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i absolutely adored the ice skating imagine, could i request one with the phantom girls? ty in advance, love your writing <3

Yay, it’s been a while since I wrote for the girls! <3 The boys + Goro are here for anyone interested! Thank you for requesting, I hope you like it!


  • Don’t be fooled by the Persona 5 opening; Ann is just as clueless as S/O in regard to ice skating. she’s good at rollerblading tho
  • Both of them are clinging to each like saran wrap, with Ann’s arms laced around S/O’s shoulders and their arms wound around Ann’s waist as they glide across the ice at an excruciatingly slow pace.
  • It takes them ten minutes to slide to the opposite side. someone help them
  • “Whew, we finally made it,” Ann sighed, slightly loosening her death grip on S/O. “I think we’re getting pretty good at this!”
  • “But we only moved a few feet.”
  • Ann flashed them a thumbs up and a wink. “Small progress is better than no progress!” she claimed ebulliently.
  • S-so cute, S/O thought, a coral hue permeating their cheeks. i agree tho
  • Furthermore, Ann was correct in her observation; although the couple had tumbled down on the icy floor beneath them more times than they could count, they had managed to complete a few laps in less than five minutes.
  • Ann was able to adapt rather quickly, but she decided to stay close to S/O in case they stumbled, firmly clasping their hand and giggling with them.
  • At one point, the duo ceased skating so they could attempt the spin that’s always seen in cinema. They grasped each other’s wrists to rotate…
  • And they finished with a fall, thudding hard against the chilly layer of ice.
  • They didn’t rise immediately; they embraced each other as they winced in pain and rolled on the floor. they stick to rollerblading


  • Similar to Ryuji, Makoto’s athleticism proves to be a valuable asset as she glides across the icy pavement with ease.
  • The same can’t be said for S/O though, as this date was their introduction to ice skating.
  • Makoto patiently leads them from the front, gently cradling their hands in her own as she tugs them along the rink.
  • Her blithe laughter resounds like chiming bells whenever she observes S/O’s tense demeanor.
  • “It’s okay to relax and move a little, honey.”
  • “I know that, I-I just wanted to hold your hands,” they lied partially. me too s/o
  • Makoto smiled warmly at them. “Well, I suppose we can carry on like this for a bit longer.”
  • She relinquished them soon after that when they least expected it, and to S/O’s surprise, they successfully skated solo without tripping over.
  • “I knew you could do it,” Makoto commented, a faint trace of smugness laced in her voice.
  • She actually consented to giving S/O a piggyback ride, and the couple’s cheeks were aflame through the entire venture; Makoto was distracted by their legs around her, and S/O was completely taken by her robustness. same


  • Futaba takes a single step onto the frozen platform…
  • And topples to the ground immediately. Fortunately, S/O caught her at the last second.
  • “I-I don’t think I’m leveled up enough for this mission,” Futaba stuttered, wobbling as she skated with S/O at her heels and ensnaring her waist.
  • “M-me, either,” S/O agreed. “This is like Dark Souls on ice.”
  • “Heheh, nice one,” she snickered. “But even that’s child’s play compared to actual physical acti- whoa!”
  • The couple wiped out, lying adjacent to each other for a moment to process their failure. mood
  • “…Wanna go get ice cream?” Futaba asked, staring at the ceiling with her back against the floor.
  • “Yes please.”
  • However, they both refused to be defeated so easily and continued skating out of sheer spite.
  • Although it’s their first time ice skating, S/O gradually grows accustomed to it, more so than their flailing girlfriend. bless her


  • Haru is quite exceptional at ballet, thus her keen coordination greatly aids her as she guides S/O around the skating rink.
  • Incidentally, Haru is the most adept at ice skating among the Phantom Thieves. she probably has a personal rink
  • S/O is entirely enraptured by her elegance as she pirouettes and leaps on the cold surface of the rink.
  • Haru certainly didn’t aim to show off, however, so when she detected S/O (in addition to other spectators), gaping at her with glimmering eyes, she instantly flushed the same shade of pink as her sweater.
  • “I-I apologize if that was ostentatious of me,” she stammered, her hand on the small of S/O’s back as she continued assisting them.
  • “N-no, it’s fine. You look even more breathtaking when you’re having fun,” they replied, a bashful smile dancing on their lips.
  • Haru daintily clapped a hand to her mouth and giggled, her strawberry blonde curls bouncing slightly. “Thank you! I could say the same to you, dear.”
  • being perfect must be so exhausting why don’t you go to sleep
  • S/O skids and stumbles whenever Haru releases them, their razor-edge blades slicing into the ice as they carved out petite shavings; thus, Haru had no choice but to lead them around and instruct them on skating.
  • She wasn’t bothered by it, though; after all, Haru had chosen this venue with the intention of holding S/O close to her, savoring their secure warmth despite the cold, crispy air.

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Music questions: 3, 11, 15, 21, 29 :)

Ahhh shoot I didn’t see these at first sorry!!

A song that reminds you of summertime: Daydream - Wallace collection

A song that you never get tired of: Suerte - Shakira 😎

A song covered by another artist: Toxic by Yael Naïm

A favourite song with a person’s name in the title: Lola - The Kinks

A song you remember from your childhood - Send me On My Way - Rusted Root, if my childhood had an anthem it would be this 😭😭

Tysm 💖💖😙

I really don’t get what the fuck happened, man.  Like, it used to be the “big, bad adults” and their conservative values trying to take away everything that us kids loved, because they thought it was “corrupting” us.  It had been that way for decades, at least since my parents’ time.  My folks were hippies–they went through the same shit, and way, way worse than any teen has it now (they used to send my dad home because his hair was too long, then sent him home again because of his sideburns).  During my childhood, we even had anthems against it (”We’re Not Gonna Take It” comes to mind).  And science eventually came to our side, showing “Oh, hey–these comic books, songs, movies and games aren’t making kids into depraved, Satanic sociopaths!”.

Now we’ve got these teenagers going around acting like yesterday’s Mr. and Mrs. Wilson in your grandma’s church group decrying all works of fiction as sins against morality.

And why?  Literally over shipping fictional characters.  That’s what it always, ALWAYS comes down to.  Personally, I blame social media.  These fucks don’t go outside, they don’t socialize, and they don’t meet people besides outcasts like themselves.  Like, go outside and roll down a hill, oh my god.  Seriously, it’s fun.  Talk to nice old people at bus stops.  Smile at children.  THINKING ABOUT FICTIONAL CHARACTERS FUCKING EACH OTHER 24/7 IN PLACE OF HAVING AN ACTUAL LIFE SHOULD NOT BE TURNING PEOPLE INTO GODDAMN FASCISTS.


From Britney’s debut to downfall to her many many comebacks, one thing has never changed. Girl knows how to make a music video. Hit Me Baby One More Time was the anthem of my childhood as a tween and in high school I jammed out in my car to Circus. Don’t deny it - you did too. What music video was your favorite?