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They want her to be his mommy so bad…. LMFAO!!

Like ya’ll writing dissertations on adult breast feeding just to prove that her feeding him grapes ISN’T two grown ass people using grapes as foreplay.

You’re out here in the world psychoanalyzing why Daryl/Norman held his mouth open at a certain angle to reinact the feeding of a orphaned fawn like Bambi and shit.

All because you don’t want Caryl to do the business.

concept: chase gradually moving up in the ranks as our “favorite boi”, so everyone gets nervous when Anti hints at returning.

like schneep and jack, everything’s hinting at chase’s downfall. but after losing two egos already to anti, #septicsave is on full bast for chase. He’s getting so much support, the most he’s ever gotten, it’s like the tag might’ve actually worked! his video finally comes out and it’s practically totally normal-

but then “for the damaged coda” starts playing….

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Hey there! So, I'm genuinely curious as to why SJM's books rub you the wrong way as a disabled woman? I'm not trying to start a fight or anything and I'm sorry if this sounds ignorant, I'm just trying to look at them from a different perspective and educate myself. I was also wondering if you were anti SJM completely or if there are aspects of the books that you do enjoy. Thank you and have a great day!

Hey! Thanks for the ask, and don’t worry about sounding ignorant. You’re asking about my personal opinion and you couldn’t know that unless you’d asked before, so there’s nothing ignorant about that! 

To answer your question about SJM’s disabled rep, I have a few issues. Lucien is a small one. I love his character, but his face is very obviously disfigured and yet rarely discussed because his character is still “hot” and that’s all that counts. Where’s the new people reacting to his face? Where’s his struggle with his PTSD in relation to not just Tamlin and Ianthe but Amarantha as well? Does his fancy eye work perfectly all the time? He’s essentially been cured of partial blindness before the story even starts, but he remains scarred and it’s never discussed. That’s more of a missed opportunity complaint than anything else, but I was a little disappointed when I got to the end of ACOWAR and didn’t see him deal with that once.

Chaol would be the most obvious. My personal preference (and those of many other disabled people) is that abled writers don’t write stories about disabled people seeking to be cured. Write disabled characters, sure, and write disabled characters that want to be cured, but an abled person basing an entire narrative around something that’s deeply complex and personal for disabled people definitely makes me uncomfortable. It’s complicated, but there’s a juxtaposition for disabled people between “I want to be cured” and “I want to be proud”. Abled writers often shove disabled characters into a mold of fatalism and depression and give us no time to see ourselves happy without being cured.

My dislike for SJM writing that to begin with is a definite bias I’ll cop to, but I was still tentatively prepared for ToD to surprise me. It didn’t. 

For starters, Chaol’s inner monologue made me uncomfortable. I didn’t read the entire book as I wanted to wait for friends of mine to read it and let me know whether it was okay or I’d want to burn it in the town square, but I have read bits and pieces, including the “get up” scene. Not only is aggressively goading a disabled person into walking under any circumstances unrealistic and unprofessional, it’s also incredibly triggering. This post details that more concisely.

I also know the state things were left at for Chaol. He is reliant on an abled person’s magic for his health, and a person he is romantically involved with to boot. The dynamic there makes me distinctly uncomfortable because it puts Chaol and Yrene in a position that’s unhealthy. He is completely dependent on her for mobility. A wheelchair or cane may afford him a modicum of freedom, but not much compared to walking.

The final issue I’ve had with the disabled rep has come from the fandom. I’m all for disabled people finding good elements in ToD and coming out of it feeling represented, but I have seen a few too many posts from abled fans defending the disabled rep like it’s their place to do so. That’s a discussion for our community, and every single disabled person who disagrees with my view has been respectful of it. I have had several abled people try to debate my own very personal experience with SJM’s rep; meanwhile, not a single disabled person has engaged me in discussion (just as I have not done the same to them). Abled stans falling over themselves to debate this with me has a huge impact on my approach to this rep and this discussion on this site. I have had plenty of anons less courteous than yours, anon, so this was a refreshing change. 

Am I anti SJM completely? I still write ACOTAR prompts and a crossover set in the ACOTAR world, I still occasionally make meme posts, I still read fic sometimes. But I will always be critical, and the content that I create reflects that. My primary issue is never that characters are “problematic”; it’s that the narrative does nothing to address it and even actively lets characters off the hook for doing horrible things. I don’t agree with that, so I’ll write differently in fics and my original works. 

My feelings about the books are more negative than positive, and I’ve pulled back from the fandom a little for my own sanity. That doesn’t mean I don’t stalk the anti SJM tag and cackle mercilessly, nor that I begrudge those who do devote blogs to being antis (again, the merciless cackling). It just means that the few anti posts I do make are fun but ultimately tire me out too much to devote all of my time to it.

Sorry for the long reply! If you asked me what I do like about these books the answer would probably be shorter, tbh.

  • Anti, threatening Henrik: *stabs table* Listen he-( ͜here͡ ͢), doc, you bett͟er͘ stop trying to SAVE Jack or something b-(̨bad)́is gonna happen to you.
  • Henrik: No, I don't think I v'ill, but z'hanks for z'he heads up.
  • Anti: ....
  • *Awkward Silence*
  • Henrik: Are you... done?
  • Anti: ................
  • Henrik: ... Your knife is stuck in z'he table, isn't it?
  • Anti: *grits his teeth* .................... Ṋ͘o̵̪̯

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Oh lord... Alice isn't as angelic as she seems.. In the fan art contest, she's sitting on an iceberg and singing sailors to their death, like a siren from Greek mythology. If you look at the background, you can see a ship sinking. In fact, it almost seems as though Bendy is the good guy and Alice is the demon. Bendy is shown fighting fires... although I'm still not sure about his intentions. Why would he be smiling so happily? He's smiling like that as he goes to Hell as well. Could this mean..?

He’s actually fighting fire with more fire, so I doubt there’s actual good intentions there.

On Alice: Considering the merch does confirm she has horns, I’d wager she’s some sort of anti-hero. It’s implied Bendy jilted her, so she might be against him and thus be an ally to Henry by “enemy of my enemy is my friend“ logic - even though she’s not exactly a perfect angel herself.

Whenever I work on Glitched, I listen to a playlist of songs and music I’ve put together that I easily associate with the story. It all gets me into the right headspace. Below are a few scores I listen to that immediately suck me into the demented world of Glitched. Unlike the other playlists I’ve made for each individual chapter, I feel that these choices aren’t appropriate for only one specific chapter; they each make me think of Glitched as a whole (so @maybekatie if you add these to the playlist, just add them to the full playlist, not a totally new one).


  1. American Horror Story Theme - James S. Levine
  2. Main Titles (theme from “Dead Silence”) - Charlie Clouser
  3. Ju-On Part VIII (theme from “The Grudge) - Christopher Young
  4. Hello Zepp (theme from "Saw”) - Charlie Clouser
  5. Time to Float (from the 2017 “IT”) - Benjamin Wallfisch
  6. Main Title (theme from the 2010 “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) - Steve Jablonsky
  7. 28 Theme (theme from “28 Weeks Later”) - John Murphy

Unpopular opinion: I actually can’t stand Dani.  Her fetishization of Lito and Hernando was a huge part of why they were outed, why sexually explicit material of them ended up being shown on a projector over Hernando’s classroom while he was teaching, why Lito lost his job and his apartment…

If she hadn’t taken pictures of them, it wouldn’t have been on her phone when that asshole took her phone.  

When she volunteered to be Lito’s beard, it wasn’t because she was trying to be a good friend, or that it was momentarily a mutual benefit.  Her words were “I love gay porn”…like, chill bitch.  

There was no reason you had to watch two men in a loving relationship have sex.  Yes, they grew to love her, but I love several of my friends and I don’t make a habit of having sex in front of them, and I damn sure don’t let them take pictures.  

I. just. really. can’t. stand. Dani.

Take a shot if you refuse to mention ur honest-to-the-gods PTSD triggers in any form online because you’re positive some anti fuck would probably spam you with it to induce panic attacks and flashbacks if you did.

*takes a shot*

just to clarify a few things (for antis, the tcc, and anyone else)

1. please don’t use “he killed children” as a way to pretend adam lanza doesn’t exist. he existed and he did something terrible and as a result, i think the worst thing we can do is turn our heads and pretend he wasn’t a person. i’ve even seen people in the tcc commenting on adam posts about how much of a monster he was or dismissing him because ‘he was sick.’ if y’all can see the merits of studying eric or dylan or jeffrey dahmer in order to understand the psyche, then i think the same standards should be applied to adam (regardless of the fact he killed children) and anything else would be rather hypocritical. the only way we can prevent something like what he did from happening again is to realize why he did it and how he did it- not by just turning our heads and treating him like he was some sort of spectre or something.

2. adam is not confirmed to be a pedophile. he did support pedophile’s rights, but this has nothing to do with the shooting as far as we know. it really irks me when people assert that adam was a pedophile and that his supposed ‘repressed sexuality’ is what lead to the shooting. not only is this inaccurate information, but i feel like this makes it too easy for people to just say ‘oh he was evil and a pedophile that’s why he did it’ instead of actually seeing that there was so much more behind the incident (such as his overlooked mental health issues) that can be studied in order to prevent shootings from happening again. (also you can find a few times where adam denies being a pedophile on the SBB forum, specifically when he messages someone and says “i’m pretty confused when it comes to my sexuality, but i’m certain that i’m not a pedophile.”)  

end rant. @lanzastare did a similar rant here that inspired me to make this post