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every night my teeth are falling out | the antlers

one bad night i’ll hold the glass
until the glass can hold me down
and one bad night i’ll spill and spill
until my feet begin to drown

anonymous asked:

My character gets attacked by a moose, what sort of injuries would he have?

Disclaimer: Not a doctor, a medic, or a moose expert.

Moving on, depends on how your character was attacked. If they hit it with their car, they would have injuries consistent with hitting something quite large that then went through the windshield. So scratches, potential puncture wounds from the horns, bruises and such that come from a typical car accident.

If they are attacked head on this is a different story, moose will charge you. head down antlers out. So right off the bat you’ll have puncture woulds from the antlers, then one of two things will happen. They’ll either knock you down, there you now have to worry about hooves, or push you ahead to run at you. if they get their hooves on your character they’ll most likely have broken bones, severe bruising, possible internal bleeding, and lacerations. 


The day’s walk in photos. 

a fawn pelvis and some vertebrae, two barrel cactus at an unusually low elevation, a natural tiny moss rock garden, an old praying mantis egg case on a shed antler, a heart-shaped rock, really big fresh smelly scat (coyote or wolf?) and a duck head (!). 

Brought home two antlers total, a 2 point and a 3 point, both mule. The rest stayed in the field and the dog was very happy! Saw a dozen live deer too. 


Day 2: Whole collection

- two red deer skulls and three sheds
- four roe deer pairs of antlers, a shed and two skulls
- two wild boar skulls, hoof and a tusk
- two European beaver skulls
- young ram skull
- domestic cat skull
- badger skull
- two northern pike heads
- mouse skeleton (and skin because I could)
- European pine marten skull
- hedgehog jaws
- unidentified skull (deer maybe?) some teeth, fur patches, ears of a red deer and rams, crab claws, wasp nest and a human skull.

It grew quite a lot from the last time I posted a photo here. Most of these skulls and bones I got (in a form of a whole head or a carcass), a few were found by myself. It’s much more fun to actually go into the forest and look for these. All feathers and insects were collected by me.

Aside from what you’ve got here, there’s still a boar’s head in the freezer and a whole (from what I could save) skeleton of a badger and his pelt.

Check my tag for separate pictures of some of these.

You can see my progress grow with just Choly Knight’s pattern.

The shinx was the first plushie I made using @sewdesune‘s dragon pattern. Just changed a bit here and there for pokemon Shinx.

Articuno (currently up for sale here) was my second time using Sewdesune’s pattern

And the Al-Mir'aj was created for a friend. Using the Jackalope pattern with slight modification for one horn instead of two antlers. AND with minky fabric