the antonoffs

So much of our industry is these people who don’t have a gut feeling. They’re like ‘what does that person think? What does that person think?’ They’re always looking around. [….] and I would always tell my managers, ‘I can produce these songs, and write these songs with people and produce it’ and he’d be like 'I know you can, but these fucking people, they want someone with a whole track record. And so I did a song with Taylor, did Out Of The Woods, and she was just like 'that’s great,“ and I was like, 'that’s why you’re…’ She kind of believed in me before I believed in myself in that area a little bit.
—  Jack Antonoff on Taylor’s trust in him opening career doors
The key is working with artists away from distractions of a big studio. He points out the corner where Swift recorded vocals for her recent hit “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. “She just comes over and no one knows we’re here,” he says. “It always comes out better when it’s two friends sitting together wearing headphones.”
—  Jack Antonoff about working with Taylor - Rolling Stone magazine (June 29th 2017 issue)