can be surprisingly instructive. If you need to scribble some notes in the margins, we won’t tell.

 LUCKY BOOK: Save the Date by Jen Doll


 Joy to the world, April has come! Okay, wrong season, same sentiment. You are one happy Sag this month - people have been noticing your glowing skin, sparkling eyes, and infectious laugh. Where did this energy come from? Who knows? (Who cares?) After being a hermit for the past few weeks, maybe it’s simply the restorative power of being back outside and interacting with more people. Either way, take advantage of this positive energy and make the most of it - pursue that opportunity you’ve been watching and waiting to act on, make that scary phone call to the person who’s been expecting to hear from you. But keep in mind that there are a fair few retrogrades in store for this month, which can throw your priorities for a loop. It can be easy to allow yourself to get carried away with this new abundance of energy; try to be mindful of this! Despite what you’re feeling, you actually can’t do it all, neither should you aspire to. What are the projects that have been sitting on the back burner? The ideas you’ve already devoted love and care to, and now just need to act on? That’s where you should focus your attention, rather than spreading yourself thin by taking on even more. Your lucky book this month is a poignant counterbalance to your mood this month - a collection of essays about the seven years separating the author’s son’s birth from his father’s death, and the heartwarming, heartbreaking, hilarious moments that occurred between. Let it be a reminder of the unpredictability of life - and inspiration to live it as fully and as well as you can.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Seven Good Years by Etgar Keret


 Hey, sweet Capricorn. That squashy chair sure is comfortable, isn’t it? This month, you’re all about that home life: maybe you’re taking on a renovation project, trying out some new baking recipes, or maybe it means spending time with your tribe, the people you love and who love you the most. Either way, your ideal April looks somewhat like a huge Snuggie, maybe a cup of tea, and some quality catch-up sessions with friends and family. We support this wholeheartedly, especially in light of the retrogrades coming your way - you’re to want to be surrounded by people who understand and care about you. Because despite your comfy socks and sweatshirt, you are not totally at ease - your career is an area of particular concern to you right now. Take this time to reflect on your current trajectory. What are you headed towards? What are you moving away from? Is this the direction you wanted to go with your life, or have you abandoned a dream to pursue something you aren’t sure you actually need? It’s okay to second guess your decisions sometimes, and always better to think through those gut feelings than to ignore them. This is when being in the midst of friends and family can help - soliciting a second or third opinion can be invaluable when you’ve been stuck at a crossroads for quite some time. Be open about your fears, and receptive to the advice coming your way. And to give yourself a break from this intense internal restructuring, your lucky book is waiting: a highly addictive, spellbinding collection of short stories about the ties that bind, the flawed world we live in, and what happens when things go topsy-turvy. A perfect escape within your escape.

 LUCKY BOOK: What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah


 Look at you go, Aquarius! Your April is already off to a rousing start, with all of the exploring you’re doing. Good for you! March was an insular kind of month for you - whether because of a heavy work load, emotional load, or you were just plain exhausted - but now you’re ready to grab life by the horns once more. Keep this up! Be proactive in doing the things you enjoy, the things that make YOU happy, regardless of what you fear other people may think. Retrogrades are brewing this month, Aquarius, and for you, they can come with a boatload of self-doubt. You know your own propensity for negative self-talk and not trusting your own desires, so rather than wait for those feelings to take over, do the important work of reaffirming your own self-worth and confidence. Use your outings to find like-minded people; kindred spirits who you feel comfortable turning to for some subtle validation on your more melancholy days. Treat yourself to a massage or a matinee - life is short, so why not be kind to yourself? There is no one right way to do things, no matter what you may be accustomed to telling yourself, so let your explorations be open-ended. Your lucky book this month deals with one of the most polarizing and contentious topics with a similar approach: she presents the case for agnosticism, and the freedom in acknowledging everything we don’t know. There’s no shame in admitting the limits of our knowledge, and wanting to be our authentic selves, whatever that means for you. Own it!

 LUCKY BOOK: Agnostic by Lesley Hazleton


 Time to get up and get going, Pisces! You have a lot of ideas, but thus far, not nearly as much follow-through - but this month is when you change that! Think about it: how can you kick your productivity into gear? Set more alarms? Write more to-do lists? Find an accountability partner? Whatever works best for you, start now and stick with it - it will be tough, but you can do it. Best to get this month off to a busy productive start than wait for the impending retrogrades to sap you of your creative energy. But when that time does come, and you’re feeling sick and tired of the same old, same old, here’s an idea: do a bit a tidying up. Not your room or kitchen, necessarily (although that’s never a bad idea), but specifically, examine your wardrobe, your haircut, your shoe situation. Maybe the slump you’ve been in can be attributed to a subconscious desire for a physical change. Hey, they say not to judge a book by its cover, but everyone does it anyway, right? And there is much to be said for the ways that outward appearance can transform inward confidence. There’s something undeniably powerful about looking into a mirror and being happy with what you see - it can add a spring to your step, it can make you more likely to speak and be heard, and just appreciate the world a bit more. Donate the things you’ve outgrown to a local charity and experience the immediate psychological benefits of physically removing objects that carry outdated negative energy from your space. Your lucky book this month is all about the enduring impact of past mistakes on a small town, and the ways that those mistakes can have a ripple effect on multiple families within that community. When tragedy strikes, who is to blame? How do you reconcile the reality of the present with the ignorance of the past? Sometimes a facelift can be the first step to a deeper reconfiguring within.

 LUCKY BOOK: Friendswood by René Steinke

A Father’s Fear

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,212
Warnings: Angst, unplanned pregnancy, talk of miscarriage

Part 3 of Last Chance

After the birth of your son, you both agreed he was it. One kid was enough for each of you, he filled your days with so much joy. And with Dean hunting, one child was a good number. He amazed you every time he would learn something new, his smile was contagious, and it didn’t take much to make him giggle up a storm.

The two of you went about life as if nothing would change. Every time you brought up getting married, the subject was either changed, or he’d give you some type of excuse. Slowly, you brought it up less and less, until you figured it would never happen. He asked just to keep you around, but never intended to actually marry you. It hurt, but you accepted it.

When your son was just about 3, you found out you were pregnant. You were crushed. You cried, and you felt like you’d throw up. Finally, half an hour after you saw that plus sign, you found Dean in the dining room. Your hand was shaking as you held out the test. “I’m pregnant.” You told him, the pain in your eyes.

It took him a moment to register what you had just told him- that he was going to be a father of two. Getting up, he pulled you close, burying his face in your neck. “We’ll be okay, baby.” He assured you. “We’ll have two kids, and we’ll put up with their stupid fights, and I hope to hell we have a little girl.”

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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Summary: Sebastian being fooled by his naughty girlfriend.

Word count: 842

A/NHappy April Fool’s Day! I hope you have fun and play as many pranks as you could today. Be careful though, karma is a bitch!

- G. x

It was Saturday, but it wasn’t just any Saturday: it was 1st of April and we all know what does that mean! It was April Fool’s Day!

April fool’s day is the day when we can play any joke on someone and be excused, because every joke is in good fun, right?

“Sebastian!” You happily, but not exaggeratedly happy, exclaimed as you opened your front door and you saw your boyfriend.

“Hi, Babe.” He smiled at you and he gave you a tight hug. “What’s up?”

“Come on in,” You thrusted your head to your right as you invited him to enter the house. He nodded as your face turned serious. “it’s a little bit important.”

“Oh.” You were sure that you noticed him turning nervous. You sighed and he bit his lower lip at the same time, making it redder that it already was.

You both went in your room, with you leading him the way, even though he perfectly knew the way.

“Seb.” You silently called his attention, while you both sat on your bed. Not caring if you messed your perfectly fixed blankets. “I…”

“You?” Sebastian looked at you, his forehead corrugated and it was obvious that he was confused by the way he looked at you.

“This is so hard to explain.” You sighed and you fished something from your pocket using your right hand. “Here, see it by yourself.”

“What the fuck?” Sebastian’s eyes widened as he saw the pregnancy test on your hand. He didn’t mind getting it and looking at it to confirm it, but you assumed that he understood your point. “When? How!”

“I don’t know,” You bowed down, covering your face with your hair. “I-“

“This is impossible, we were so careful!” He was furious and confused at the same time. You knew that he wouldn’t have accepted it, you knew that he would’ve reacted this way. “How? Jesus Christ!” He shook his head as he rubbed his eyes using just one hand.

“Don’t you think that it’s exciting?” You looked at him and you tried so hard not to laugh when you saw his facial expression. He was terrified and angry at the same time, you knew that he was stupid enough and that he wouldn’t have controlled the pregnancy test.

“No,” He stood up, surprised for your answer. “not when we’re just in high school and we can’t guarantee them a great future in a situation like this. I’m not ready.” He tortured his lower lip and this time you couldn’t help but snort loudly.

“Sebastian.” You tried to say in between of your laughs. “I knew that you would’ve been this stupid.” You threw him the pregnancy test as you rested your hand on your stomach, hoping to cure the pain that your laughter was causing you. “It wasn’t even used!”

“Huh?” He curiously looked at you, confused why you were laughing in situations like this.

“The test, it wasn’t used.” You explained him, still couldn’t contain your laughter.

“Oh, fuck you!” He threw you the pregnancy test as he realized that he was tricked. You were right, the test wasn’t even used and he was so stupid to not control things before reacting. “I hate you.”

“No, you don’t!” You smirked at him as you tried to stop laughing. “You should’ve seen your face, it was epic!” You teased him as he rolled his eyes.

“You’re a fucker, really!” He was annoyed and peeved by your actions, but you knew that it was worth it. “I will have my revenge, wait for that.”

“I know that you won’t!” You smirked at him, sitting yourself again as you calmed yourself down. “You love me so much that you would never do that.”

“Bastard!” You both laughed as you both realized how well you knew your boyfriend, Sebastian. “But it wasn’t a nice joke.”

“It wasn’t my fault if you didn’t look, idiot.” You rolled your eyes as he took his jacket off.

“I love you, fucker!” He blurted out as he pushed you slightly on the bed, so you would be laying on your back.

“I love you too, idiot!” You giggled a little bit, but stopped as Sebastian slowly kissed you in different places: your forehead, your cheeks, your neck and, lastly, on your lips. You shared a kiss, but you broke it once you felt his hand travelling in different parts of your body. “What are you doing?”

“Oh,” He smirked at you. “someone’s getting her punishment that she deserves.”

“Well, if that’s a punishment for you,” You smirked at him, playing the same game he was playing. “then do it.”

“Fuck!” You heard him moan frustrated as he kissed you hungrily on your lips.

Sebastian was a sassy and a snarky bitch, but you knew how you to control Sebastian’s anger and how to stop him from being a hot-tempered person. You also knew how to seduce him even just with your words, also knocking him down using his weaknesses, and you loved that idea so much.


Raphael x Reader

It feels like Raph has been standing in the kitchen doorway for hours. The popcorn is starting to get cold in his hands, but he can’t bring himself to move. He just watches you as you text on your phone, waiting for him to get back to unpause the movie the two of you are watching. He told you didn’t have to pause it, but you insisted on waiting. One of his favorite things about you.

He takes a deep breath. “Come on, Raph, you can do this. You can do this.” With one more deep, shaky breath, Raph moves out of the doorway and into the TV area. He forces a smile and holds up the bowl. “Got the popcorn!”

You grin and take the bowl from him. “Thank God. What took you so long?”

Raph sits next to you, swallowing uncomfortably. “Got distracted.”

You shrug and decide not to ask him what about. You grab the remote and go to press play on the movie, but Raph takes it out of your hand before you can. “Hang on, (y/n). I wanna tell you somethin.’”

You frown and turn slightly to face him better. “Okay?”

Raph licks his lips and readjusts in his seat. “I, uh . . .” He clears his throat. “I …”

You lean forward and place a hand on his arm. “Raph, are you okay?”

“Yeah!” He replies, just a bit too enthusiastically. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just …” He takes in a deep breath and blurts out: “I like you.”

Your eyes widen. “You what?”

“I like you, (y/n). I have for a while now.”

Raph waits nervously as you sit completely still in front of him, eyes wide in shock. You take a shaky breath and stand up, grabbing your bag off of one of the beanbags. “I have to go.”

“Wait, what?” Raph jumps up and takes your arm, stopping you. “(y/n)-”

You rip your arm out of his grip. “You know, of all of your guys’ pranks, this is by far the cruelest. Playing with my emotions like that?” You shake your head and wipe a tear away. “Nevermind. I’m leaving.”

“Wait, (y/n).” Raph grabs your arm again and pulls you back to him, holding you by both shoulders so you face him. “I like you. I really really do, have for a while now. It was actually Leo who made me promise to tell you tonight.” He leans forward and kisses your forehead. “I’m not kidding, (y/n).”

Tears well up in your eyes, and your grip loosens on your bag. “Really?”

Raph nods. “Really.” He pulls you into his arms, stroking pyour soft hair. “Why would I lie to you about something like this? You know I can’t lie to you, (y/n).”

“I know, it’s just-” You pull away from him and wipe your eyes. “You’re you and I’m . . . well, me.”

“What do you mean?”

You sigh and look at the ceiling. Raph’s so innocent and good-hearted when it comes to you. He sees you like you’re flawless, and sometimes it kills you because you’re not. “Because I’m … I’m fat, Raph. And you … you deserve so much better. Someone like April.”

Raph’s jaw is nearly all the way down at your words. He leans in close and cups your cheeks in his huge hands. “(y/n). You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, and on top of that, you’re funny, kind, and you put up with me and my brothers. Please, please believe that.”

You sigh and take one of his hands, leaning your head into his plastron. “I do.”

He smiles and kisses the top of your head. “Good.” He begins to lead you back over to the couch. “Now let’s finish this movie, girlfriend.”

You snort. “You’re such a dork, for a tough guy.”

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pairing; yoongi x reader

genre; angst

word count; 5.1k

a/n; made for this request 

summary; you didn’t let him in easily, but when you did, that became your first mistake. 

halcyon (adjective)

1. denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

Meeting him was nothing.

You met a lot of people in your life, but when you came across him, you didn’t think much of it.

The first time you encountered him, you knew of him, but he had not known of you. He was known to be this mysterious walking oxymoron that strolled through the halls of your high school campus with chin high and eyes that followed every girl that neared him. Of course, you were never one of those girls in his eyes and never did you want to be one of his victims; you always wanted to be invisible in his eyes, and you always were.

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Faithless (Mikey X Reader)

Rating: PG-13

Universe: 2016

Authors note: Ok I wanted to write something dramatic with Mikey in it because well he’s the funny one and we don’t see it a lot. Also I don’t know if it’s possible to give a turtle a hickey but I feel that it fell in so perfectly with the plot that I think you will be able to forgive me just this once. Thank you 😘

Summary: Michelangelo makes a terrible mistake with your best friend, how’s he going to tell you???

Michelangelo’s brain twitched awake, axons fired up, flooding his brain with memories of what had happened last night. He basked in the glory, a goofy grin was plastered on his face as he turned to look over at his lover in the sheets. Her eyes were blinking open and her hair was carelessly strewn across her face and delicate shoulders. She glowed like a bronze goddess in the poorly lit space that was his room. April looked over to Michelangelo, who was already awake, staring at her, almost bouncing with bliss. She smiled,
“Hey.” She whispered.
“Hiiiiiii!” He exclaimed back. As soon as he spoke, it seemed to break the spell. The realization of what they had done slowly dawned on them. They were suddenly quiet, speechless. April checked her phone awkwardly, reaching for it all the way to the floor. She brought the small screen to her, and horror blanketed her face. “Whats wrong?” Asked mikey, watching her transformation. A text from [Y/N]. April felt panic rush through her body. She quickly ripped the blankets off of her and jumped out of bed. She gathered her clothes. “Hey calm down talk to me.” Mikey tried chasing after her but she had already pulled her shirt on.
“What’re we going to tell her?” April yelled. “She’s my bestfriend! She’s going to hate both of us.” Michelangelo quieted down, knowing she was right.
“Maybe we shouldn’t tell her.” He trailed off. Mikey hated to see anyone hurt, and even less when he was the cause of it. April’s eyes seemed to hop everywhere at once, gears turned in her mind, trying to come up with any solution that was better then this one. An abrupt knock on Mikey’s door halted their conversation. They snapped their attention to the door, staring at it like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode with the slightest movement.
“Mikeeeeey!” Yelled [Y/N] from behind his door. Their worst fears were confirmed, Aprils eyes overflowed with fear.
“It’s her!” She whispered frantically, looking in the room for somewhere to hide. Michelangelo panicked,
“UHhhhhhh…. no ones here.” He yelled back, meekly shrugging. [Y/N] laughed back,
“Mikeeeeey, let me in.” She smiled. “Quit being weird.” She could hear whispering and some clanging. She had decided to surprise mikey with some orange tulips. She knew how much he loved getting flowers, especially from her. Michaelangelo jerked the door open with a smile on his face. He leaned against the door casually,
“Hey baby girl.” He seemed out of breath. She gave him a look before entering his room.
“You’re so weird y’know that?” She chuckled. She looked around the room, it felt different to her somehow, the usually cheery atmosphere was almost dark.
“Are those tulips?” Mikey asked knocking her out of her trance. She smiled,
“Yes babe, I know how much you love flowers.” Mikey smiled and awkwardly accepted the flowers. Usually he got so giddy it was almost exciting to watch, but now he held the flowers like he needed to go pee. “Do you not like them?” She asked. Michelangelo shook his head,
“Of course I love them, I just-” Something huge fell in his closet, crashing onto the ground, forcing the closet door open and April with it. April landed at [Y/N]’s feet,
“April?” [Y/N] asked, confused as ever. She looked at Mikey for an explanation, but the guilty look on his face spoke for him. “What did you do mikey?” She still couldn’t understand why her best friend was in her boyfriends closet. She tried shooting michelangelo another a look but noticed something instead. “What’s on your neck mikey?” She looked at april this time, who also looked away, ashamed of what she had done. Dread filled her body, and she could feel a pool of emotions forming inside of her. “Are those hickeys?” She asked in a hushed tone. She hadn’t seen michelangelo in two days, there was no way she made those. Tears formed in her eyes, but she refused to give them the satisfaction. “We’re over.” She stated and walked out the room. [Y/N] felt a tear slip down her cheek as she left them behind her.
“Wait!” Mikey yelled after her, desperate to calm her down.
“What!” She spat, stopping in the middle of the lair. “So you can tell me how amazing she was?” Michelangelo was taken aback by the question.
“What no-”
“And you!” She hissed at April who was now standing in the doorway, watching them intently. [Y/N] knew mikey’s brothers were also watching, but she didn’t care. “You’ve been complaining about how Raphael won’t notice you and so you turn around and have sex with my boyfriend?” She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth, it was too much. “Oh my god I can’t even right now.” Words escaped her as anger consumed her body. She tried walking away but she had to say something. She turned back around barreling towards April. “You’re such a little bitch you know that!” [Y/N] chewed her fingernail nervously. She couldn’t just let this go. She flung her jacket off,
“Fuck this let’s go.” April was disturbed at how quickly her friend was willing to fight her, but she knew that’s how [Y/N] must have felt.
“I’m not going to fight you.” April stuttered.
“Oh so you can fuck my boyfriend but not fight me.” Mikey stood in between them as [Y/N] advanced and April shrunk behind him. “Back your shit up homegirl.” [Y/N] jeered. April stood in the doorway, her teal blue eyes filled with shame. She tried to apologize but was only able to move her lips to mouth the words. Leo and Donnie approached [Y/N], attempting to comfort her but she waved them away.
“What the hell were you two thinking?” Leo demanded to know. He couldn’t bear to see [Y/N] this way, especially because of his dumb ass little brother. she was like family. Mikey had messed up in the past, but this had to be the worst thing he had ever done. Leo’s blue eyes remained expectant but no answers came. Mikey thought it would be ok, but it wasn’t and he had hurt the person that cared about him the most. Leo shook his head in disgust. “Maybe you should go.” Leo directed his dissaproval towards April. She gasped, never thinking that she would be kicked out of their lair in her lifetime. 
“I-” words continued to fail her, and she gave up. “I’ll go.” was all she could muster. [Y/N] grasped at April as Leonardo held her back.
“Let me kick her ass Leo!” She roared as April gathered her things. “Fuck you and your bullshit O'neil!” She said, pointing at April as she scurried to get out of there. “Don’t you ever fucking speak to me again!” She yelled after her. Leonardo finally let [Y/N] go as soon as he was sure April was gone. She suddenly felt a million things at once and collapsed onto the floor, overwhelmed with emotion. [Y/N] buried her face in her hands. “I loved you.” She whispered to herself. Raphael rushed towards mikey, almost knocking him backwards as they bumped plastrons.
“I’m going to kill you.” Although him and April really hadn’t really gotten anywhere, he had feelings for her, and [Y/N] had just confirmed that she had feelings for him too. Michelangelo tried to back away but Raphael was persistent and backed him into a corner. Raphael’s face told a story of betrayal, completely opposite from the look of shame and guilt in his little brothers eyes. He looked over to [Y/N],
“You did this to her,” he snarled. “I hope you’re happy.” [Y/N] picked herself up, only motivated by the anger that seemed to be slowly coiling in her stomach.
“It’s ok raphael,” she growled. “I got this.” Raphael saw the same angry glow in her eyes that he usually saw in the mirror.
“This whole time,” she said steadily. “you lied to me?” She twitched her head to the left, trying to comprehend. Mikey felt the weight of her glare on him, like she was suffocating him with her eyes. He backed up.
“No just let me explain.” He pleaded. Her nostrils flared at him.
“What’s there to explain Mikey, you fucked her and that’s all that matters!” Anger possessed [Y/N], her voice coming out in loud billowing echoes. “I never want to see you again!” She marched towards him, and Michelangelo forced himself to stay in place. She stopped abruptly, slapping him with the bouquet of tulips she had brought. They fell to the floor, pieces of the flowers floated around it as it dropped to the ground. [Y/N] stomped onto it, crushing it with her heel while she looked him dead in the eyes. “Fuck this shit.” Leo and Donnie stood behind her looking as ashamed as Michelangelo.
She turned around to march out of the lair, walking up to Donatello first. She looked at Mikey with the fiery hate of hell one more time before grabbing Donnies bandana tails and pulling him to her mouth. Donnie flailed helplessly in shock.
“Call me.” She winked, pulling his face from hers. “See ya asshole!” She waved and disappeared out the door.


I could just disappear- lose myself in Florence. The thought gave her a delicious little shiver. She could go anywhere, pick a new name for herself, become a whole new person. She could learn Italian, apply for a job in a café, and never go home again. I could be whoever I wanted to be. An actress, even.”

- Love, Lucy by April Lindner (@aprillindner)