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Darkseid war?

1. More wild cosmic shit. This is a war of deities against universe-enders, that it ends up a fistfight on boring ‘ol Earth is a crushing letdown for something that intentionally draws comparisons to the Crisis cycle.

2. Darkseid and Anti-Monitor (or “Moebius”, which at least doesn’t sound *completely* ridiculous) needed to be better defined against each other. Darkseid is one of the five or so best supervillains ever, Anti-Monitor is a boring mook C-lister on a universe-shredding scale. There could’ve been a solid contrast there.

3. A lot more thought needed to go into the idea of the League’s god-forms. Luthor as Darkseid and Batman as Metron were great ideas, but nothing came of them; Flash and Superman were generic “these dudes are evil now!” placeholders; Captain Marvel’s new set of powers were interesting, but would have worked better in relation to the others actually working. The only part of the whole thing to deal with the idea of godhood in any meaningful, interesting way was Tom King and Doc Shaner’s spectacular Green Lantern oneshot spinning out of it.

4. The story would be about something. That it comes up with nothing but a generic ‘the Justice League aren’t gods after all’ message is bad enough in isolation - whoop de do, that’s a lesson that sure means anything in relation to the world around me - but to blow the New Gods in such a prominent fashion on such a tepid story is particularly bad, especially given it was their first major showing since Final Crisis.

5. The final fight would have been against Baby Darkseid, who is the best idea Geoff Johns has had in at least five years.