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Easiest thing you’ll do tonight

1) go to

2) click on “+ Express”

3) fill in your name, email and mailing addresses, and copy and paste this message into the comment box:

“I’m writing to express my disapproval that the FCC is trying to kill net neutrality and the strong Title II oversight of Internet Service Providers. Preserving an open internet is crucial for fair and equal access to the resources and information available on it.”

4) Click the blue button to go to the review page

5) Check it over and click the final submit button

what we’ve confirmed so far:
  • magnus and alec love each other 
  • alec sleeps with 2 pillows
  • magnus loves alec 
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  • Mr. Bane and Mr. Lightwood are the love of each other’s lives
  • magnus is the big spoon
  • the high warlock of brooklyn and the head of the institute are in love
  • alec is the little spoon
  • did i mention that they love each other because they do just fyi

Don’t understand why net neutrality is important?

The photo I have provided is going to be the near future if the FCC demolishes net neutrality. Say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, instagram, pornhub, any online college source/website and more, unless of course you pay a modest price. Almost like a cable package. Please call your state representatives and FCC. I even provided a script for you to read. Please reblog for awareness!!!!


fyi this was my transformation. the stylist i went to was prolly the coolest woman i’ve ever interacted with in my life i can only describe her lifestyle & salon as kat von d but with hair instead of tattoos. she had a sports car out front with custom plates that said “LOCKSTAR” and her receptionist was takin photos while she cut my hair for her instagram page.

SCRIPT: How to make a doctor’s appointment

Here’s something quick for you, because this is something I just had to do myself – it’s my script for making a doctor’s appointment. I hate the doctors and I hate making appointments, but I can help to make it very quick and painless for you.

Before you even touch the phone, you’re gonna need a few details. Grab a notebook and pen and your calendar (app) of choice and get them in front of you. The receptionist might ask you to confirm your identity by asking you for your address or date of birth. Make sure that you have both on hand. Yes, I would recommend you write down your date of birth and put it in front of you – you have no idea how often someone’s asked me for it and my brain just blanked out, like I’d never been born at all.

If you’re anxious, take some deep breaths. Virgil the Vigilant from Thomas Sander’s videos has a great technique: breath in for four seconds, hold for seven, breathe out for eight. Then, dial the doctor’s office and wait for the line to pick up. Depending on the quality of your doctor’s office and the demand, you might be put in the queue for a while. 

  • When the receptionist answers the phone, start by saying: “Hello, my name is [INSERT NAME] and I’d like to make an appointment.”
  • If you need or want a specific doctor, add: “I’d like to make it with Dr. [INSERT NAME].” If not, don’t bother with this step. If the receptionist asks, just reply with “Any doctor is fine.”
  • You can also order blood tests on the phone the same way if a hospital or other service requests it – or, if you’re like me, if you need to take a regular or semi-regular test for monitoring purposes. Instead of saying you need a specific doctor, say: “I’d like a nurse’s appointment to take a blood test for [INSERT INSTITUTION/REASON HERE].”
  • The receptionist will then give you a date and time. Check then and there with your calendar (app) that you have free time to attend the appointment. If not, say: “I can’t make that time and date, is there any other time or date available?”
  • Repeat until you have a time that works for you. When you’ve settled on a date and time, write that thing down or put it on your calendar (app) so you won’t forget it. Then say: “[REPEAT THE TIME AND DATE] is fine, thank you.” You’re repeating the time and date so that both sides are clear on the day and no-one has misheard.
  • Make sure you say thank you, then hang up. Congratulations! You just made a doctor’s appointment. 
  • After difficult things, I like to reward myself for taking a leap of faith and having some courage. It’s a good habit to build and can take the sting out of doing something unpleasant. My chosen reward is usually an iced coffee from Starbucks or a milkshake, but feel free to choose something different.

EDIT: Thanks to learngeo for their contribution to this guide :)



Future - H&M
Sean Combs - RICK OWENS
A$AP Rocky and Ashton Sanders - CALVIN KLEIN by Appointment
Wiz Khalifa - THOM BROWNE
Michael B. Jordan - RALPH LAUREN
Rami Malek - DIOR HOMME


Draco was tired of waiting.

He came to the conclusion that waiting was the biggest waste one could do with their life.

And he had wasted a lot of his life already.

He had waited for his father to acknowledge him, to show him he was proud of his son.

He had waited for his mother to stand up to his father, whenever he had talked her down, whenever he had treated her like less than his wife.

He had waited for his friends to come to his rescue when he had needed them most, to save him from himself.

And he had waited for the stupid prat to notice him. Really notice him. To look beyond the petty insults and his sneering.

For years Draco had been waiting.

He had waited in vain. But not anymore.

Draco was sick of waiting.

What had he even waited for? For him to come to the right conclusion, when Draco hid his true intentions so well? For him to realise what was really going on?

He probably would have to wait forever.

No. He would have to take matters into his own hands. And whyever should he not?

Yes, it was time to act.

Draco focused on the mop of black hair across the Great Hall.

He was sick of waiting.

He got up, marched over to the Gryffindor table and grabbed Potter by his robes. Without waiting for his reaction, Draco started dragging him out of his seat.

There was a yelp and shouts of protest, but Draco didn’t care.

He was so sick of waiting.

“Malfoy, what are you doing?” Potter shouted, shoving at Draco’s hands.

Draco ignored him and dragged him out of the Great Hall.

He could hear Weasley and Granger shout something at him. He heard footsteps behind him, indicating that several people were following him. Potter was still trying to get out of his grip.

Draco had wanted to find a more secluded place to do what he wanted to do next, but when the shouts behind him only got louder, he turned around and glared at them.

“You want to watch? FINE! I don’t even care anymore!”

He tightened his grip on Potter’s robes as he pulled him towards him forcefully.

Because he was so tired of waiting.

His mouth crashed with Potter’s and suddenly everything went silent.

Draco had thought it would be rougher, that Potter would try to fight him more. Apparently he was just shocked. He stiffened as Draco moved his lips against the other boy’s. He buried his hands in his hair like he had dreamed of so many times.

He had waited for this so long. This was it.

Or was it?

Draco suddenly noticed Potter moving and braced himself to be pushed away at any second. Instead, tentative fingers curled around his hips to pull him closer.

Draco was sure there were gasps and murmuring, but he didn’t hear any of it.

His whole mind, his whole body was so consumed by Potter. Potter, who was kissing him back.

Yes. This was what he had been waiting for all this time.

If only he had stopped waiting sooner.

Pro tip for Dr’s appointments

Take a few minutes in car before appointment to prepare an explanation for why you made the appointment plus 1-2 goals for what you would like to accomplish.

Example: I made this appointment bc I’ve noticed this specific worsening of symptoms, and my goal for this appointment is to discuss treatment options and start one if possible

At the point I’ve been to over 100 appointments, and trust me this makes a huge difference. Honestly it’s so easy to just freeze up and struggle to explain because our symptoms and problems are so big and numerous and hard to pin down. Reminding yourself of what you want to focus on for that appointment really helps. And there is nothing more flustering than a doctor being confused about why you are there and struggling to explain. A few minutes writing notes, talking to someone you trust, or just thinking through this in your head can make your appointments so much easier & more productive.