the apartement

Here ya go! Thank you so much for helping me out and I am very grateful for the commission. I hope you like your cute fluffy tired boy!

@tinystrawberryshifter it came out amazingly!! Look at him! My boi! Y’all should go check the rest of her art out and get a commission!!

it’s midnight and i’m finally in bed. i’ve been cleaning, prepping, baking, communicating, hosting, eating, socializing and laughing since 3:30 this afternoon. i put on my first friendsgiving and it was an absolute success. i am so happy.

anonymous asked:

Do u think B*rchie will happen? If not, why not?

Nope I don’t think it’ll happen, ever. LIke it might be a one-sided thing from WIlbur but thats it. And why you ask?

I mean have you seen this? This level of love, devotion, understanding and pure want/need for one another in every way is something no one else, and certainly not Wilbur, can give Betty.