the antidote to confusion

Six points relate to the state of confusion, with its faulty perceptions and negative thoughts:
There is no end to the harm created when your own mind is not tamed.
The appearance of harmful things is the result of your own impure perception.
You make arbitrary value judgments about sounds, though they are but audible emptines.
You react to your mind, which is naturally expansive, by suppressing or indulging in thoughts.
You assume that what is pleasurable or painful is always so, when it is not.
Your mind is inflamed by rage and spite.

There are six ways to undertake the great task of counteracting your confused perceptions:
Be tolerant of and arouse compassion for those who harm you.
Have no fear of demons, but rather understand them to be your parents or gods.
Train yourself to see that your confused fixations have no validity.
Cut through to the very root of mind, for therein lies the basis of your confusion.
Whatever circumstances manifest, bring them to your spiritual path.
Do not be distracted by ordinary attitudes, but rely on antidotes.
—  Longchenpa
You seek to gain a sense of control over that which is essentially uncontrollable.
You seek to grasp what once was and is now gone. Can mist be grasped?
You seek lasting happiness in a world where everything is impermanent.
You seek the Timeless Omnipresent. How does one seek that which is everywhere and everywhen?
You seek enlightenment. There is no enlightenment for you. Enlightenment obliterates ‘you’. You are chasing something which doesn’t exist, like looking for the tracks of trout in a dry riverbed.
Can’t you see that you are confused?
Confused beliefs produce confused activity.
The antidote is to shun consensus opinion, to shun hearsay.
Refuse to believe in what your parents believe in.
Refuse to believe in what your peers believe in.
Refuse to believe in what your society believes in.
Refuse to believe in those so-called holy books about what sages are reputed to have said, written decades after the words were spoken by people who weren’t there at the time.
Refuse to believe in your mind’s authority.
Refuse to 'believe in’.
Instead, march out on your own like a lion that carves its own path.
This may seem extreme.
Yet, my child, unless you are willing to go too far, how can you ever know how far you can go?
Wu Hsin has now peeled the fruit, but you must eat it.
—  Wu Hsin
The world of literature offered me, besides the pleasure of form, the sustentation of empathy and I ran for it. I relaxed in it. I stood willingly and gladly in the characters of everything- other people, trees, clouds. And this is what I learned: that the world’s otherness is antidote to confusion, that standing within this otherness - the beauty and the mystery of the world, out in the fields or deep inside books - can re-dignify the worst-stung heart.
—  Mary Oliver

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4 and 12, I sense some potential hilarity here. Full team free will please ;)

You and Sam were peaking in from the hall to see Cas talking to Dean in the kitchen. You were trying your hardest to stop snickering but you couldn’t help it. The night before, you, Sam, and Cas had been sitting in the library. You had been talking about the pranks you guys had all pulled on eachother when the realization that Cas had never pulled a prank on anyone before.

Now that he was human you decided it would be a good idea to send Cas in to pull a prank on Dean, “Twenty bucks says he won’t do it.” Was your response when Cas said that he would mess with Dean’s pie.

“I have to agree with Y/N Cas, I don’t think you have it in you. You don’t have any angel grace to protect you when Dean decides to retaliate.”

This led you to where you are now; you and Sam curiously watched what was going on in front of you. You guys weren’t exactly sure what was happening but you knew whatever happened it was going to be funny.

So about the pie…“ You heard Cas say as Dean was scraping the bottom of his plate from the pie he just ate.

“What about the pie?” Dean asked.

“Y/N and Sam told me that now that I am human I need to pull ‘pranks’ on people, so I started with you. I put the angel form of arsenic in your pie. You probably will not be feeling well in a matter of minutes.” Cas informed him.

Dean’s face paled while dropping his fork and you and Sam bolted into the room.

“WHAT THE HELL CAS!” You screamed at him while rushing to Dean’s side and putting your hand on his back.

Sam was pacing back and forth, trying to figure out what to do next. “There’s an antidote right?” He asked.

“…No…” Cas said, looking confused as to why no one was laughing.

“CAS!” You yelled, “This isn’t a prank! This is murder! The hell man?!”

You and Sam were full on panicking when you noticed Dean starting to laugh. You looked at him like he was a mad man, “Dean, this isn’t funny.” You told him.

“No, telling Cas to prank me isn’t funny. Cas making you think he poisoned me is.” Dean said to you with a mischievous look on his face.

“This is all a joke?” Sam asked.

“I played my part very convincingly, didn’t I Y/N?” Cas asked you.

“You guys are dicks!”

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Prompt where Alec's not a virgin but like for whatever reason his first time was less than enjoyable(maybe it was to a girl with him trying to convince himself he's straight, or whatever) and so he doesn't ever correct anyone's assumptions regretting it. But then they actually do kinda need virgin blood and Alec's like "yeah. Uh I can't" to everyone's surprise. A bit of hurt comfort maybe?<3 love your stuff!

“I don’t understand,” Magnus breathed out shakily. “I don’t understand why the energy isn’t working.” he hissed; they mostly were, now that Alec was holding Magnus hand, but it was still too difficult to properly heal Luke. 

Clary took Magnus’ other hand, trying to lend him the apparent virgin shadowhunter energy that he needed, looking at Magnus in confusion, who was frowning, just as confused as Magnus. 

Jace poured the antidote into Luke’s mouth and watched with satisfaction as Luke became somewhat calm. Magnus sighed, falling against Alec, who held him close. 

“You okay?” he breathed, tense, and scared. 

Magnus nodded, smiling gently at him. “Yeah.” but he felt odd; the magic should have worked with just Alec, why did Clary need to help too? One virgin shadowhunter should have been enough, unless of course–

“I’ll bandage him up.”  Jace offered, when no one moved. 

Magnus nodded. “Yes, thank you. I’ll help you.” he shook his head, calling himself to attention. No one spoke, but everyone was looking curiously at Alec, question in their gazes. He was sitting on the floor, looking at Magnus, then at Luke, then at Jace and back again. 

Alec was frowning at Jace. “You said Magnus needed special shadowhunter energy. What kind of energy did Magnus really say he needed?”

Jace looked furious with himself. “It doesn’t matter, Luke is fine.”

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