the apocalypse con 2012 paris

what happens at the Supernatural convention

ends up on tumblr

so, this morning at Chad’s panel it took me w hile but I got the courage to ask for the mic and ask something. so after being nervous for 15 minutes I got the mic and said:

me: “hi, on twitter, you promised me a hug…so….can i get a-”

Chad: “Come here!”

me: “-hug”

*Chad walks up to me and hugs me tight all smiling*


i was fucking SHAKING!! i’ve never been this nervous in my LIFE. my hands were shaking like crazy i had no control over them anymore. he’s the sweetest guy ever!

so, a few hours later we just had Sebastian’s panel which was fun but he mainly spoke French, and I don’t understand french. anyway after that, i reaaally had to go to the toilets so i ran downstairs to them and guess who just walked out of the men’s toilet! SEB AND RICHARD! i walked in the women toilet and turned my head and i walked right out again asking for a hug and Seb came up to me all happy and then i asked Richard too and he hugged me really tight! it nearly made me cry cause it felt like he really really means his hugs (so do the others tho but he just hugged the tightest haha)

later in the group photoshoot Chad, Seb and Richard remembered me so it was really cool, at the autographs i had a little chat with Sebastian, Mark and Chad and Mark gave me a hug too. I LOVE IT HERE!!!