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GoM + Nijimura + Haizaki + Kagami + Kiyoshi + Takao + Mayuzumi + Hanamiya + Ogiwara childhood headcanons please, thanks!

Hi dear! Sorry for the wait, I hope you’re fine! Here I am with the headcanons! Since you asked them for many characters, I’ve been general and brief, if you want some more of them just ask okay?

Have a nice day!

KnB Childhood Headcanons:

Kise Ryouta

-the Angel Child that everybody loves. The parents, the over-doting sisters, the neighbors, the old granny that rune that grocery shop….everyone.

-the sisters used to dress him like a girl. 100% sure of this, and he was more cute than every other little girl. Pink? Not a problem, he slayed it. Braids, flowers in the hair, animal hairpins? Looked perfect on him.

-he modeled both for male and female clothing, yes when he was still a child.

-the boy that all the girls in kindergarten fought for when playing house. He came to hate that game, it was boring and all the girls where the same. He knew he was cuter and a better wife than them. (Now, when he remembers how conceited and proud he was about his wife skills, he wants to dig his own grave. It was his sisters’ fault.)

-He was already sharp and definitely too honest, the typical child that points out everything that adults want to hide or fake is not there.

-He learnt quickly how to use his good looks and innocent face to have what he wanted. Not always in egoistic or cunning way, he was just happy when he saw people smiling at him or praising him.

-He had a deep bond with his Grandma, a true traditional Japanese lady. Strict and elegant but extremely caring.

-He got bored quickly and spent time searching for the “right game”. However, he quite enjoyed drawing (even if he wasn’t good at it)and singing! He loved singing and dancing! He organized little shows for his family where he danced and singed for them, or runaway show, taking them very seriously.

-He hated playing in the garden and getting dirty. Especially with insects, he was scared of them. Earthworms in particular.

Aomine Daiki

-The Wild Kid. The child that lives in the park or in the garden, from morning to evening. His parents had to scream and shout every day to bring him back home and put him in the bath. It was a real fight. He spent all his holidays at his grandparents’ house in the mountains.

-Every day was an adventure. He loved rolling in the mud, catching bugs and cicadas, exploring new places and obviously trying every type of sports.

-Until he found basketball, then there was only basket.

-He hurt himself one day and the other too, uncaring towards any potential danger. He got lost in the park or in the wood at least once a week. The firefighters were in the end used to it and became his friends.

-He had a great sense of “justice”. I like to think of him as the child with the hero complex. He fought the evil forces (bullies, a bad dog, strict adults…) and helped the weak (grannies, small animals, younger children…)

-He stayed quiet only when Momoi managed to force him to play at her “girly” games. Usually he was the one dragging her into his crazy ideas.

-Disinterested in the adults’ world, honest and rough, he respected only the ones who earned it. Teaching him how to be polite was his parents’ harder task ever. They still shiver at the memory.

Murasakibara Atsushi

-The Picky Child. Oks, I can’t stop thinking that he was the typical child who wanted always something different. Especially when talking about food. He didn’t throw tantrum, but pouted silently and refused to move/do what he was told for hours. Extremely stubborn. Between him and his parents, it was a battle of wills.

-Being the last son in a big family, he was slightly spoiled. By his brothers and his sister mostly, who just found him cute and cheeky when he was little.

-He was quiet, but moody. He had to be the one to decide what to do and when, he didn’t care if others wanted something different. He was going to do what he wanted either way.

-He liked playing alone, he especially enjoyed videogames and watching cartoons. He had a soft spot for a superheroes’ tv-show and knew all the lines of the Purple Hero. He had costume of him and some related toys. He was super-fast at coming back home after school to watch it.

-Not patient and bored easily, he spent a lot of time daydreaming.

-He was gentle only to younger children, especially girls. If he was in a good mood, he shared his sweets with them. On the other hand, he hated playing with the older ones, but luckily, he was big enough to scare them off.

Akashi Seijuurou

-The Perfect Child. We all know his childhood sucked. He was manipulated to be the perfect being and his entire family, not including the mother, was strict as hell with him. He spent his days learning and studying in solitude or with his tutors.

-He loved spending his free time with his mother, when he could. She would read books to him or play in the garden; they also took care of flowers together and played cheerful songs at the piano.

-After she died, he would wait for the night to come and then sneak out of his room. Some nights, he would curl on a big armchair in the library and read fairy tales or stories of adventures (the ones his mother read to him) by himself. Sometimes, he would go in the garden and take care of their precious flower to be sure they were going to grow and bloom. At least them.

-he started playing the violin because playing the piano without his mother brought back too many memories and hurt too much.

-At first he hated horse-riding, because the majority of animals hated him and escaped as soon as they saw him. Now he’s like a sort of Lion King and animal bows to him. Except dogs. Dogs hate him.

Midorima Shintarou

-The Smart Child. The one that knows too many things and reads too much. At first he was very stiff and cold to adults and other children, he preferred to play on his own, but he softened when his sister was born.

-He enjoyed mind games: puzzles, enigmas, crosswords… The problems arose when he couldn’t solve one, asked his parents but they didn’t know too.

-He read a lot, everything he could find. From kitchen magazines to encyclopedias. His favorites? “Fortune Telling” and “How The Stars Shape Your Life”. Yeah.

-Very diligent and obedient, however he couldn’t suppress his urge to talk. When he heard someone discussing something he had read about, it didn’t matter who it was but he had to have his word. Embarrassing when he knew more than the adults present.

-His parents were strict with him, but in a normal and caring way. They are very proud of him and let him know when he needs it.

-Shy with other kids and unable to socialize well, however he seemed to attract the troublesome kids. Maybe because he was very responsible and took care of them when they got hurt. He was the kid that other mothers loved because they knew that if he was there their crazy kids were going to be okay.

Kuroko Tetsuya

-The Where-Is-My-Child Kid! Usually super quiet, reserved and shy, but when you take your eyes off him he vanishes like a ghost. He was a curious and independent boy that wandered around following his instincts and got lost on daily basis.

-His parents tried everything: bright, neon cloths, some bells, a gps tracker…nothing, it took him one second to disappear, even in their own house. In the end, they decided to put around his neck a card with their names and the phone number, just in case.

-Adorable, a little chubby and with always a cute, faint smile on the lips. Sweet and kind, timid yet willing to befriend other children. Girls loved him endlessly and treated him like their little brother.

-I can see him drawing peacefully and reading. He loved to take naps, everywhere and anywhere.

- Independent, he tried to be the little man his dad would like him to be. Trying to not cry often and be strong, to do what he have too and be responsible. Helping out his mom when she needed, especially with house chores.

Nijimura Shuuzou

-The Dependable Child. When his parents had to leave someone in charge of the house, they would choose Nijimura. Strong, determined and a born leader, capable to handle things even when he was younger. Like a little soldier.

-grumpy and hotheaded he often picked up fights with other children, yet everybody loved him for his kind and honest heart. He was just a bit scary.

-He was the leader of a group of children at the park and used to be the arbiter of every argument. Nobody dared to contradict him.

-He would took care both of his older sister and his younger brother, like a replacement of his father, when he had to stay in hospital. Very responsible and hard working, however he got stressed and insecure easily and that’s why he ended up venting it into fights.

-Loved to play outside with other children and he never left out anyone. He also enjoyed from time to time relaxing on his own, watching his cartoons or chatting with his dad.

-He wanted more than anything else to be like his dad and make him proud.

Kagami Taiga

-The Sunshine Boy! A little tornado of smiles, energy and clumsiness. He tended to end up in every type of trouble and he visited the hospital once a month. The nurses loved him.

-He didn’t have a switch off, much to his mother’s desperation, and he never seemed to be tired. He had to move, play, scream, laugh…endlessly. He slept few hours per night and was extremely loud and boisterous.

-He loved playing outside and had a passion for dangerous and reckless games. He was never alone, always dragging someone with him.

-He got hurt easily: scratched knees, purple bruises, insects’ stings…He was also very clumsy and uncoordinated.

-Prideful, brave and curious. He liked nature, except for dogs. He hated dogs, they were evil (his mother used to threaten him that she was going to buy a dog if he didn’t come home)

-Nothing was more boring than staying at home, reading and drawing. When it rained, for one hour or two, they would keep him quiet with cartoons, but he would soon grow bored and start to pester them to play with him.

-He was hotheaded, but he rarely got angry or pouty. He complained, yet he regained his smile quickly. And it was quite contagious.

Haizaki Shougo

-The Spoiled Child. He and his brother had eight years of difference, so his mother spoiled him endlessly. At least when she was home, being a single mother she had to work very hard to maintain them. Yes, he cherished and respected his mother a lot (at least her).

-He had a superiority complex: he had to be the leader of the group and the one who decided who could play with him and who not. Girls weren’t accepted because they were crybabies and too weak.

-He felt like a great boss, going around the park and imposing his power. He said that his brother was the one who taught him how to fight and be brave.

-He had an older brother’s complex: he admired him and praised him wholeheartedly; he wanted to be tall, strong and fearless like him.

Kyoshi Teppei

-The Golden Heart Boy. The one that deeply cares for everyone, kind and always ready to help someone out.

-he would spend days and days gardening with his grandmother or fishing with his grandfather, quietly but cheerfully. Or, reading stories in the veranda and looking at the clouds. It had been his grandad who taught him how to play the harmonica.

-He was the pacemaker at the park, playing the role of the big brother to the other children. Actually, some of them began to call him “Onii-chan” for real, especially little girls.

-Making his mom happy was one of his joy. He would made drawings or small jewels with bottle’s cap, glass beads and plastic strings for her. Because she was a queen.

Takao Kazunari

-The Mischievous Child. He had done everything. He had pranked anyone, without a second thought. Most out of curiosity, sometimes as a revenge.

-carefree kid, always ready to get into trouble voluntarily. At first, they used to ground him, but then he would damage more the house so his parents surrendered and just left him without tv or videogames for some days as a punishment.

-He had drawn on the walls of his house, put worms in the tea cup of the neighbor, scared to death the mailman, scribbled on the teacher’s skirt, hidden in the wood the toy of a child he didn’t like, persuaded a girl she was adopted, sneaked out during the night…His parents spent their time apologizing to the neighborhood.

-He found girls annoying, petty and boring. He preferred playing soccer or hide and seek with other boys.

-He loved animals and was quite good with them. He was often followed by strays and his house became a sort of hotel for abandoned animals.

Mayuzumi Chihiro

-The Lonely Child. He liked to be alone, reading or playing his games on his own.

-He hated to be dragged to the park or to some parties by his parents. He usually hid in a corner and pouted for hours.

-He is an only child, so at time he didn’t know how to interact with other children and was horrible at sharing toys. However, he was good with quiet kids who liked to read like him. Or playing videogames. In those cases, he would even talk a bit, in whispers, and maybe show a faint smile.

-He’s still scared of family reunions, especially in big occasions like Christmas. He was the only child and the center of the attentions. His worst nightmare. He still isn’t able to escape from his aunts’ claws.

-The only one he liked was his grandfather, who brought him in the countryside and would share with him silent afternoons just looking at the sky or wandering in the woods.

-He liked to wander alone, everywhere and anywhere, absentmindedly. Luckily, he had a good sense of direction.

Shigehiro Ogiwara

-The Big Brother. The precious little child that has only one mission: being a good big brother. He tried to be independent and strong just for his little brothers, always trying to be a worth model and being able to take care of them. He was the one who took them to the kindergarten and then to school every morning, holding their hands.

-He would often go to the park and play basketball with his dad.

-bright personality, a bit wild and lively, but very kind. A bit clumsy, he fell easily and it was very cute how hard he tried not to cry every time.

-He ate a lot of food and was always hungry, maybe because he was moving and playing around a lot. His mother was stunned by that.

Hanamiya Makoto

-The Devil Child. He looked absolutely adorable and cute, and you know why? Because he was enough smart to know that if a child was cute, he was going to have what he asked for. Obviously, he put the façade on when he needed too, otherwise he actually didn’t care about others. He liked to be on his own.

-He was the only child of a single mother and truly cherished her, yet she had to work and he spent a lot of time alone.

-He used to go every afternoon to a small library and spent his time reading. There weren’t many books for children, so he soon began to read the ones for adults. He liked the story of military tactics, mathematics and physics’ ones and manuals of chess and other games. The old lady of the library treated him like his own nephew and is one of the few people he truly cares about. He still goes to visit her every week.

-Straying cats loved him and followed him on the streets.

-He had been banned from three different bars because when he was eight he started playing card games with the old customers, but always ended up winning the bet at stake. Sometimes he didn’t have to cheat to win, he was just too good.

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I'm your new follower and love your writing already 💕💕💕 so could I request Aomine scenario when he's coming home from work only to find his pregnant wife is nowhere to be found, and she's on the bathroom because her waters broke.. They have twins!! But with his skin tone ;)

I’m not entirely familiar with this sort of situation, but I’ll do my best! (I hope I got stuff right, I made Aomine wait out so I can skip writing the labor process as I don’t have any clue on how it goes) ( ◞・౪・)

Fair notice that I think this is mild humor, even if I don’t know whether you guys would consider this funny. Sorry if this is not what you want, anon! Hit me up if you want a serious rewrite.

(I’m not in any way making fun of the process of giving birth. Something just came over me and I wrote it this way. Apologies in advance in case someone finds this offensive or anything.)

He furrows his brows when an empty, dark apartment greets him, your usual greeting absent though he called for you. He wonders where you’re at, police instincts making him slightly wary. Aomine maneuvers perfectly around the room despite the minimal lighting, reaching the closed door of your shared bedroom in the hallway. He opens it, noticing the light from the bathroom turned on. Then he hears a groan—your groan.

“__________!” Aomine calls out, panic overwhelming his head as he barges in the bathroom, a hand unconsciously hovering over his gun holster.

“Daiki,” you reply weakly, yet your face show surprise at your husband’s presence. You didn’t hear him enter the house. He doesn’t waste a second in assisting your propped up form against the bathroom counter.

“I got home early,” he says, as if you telepathically asked him a question, “what happened?!”

“My water broke,” you answer, face contorted in pain as you rest a hand on your belly. He somehow realizes what is happening halfway through your words, already guiding you to the door. “We need… to go to the—”

“The hospital, yes, I know, oh my God,” he mumbles fervently, probably feeling more horrified and nervous than you are despite the strength of his hands’ grip on you. You would laugh if not for the situation that you are in and the pain between your legs.

He is pacing back and forth, a knuckle on his mouth acting as a chew toy to calm down his apparent anxiety, but it’s clear from his face and his twitching legs that it’s not doing anything to calm him down. It has been exactly one and a half hours since your water broke back in the bathroom of your apartment, and his panic has nothing but increased. He insisted on going in the room with you, only earning a weak glare from you and an equally weak “you can’t handle this, Daiki”. He remembers deadpanning at that—you’re not exactly doing so well to say that to him—but now he’s just consumed with dread. How are you holding up? How much pain are you feeling right now?

Thoughts are abruptly killed when an assisting nurse nearly slams the door open, alerting not only him, but other people in the hallway. Aomine visibly jerks at the sudden sound. He can hear your heavy panting and the doctor’s “Push! Push!” from inside the room.

“The second one is coming,” the nurse said, her completely neutral face a perfect, comical juxtaposition to the jittery husband that is Aomine. Before he can even restate his want to get in there and be with you and hold your hand and wipe the sweat out of your face, she closes the door back with a second equally loud slam, effectively cutting off the sound of you. Right, as if she’d let him in in the middle of labor. 

Shit, shit, shit, he curses inwardly, not knowing that his mouth is silently wrapping over each syllable so clearly that a deaf person could probably hear the hissing. You sounded like you’re in so much pain, from the snippet he heard.

Another hour later, Aomine is sure his legs just got slightly buffer and footwork slightly speedier from all the pacing in the hallway, earning various looks from other people in the hospital. It seems like an eternity for him until the door slowly creaks open. It’s the same nurse looking at him with the same face, yet he can sense that she seems relieved despite the ever-neutral face.

“Congratulations,” she says, almost sighing. The nurse steps aside, and at that moment Aomine realizes he is allowed to enter the room. He sprints inside, though the action is not necessary, as it takes less than fifteen steps from his position in the hallway to the side of your bed. His face contorts with worry as he kneels beside your bed, hand cupping your face.

“Baby, baby,” he murmurs, stroking your cheek lovingly.

“Mhmm, baby alright,” you mutter sarcastically, betraying how your heart is full with happiness. Aomine doesn’t even send a pointy glare at you, knowing exactly what you’re feeling, because he’s feeling it too—not because you’re leaning tiredly into his hands and clasping your hand around his.

“Two healthy boys,” the doctor announces with a beam on her face, handing both you and your husband the now not bloody babies. They look like fluffy cherub wraps, you conclude—obviously the physical tiredness has done a number to your brain as well. You realize that they have Aomine’s skin color, slightly tanned, which makes you think they look more like fluffy potato wraps. 

“What did you just say?” Aomine whispers, confusion apparent on his face, and you know you just said ‘fluffy potato wraps’ out loud.

“Nothing,” you whisper back, eyes tearing up at the baby in your arms. His face immediately softens—it’s easy to ignore the bizarre phrase you just uttered and blame it to the labor you went through, but he’s not going to live this one down. He’ll probably whisper ‘fluffy potato wraps’ at you in the future, and while you’re doing the do, to amplify the effect.

All thoughts are quickly thrown out the window when Aomine hears his son gurgle incoherently. The sound is so cute that his heart almost jumps out of his chest, and the reality of him having two sons sink in. 

He’s a father now. He’s going to take care of these two boys, changing their diaper, waking up in the middle of the night to feed them when they’re hungry. By probably ten months he’s going to hear them say their first word, and before he knows it, they’ll be running around the apartment playing tag, going to school and pouting over homework. Then, they’ll grow up, have a crush, get their heartbroken. He’ll watch as they graduate and go to college or get a job, and hopefully he’ll still be around to watch them and their grandchildren. 

Realizing the hotness of his sapphire eyes, he blinks, hoping to take the tears back where they come from. He looks over to you, eyes still slightly glossy and a hand on your cheek.

“You did great, __________.”

“Mmm,” you smile softly. His breath stops at his throat at how lovely you look, sweaty and tired in your hospital gown, and at that moment he says the vows he said to you on your wedding day in his thoughts. “You’ll be a great dad, Daiki.”

“You think so?” He asks.

“Yeah, I think so.”

A comfortable silence wraps around the two of you like a blanket, save for the occasional cries of the babies, while you and Aomine admire your children. You feel joy like never before (actually, your wedding felt kind of like this, too), and it’s as if everything in the world is right…

No, wait.


“Yeah, babe?”

“Did you lock the door to our apartment?”

“What the—”

“I’m just joking. What are we going to name them?”   

  • Kuroko: Nijimura-senpai, I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you that I’m gay.
  • Nijimura: That’s fine, we still love you.
  • Kise: I’m gay too.
  • Midorima: Same.
  • Murasakibara: Ditto.
  • Akashi: Yup.
  • Aomine: Me too.
  • Nijimura: Jesus Christ, does no one on this team like girls?
  • Momoi: I do.