the apostle islands

Apostle Islands - Wisconsin, USA

The Apostle Islands are a group of 22 islands, located in the largest lake in the United States, Lake Superior. The islands are famous for their sea caves, most notably those on the mostly uninhabited Devils Island. Kayakers can meander freely in and out of the caves. As popular as the caves are in summer, they are also popular in the winter, when the caves ice over, and the stalactites crystallize. 


Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin, USA

Photo: Nikitsin

Lake Superior’s Incredible Ice Caves

Thousands of years ago glaciers sculpted the sandstone into amazing cliffs towering over Lake Superior, Apostle Islands. During summer, the caves are inaccessible and can be viewed only from the water. But in cold winters, when conditions are just right, visitors can tread across the frozen lake to explore the Apostle Islands mainland sea caves and the dazzling ice formations that adorn the red sandstone cliffs.

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Apostle Islands National Lakeshore - Wisconsin, USA

Made up of 21 islands, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is located in the northern tip of Wisconsin. The area is known for its historic lighthouses, beaches, cliffs, & sandstone sea caves. White Tail Deer and Black Bears are found in the area. 

Camping is available on 18 of the 21 islands. Visitors can hire kayaks, and do a self guided tour from island to island. Scuba divers can also view underwater rock formations and sunken shipwrecks. 

National Geographic: Your Shot

Your Shot member Ernie Vater took this photo along along the frozen shores of Lake Superior at the Apostle Islands National Lake Shore near Bayfield Wisconsin. You can only reach the location by walking across a frozen Lake Superior, which does not happen often. Access was limited to only 9 days this past winter


“One of my happiest moments is sailing on my dad’s sailboat. He has a 15-foot catamaran, and it’s like flying. It’s the best…We were up by the Apostle Islands and it was a beautiful day, but there was a storm predicted that night. And we went to sail around one of the islands, away from the group of sailboaters we had come with. The wind started to kick up, and we still were on the back side of the island. We were in wetsuits, but the waves started getting higher and higher, and we couldn’t get back, because if we put our sail out to get enough wind, we’d get pushed over by a gust. So we were kinda stranded out there for a while, working our way back, super slowly. But it was getting darker and darker. We had a radio, thank God. He wasn’t gonna get a radio, but the group we went with made him get one. So we called the Coast Guard, and they couldn’t find us for a long time, but they eventually did and towed us back in. It was totally dark by then, and the storm was coming, and it was so cold. You would freeze to death if you were in the water.”

“Was it just you and your dad?”

“Yeah. But part of it was amazing. Lake Superior is so beautiful, it’s so clear. The Apostle Islands are like the Caribbean, but fresh water. They’re gorgeous. We just looked at each other, and I was like, ‘If I die right now, it’s the best way to die. Having fun, and being surrounded by this glorious nature, and with someone you love.’”

“You said that to your dad?”


“What did you learn from that experience?”

“Go ahead and take risks, because you do only live once, and it’s okay. I thought I might feel regret about anything in my life, but I didn’t.”


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