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Today was a lovely day after all. It started of with me being hella nervous about my presentation, but I did it and it’s over now 👌🏼 After that Pieter and I went to Amsterdam to visit Waterstones and GOD I loved it 😱❤ I felt right at home and of course I couldn’t leave without buying a book which I’ll show you anytime soon!
Happy Friday 🙌🏼❤✨

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yall don’t stress about irene adler like literally anytime irene adler shows up ESPECIALLY THAT FUCKING TEXT ALERT it’s literally moffat being like “remember that emmy and bafta winning episode i wrote wherein irene makes john confess his feelings for sherlock and sherlock is right There listening and basically trips balls the whole way home over it but the americans had to come fuck shit up and then when john was gonna seduce sherlock with the wine in the bedroom irene had to come fuck shit up, anyway that’s still a thing that happened so don’t forget, ur welcome”

but when is jeff davis going to confirm that stiles is bisexual like i’m still waiting

Charlotte Lucas is the most sympathetic character Jane Austen ever wrote, IMO.

Because like Elizabeth,  the reader can’t truly condone what she is doing.

She married a man she obviously didn’t care for.  For money, for status, so she wouldn’t end up a spinster and a burden on her family.

But, like Elizabeth eventually realises: “Well, eh, she seems happy enough. Her husband is a fool, but not abusive. And she likes being a vicar’s wife.” 

How bad was Mr Collins, really? Compared to some of the men at the time?  

The whole Charlotte character is about women and their choices when a knight in shining armour ain’t showing up anytime soon.

I Had Enough

Pairing: Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: Phillipa is so busy with Hamilton the reader doesn’t see her anymore and when they finally do, reader breaks down

AN: Probably going to be a two-parted and idk how well this is towards the middle endish because I was out of it when I wrote it. Just that little warning.

Words: 1393

Warning: Angst; depression; swearing; heartbreak


9:30 pm.

That’s what the clock read. You gave up all hope that Phillipa was going to show up anytime soon. Rising from your seat, the chair scraped back against the floor as you picked up the two empty plates and silverware, carrying them to the kitchen to put them away in their respectful places. Going back to the table you covered up the food you made and put it in the fridge.

The food was untouched and you lost your appetite when your girlfriend of two years was a no show. It was your anniversary. She texted you saying she will be home after the show by 8. That was an hour and a half ago.

You were exhausted, having a long stressful day at work and it being your anniversary, you cooked dinner for Phillipa and yourself since she wouldn’t be home until later, the both of you were going to eat and drink some wine and spend the night together but that didn’t seem to happen at this point.

Stripping out of your clothes you threw on a t-shirt and jogger, crawling under the covers, you buried your face in your pillow. Suddenly a sob racked through your body. It didn’t stop there unfortunately. Reaching up you gripped the corner of your pillow tightly as you continued to cry.

This was hard for you to say the least. You felt mentally and emotionally drained as bad thoughts clouded your mind.

You moved to NYC to be with Phillipa. She made you so happy.

Everyone was accepting of your relationship. The two of you were two jigsaw pieces that fit together perfectly. At the time she wasn’t in Hamilton like she is now. The two of you spent so much time together after work and she’s helped you through so much that you can’t not be thankful.

Phillipa was so happy when she got the leading in role of Hamilton. You were happy for her too, knowing her dreams of being in theater and on Broadway some day.

But then the rehearsals started. That didn’t completely bother you, you knew that there was a lot of things that needed to be done to get the show and cast together. The two of you at the end of the day got to curl up on the couch and talk about everything over tea and a movie.

Phillipa introduced you to the cast and everyone got along great! You were there on opening night and you were Phillipa’s #1 fan (obviously).

You knew she’d busy, she would feel guilty because the only time you would be together was when she came home at night after a show but at that time she’d be too tired for anything so she would go to bed. Which was understandable so you didn’t really say much on it.

But that was before your normally good days turned to bad ones.

You have depression, you take medication but it didn’t really help in your situation. And you forgot to get a refill.

Phillipa was a worry wart when it came to you. She always took care of you even if you didn’t want it. Always made sure you ate, took your medication everything. After a month of performing she started to forget about you, it felt like.

After you forgot to get a refill was when your good turned to bad. Phillipa was the one to remind you because you forget so easily sometimes but now that she wasn’t here you didn’t remember.

You missed her. You missed your girlfriend. The less the two of you talked/texted the more alone you felt.

You tried to be happy after months gone by since the first show but it was hard. It was pathetic in your mind that you felt like this but it’s not like you could help it.

Another strangled cry left your lips as you let all your emotions out into your pillow. You had enough.

The front door of your apartment closed shut and you heard it. Turning your head at the digital clock it read 10:30. Lifting your head up you flipped your pillow over and rested your head on the dry side. Everything felt numb. You just…didn’t care.

The door to the bedroom slowly creaked open. Phillipa peeked her head in and from her eyes in looked like you were sleeping. Slipping into the room she got changed before getting into bed besides you. Your back faced her.

“Are you awake?” Phillipa quietly asked. You kept your eyes close, pretending to sleep. Exhaling softly she turned around to face the other way.


You woke up early that morning to an empty bed. Though not a surprise. It was a day off so you didn’t have to worry about work that day.

Getting up was the hard part. Everything was numb. You hated it. Inhaling deeply you couldn’t help but smell coffee and a clink.

‘Is she home?’

Scratch that hearing something in the kitchen was enough to get you up. Throwing the covers off you grabbed your hoodie that hung on the back of the door and put that on before leaving the room.

Phillipa sat there in the kitchen drinking coffee. Her head perked up when she heard you come in.

“Good morning.” She chirped. You ignored her all the while getting a mug and pouring coffee in your cup. “Sweetheart? Is everything all right?” She asked worriedly.

“Everything is fantastic!” You sarcastically stated causing Phillipa to frown, setting her mug down.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as you walked past her.

“Don’t you have a show to go to?” You retorted, throwing her a look as you went by leaving her stunned and hurt. You never spoke to her like that before. Getting up she followed behind you.

“Y/N what’s going on with-”

“I can’t do this anymore Pippa!” You shouted, spinning around to face her. Her face dropped.

“W-what?” Phillipa’s voice sounded meek. You sighed heavily tears threatening to spill once again from you, shaking your head you took a long sip of your coffee.

“I never see you anymore Phillipa! We never talk anymore, I can’t take it!” Her once confused, soft look went hard.

“Are you serious Y/N?” Phillipa asked in disbelief.

“Yeah I am Pip! All you care about is Hamilton! I know how much it means to you but its consumed you, like what about me? Why am I here at home while you’re having the time of your life and forgetting all about me!”

“Stop being selfish!” She yelled, infuriated at this point. Phillipa didn’t have a show until later in the day and wanted to spend a peaceful morning with her significant other but that couldn’t seem to happen.

“How about you stop being fucking selfish!” You shot back. “I’ve had enough!” Your voice lowered down to a whispered. In front of her eyes she saw you break.

“What do you mean?” Phillipa was afraid to ask but did so anyways. You sniffled.

“I’m tired Pip.” Your voice cracked. “I tried…I tried being happy but…..I’m not. It hurts. I just want to stop hurting.” You cried. The mug slipped from your hands, crashing to the ground. You yelped from the burn the hot coffee gave you.

“Are you ok-” You cut her off.

“No! No I’m not okay! It’s one thing to miss something like date night because of work but you said you’d be home by 8 yesterday and I sat at the table until 9:30 waiting for you to come home. Everything was set up. I had a shitty day yesterday and had a shittier anniversary because you weren’t there!” You shouted.

Phillipa’s eyes watered.

“Y/N I’m sorry.” She says.

“I can’t do this anymore.” You then told her. She shook her head.

“No sweetheart please don’t do this.” She begged as you walked away from the mess on the floor, away from her and to your room.

Tears were streaming down Phillipa’s face when you came out holding bags. You cried too as you looked at the woman you love, who’s bottom lip quivered, trying to suppress a sob.

Phillipa watched you go and it broke her heart but what hurt the most is that she’s the reason why you left.

A screenshot redraw from “Wrong Exposure”. mostly.

I found it really cute how careful and gentle Ulrich was in nudging a very drained Aelita towards the tower, creating an unexpectedly intimate moment which was a great juxtaposition against their totally BRUTAL fight scene mere minutes ago, like talk about whiplash. What a gr8 episode.  


“More are going to show up now, right?”

“Mos͠t l͡iḱely͡.̨ Y̴e̢s̨.͡

“…I’m going to take a shower. I’m going to need it.”

Top 10 Movies

I was tagged by @gingergallifreyan​​ and @jellyneau-xo​​! Thanks, sweetie! This is gonna be hard, especially since most of the things I like to watch are TV shows, but I’m gonna give it a go! In no particular order, my ten favorite movies (with a few gifs to liven things up) -

1. Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2 (don’t judge, the whole series is amazing)

2. Clue (classic)

3. Megamind (it was either this or Elf, but I figured xmas movies is another list)

4. She’s The Man (amanda bynes comedy perfection before… well)

5. Young Frankenstein (classic)

6. The Sandlot (iconic and nostalgic)

7. The Reduced Shakespeare Company: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (mostly for theatre nerds, I want David Tennant to play the skirt role in this)

8. Beauty and the Beast (most versions, even the bad ones are funny)

9. Big Fish (among many ‘soooo pretty’ films)

10. Return to Oz (one of the first movies to freak me the eff out as a kid)

And one bonus… The Addams Family (1 & 2) (I would love to find a man as devoted to me as Gomez is to Morticia)

Wow, I think you can really see what kind of person I am from this. I’m lighthearted (read: somewhat juvenile) in my tastes because I like movies that make me laugh or smile or wonder. It took a LOT of searching my Netflix history before I came across something more ‘adult’ that I considered a favorite.

anonymous asked:

May I request a pokemon headcanon with Greninja and Zoroark that's rather protective over their really sick trainer? (Like they'll always remind the trainer that they need to take their medicine and they never return into their pokeball until they get out of an area that had recent activities of the villain grunts?)

I live for protective pokemon, yo!!


* They have a great memory, so they know when you need to take your medicine. They’ll always insist you take it and will carry it around themselves so that you can take it if you’re not home.

* The Greninja is always on guard whenever they go through dangerous areas. They know their trainer is too sickly to fight off anyone properly so it’ll always remain by their side so that it can help it’s trainer escape from the situation quickly.

* The Greninja is very watchful over their trainer. Anytime their trainer shows sign of getting worse, it’ll immediately take them to the closest hospital or find someone close by to help if they’re too far away from one.


* Zoroark is more of the body guard with it’s trainer. It’ll transform itself into a threatening pokemon to ward off any one that could hurt their trainer.

* They’ll also change themselves into either something hot or cold depending on how their trainer is feeling at the time. They’re also pretty soft so they’ll lay by their trainer for them to lay on or pet.

* The Zoroark will refuse to go into it’s pokeball when it’s nighttime. It doesn’t want anything to happen to their trainer, especially at night so it’ll sleep with it’s trainer on their bed just in case something happens

Today, the 4 years-old kid I babysit was looking at my keychains and suddenly exclaimed “She’s so pretty!!!”
I quickly eliminated Thor and Totoro from the list of suspects. Remaining ones were Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Hijikata. 
As I thought, she was talking about Kashuu.