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Imagine trying to explain to Jerome what a proper April Fools’ joke is...

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Opps…have I made a Jerome Valeska x Reader fanfic/imagine? How silly of me…I’m so sorry..not sorry mwhaha! >:D If you haven’t already heard some people have been complaining that there are so many Jerome Valeska x Reader fanfics so I’ve retaliated in the most mature way possible…and wrote a Jerome Valeska x Reader fanfic O:3 If I want to write fics about my Puddin’ I will.

Y/N: Jerome April Fools’ day is approaching and we need a talk about what type of joke is appropriate.

Jerome: What’s wrong with my jokes?

Y/N: Err…well your last April Fool joke…pushing the mail man down a flight of stairs and then shouting ‘April fools!’.

Jerome: What was wrong with that?

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Y/N: You pushed a man down a flight of stairs, Jerome. A good April Fools’ joke is getting someone to believe something that’s not actually true.

Jerome: I did! He believed he was going to make it down the stairs safely.

Y/N: Never mind…

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The Fifties (podfic)

Written by: Speranza | @cesperanza

Read by: Quietnight | @5deadweasels

Rating: explicit | NC-17

Content Notes | Warnings: AU – canon divergence, science fiction, the end of world war II, suburbia, pregnancy issues

Additional pairings: Peggy/Steve, Bucky/Peggy/Steve


“Because everything’s all right, isn’t it?” Bucky said. “Everything’s great. I’m so happy; I never thought I could be this happy. You’re happy, too, aren’t you, Peg?”

Written Work: The Fifties

Podfic Post: [podfic] The Fifties

Additional Comments: The one important thing I want to say about this fic/podfic: don’t get yourself spoiled. This is such a brilliantly plotted and structured fic – you want to experience it as it was meant to be experienced, without any foreknowledge of how the story will end for Steve, Peggy and Bucky. I am so impressed with this fic/podfic on so many levels: how seamlessly it slots into the Captain America canon; how amazingly well the short titled scenes work; how well the 50ties are described – the politics as much as people’s expectations and how you could circumvent them to carve out an unusual live for yourself… There is such a wealth of details of Peggy, Steve and Bucky’s life post World War II. Did I ever imagine Bucky being into flashy cars and drag races? Not ever, but now I can clearly see it, and it fits him so well. Quietnight’s reading finetunes the characterisation Speranza has given them in the fic; there is such a sense of happiness, and such a longing for happiness – and it’s vividly brought alive by Quietnight’s voice. This fic/podfic will surprise you and it may haunt you. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since the first time I listened to it.

April Fools

Summary: You find out you’re pregnant and plan a little get together to tell everyone and Pietro, the father. Except you picked the wrong day to do it. April fools wasn’t taken lightly around the tower.

Pairings: Pietro x Reader, Avengers x Reader (family?)

Warnings: Swearing, fluff

A/N: Right, yeah so I hate April Fool’s day. But I wanted to write something cute, that could work for today! Idk guys. I’ve been feeling shitty af lately… But it’s fine, so don’t worry. I don’t know if I like this… I needed to put something up for April Fool’s day and I had not enough time to write up something else so… TA DA! - Stephanie

Word Count: 970

I checked over my reflection once more fluffing my curls. Today was the day I was going to tell everyone. I had found out I was pregnant a couple weeks ago but had kept it a secret until now. I hadn’t even told Pietro. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a false alarm and I wasn’t going to get everyone’s hopes up for nothing.

Wanda, as I’m sure, may already know. Though she hasn’t said anything to me of it, I can tell by the way she looks at me when she thinks I’m not watching. I know she hasn’t told Pietro yet because that man can not keep a secret. If he knew he would have been, practically, bouncing off the walls with excitement.     I made my way down to the kitchen thinking everything over. I had a little breakfast planned where I would tell them. Hopefully I wouldn’t get hit with another wave of mourning sickness. At least that would get the message across.

I made hard contact with something and fell backwards onto the ground. When I looked up I saw nothing was in the doorway to the kitchen… unless…


I heard laughter coming from the kitchen and pushed myself up, tearing the plastic with my hands and stepping through it.

That turned out to be a huge mistake.

A bucket of green slime spilled over my head, ruining my white shirt and ruining my favourite white heels.

I had dressed up purposefully for the occasion and now I was regretting it. And soon they would too. Not only were these my favourite heels, my hormones were now acting up.

I marched over to them and wiped the slime off my face glaring, “Why? Why the fuck would you even do this?”

Everyone sat silent for a moment, holding back their laughter.

Tony’s laughter, first, filled the room, no longer taking it and everyone else’s soon followed.

I practically growled, “You fucking dumbass. I swear to fucking god-”

Steve breath out between laughs, “Language.”

I let out an annoyed scream and spun on my heel heading back to my room.

“Printsessa, it was just a joke. Calm down okay?”

I huffed, nudging Pietro out of the way, “No I was the joke. You all were the ones laughing.”

I stormed away from Pietro while he was still caught off guard by my words and went to my room. When I got there I slammed the door locking it shut behind me.

What the fuck was their problem today?! I’ve been nothing but nice to them. I admit there are a couple times where I slip up but I didn’t need slime poured all over me!

“PRINTSESSA! Are you okay?! Y/N open up!”

I rolled my eyes and headed into my bathroom, “Pietro, take a hint will you? I slammed the door and then locked it. Just leave me alone okay?”

“But printsessa…”

“NO. If you want to do me a favour tell everyone to be in the dining room by 6:30 tonight for dinner. No exceptions. Everyone has to come.”

“Okay my love.”

I heard Pietro zoom off in the other direction as I closed the bathroom door. Boy, was it going to be fun to get this gunk out of my hair.

It had taken me forever but I had finally gotten all of that crap out of my Y/H/C hair. I had put on a loose dress and a cardigan, losing all reason to dress better than this and headed downstairs. All the food, like I requested had arrived. We had pizza, chinese, sandwiches and a bunch of other good stuff.

When everyone had arrived I found them looking skeptically at the food.

I huffed, gesturing to the table, “Sit.”

Clint spoke up, pointing to the door, “You know I-”


Clint sighed, sitting in the chair besides Natasha mumbling. Pietro zoomed over to me and grabbed my hands in his, “Is everything alright-”

I nodded pointing to the chair besides me, “Sit.”

“But aren’t you-”

“Just sit. I have something to tell everyone.”

Pietro sat down warily, watching me with worried eyes.
I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by Wanda jumping up, “Can I tell them?! It’s been killing me.”

I huffed sitting down in my chair as everyone stood up curious, and semi worried, at our behavior, “Go ahead. By the way it was going-”


The was a moment of thick silence before the room burst into laughter.

“Hah good one Y/N/N! Really, honestly, great revenge for this morning.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at Tony, “Revenge? What are you talking about?!”

“April fool’s day? Wait you’re not… YOU’RE NOT KIDDING ARE YOU?!”

I shook my head annoyed, “No. I’m not.”

Pietro zoomed over to me, the three feet separating us obviously couldn’t have been walked, and picked me up spinning me around.

“PRINTSESSA! We’re going to be parents?!”

I nodded, giggling at his behavior, “Yep.”

“Wait you’re having Pietro’s kid?! Oh my god what if it’s another speedster…”

Pietro smirked, “What you didn’t see that coming?”

I laughed as everyone else groaned. Natasha piping up, “Well I’m happy for you.”

Pietro grinned, putting me down but still holding me close, “I’m going to be a daddy.”

“To a baby Natasha.”

“I think you mean a baby Tony.”

“Wanda is a good name!”

“So is Clint!”

“I think Steve…”

“Does anyone care that you pranked a pregnant woman today?! No one’s going to, like, apologize for that?”

The argueing momentarily stopped before it picked up, not a minute later.

I looked to Pietro rolling my eyes and playfully nudging him as I whispered, “Let’s get out of here?”

Pietro grinned, picking me up bridal style, “Anything for you my queen.”

I chuckled as he sped out of the room leaving all the arguing behind us. Afterall, we had about 9 more months of listening to all of this. Or as I prefered to think of it, 9 more months of living hell with these goofballs.

angel0sh  asked:

Hey love. I LOVED SAEREN TO HELP ! Just had a question about the ending. Did she returned to yoosung and kept her relationship with saeran ? Or did she leave yoosung and returned to yoosung ? Or was it the opposite ? Sorry I'm really confused.

Hey darling!!

Thanks so much for reading!!! It means the world to me! 
Don’t worry there was a lot of fear and confusion- and thats the way it was meant to appear. I wanted people guessing whether she was going to go to Saeran or stay with Yoosung. I’m just going to answer under the cut so the people who haven’t read it and don’t want spoilers don’t see it by accident. 

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Note: Today’s April Fools’ Day and I thought I’d make a fluffy Crowley fic. Enjoy. :D

Word Count: 887+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut at the end, language

April Fools’ Day. Your favorite day of the year. It was the day of the year where people pulled pranks on each other for fun. You had always done something to mess with those around you every year, but this year was different. This was the first April Fools’ Day you’d spend as Crowley’s lover, meaning that you had never pulled a prank on him. You knew that would change today.

Currently, you stood on a mini step ladder, setting up your prank. You wanted to do something that you knew would affect him, but not enough to leave any permanent damage. That is why you were setting up a bucket filled with yellow paint on top of the door. You wanted to cover him in a color you knew you would never see him in. You knew that the prank would make a huge mess, but you would just make Crowley clean it up later.

Stepping down from the ladder, you stepped back and admired your work. Everything was in place, making your plan run smoothly. Now, you just had to wait for Crowley to get home.

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Week of Angst: March 31st-April 7th

reader is addicted to drugs and [insert character] is their dealer. reader ends up having a bit of a breakdown when they realize they don’t have enough money to buy their fix and the character comforts them, albeit a bit awkwardly

reader and angelica are dating in secret, as angelica can’t risk the public knowing that she’s pansexual, at least not yet. then someone finds out somehow and angelica decides to save her legacy and break up with reader

Maybe a Hercules angst where the reader always helps Herc model his dresses and she is his mannequin, so she falls in love with him. But he never knows and doesn’t understand when she runs away when he asks her to model his fiancee’s dress

The reader leaves notes in Alex’s locker and Alex falls in love with the person through the notes, but the reader is devastated when someone else takes credits for the notes and Alex starts dating them.

Magic au. The reader finds their true love, but their true love refuses and kicks them out onto the street, but realizes later that they do love them, but the reader has already fond another.

For angst week: reader is in an accident and gets amnesia and can’t remember their fiancé, Hercules. They get really scared of him because he’s all in their face relieved that they’re ok but they just have no idea who he is and freak out???

how about one where reader has a drinking problem and can sometimes get to physical during arguments and the character says “fine, sit here and drink yourself to death for all i care!” and the reader just sits there in an empty room, sobering as they realize what they lost and how they’d hurt their love

If you want to be tagged please let me know asap!

Master List


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April Fools (Dan Howell)

Word count: 1171

Requested: Yes

Okay so angst. I’m not sure how I feel about this because it’s so out of Dan’s character but it was requested!!

Warnings: yelling, arguing, pranks, semblance of an anxiety attack

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Not a Morning Person

(tumblr. please stop hating me…)

So this is for Franzi’s (@faith-in-dean) April Writing Challenge and I know its late - sorry!

Prompt: “And I tell you it was huge!”

Pairing: Sam x Reader (Dean x One Night Stand)

Warnings: interrupted smut, sleep deprived reader, grumpy Dean, oversharing one night stand, Sammy being Sammy.

taggity: @faith-in-dean @mrswhozeewhatsis @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond @the-mrs-deanwinchester @pada-ackles @writingthingsisdifficult @meganwinchester1999 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @mamapeterson @mrs-squirrel-chester @bkwrm523 @eyeofdionysus @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @spnashley @leviathanslovedick @abaddonwithyall @mysupernaturalfics @blushingsamgirl @unadulteratedstorycollector @beholders-chroniclers @dreamsfromthebunker @ruby-loves-supernatural @teamfreewill-imagine @ilostmyshoe-79 @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki

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Dean had kept you up all night with a blonde from the local bar, and now said blonde was trying to explain to you absolutely everything about Dean. Between your not listening and not caring you heard her mention Dean’s member, for the man who felt like a brother to you - you did not need, nor want, to know more than you already did.

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Little April Shower

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Loki x Reader

Little April Shower

Prompt: Hi! Could you do a Loki imagine where you win an argument against Loki and in revenge he keeps pranking you with rain/ice water but then he notices a few days later that you’re getting sick, so he tries to make it up to you/brings medicine? Thx! <3

Warnings: None?

You were so cold. It had been a few days since the argument and every day had seemed like hell since. It was kind of amusing at first, the storm cloud Loki had cast over your head, but after a few days of nonstop rain over your head, it had lost its novelty.

You sat at the table in the Facility’s kitchen, angrily eating a very soggy bowl of cereal.

“Still raining, huh?” Steve asked, looking you over with concern. You didn’t look so good. Your face was pale, your hands were shaking, and you looked upset.

“Yes. It’s still raining.” You answered, the frustration evident in your voice. You got up from the table, not hungry for any more wet food, and trekked your way to your bedroom. You pushed past Loki on your way past, nearly shoving him to the wall as you marched by him.

“What is it, love?” he asked teasingly, a smirk tugging at his lip. “Ready to admit I’m right?”

“Shut up,” You muttered, slamming the door to your room and sitting on the bed, rain from the cloud soaking your already-wet bed. It wasn’t long later that there was a knock at the door. “Go away,”

“I’m coming in,” Loki insisted, opening the door. He walked into the room and waved his hand, the storm cloud shriveling into nothingness. He wrapped a long knitted blanket around your shoulders. You were still shivering when he sat on the bed, slipping his fingers through yours.

“I seem to have upset you,” He stated simply, not sure how else to apologize. “I do hope I can make it up to you,”

“We’ll see,” you mumbled through chattering teeth. You rested your head of wet, stringy hair on his shoulder. He pressed a chaste kiss to your cheek and leaned in to whisper in your ear.

“Now let’s make you warm, yes?”

“Warm. Warm is good.”

Human Emotions- Castiel


Hello, May I request a imagine where castiel tells Sam, Dean and the reader that he had sex with April and the reader gets really sad bc she loves him. But Cas doesn’t understand so Sam and Dean comfort her, and later reader says why she was sad and it turns to castiel fluff n cuddles. Thank you and Sorry if was bad English! It is not first language for me :) xx

Reader is the Winchesters sister

Tagging: @grindonmegrimes  onelittlekittenprincess

You basically choked on your drink. “You what?”

Cas had only recently become human and was still adjusting/ He didn’t understand a lot of things so you couldn’t believe what he was telling you.

“My time with April was very educational in helping me becoming better at being human, with the sex and stuff.”

“You had sex with April?” dean said also shocked as you felt your heart drop.

Since the Winchesters met Castiel he had been one of your closest friends. You fell for him instantly but who wouldn’t. He was beautiful and his eyes shone like nothing you’d ever seen before.

He simply nodded to answer Dean’s question.

“W-well she’s a very lucky girl.”  You said your voice breaking a little before walking off quickly before tears had a time to fall.

Cas looked confused at your brothers. “I don’t understand.”

Sam sighed and quickly followed you. He found you in your room with your head in your hands. He knocked quietly before walking in.

“I don’t want to talk Sam” You cry out a little but feel his arm come around you anyway and hold you close.

You cry softly into his chest. “I love him Sammy. And he doesn’t even care about me. Well enough to sleep with her!”

“Y/n…” Sam spoke softly. “Does he know that that you like him the way you do?”

With a shake of your head he sighed.

“Y/n.” Another voice spoke this time and it made your heart stop completely. Cas couldn’t see you like this.

He must’ve looked at Sam a certain way because soon you felt your brother leave and the presence of the angel beside you.

“Why are you upset?” he looked at you but you were facing away from him.

You look at your lap. “B-because you slept with April.”

He looked even more confused. “Why would that make you upset?”

“Because I love you cas!” You raise your voice and face him, tears staining your cheeks.

He swallowed hard and stayed quiet for a while before slowly pulling you in his arms. “You’re incredibly beautiful y/n. And I have this feeling with you. Every time I see you or hear your name. Like a thousand butterfly’s in my stomach…and I didn’t feel that with April. I’m not sure what human emotion I’m feeling but I’m certain it’s the same as what you call love.”

Your heart leaps in your chest before you kissed him softly, his eyes widening as he kissed back.

“Finally” you heard Dean groan as he walked past the open door.


April 1st

Warnings: One very happy archangel with extra fluff to spare

Word Count: 2022

Author: Gwen

Gender: Both, either, all, whatever

Here’s a special fic to celebrate Gabriel’s birthday. Sure he is an archangel and older than dirt, but I think April Fools Day is an appropriate day to celebrate him being born/created. Enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

It was nothing but a boring day up in Heaven; Gabriel was dealing with a lot of the major issues since he was the only archangel still out and about. Although he tried to escape his responsibilities as much as he could, stating that (Y/N), the human he declared guardianship over was in need of his help. Lucky for Gabriel, the whole guardianship was a serious matter that no angel could question and so he was free to visit you whenever his job up above became too much.

The bunker appeared empty at his arrival with only a distant tasty smell luring him towards the kitchen. The sight of you swaying your hips as you hummed Sugar by Maroon 5 while icing a cake was a surprise for the archangel. His caramel eyes drifted over your figure, enjoying the unique qualities that you held compared to the many others he had seen over his lifetime.

Gabriel licked his lips and then his eyes widened as you moved out of the way for him to see the army of sweets that were laid out on the counter and table. Chocolate brownies stacked up high like a watch tower as cookies stretched out over the table in a nice neat order. Bowls of candies and little truffles arranged themselves as centerpieces with pies flanking them. The only thing missing was the triple decker cake that you were working on with such focus.

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Sharks can smell blood for 100 miles. GRIZZLYSHARK ships to comic shops April 6! Mature readers! Order code feb160496 <give that number to your comic shop to get a copy!

The First of Many

Request- Hi can you do an imagine where You hear that Cas had sex with April so you get upset cuz you liked him do you give him the cold shoulder

A/N- Hmmmm… I don’t quite know what to say about this. I like the ending though. It was going to have a full blown argument but well I took that off. Tell me what you think!

Cas x Reader

Word Count- 1404

“So let me get this straight,” Dean started. He was in the library with Sam and Cas. “You- the guy who couldn’t hold his badge up the right way, managed to get laid.” Dean, himself didn’t know whether to be angry or proud.

“Dean… you’re forgetting the part where she tortured me.” Cas said.

“-and killed,” Sam added.

“Yeah- Yeah. I remember.” Dean sighed.

“How could you not. You were pretty freaked out.” Sam chuckled.

“You think I freaked out? Remember when we told Y/N about it?” Dean asked, shaking his head.

“You told Y/N about it?” Cas questioned.

Sam nodded, “Don’t worry Cas, we didn’t know about what you did with April until now. So we couldn’t have told Y/N about it.” he said.

Cas sighed out of relief.

“Why would that matter?” Dean asked.

Sam gave him an ‘Are you kidding me?’ face, “Really Dean?”

“What? I don’t get how Y/N being be a bad thing. For sure, Y/N would be beyond pissed but that’s normal.” Dean responded. “I mean Cas sleeping with April? The same April that killed him.” he shrugged.

You were just outside of the library when Dean had said that last bit. You immediately stopped in your tracks. That wide smile you had spread on your face completely vanished. ‘He what with April?’ you thought to yourself. ‘He WHAT with April who tried to kill him? Who actually killed him?’ you thought again but more angrily. You spun around and headed back to your room. You hopped on your bed, your phone laying there, still opened to the message you had received from Sam.

From: Iron Giant

Come to the library!!!


I don’t wanna :P

From: Iron Giant

Oh? Well I’ll just sit here and talk to Dean and CAS

You didn’t even respond to that text you just got up and walked over there. Just your luck to have walked into that part of the conversation. Had you taken even one more minute, you would never have heard it. Sam asked to drop that topic right after. It was too little too late though. You weren’t so much sad as you were angry.

Here you were sulking about the ordeal. You remembered when you heard Cas was killed but lived. You were in the middle of a hunt when Dean called you to inform you of the incident. You dropped your phone out of shock, which alerted the werewolves you were hunting, which you killed. You had to call Dean back and he told you that Cas was okay now.

Your phone beeped, bringing you out of your stupor.

From: Iron Giant

You aren’t coming?

You sighed and responded.


Is Cas still here?

From: Iron Giant



Then no thanks. I’ll stay in my room. I’m kinda sleepy so I’m a take a nap. See ya

With that you put your phone under your pillow. You laid down more comfortably and closed your eyes, draping an arm over your eyes.

“Cas… You didn’t piss Y/N off right?” Sam asked staring at his phone.

Cas thought back, then shook his head, “Not that I can think of. Why?” he inquired.

“Well… I sent Y/N a text that you were here but-” he paused, “I don’t think Y/N wants to see you.” Sam informed him.

Cas’ eyes widen, “What? Why?”

“Don’t worry about it. Y/N can’t really stay mad at anyone. Probably won’t talk to you for a few hours but it never lasts longer than that.” Dean said.

Sam nodded, “That actually true. I mean Dean should know, he pisses Y/N off the most.”

“Hey I don’t piss Y/N off. It just-” he paused, “We have different opinions from time to time.”

“So it won’t last?” Cas questioned to confirm.

“I give it three hours.” Dean shrugs.

Cas stood up and headed to your room. Of course, only to be disappointed when you weren’t there. After looking in the kitchen and then back in the library, he went to the only other place you could be. The training room.

Once he got there he smiled. How did he not think of coming here first? He walked in a few steps but was cautious with not wanting to interrupt you focus. He silently watched as you punched the punching bag. He didn’t even realize as the time swiftly passed.

You did though. You heard as he arrived, as he took a few steps inside. You could feel his eyes on you. Any other day you would have died to flirt with him, or at least tease him for staring at you so long, but not today. You were just so pissed. Why wouldn’t you when he slept with April.

The second you were done punching you twirled once and threw a knife in Cas’ direction. It flew passed his head and stuck to the wall behind him. As he turned to see the blade you walked over to get you bottle of water and a towel, which you draped over your head. You then started walking out of the room.

“That could’ve killed me.” he mutters.

‘I wouldn’t be the first to do that…’ you thought bitterly.

“Y/N?” Cas called but you didn’t turn around.

You walked straight toward the library, “Hey guys I’m gonna show then I’m a sleep. I’m really tired and don’t want anybody bothering me, and I mean everybody.” you say, looking at Sam for that last part.

He knew about your liking Cas. He also knew about Cas liking you. Now he was looking at you as if asking what was wrong.

You simply turned to leave, passing Cas without so much of a glance in his direction. You showered and laid on your bed. You didn’t sleep for another couple of hours and you received several texts from Sam.

Who didn’t ever want to interfere with your and Cas’ love progress unless he really had to. Right now… he really has too.

Though every time he brought up the subject you either changed it or just flat out ignore it. You didn’t talk to Cas who frequented the bunker every single day since then. You ignored every one of his attempts to talk to you, to reconcile for whatever reason.

It had been several days since you heard about Cas.

“Y/N… I’m sorry.” Cas said.

He had tried many things these past few days but that was a first. You turned to face him. “Sorry for what?” you question.

He looked so sad, “For whatever it is that I did that made you angry.” he answered.

“If you don’t know what you’re apologizing for then don’t apologize.” you told him. He looked so desperate, so sad, especially his eyes. You sighed, “I heard…” you paused, “about April.” You feel the anger bubble up again and you try to leave but he stops you.

“I didn’t want you to know about that but- that was a long time ago… Why are you angry about it?” he questions.

“Why does it matter?!” you shouted. “Now move I wanna go back to my room.”

“I will not move. Tell me why you’re angry.” he said with a serious look.

“Why do you care?” you ask again.

He sighed out of frustration, “Because I like you!” he shouted. “Now why are you angry?”

You were so shocked by the fact that he confessed to you that you anger dissipated. “Uh-” was all that you managed to get out. “B-Because…” He stared at you expectantly and you were feeling pressured. “Because I like you too!” you ended up shouting. “Now can you move so I can go to my room?” you say and tried to move passed him.

He grabbed your arm as you did, spinning you into his arms. He kissed you. Despite the previous shouting, the kiss was gentle and soft.

When he pulled away he smiled as did you, “The incident with April was long ago. It shouldn’t matter right now.” he explained softly.

You look into his eyes, “I know. I know it shouldn’t matter but it does.” you pout.

“I’m with you here right now. That’s all that matters. I’m sorry to say I won’t be leaving you.” Cas said.

You smiled, “Is that a promise?”

He looked at you with his clear blue eyes, his forehead pressed against your own, “The first of many.” he whispered with a smile.

Hope you liked it! x)

4 Minute Window (podfic)

Written by: Speranza | @cesperanza

Read by: @revolutionaryjoy

Rating: explicit

Content Note | Warning: surveillance, part 1 of the “4 Minute Window”-series

Additional pairings: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov


“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

Written Work: 4 Minute Window

Podfic Post: [podfic] 4 Minute Window

Additional Comments: “4 Minute Window” is a fandom classic, easily one of the best known and well loved fics in Stucky fandom. It’s an amazing fic, incredibly well written and ingeniously plotted. (My flailing rec here.) The podfic does it more than just justice. RevolutionaryJo reads it with such honesty and emotion – there is always a bit of hesitancy in her voice; listening to the podfic it feels as if until the ending neither Steve nor Bucky can believe that they will really be together again. The music used in the podfic – Snow Patrol’s New York – is perfect. It adds another emotional dimension to an already incredibly touching fic and reading. I’ve listened to this podfic for literally months, and it never loses its impact. 

This podfic was suggested for archiving​ by several people. Thank you all! :)