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Bayojeanne Week 5 - Alternate Universe

Word count: 4200

Summary: AU where Rosa and the former Elder die during the Clan Wars and the Jeanne and Bayo inherit the throne and the Left Eye. Set 30 years after the Clan Wars, at the onset of the Witch Hunts.

A/N: Boy oh boy did this one run the heck away from me! Clocking in at 4.2 k words, its kinda a behemoth. Enjoy!

The heavy wooden doors to her office slammed open and a harried young witch skid past the antechamber and almost into her meticulously messy desk.

Jeanne did not bother to look up from her parchment, knowing full well that Tzipora needed at least a minute to catch her breath. She was their fastest courier by a long stretch and while Jeanne fully appreciated her service, the young girl sounded and moved like a stampede of draft horses.

She had heard her climbing up the stairs a long while before she barreled through the doors in a flurry of huffing breaths and sweat.

“Elder, el-” Her heavy intakes of air kept cutting off what seemed to be an important message she wanted to hear in full, all at once.

“Take your time, Tzipora, I doubt the message will expire in the time it takes for you to catch your breath.”

Nodding, the girl bent down and leaned on her thighs with a heave that left her somewhat concerned she was going to throw up on her nice rug.

“The Left Eye has returned, mistress, and she requests you meet her without delay.” Jeanne’s eyes turned hard and the courier straightened her back in response. If she was asking her to meet up when she hadn’t even crossed the valley into Vigrid proper then she could only bring grave news.

“Tell my wife to meet me by the waterfall grove, I’ll be waiting.” Tzipora looked at her with a measure of uncertainty, unsure if that was all the information she was required to carry.

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Rotten Judgement - part 1

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

SummaryHercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,674

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Demonic creatures, Mythology

A/N: I’m blown away by your enthusiasm! Thank you guys, I hope it won’t disappoint. This is loosely based on Hercules, also used a few quotes. The glowing heart thing is from Once Upon A Time.

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

You hurried along the busy streets of New York City, clutching your bag to your chest. The soft red glow of the beating heart you stole seeped through the small leather bag. Stealing hearts wasn’t something you were proud of, but you didn’t have a choice. You had sold your soul to the devil and agreed to serve him.

You hugged the bag closer as two people walked past you, afraid they might try to steal it. The heart beat steadily against your belly, making you feel nervous. Someone in Brooklyn was unknowingly living without his heart. Looking over your shoulder to make sure that no one was watching, you rounded the corner and entered the alleyway.

Who would have guessed that the passage to the Underworld was in the alley behind a bar? You opened the door hidden behind a trash dumpster and took a step forward, leaving the city and its noises behind.

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Here’s a rough map of Thabes Labyrinth from Fire Emblem Echoes. I’m sorry to say that there are no save points.

A Memory Prism can be found in the final room after defeating The Creation.

Safe-zone hallways have been shortened for space.

I know I forgot an antechamber somewhere, but all antechambers are safe zones anyway. You’ll recognize them as the small rooms with halls on either side.

It is possible that I forgot something else, so feel free to edit with any updates.

Noncontiguous Halls are ones that the game uses to load the next main space, those parts marked on the in-game map with a red arrow.

Ancient sanctuary from obscure religion that competed with Christianity unearthed in Corsica

A sanctuary dedicated to the god of an ancient and mysterious religion known as Mithraism has been discovered on the French island of Corsica for the first time. The structure was erected in the Roman city of Mariana, created around 100 BCE.

The local authorities were planning roadworks in the vicinity of this major site, so they called the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) to conduct excavations and make sure that no significant archaeological remains would be standing in the way.

A team, led by archaeologist Philippe Chapon, started working in Mariana in November 2016. It is thought that this little Roman town was at its peak in the third and fourth century and that it derived its strength from its commercial harbour, a point of contact for maritime exchanges with the whole Mediterranean.

After months of work at the site, the archaeologists can now reveal that they have identified a worship room and its antechamber. They appear to have been part of a religious sanctuary dedicated the Indo-Iranian deity Mithra. Read more.


Tomb of Anthemia

Naoussa, Greece

3rd century BCE

This is a graceful, two-chamber monument with an Ionic facade of four semi-columns which support the entablature and the pediment. In the pediment’s hollow, a semi-declining couple is depicted in fresco. The three fleuron points which decorate the pediment retain their intense red and blue colours untouched, while the whole vaulted roof of the antechamber is painted with water lilies and fleuron (anthemia) in white and violet tones on a light blue background. The tomb gets its conventional name from these flowers.

The facade’s entrance was blocked by simple stone plinths, while the passageway from the first to the second chamber used to close with a monumental two-leaved marble door, which today we see fallen to the chamber floor. Inside the main death chamber, a four-sided stone base is preserved which contained some kind of metal vessel or reliquary with the bones of the dead.

Humanity does not know what is in the esoteric heart of any religion. Everyone thinks that they know. You can buy a thousand books about “the esoteric secret teachings” Humanity does not know the secret teachings, because humanity has never been taught them. The real secret teachings have never been given in the physical world. For centuries and centuries, humanity has been kept in the antechamber, in the foyer of the temple, and has not been brought into the mysteries, because humanity is immature. The evidence is everywhere. This humanity loves war. That is why we have had a continual state of war for decades on this planet. See if you can find one year without war; you cannot! That is why this humanity has been kept from the heart of the mysteries. The real teachings are not in the physical world—not in the Gnostic movement, not in the Tibetan movements, not amongst the Christians, any other Buddhist group, any group anywhere. The real teachings are in the internal worlds. To access those teachings, you have to awaken your Consciousness and go to those places. Then, having proven that level of maturity, they will teach you there
—  Gnostic Teachings
Rotten Judgement - part 7

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,985

Warnings: the usual - more or less

A/N: Happy Bastille Bay to those who celebrate it! Thank you all for sticking with the story :) Hope you enjoy this part!

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

Bucky kept you against his chest and pressed his forehead against yours, begging you to wake up. Pierce threw the bloody knife at his feet and the blade stuck to the ground. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Steve, Sam and Clint outside the restaurant. The three heroes warily entered the room, their eyes scanning the area.

“I was too late to save her,” Pierce said solemnly. “He killed her.”

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anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on Hogwarts having secrets passages like people like to write about in their fanfics? And if there are some do you think Tom would know where all of them are?

There are canonically, several secret passageways and rooms within Hogwarts. When an author is aware of all of them, it can make or break a fanfic depending on how they are used.


  1. One-Eyed Witch statue leads to Honeydukes. Tapping the hump with a wand a saying ‘Dissendium’ will get the passage to open.
  2. A passageway behind a mirror on the 4th floor, held enough space to fit an entire group of people, and is said to lead to Hogsmeade, though no one knows where. It caved in during the 93′-94′ school year.
  3. There are two passages in the Trophy Room. One lies behind a portrait of Brutus Scrimgeour, that hides a way to the fourth floor corridor. The other is behind a mirror that leads to a different part of the 4th floor.
  4. The passage between the Whomping Willow and the Shrieking Shack can be accessed by touching the knot in the bark of the great tree.
  5. There is a passage behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy on the fifth floor corridor. No details on where it leads however.
  6. Professor Basil Fronsac had 4 portraits scattered about. The Headmaster’s office, the Library, the Grand Staircase, and the Dungeon.  95′-96′ held a passage from the Grand Staircase to the 2nd floor, and 96′-97′ held a passage from the Dungeons to the Grand Staircase.
  7. Circe’s portraits in the Grand Staircase and the Entrance Hall side room are linked with a passage.
  8. Damara Dodderidge’s portraits are in the Grand Staircase, the Clock Tower, and Gryffindor Tower. From 95′-97′ a passage between the Grand Staircase and the Clock Tower existed.
  9. Elizabeth Burke: 91′-95′ the portrait rested in the Grand Staircase. In 95′-96′ it connected the Entrance Dungones and the Main Dungeons, as well as connected to the 7th floor from somewhere very near the Potions Classroom.
  10. George von Rheticus had portraits hiding passages in the Grand Staircase, the 7th floor corridor, the Viaduct Entrance, and next to the 2nd floor girls’ lavatory from 95′-96′ where the Viaduct and Grand Staircase were linked, and the Grand Staircase and 7th floor were linked. From 96′-97′ a portrait of him in the Entrance Hall lead to the Portrait Room.
  11. Giffard Abbot had four portraits. From 95′-97′ they held small passages from the Grand Staircase to the Transfiguration Courtyard, and the Clock Tower to the corridor outside the library.
  12. Glanmore Peakes had three portraits. One is located on the 6th floor corridor that is named after him. The other two concealed a secret passage between the Grand Staircase and the Entrance Hall side room.
  13. Godric Gryffindor guarded a passage between the 7th floor corridor and the Entrance Hall side room.
  14. Google Stump hid a passage from the Viaduct Entrance to the 1st floor.
  15. Merwyn the Malicious: 3rd floor landing on the Grand Staircase to the Entrance Hall side room.
  16. Norvel Twonk on the 5th floor Grand Staircase landing lead to the Entrance Hall side room.
  17. Percival Pratt: from 95′-96 he concealed a passage between the boathouse and the Grand Staircase.
  18. Salazar Slytherin: From the Dungeons Antechamber to the Entrance Hall side room.
  19. Timothy the Timid had 3 portraits: 5th floor, Transfiguration Courtyard, and Herbology corridor. From 95′-96′, 5th floor-Herbology corridor, and 5th floor-Transfiguration Courtyard. Location changed from 96′-97′ where they were stationed at the Grand Staricase, Quidditch Gate, and Portrait Room. Grand Staircase-Quidditch Gate. Quidditch Gate-Portrait Room.
  20. Valeria Myriadd hid a passage from Gryffindor Tower to an unused bathroom on the 7th floor.
  21. Ariana Dumbledore held a passage between the RoR and the Hog’s Head from 97′-98′.
  22. There are three more passageways that are never specified but Filsh knows of.


  1. The Room of Requirement(Come and Go Room) is located on the seventh floor, left hand side corridor. The entrance lies on the wall opposite the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy teaching Trolls ballet. Thinking very clearly about what you need and walking in front of it three times in a row will make what room you need, appear.
  2. Founders’ Tower is shown only in Chamber of Secrets PS2 game. Exact location is unknown.
  3. Chamber of Secrets, with one known entry in the 2nd floor girls’ lavatory. The sink with the serpent engraved on the faucet is the first ‘door’. Parseltongue is required to enter. Harry noted many large pipes spreading off in other directions so it is possible for other entrances to exist if the Basilisk was getting around the school.
  4. Room of Rewards hidden behind a portrait of Vindictus Viridian.


  1. There is a trick stairwell somewhere that has vanishing steps, hidden behind a tepestry.
  2. Vanishing Cabinet that was most likely destroyed when the RoR was set aflame.

Video games show endless secret corridors and stairwells that I would consider canon just to add more mystery to the fanfiction side of Harry Potter.

Honestly, how anyone gets caught in this school when there are so many places to hide, is beyond me.

Though it is said that the rooms do change around frequently, so perhaps the secret passages do as well.

I think that Tom Marvolo Riddle would have gone exploring all the time in order to familiarize himself with the layout of this new location. After all, he was the ‘Mudblood’ new to Slytherin at some point and it mustn’t have been a pleasant time during his first few months.

Being new put him at a disadvantage to others who would seek to harm him or at least put him in his place. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom took every chance he could to memorize his way around, either to get to his classes faster, to patrol easier, to avoid danger from others, or to take certain situations into a more private space, if you know what I mean.

It is canonical proof that Tom searched for the Chamber of Secrets, so who is to say that he didn’t search for every other secret room?

I confess that I am one of those who like the Trope of the Founders applying certain charms so the secrets or password protected rooms can be entered so long as you speak the password in the language they preferred. Like Salazar’s passwords would just be anything in Parseltongue(which would work as Ron mimicked Parseltongue sounds he’d heard from Harry and the Chamber just opened easily.).

I personally love fics where people use the secrets of the castle to their advantage!

I found me a hopeless case (I resolve to love)

When Benvolio is sent on a dangerous mission, Rosaline realises that she hates the thought of losing him even more than she thought she hated marrying him. Because at some point over the months they’ve been married, she fell in love with her Montague husband - and it’s time for him to know.

[also on ao3]

Rosaline got married, as her liege decreed. She became a Montague, ran a Montague’s household, and shared in a Montague’s daily meals and various concerns.

And just when her Montague husband had begun to grow on her, the powers that had forced them together decided to rip them apart again.

Escalus announced it during a private audience just before another feast with the nobles of Verona, with no one else in attendance but Benvolio and their uncles. Rosaline was not invited, but Benvolio told her about it in rough strokes when they met up in the great hall’s antechamber before the feast.

Her husband had taken to reporting from his meetings, asking for her opinion on the things that were discussed and decided there, and Rosaline found that she liked knowing the goings-on at the palace, in the palazzos and guildhalls around town. In fact, Rosaline had more of a mind for it than Benvolio, who’d like nothing more than to escape to his statues and churches and leave the running of the city and its businesses to others - one of many surprising ways in which they had turned out to complement each other.

Benvolio revealed what Escalus had asked of him with a resigned expression that suggested he had already accepted it, and the sight sent a hot flash of anger through her.

Rosaline had long since realised how little her husband valued himself; poisoned by his uncle’s cutting words and uncaring actions. But the thing that Benvolio could not see and Lord Montague would not admit was that they were wrong: The man who had so reluctantly replaced Romeo as Montague heir, and had been resented by the Montague patriarch ever since for simply daring to survive where his son had not, was a better man than either of the heads of this city’s great houses – gentle and intelligent, and much more invested in actual peace for the s city than many others claimed to be.

He did not deserve this.

“They have asked you to do what?” 

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ben-roll-io  asked:

i'll send a prompt in if you're looking! How about rosvolio and the conversation that would happen after he discovered rosaline and escalus! I need somene to speculate... 7 days is too long! :D

Thanks for the prompt! I’m not sure this is what you were looking for – I took it in a direction even I wasn’t really sure about – but I hope you like it!

With a soft rustle of skirts, Isabella pressed herself through the doorway and into the narrow, ill-lit antechamber. A lamp would have been unnecessary in any case, as she knew the contours of the room as well as her own mind, having spent countless hours in it waiting, listening, observing. A prince must be watchful, her father had told her, and so she was, her eyes and ears taking in every word, every gesture from her ideal hiding spot. 

Her fingers quickly found the small wooden panel in the wall and slid it sideways, revealing two round pinpricks of light. Pressing her face up against them, she blinked twice against the glare and then gazed into the chamber beyond, knowing with confidence that her dark eyes could not be seen from the other side, disguised as they were within the mottled landscape of a rather poorly-executed portrait of Cangrande riding triumphant into Padua.

There were only two figures in the chamber, a man and a woman, and they were not yet speaking, nor were they even looking at each other. 

It had been Isabella’s idea to have them be brought there, just as it had been her idea, skillfully woven into her brother’s mind until he eventually regarded it as his own, that the two should be wed. Such a union, she realized, would solve so many problems. There would be peace in the streets, the warring houses brought together by vows sworn to God, the only thing stronger than the hot blood of vendetta. The people’s spirits would be buoyed by stories of tender-hearted love – and by the celebratory wine flowing freely in the streets. And her brother would no longer be distracted from his duty by thoughts of a woman entirely inappropriate for him in rank and station. Such a union would force him to set aside whatever adolescent sentiments he might still have for Rosaline Capulet, to then wish her and her new husband well, and at last return to the requirements of his role as prince of Verona. 

Such a plan would accomplish a great deal, if only the two figures at the center would play their parts as instructed. 

Rosaline, of course, had been the most resistant. She had always been so, willful and proud even as a young girl, and there had been a time, as childhood friends, when Isabella had secretly admired her for it. But grown women didn’t have the luxury of pride and will, especially not those in the position that Rosaline now found herself. The young man – Benvolio was his name – was less well-known to Isabella, but as the penniless nephew and sole heir of Lord Montague, he would no doubt be brought to heel just as quickly. 

There was something strange, though, in the way he had eventually gone after Rosaline after she had fled from the Great Hall, a look in his eyes that seemed to suggest he felt something more than just the simple humiliation of being publicly spurned by his soon-to-be fiancé. He had seemed even more troubled after he returned, only a few moments before her brother and Rosaline reappeared, their expressions chastened and eyes downcast as they failed to meet anyone’s gaze. Isabella did not fully understand it – not yet, at least. But she would watch, and wait, with the certainty that their secrets would be revealed to her soon enough.

So once they had all returned, she had suggested – with all the sincerity and maidenly innocence she could muster – that the new couple be allowed a private moment, a chance to begin to get to know one another, and it had not been hard to bring everyone to agreement. And she knew just the place: a small audience chamber her father had often used to meet with visiting dignitaries and ambassadors, left almost entirely unoccupied these days, but perfectly suitable for their needs.

It would have been perfectly suitable for Isabella’s needs as well – if only for the fact that neither the future groom nor his bride were saying anything at all to each other, leaving the air in the chamber to weigh heavy and thick, curdling with silent tension. Rosaline sat stone-faced in a chair facing the door, while Benvolio had his back to her, his hands braced up against the solid stone mantel of the fireplace.

For a long moment Isabella wondered if they were ever going to speak at all, until finally the young man turned towards Rosaline, taking one hesitant step in her direction before he let a weary sigh escape from his lips.

“This arrangement was not of my choosing, nor of yours,” he said, his words slow, as if deliberately chosen. “But, before anything is done, tell me – and speak plainly, as I have no wish to play the unsuspecting fool – have you already formed an attachment with another?”

So it was true, then – he had come to suspect what Isabella already knew. Had the Montague heir seen something, some open declaration of the prince’s feelings towards Rosaline? Or even of her feelings towards the prince?

Rosaline swiveled her head to look at him, not moving an inch otherwise, her hands left passively clasped upon her lap.

“Do not attempt to know my heart, signore,” she sneered. “Such an endeavor is beyond your care or concern.” Her eyes narrowed, as if she was finding it hard to maintain her composure. “And no doubt you would struggle, for as I have heard, your knowledge of a woman’s anatomy is limited to a single place, one nowhere near the heart at all.” 

He inhaled sharply, his face a rigid mask of anger, and after a tiny, abortive movement of his hand towards his waist, Isabella realized he had reflexively reached for his sword, Rosaline’s sex the only thing that had saved her from being challenged. Instead, he charged forward into the center of the room, his eyes blazing.

“To know your heart would be a futile course indeed. I wonder if it even exists, or if an equal measure of pride and icy disdain simply reside in the place where it ought to be.” He pressed his hand into his forehead, rubbing along the ridge of his brow. “But you evade the point, madam. Do you have an attachment?

Isabella could only stand and watch agape. Was it possible the man was jealous? Why would it pain him so to think this woman loved another?

“Yes!” she thundered, at once coming to her feet, turning towards him with her determined little chin thrust high in outrage. “An attachment to my liberty! I would not be bought and sold like common chattel, I would not know the yoke of a petty tyrant who thinks himself a king because he bears the name of husband.”

He barked out a laugh, but there was no joy in it, only bitterness.

“I pity the man who would try to yoke you, more so the one who might attempt to bare his heart and speak to you of tender sentiments and thoughts of love.”

“Love?” Rosaline scoffed, throwing a hand out for emphasis as she took a step towards him. “A child’s game! Look what it brought our cousins.”

And so it went on, accusation upon accusation, recrimination upon recrimination, until Isabella could only shake her head in frustration and half-wonder if they would continue to engage in such hostilities up until the moment they reached the altar and the priest made them kneel in preparation for their vows. Dearest saints in heaven, could anything be made to flourish in such rocky soil as this?

But as she continued to watch them, she could not deny the passion with which they railed at one another, the way they seemed to be slowly circling around each other as they sparred and parried, both the hunter and the hunted. Such passion was dangerous – even from behind the wall she could sense the shimmering combustibility of it – but it would no doubt keep Rosaline occupied, until perhaps there would be no space left in her mind for any thoughts of the prince.

Perhaps, Isabella thought, her lips curling into an unbidden smile, her plan might actually succeed. House Montague and House Capulet would not burn down her city, taking her beloved brother along with them. No, she promised herself: their heirs, like fire and powder, would unite and consume only each other, until there was no danger left at all.

Chocobros Ending for FFXV

I’ve been wanting to write this for months: What happened with the guys after Noct Ascended and destroyed Ardyn (because in my mind they live on). 

Warning: EXTREME FEELS. But it has a happyish ending, so there’s that. 


Two of the three were seconds away from certain death when it happened.  

The sky blazed blue and then blindingly white, and a terrible rending sound enveloped the world— as if Eos itself were splitting in twain. The ground beneath them quaked, and each fell where he stood. A powerful gale surged from the palace behind them, swirling dust and minor bits of debris. Shielding their eyes, but fearful of being crushed beneath the daemons each was fighting, they blindly tried to scramble away. The daemons staggered and turned, screeching in agony and outrage against the brilliant light.

And then it was over.

When Prompto opened his eyes, all was dark— but the daemons were gone. There were no bodies, no bloodstains…only the rabble and ruins remained. Ignis lay on his back a few feet in front of him, bleeding from a long slash across his chest. 

Gladio, his back to them, threw down his sword and let loose a terrible scream. It was worse a sound than the one that had come with the light, and it tore Prompto’s heart.

Noctis was gone. 

He had no way of explaining it, but he felt his friend’s absence from the world as surely as Gladio did.  

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A Bathhouse in Hyrule

“Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.”

- Pablo Picasso

Notwithstanding the somewhat facetious quote above, bathing has always proved a persistent and critical element of health in many of the world’s longest-standing civilizations, evidenced by bathhouses from the Japanese onsen to the Roman thermae. Bathing is the servant of Cleanliness, and has always taken various cultural forms, adopting different rituals and serving different functions. Bathing can be done out of necessity - the simple need to become clean, so as to be free from dirt, dust, and disease - but it can also take on a sacred aspect, often serving in purification rituals and ablutions in many religions, from Islam to Shinto. In the Hyrule of Twilight Princess, there is also evidence of an ancient bathhouse, though whether it was created for respite and pleasure or for ceremony and spirituality is as yet undetermined.

Behind an unassuming rock facade on a path leading to Zora’s Domain from North Hyrule Field is a small series of chambers hollowed into a cave. It consists of five small rooms - three main chambers, an antechamber, and a far room - arranged on a single axis. The rooms, when divided horizontally from the very center, are laid-out symmetrically, with the three baths in the three central chambers. And these are not truly separate chambers, as the walls which divide them do not actually make contact with the cave above, creating open, individual spaces under one large ceiling.

Much of the cave has been left in a natural state, and a constructed shell has been built within its space. Low, flat walls with protruding arches, lintels, and pillars extend to all five rooms, separating the baths from the stark cave walls, giving it a distinctly man-made environment under an organic roof. Rough masonry of oddly-fitted stones creates the corner piers and parts of the wall, while other areas are covered by a carved arabesque or screen. Other pieces of stonework are decorated with an opus reticulatum theme of green and pink tiles, which give off the distinct feel of a bathhouse; they seem an incredibly modern element when compared to rather traditional design of this building. The screens, done in a diamond-and cross pattern, often carry the crest of the Royal Family as seen at Snowpeak, and many of the alcoves (designated by the gentle arches above them) are hung with a tapestry bearing the royal symbol of Hyrule: the Wingcrest. Weapons are hung upon the walls, much the same as at Snowpeak, creating a clear cultural connection between the two far-flung structures.

With its clear connections to both lowland Hylian architecture and to the mansion at Snowpeak, this bathhouse might seem rather straightforward. But, then one notices the gates which separate each room from the others. They are Zoran gates, of the same design as those found within the Lakebed Temple, with their curvilinear forging, aquatic themes, and nautical coloration. At first, this may seem puzzling, but, in reality, it makes perfect sense. Twilight Princess, as has been noted several times, displays an incredible depth of cosmopolitanism and trade relations; because of the location of this bathhouse in Lanayru Province, given its proximity both to Hyrule Castle and to Zora’s Domain, and given the close relations between the royal families of Hyrule and the Zora, that the Zora should have had a hand in the construction of this water-dependent building is completely logical. The Zora, with their river, give the land its life and nourishment, and they likely created the water-channeling devices which made this bathhouse function. Architecturally, their legacy is bound up in this space alongside Hylian tradition, which gives us a magnificent look at cultural dispersion and connections within Hyrule - and in a place that was likely meant only as a simple puzzle.

I suppose the remaining question is: what happened to this place? It is readily apparent that these baths have seen no visitors for many years, as the entrance was closed off with a massive boulder. And, any cursory inspection of the interior must take note of the old frost and ice upon the walls. The baths themselves have frozen solid, creating mirrored pools of an unknown depth. There are many spots for torches upon the walls, and we can easily imagine steaming baths, the warm vapors rising overhead and filling the cave ceiling, slowly dripping back down to the floor in an endless cycle. The freeze could have been a side-effect of the icing-over of Zora’s Domain, or it could have happened after the cave was sealed - the fires slowly dying and giving way to the creeping ice. We could speculate for hours about the nature and history of this bathhouse, which would likely come to naught, or we could simply enjoy it for what it is: a symbol of relaxation, purity, and cultural synthesis.

in the antechambers of dawn
the fluke of morning fog 
             over the dark harbor 

the summer woods sticky
with sweetbriar

studded with the sleeping
bells of dew

vetch underfoot, fever few ,
lost in the trove of
               morning shadows

sylphs come from their
blush-dusk of otherworld,

some luminous names rising
the moth-blue of oblivion

the great soul, the forgetmenot
the bloodroots burrowing
           the earth

midday comes with its criticisms
and abundance

, abyss of black insects

the sky of thatch and tar
a thousand gold hands

so dreams the susurrus of sea
and those who might sigh for her  

Workplace Romance (Chekov x Reader)

Originally posted by blueeyes-and-hockeysticks

Pairing: AOS Pavel Chekov/Reader

Rating: PG for language and CHARACTER DEATH MENTION

A/N: Oh, Pavel Chekov, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Surprise, they’re all that he’s adorable and deserves love. I wish I could have done more today (curse an impromptu Texas highway drive with my dad), but I hope this is a good enough note to end things on. :)

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No Payne No Gain

TEXT: Paul Flynn


Last year LIAM PAYNE had a conversation with Justin Bieber. He doesn’t usually do this sort of thing. There’s a shop Liam frequents in Los Angeles. Whenever he sees one of Will Smith’s kids or a Kardashian he feels too self-conscious to introduce himself. “There’s still that little boy inside of me,” he says. With Bieber, it was different.

Like each of the select bands who go through their boy-to-man rite of passage in full public glare, Liam at 23 is a disarming mix of confidence, knowledge and conviviality wrapped up in a frightened canary let out of its cage. Sometimes he’s the boy at the bus stop. Sometimes drops in reflexive anecdotes about his dealings with Donald Trump. No one understands Bieber’s experiences with quite the same clarity on quite the same timeframe as Liam and his four One Direction buddies.

“Obviously [Bieber]’s struggled a lot through the way the world looked upon him,” Liam says. “I don’t feel sorry for him,” he continues, “he’s great guy, inside there’s a really good heart. I said, look, the difference between me and you is that I had four different boys going through the same thing to look to. He didn’t have that.” Quite out of character, Liam Payne reached out a hand to his peer. “I said to him, listen, take my number and any time you want to have a chat, let me know because I’m here and I understand exactly what you’re going through and I understand your world.”

It was a lovely thing to do. “He needs somebody like that and in that position,” he qualifies, placing himself deferentially into the third person. It’s sweet for other reasons, too. In Bieber there is something of the idiosyncratic otherworldliness of a Michael Jackson figure. Liam Payne, a pretty, straight talking lad from Wolverhampton appears at first not to be that thing at all. “There is that in all of us.” he avers, meaning not only Bieber but his fellow One Direction alumnus Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. “We all have this chaotic side to us. You know, they say that anger breeds passion. I think that’s the same with a lot of us, that we let things get chaotic very quickly. We’re used to chaos.”

Liam is sitting in a quiet antechamber above the photo studio where today’s cover story has been shot. He says he likes interviews and honours the assurance in a quietly riveting half hour before he’s whisked magically away. It’s Friday evening. Liam has been working out with millennial precision to make sure he’s at top physical condition should he be required to lose his shirt during the shoot. He’s whippet slight flesh, definition counts.

Six years ago, One Direction came third on the national TV talent show, the X Factor. 1D was an assembly-line operation pieced together audition stages. Boys that barely knew one another, slotted seamlessly together in the kind of multi-demographic hit their boss Simon CowelI so adept at plugging into the national grid each year. That year, Liam and his bandmates Niall and Louis looked like they’d been schooled at a premium boyband academy. Each sported variants of Bieber’s early slideover haircut. It was easy to imagine any of them taking a stool in Westlife or learning to breakdance for Take That, had they been born in another time and place. Within the trio there was a safe place in which teenage girls and boys could measure their sexuality, whilst tapping their toes. That wheel still turned. Flanked at either edge of the three were genuinely new angles for the British boyband model; Harry Styles, Cheshire’s own reality-age Mick Jagger and Zayn Malik, a practising Muslim from Bradford and nonpareil physical work of art to whom supermodels have since flocked. The five together hit enough familiarity and newness to open up a global fame haul not touched since the heady days of Duran Duran, Culture Club and Wham back in the 80s. During the summer of their astronomical American takeover there was a plausible touch of Beatle-mania. They felt like an England football team winning the World Cup. Their records have sold in North Korea.

Liam and the boys were the first band to taste that fame level in the age of social media, making their story simultaneously that of the boys next door and untouchable messiahs. There was something refreshingly undone about them. Their best songs, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘Little Things’, ‘Steal My Girl’, even the precociously titled ‘Best Song Ever’ are undeniable additions to the Great British pop cannon. Liam says the 1D song that he’d buy above all others is 'Once In A Lifetime’, the little known track from their 2014 album, Four. “That’s my favourite song. Very Coldplay-esque. I wanted it to be a single but they just wouldn’t have it. It was very relaxed the way we chose our records and made things. It was really simple.” Someone else did it.

When 1D lost their X Factor trophy to semi-hot handyman Matt Cardie and were beaten to the silver medal podium by classy Scouse songbird Rebecca Ferguson, Liam was 16. He had auditioned for the show pre­viously, at 14, as a kind of minipops Michael Bublé, Wolverhampton’s hitherto unseen swing angle. On his first induction to the X Factor factory, he was instructed by producers to go home and rethink his shtick as the last 24 were whittled down on TV. He says it attuned him to the hard knocks of rejection. Such was the omnipotence of the show back then Liam’s audition storyline was enough to grant him a local working men’s club career where he honed his skill and paid his dues.

“I did pubs and clubs.” he says. “When I was a kid, I literally played old people’s homes.” His one taste of what was to come arrived when the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC invited Liam to sing before kick-off at the Manchester United fixture to 34,000 fans in the terraces. In honour of his local team’s squad colours he sang Sam Sparro’s 'Black and Gold’. “It’s funny that that’s where we ended up, playing stadiums,” he says, with pleasing air of pride and bemusement. “It was funny being stood in the middle again and thinking back on that 16 year old boy stood in the middle of a football pitch. My dad said to me, this is going to be the toughest gig you’re ever going to play. Football fans do not want to hear little boy singing. They’re not interested. You heard jeering from the crowd. But I got applause at the end. And my dad said, that is the best thing you could’ve got out of today.”

Liam says he can’t remember much of his time in the X Factor house second time around bar the tears. He was recently delighted to see fellow housemate Page Richardson, the contestant Louis Walsh immortalised as looking 'like a little Lenny Henry’ on account of nothing but his colour, in a Harry Potter film (“the one where it’s Dumbledore’s army. He’s actually in the army, which is amazing. I’m absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Fucking love Harry Potter.”). He nods as I mention some of the other names he shared his first home away from Wolverhampton with. Katie Waissel, Diva Fever, Wagner. “There were a lot of different strange characters and lovely people through that show. It was very rushed and strange.”

On account of a childhood kidney condition, he had not even been drunk by the time he left home, Dick Whittington style, to live in a shared London house with a bunch of strangers maniacally chasing their fame dream in real time. “The famous line my dad said was. don’t come home until Christmas, meaning don’t get thrown off it before the final. And after I said goodbye to him that day. I never really went home again.”

When 1D lost, Liam turned to his dad with a “we made it this far” face. His fellow band-mates. he says, were in pieces. He remembers first Harry, then Louis, Niall and Zayn bursting into tears. “A cameraman came over and said 'can I get you boys for an interview?’ and I looked at all the boys crying, in their mum’s arms and I was like, 'look, I’ll do the interview’ because I was the only one who was alright and so I went off to side and did the after-camera interview for us. I just left them because I wanted them to have their moment and the cameras didn’t need to see them like that. There was a real atmosphere. This followed throughout our career a lot of the time.”

In Cowell’s dressing room later than same evening, 1D were told that they would be signed to his label, Syco regardless of their position on the show. “Simon took us up to his dressing room to tell us he was to sign us and Harry literally burst into tears he was so happy.” Emotions run high in boyband land. “He told us. I’m going to sign you. That was the moment. That’s where it all began.” The wheels of the juggernaut had begun to turn. “It was like a bomb went off”, he notes.

There was a pearl of wisdom shared by Cowell that stuck with Liam from that high-stakes evening. “The first thing he said to us after signing us from X Factor was 'look, there are no angels here.’ Which is so true.” What does Liam think Cowell meant by that? “That we’re all people. We all people here.” He doesn’t think it was an invocation of mistrust in music industry, the smoke and mirrors world of real life fame? “No, no, no. It was a moment in a conversation. He said 'look, there are no angels here and I know that you’re all going to make mistakes’. That’s what he was saying. Just get on with what the show is, do your bit. do your business, go to work and be real. That’s what that comment meant. Don’t stress about it, it’ll all turn out alright in the end.”

In that moment, it sounds like Liam Payne made a pact with himself go for it regardless, at the top tier, to claim his moment. “Everyone strives to be the person that they want to be.” he says. “I try too much sometimes, I think. I overstep the mark a little bit sometimes. That’s why I’m such a perfectionist. But sometimes I think you have to believe that are no angels.” The first One Direction single, 'What Makes You Beautiful’ was released in 2011, on September 11th.

The second half of 2016 was an eventful time for Liam Payne, presaged by his signing a solo record deal with Sinatra’s old imprint Capitol Records on July 21st.

While in 1D, he says all five boys dabbled on their own material. Because boybands never break up anymore, 1D are officially on sab­batical. Whether that translates as a bit of genial respite or full scale hatred for one another is a matter that’s been carefully blended into their tale with just enough leaks of a hint to either. Zayn, who had already fled 1D’s nest a year earlier, missing their victory lap worldwide stadium tour released his solo album Mind of Mine last spring, reinventing him­self as the Frank Ocean for Unilad readers. Niall played to his Irish card with a forgettable busker-ish ballad for the Christmas market very much carved from the mould of Ed Sheeran and seasonal John Lewis adverts. From the snippet of it we heard. Liam’s song sounded like his ascent to manhood, touting him as a moody, roustabout lover-man in something of Drake’s lineage, complete with street lyrical touches (while writing, a picture appears on Liam’s Instagram feed of him with the Canadian don though it’s not specified whether he’s working or partying with his hero)

Whenever Liam talks about the 1D boys he has the exact same dad-ish air of concern, care, amazement and slight separation from the operation that Daddy Barlow has with Take That. Oh, that’s the other thing Liam had kicked off the year with a new belle, The X Factor’s Queen of Our Hearts, Cheryl Tweedy.

Liam brings up Cheryl, of course he does. The two live in Surrey, out of the city. When I make a joke about him being Lord of the Manor, he says that his sister bought him a plaque to denote his Lordship for his last birthday, a joke that doubled when it turned out Cheryl had been bought a similar gift by Simon Cowell during her tenure on X Factor. “So we’re Lord and Lady, which is hilarious.” To British suburbia, this is of course precisely what they represent, a self-selected aristocracy in which we’ve all played a part in the honours system.

He says things with Cheryl are working out well, becoming temporarily misty-eyed. “This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places. Obviously I have the most beautiful girlfriend if the whole world and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my drean girl since I was younger. She’s so ace.” They are used to companionship. They have Liam’s dog, Watson, a Great Dane. “If I’m ever having a problem or I ever get a bit angsty about something that’s happening in life then I take the dog out for a walk and there’s just unconditional love from him. Anyway, I don’t want to go too much into that. I’m not like a weird dog person.”

“She is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things, someone who’s taken greater steps than me. Her solo career was amazing. She’s been in the industry for fourteen years now. She fully supports me. We’re super happy. I appreciate you didn’t ask about it. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still learning. I’m only 23.”

Because he is the youngest of three, Liam inherited the bed that his big sister’s had slept in at home in Wolverhampton. He tried to paint a wall blue to put his own stamp on the room, still shaded by bunny rabbit curtains into his teenage years, and ran out of paint before finishing. “It was a total tip.” he says of the last bedroom he lived in before fame. “That bed was so old. The last time I went back and sat on it I couldn’t believe it was the bed I used to sleep on. I often think about how I used to sit on the windowsill and just look at the stars and wonder what this was all for. And I often used to think, there must be more to life than this.”

I ask if his parents kept the room the same as when he left. “Well,” he says, interrupting the nostalgia with a little sharp reality, “I bought my par­ents a house so I haven’t actually been back to that room in a long time. I’d like to.” The experiences of 1D made five men very rich, very young.

Liam knows exactly his financial worth. “I do,” he says, letting out a nerv­ous laugh. I ask if I would blush if I saw his bank account. 'Honestly, it is a very scary thought.’ he says. “It is not something that we were given it’s something we worked our asses off for. The way we went to work every day and the way we travelled the world and the way we conducted our business, with great management at the time and greater minds, it turned out great for everybody. But it was a long five years.”

On the last night of the last 1D tour, management presented all four remaining members with a plaque festooned with little badges for every single gig they’d played since their first. “It was a sombre night.” says Payne, who has started becoming more emotionally transparent in front of other people this last year. “To see every show we’ve ever done on a plaque?” he says, raising eyes to the sky. “Again, everybody was in tears. And I’m quite good at holding it together but I have got a lot worse of late. Adverts and things mate me cry. I think I’m getting more emotional as time goes by, especially with everything that’s happening in my life at the moment. It’s a very emotional time and time to reflect on a lot of things and the person that I am to be. Do you know what I mean? If that makes sense?” It makes perfect sense.

Beneath the extraordinary life he has lived so far, outweighing every one of his personal, societal and geographic expectations, there’s a deeply admirable humility and candour to Liam Payne. On the subject of his forthcoming record: “l’ll tell you the truth. The dream was to be able to get signed and release an album. That is every musician who’s on Youtube’s dream today. I’ve got the opportunity to work with a really great label, Capitol. The people I work with are absolutely amazing and to get a record deal and be able to release the album that I want to release is the most amazing thing ever.” He has no idea how it will fare. “Even if this went tits up, sideways, it’d still be step one that I got here.”

Liam Payne never voted in a general election. “I’ve never been able to vote,” he explains, “because we’ve always been in different countries and I’ve never really understood it. I still feel like a 16 year old boy when it comes down to things like that and I wouldn’t know which way to go.” He steered clear of the EU referendum (“I kind of knew that we were going to Brexit. It was just a gambler’s feeling”) and doesn’t know how his parents voted in it.

Do you want to know his Donald Trump tale? Of course you do. 'Oh. here’s a story,“ he says, rubbing his hands. “Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once.” It gets better. “You wouldn’t believe it. It was about [meeting] his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said 'well, wake them up’ and I was like 'no’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, 'OK. then I don’t want you in my hotel’. So we had to leave.”

He’s seen a lot of life, has Liam. That he retains himself amid it’s spectacular credit to those around him and the man himself. “Now he’s President,” he says, perhaps for a moment reflecting on the opportunities life affords the most unusual candidates. “I just hope he doesn’t kick me out the country.” He’s laughing now. “I hope he lets me stay.”

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By The Willow Shade

TITLE: By The Willow Shade


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a witch (on Earth) and accidentally summoning Loki. He gets angry and confused, but ends up actually liking your company and teaches you more magic.


NOTES/WARNINGS: ‘Kettling’ means ‘kitten’.


    Loki was concentrating all of his willpower into not pacing a hole into the floor of the antechamber in his hall; the reason being that Odin had arrived some three minutes earlier to inform him that Thor would be arriving with Willow shortly and he didn’t want to appear as anxious and restless as he was feeling, though he knew well enough that pretty much everyone who knew of the situation was aware of it by now. Still, that didn’t mean he had to show it.

    The doors opened and Thor walked in closely followed by a rather annoyed looking Willow. Loki was about to ask Thor what he’d done to upset her when she walked right up to him and punched his stomach, earning a light grunt that was mostly surprise and an utterly bewildered look.

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helah  asked:

Thomas AND Miranda angry bc someone was less than polite to James at a party or salon?

Thomas was furious.

It wasn’t often that Thomas’ temper was roused to the point of explosion, wasn’t often he cursed or raised his voice to anyone but his father or those idiotic enough to insult Miranda in front of him, and that was how Miranda knew something had happened.

It was how she knew the nature of her husband’s feelings towards the Lieutenant.

“And you think that excuses you?” Thomas’ voice seemed to echo through the suddenly quiet room as though through a cave. “Sir, it does nothing of the sort!”

“My Lord, I only meant-” the man, possibly John Percy from down the road judging by the simpering tone.

Thomas stood forward, between James and the man she noted, and laughed. “You meant nothing. You have fallen entirely out of my favour, sir. To insult a man of the navy, who has fought for the liberties you take for granted, is the last insult;” Thomas tilted his chin up, looking every mote the Lord he was by birth and by nature, a fury in his eyes Miranda could see from her place by the other ladies attending the salon. “Now, I must ask you leave. I will not stand for such flagrant disregard of the lives given to maintain our freedom and our country. Good day. Lieutenant,” he turned to James and gestured to the door that led to a small antechamber.

James, she saw, looked flushed and awed. He dipped his head, muttered “my Lord,” and went with Thomas side by side out of the room.

Later, with wine and cakes and no company but their own, Thomas was livid. When he recounted the story to Miranda she felt her cheeks heat and her stomach drop as her own anger rose.

“He had the nerve, the gall, to insult James in front of me! He called James a- a- a common piece of cannon fodder!” Thomas shouted. His hands were shaking as he reached for the wine. “I’ve never been so close to hitting someone…”

Miranda scowled, wishing Thomas had thrown the man to the ground and bloodied his face. But, she wished more that James could see this; Thomas so beautiful in his rage defending the man he was no doubt falling in love with. She wanted for her husband every happiness on this Earth, even if it was one she had hoped to keep for herself.

“Percy is a fool,” she said, voice calmer than she felt, “and he won’t dare say such things again in your presence, dearheart.”

Thomas sighed. “I just- I had hoped that our proximity tonight would protect him, not cause trouble…” Thomas fell into a chair with a huff and sniffed, tears in his eyes. As one fell to his cheek he seemed shocked and wiped it away quickly, clearly hoping Miranda wouldn’t notice.

She had. But she hid that knowledge.

“He is new to society,” she reminded her husband. “Let his reputation come to light. Respect will follow shortly.”

Thomas looked at her adoringly. “What would I do without you?” He asked, reaching out to her. She took his hand and squeezed.

“Challenge every noble to a duel?”

Thomas laughed brightly and, at last honestly cheerful. “Ah, yes… well. We swore not to being that up again, love.”

“You swore! I just insinuated I would only bring it up once or twice;” she winked at him, delighting in the return of his joy.

As for James, he would see soon enough that Thomas’ devotion was true and honest.