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It's been a bit tense around here. To lighten the mood, let's move on to one of the greatest Harvest Moon debates in the history of Harvest Moon. Rick or Kai? XD (As in, in their feud in the Friends of Mineral Town continuity, which one is in the right regarding Popuri) Personally, I'm pro-Rick.

Hm… I had to watch Popuri’s heart and rival events (FoMT) because I had never married her in any game she’s a bachelorette in, but even tho I understand why Rick is always defensive towards Kai, he’s a bit overprotective, I mean Popuri is an adult, no? She can make her own decisions, but I think I’m pro-Rick too because Popuri may be an adult but she seems childish and naive to me…

But what do y’all think? Let me be part for the first time on this debate xD

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ok so like............dan has to top right because arin is CONSTANTLY yelling to have someone fuck his ass i mean just because arin is grump and dan is not so grump does not mean that dan bottoms am i totally wrong here???

personally, and im sure im not the only one who feels this way, i dont think dan has to top. i dont really like either of them being strict tops or bottoms, because even if arin is bottom af, i do believe theyd be more switchy than that. like, it would depend on the situation and what theyre in the mood for that determines who tops who.

not to mention i do love me a good bottom dan so i am the worst person to ask about this bc ive written plenty of subby dan in my days…

point is, even if arin would totally be down to get wrecked, i just dont think any of them have to have a set role all the time, you know? its kinda less fun that way anyway. thats what i think, and its sort of how ive always thought of them/written them in shippy things.


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Authors Note: So this one wasn’t going to be posted for a while, and it was the one I asked about the other day about if you wanted a happy or sad ending. No one answered, SO I debated through out it. lol. As you can probably tell along the way. I’m posting it as a bonus story and for @deansgurlimagines because well tonight you just made my day right when I needed it. xxx


  Y/N shut the door and was walking through the garage and into the main area of the bunker when the lights went, an alarm starting blaring and the red emergency beacons flashed.

  ‘Sammy?’ she called.

  It had been a month since she was last here. She left needing to come to terms with Dean’s death. Trying to grieve and join Sam on the mission he was one, hell bent on finding Dean’s body just got too much for her.  She had lost the love of her life, and was struggling with losing her best friend too.



  She spun coming face to face with Dean. Tears sprung instantly to her eyes.

  ‘How? When? Why?’ she sobbed.
  ‘I don’t know. One minute I was gone, the next I’m back. I think Sam did something, he’s lost his mind. Now he’s trying to kill me.’

  ‘What?’ she panicked. ‘Oh God. Is that why the bunkers in lock down?’

  ‘Yeah. God, Baby I missed you so much,’ Dean smiled.

  He pulled her close and kissed her. Watching her face carefully, she was hesitant and unsure, that much was obvious. But he knew she trusted him, that she would listen. She always did.

  ‘We need to move, find him before he finds us,’ Dean prompted, tugging her hand.

  Y/N nodded and followed him. The moved across the concrete floors, Dean using one hand to push her against the all while he checked around the corner. Sam would trade himself for her. Dean didn’t doubt it. Her arrival was just pure luck.

  ‘Sammy?’ Dean called. ‘Sammy, come play. The third wheels here.’

  ‘Third wheel?’ Y/N frowned.

  ‘Well Sweetheart, you never did really fit in, now did you?’

  Y/N’s head shot up and she looked at him surprised, stepping away from the wall, preparing to move back. Something wasn’t right.

  ‘Aw, come on baby. It’s the truth and you know it,’ Dean lent down and kissed her hard, before he shoved her roughly against the half tiled wall. He heard the crack as her head made contact. Before kissing her again.
  She tried pushing him away but Dean just pushed up harder against her, locking her in place.

  ‘Come on Sweetheart, no one likes a tease.’

  Y/N watched as his eyes flickered black, gasping she hit him with everything she had and took off running. For Y/N situation’s like this sucked. She wasn’t a hunter, she was a girl the boys had rescued and made friends with. Her and Dean becoming more than friends. A lot more.

  Y/N kept running, turning a corner she ran into something and nearly screamed. Only stopping when a hand clamped over her mouth.

  ‘What are you doing here?’

  ‘Visiting, checking on you. Why didn’t you tell me?’ she sobbed.
  ‘I’ll explain later, I promise,’ Sam told her.

  ‘How do I know you’re you and not another demon?’

  Sam pulled the demon blade from his belt and cut himself with it. Y/N nodded and the two ran off trying to figure out a way to deal with Dean.

  ‘If I can get to the computer room there was a thermal imaging program I was working on with Charlie ages ago. It was almost complete. If I can get it going I can use it to find him.’

  Sam looked at her hesitantly, the idea was great, but that would mean leaving her alone.

  ‘Y/N, I don’t know.’

  ‘We need to find him Sam.’

  Sam nodded reluctantly, and Y/N took off running.

  She had almost finished the program when the door was kicked in and Dean appeared.

  ‘Hey baby, I’m thinking it’s time for some fun.’

  Y/N froze, with Dean in the doorway there was no escape. He moved closer to her, the smug smirk on his face making her want to be sick.

  Dean’s eyes roamed over her body, the demon in him contemplating his options. She went to run but he grabbed her slamming her face into the computer table.

  ‘You always were useless Y/N. Useless at running, at fighting, at hunting. I’m not surprised that vampire almost killed you. I mean, hell chances are there wasn’t any thrill in that chase. But then with you there never is.’

  He punched her in the stomach, the face and the ribs over and over again. Telling her how pathetic she was, how weak she is, how she wasn’t worth the time, how he never loved her. She listened to his insults and taunts as she faded into blackness.

  Y/N woke in the room her and Dean shared in the bunker. She considered that maybe she had died. But she couldn’t think of a reason as why either heaven or hell would put her here.

  ‘You’re awake, that’s good,’ Sam’s voice came from the door.
  ‘Am I dead?’ she groaned.


  ‘Do me a favour?’


  ‘Kill me,’ she muttered.

  The pain through her body was excruciating.
  ‘Nope, but I will make you a tea.’

  Sam left and Dean moved into the doorway and looked at his girlfriend in the bed. He was so full of guilt. He was responsible for the pain she was in, for the bruises and cuts to her body. For the blood mattered hair. He fought back tears, she didn’t deserve it. She was the sweetest person he knew, the gentlest and yet he destroyed her.

  Deep down he knew it wasn’t him, it was the demon. And while he was grateful Sam and Cas had cured him. He wished they had of killed him. It would have been kinder on everyone.

  Y/N looked over at the door and Dean watched as fear and anger crossed her face. He watched as she shifted and tried to move further away.

  ‘I’m not him anymore. Sam and Cas, they cured me,’ Dean said quietly.

  Y/N frowned at him, not saying a word. Dean went to step into the room and watched as she moved back again. He sighed and stepped back out, he didn’t blame her.

  Sam returned and explained everything to Y/N. Her eyes never leaving Dean, every time he moved she flinched.

  Over the next two weeks Y/N healed, physically at least. She was plagued by nightmares of Dean’s fists and haunted by his words. She knew it wasn’t him but that didn’t stop them.

  Dean was suffering from the same dreams, the same replays in his mind. Each day he hated himself even more. He found himself avoiding her, sleeping in another room. He couldn’t handle being close to her in case he hurt her again.

  Dean walked into the library to find another book, when he saw Y/N struggling to reach one. He walked up behind her and automatically put his hand on her hip and grabbed it, pulling it down. He realised as he lent down to kiss her as he always did, she had stiffened under his touch. He kicked himself for getting to caught up in how it should be, in doing what comes naturally. For letting his guard down.

  ‘Thanks,’ Y/N said quietly, frozen on the spot.

  ‘Can we talk? Just for a minute?’ Dean asked.

  Y/N stood there, looking at him.

  ‘I am so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. It wasn’t me that night. You’re my world Y/N, I wouldn’t. Not by choice.’

  Dean wanted nothing more than to run a thumb across her cheek, through her hair. He ached to kiss her, to see her smile. But he couldn’t bring himself to touch her. He struggled to even talk to her.

  She went to talk but had no response to him. So she walked away.

  Sam tried to get them to talk, to watch movies together like they used to. But nothing worked. Neither of them knew if they were still dating, the relationship hadn’t exactly ended but it wasn’t there either.

  Dean watched as Y/N left again, this time for a hair appointment. She seemed to go out a lot now days, not that it surprised him. She was probably too scared to stay in the bunker with him. His heart broke every time she walked out that door, he was always worried she wouldn’t return. That he wouldn’t get a chance to fix things. He would walk past her and go to reach for her but stop himself. He lost count of the amount of times he’d gone to kiss her, or walked into their old shared room wanting to cuddle, to feel her heart beat against his body only to find it empty and the bed cold. He would watch those strands of her bangs that would fall in her face that he loved so much, the ones he loved to push back because it meant contact with her. He hated this so much. He hated himself more.

  By the fourth week Sam had finally got them to agree to a movie. Y/N sat on the floor in a bean bag. She was close enough that Dean could run his hands through her hair. He almost did so many times. By three quarters of the way through the movie he got up and walked out. He couldn’t take it anymore.

  A few days later, he came out to the viewing room early hours of the morning, unable to sleep. He found Y/N laying on the sofa watching TV.

  ‘Can’t sleep either?’ he asked.

  ‘Not lately.’

  ‘Can I join you?’

  Y/N shrugged and sat up, giving Dean room.

  ‘What are you watching?’

  ‘I have no idea, it’s more on for the distraction.’

  They watched some Japanese maze show, similar to the old Takoshi’s castle. Dean kept watching her, debating on if he should talk. Wondering how she would react if he just held her hand. If he had contact of any kind. He sat wondering if she still loved him. Because despite what happened, despite how much he hated himself, if he lost her love, if he lost her it would destroy him in every way. He’d go hand himself to Crowley on a platter. Life now was hard enough, to live it without her. Knowing it was his choices that made it happen, that would be a fate worse than death. One he wasn’t man enough to face.

  Y/N felt uncomfortable, she could feel Dean’s eyes on her. She had no idea what he was thinking or what he wanted. And she was too scared to ask, she felt stupid asking. And she was scared it would be a question and she didn’t have answers.

  ‘Here,’ she said softly, handing Dean the remote, standing up. His fingers brushed her and for the first time since it happened he noticed she didn’t flinch.

  ‘You don’t have to leave. I’m happy to watch whatever you are watching.’

  ‘It’s fine, I should try and sleep anyway.’

  ‘I miss you Y/N,’ Dean said quietly. ‘I wish I could fix it, change things back to how they were.’

  ‘So do I.’

  With that she left. Dean’s head fell back, he closed his eyes and swallowed, fighting back a tsunami of tears.

  He noticed Y/N stopped avoiding him as much. Her answers weren’t as short or as quiet. She still wasn’t smiling but it was an improvement. He watched as she came out the bedroom and headed towards the garage in skinny jeans and a loose shirt. The combination on her was hot. He watched as she grabbed her handbag and headed for the garage. She was going out again. Every day for the past few weeks. She refused to tell them where she was going.

  Dean decided to follow her, and watched as she sat down in a café and how not long after a man joined her. He felt his heart plummet. He had lost her. And as much as he hated himself he didn’t blame her. She deserved more than some guy who almost killed her. He knew he should leave, that he needed to pack up and just return to the bunker, but he couldn’t help himself. He stayed in the car watching, stalking, spying on the two of them. He watched as she laughed and smiled. His heart broke and swelled at the same time. He hadn’t seen or heard that since he went off to fight Metatron. He didn’t know if he should shake the mans hand or beat him up for making her feel so amazing that she could do it. That was his job. It should be him making her happy.

  He watched as the man stood after a while and kissed her cheek before leaving. Dean jumped out the car before he could stop himself and sat in the chair opposite Y/N, surprising her.

  ‘I don’t blame you. After what happened. You deserve to feel safe, to be happy. But I don’t want to do this without you. I can’t,’ Dean told her, tears forming in his eyes.

  ‘Now isn’t the best time,’ Y/N told him quietly. ‘Or place.’

  ‘Can we go somewhere and talk please?’

  He watched as she sighed and nodded. He waited while she got a coffee to go and he drove them to the spot out behind the bunker they would go to sometimes to watch the clouds or the stars.

  ‘How long?’


  ‘You and that guy,’ Dean commented sadly.

  ‘Since I healed up. It’s not what your thinking Dean. He’s a personal trainer and muay tai instructor. He’s been teaching me to fight.’

  Dean looked at her shocked.

  ‘There’s no one else,’ she said quietly. ‘I’m not even sure if there’s an us.’

  ‘I want there to be an us. I just don’t know how to fix things Y/N.’

  ‘The worst part in all of this, is that you didn’t do anything wrong Dean. None of this is on you. And yet you have to suffer for it. I’m so sorry.’

  Dean looked at her in disbelief. He had no idea what to say.

  ‘What I did-.’

  ‘That wasn’t you. I know that. You know that. It was your hands, your mouth, but the words and actions they weren’t you.’

  Dean felt the tears in his eyes again. What she said struck the guilt cord again. She didn’t deserve what happened.

  ‘I’m so sorry for everything, for avoiding you. I just, I keep seeing it, hearing it. I can’t stop. I’m not sleeping, among other things.’

  ‘You don’t need to apologise, Y/N. I don’t blame you, I understand. I’m so lucky that you didn’t run the moment you came too.’
  He watched as she took a drink of her coffee and rested her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. They sat quietly for a while, Dean unsure of what had or was happening.

  ‘Can you take me to get my car?’

  ‘Could we talk some more?’

  ‘I don’t think we are going to fix this right now.’

  ‘I want to. I want to know what’s happening. If we can fix it.’

  ‘I’m not sure Dean. I wish I knew, but right now I just need to go home.’

  Dean started the car and drove her back to town and followed her home. He watched as she got out her car and walked inside. His stomach dropped and his blood ran cold. He knew something was wrong. He raced after her finding her in her room packing her bags.

  ‘Stop! Y/N don’t please.’

  ‘Dean I just need some time, to sort myself out.’
  ‘Do you love me?’

  ‘It doesn’t matter whether I do or not,’ she said quietly, placing more clothes in her bag.

  Dean yanked them out and stuffed them back in the cupboard.
  ‘Dean,’ she sighed.
  ‘Do you love me?’
  ‘It’s not enough.’
  ‘How is it not enough?’

  ‘Because it’s not, I’m not,’ she cried.

  ‘You’re not what?’

  ‘Good enough.’
  Dean watched shocked as she threw the clothes back into her bags and the tears fell down her face. How could she think that? She was more than enough.
  ‘Baby, how the hell do you even think that?’

  ‘He was right, what he said,’ she sobbed. ‘I’ve tried to become something you deserve but I can’t.’ She burst into tears and sunk to the floor.

  Dean felt the wet streams running down his own face. This was worse than what he thought it was. He sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug.
  ‘You’re more than enough. More than I deserve. I don’t want anyone else, just you. I love you so much Y/N. You have no idea how wrong he was. You are amazing, in every aspect. I’m in awe of you constantly.’

  Y/N cried into Dean’s chest, and he felt his heart breaking.

  Eventually Y/N sobs subsided and her breathing changed, Dean realised that she had cried herself to sleep. He sat there with her in his arms and savoured the moment. Realisation washing over him that he could hold her, touch her, be near her and not hurt her. He kissed her head and breathed her in. God he missed her.

   Y/N woke up several hours later from what she would have to say was the best sleep she’s had in months.

  ‘Hey,’ Dean said quietly.

  ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to.’
  Y/N stood quickly and moved out the way.
  ‘Don’t apologise, I don’t mind. God I’ve missed holding you.’
  Y/N gave him a sad smile and looked at her bags.

  ‘I can’t believe you believed him,’ Dean said quietly. ‘You are so much more than I deserve.’

  Dean moved in closer and held her hand, rubbing his thumb along her knuckles.

  ‘I love you Y/N. I’m so sorry for what I did, what he made me do.’
  He watched as the emotion in her eyes changed, to uncertainty.

  ‘I need a minute,’ she said quietly.

  Dean watched her, his eyes full of pain. Struggling to deal with what she was asking. He was so scared if he left she would too.


  Dean sighed and kissed her head. Struggling not to kiss her properly. He left her alone and went to wait in the main area, there was no way he wanted to have her walk out past him without him having the chance to stop her.

  He sat on the chair his head buried in his hands, her scent coming up from his shirt occasionally, making his heart ache all the more. She came out about an hour later, to his relief her hands were empty.

  ‘I love you,’ she said softly.

  Dean’s heart swelled and he jumped up so fast he knocked the chair over.

  ‘I. Love. You. Too. So. Much,’ Dean mumbled in between kisses.

  His tears running down her face and his. Her own mixing in with his.

  ‘Please tell me you’re staying?’

  Y/N took a moment before answering, no matter what she said the answer changed everything.

  ‘I’m sorry.’
  ‘No. Don’t say that, don’t tell me your leaving. You can’t…No,’ he cried, his voice breaking.

  Dean kissed her again, this time she didn’t return it.

  ‘I need you Y/N, I can’t go on without you. You keep the darkness away. Please.’

  ‘I need to sort myself out Dean. Figure out who I am, what I’m worth. Because right now I feel you’d have a better relationship with some bar floozy or your hand than me. I’m not in a good place. I’ll message Sam when I’m settled, but right now I think we should just keep our distance. It’s too hard.’

  ‘It’s not too hard, its simple. You love me, you stay. Don’t go acting stupid and leaving,’ Dean argued, his voice raising. He didn’t mean but he was devastated. He was losing everything. She was slipping between his fingers and there was nothing he could no and no one he could blame but himself.

  Y/N walked back into her room to grab her gear. Listening as a glass smashed against the wall.

  ‘Y/N?’ Sam said quietly from her door.

  ‘I’m sorry Sammy. I just need to sort my head out.’

  ‘You can’t do it here? We can keep our distance?’

  ‘That’s not the issue.’

  ‘He’ll keep his distance. He’ll try.’

  She gave Sam a small smile and moved out past him.

  ‘Dean wouldn’t ever say or do that stuff. He’d never dream of hurting you and he’d kill anyone who so much as thought it. Your safety is all this thinks about. He holds you on a pedestal Y/N, in his eyes he’s not worthy of you. He’s the pauper and your princess. He thinks your so far out of his league he can barely see you.’

  Y/N looked at Sam surprised.

  ‘I see it in the way he looks at you, his expression every time he realises you chose him. When he sees all these men that he puts in the same category as you and he’s the only one you have eyes for.’

  Y/N looked to the ceiling and blinked.

  ‘What you feel right now is how he feels constantly. Not a day goes by when he’s not trying to be the man you deserve.’

  Sam must have seen her expression and realised what she was thinking.

  ‘It’s nothing you did to make him feel that way,’ he said quickly. ‘It’s the life, the people dying, the guilt and self hatred that comes with the job. It’s hard to believe you deserve anything quite so amazing as the woman you love who loves you back.’

  She gave him a hug and walked out, bags in hand.

  She came face to face with Dean in the passage way. He was a wreck, worse than she had ever seen him.

  ‘Give me five minutes please, before you go?’ Dean asked quietly.

  Y/N nodded and placed her bags by the passage walk way. Dean took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

  ‘I know nothing I say will make things better, it won’t help. It won’t take the pain away. But life is better together. For both of us.’

  ‘Dean it’s not about being unhappy with life. It’s about being unhappy with me, it’s about need to move past seeing it again and again.’

  ‘How? I know what I said made you insecure but how?’

  ‘I’m not a hunter Dean. I’m slow, weak, I couldn’t kill or hurt something even a monster to save my life.’

  ‘And I love that. I love that you don’t hunt. Yes, I’d feel better if you would and could fight back if I’m not around to help. But I love that when I’m hunting your safe. I sleep better, hunt better. There’s no distractions. That said, if you ever wanted to hunt. I’d love to have you by my side. Then I get to watch you constantly not just when I’m home.’

  He saw a small smile on her lips.

‘I’m so different to everyone else.’

‘I’m not sure how that’s a bad thing.’

Dean pulled something out his duffle bag and handed it to Y/N.
 ‘What’s this?’

 ‘My reason for breathing.’

  Y/N opened it up and found photo’s inside, one or two of Sam and Dean, his parents, Bobby and the boys. But then hundreds of Y/N, and Y/N and Dean.

  ‘It’s a reminder as to how lucky I am. That I wasn’t dreaming when you agreed to date me. That I have someone worth fighting for and coming home too.’

  Y/N felt the tears in her eyes as she flicked through the pages.

  ‘I would never have taken the Mark if I knew this would happen. Losing you wasn’t worth it.’

  ‘You didn’t have a choice Dean. We both know that.’

  Dean brushed the hair from her face, his heart beating faster as she lent into his hand.

  ‘Don’t leave,’ he whispered, shifting his fingers through her hair.

  Tears welled in her eyes as she buried her head into Dean’s chest. He wrapped her up so tight he was worried he would crack her ribs.

  ‘It doesn’t mean everything’s ok,’ she said quietly.
  ‘I know. It won’t be fixed overnight. But we can’t fix it if you’re not here.’

  She pulled back and looked at him.
  ‘Then I guess I should go move my bags before someone trips on them.’
  Dean grinned at her, pulling her into him. Smothering her face and neck in kisses.

  ‘I’m more concerned about this right now,’ Dean mumbled into her mouth, moaning as she kissed him back.

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My boyfriend recently had a Skype interview. When I asked him when he'd hear back, he said "Soon." This led into a debate over whether this is a normal answer to get from an interviewer. I thought that you are usually given a time frame ("about a week," "7-10 days"), and he says that companies always just say soon. What is the more common practice?

I wish you were right, but your boyfriend is actually correct here. Most interviewers will just say ‘soon’ so they’re not beholden to any kind of specific timeline. Some will say “by Friday” or “about a week” and that’s awesome, those are good interviewers/managers. But the problem is that if they say that and don’t stick to it for whatever reason, they have a bunch of applicants calling them wondering what happened, so it’s easier for them to just say “soon” and leave it open-ended. 

Where The Burden Of Proof  Lies In The Abortion Debate

The first and most important question in the debate over abortion is whether it involves the taking of a human life. If the answer is yes, then practically no other question matters when it  comes to abortion not performed for the life and physical health of the mother. The second most significant question is who rightfully bears the burden  of proof in determining whether it is the taking a human life?  The  pro-abortion side argues that the burden of proof here rests upon defenders of the right to life, because they  make the claim that an unborn child  possesses personhood; a purely philosophical claim   (as opposed to a scientific one). But this is not correct. What the defender of the right to life is arguing for is consistently observing the same ethical standard in every case, in the absence of any compelling argument for an exclusion. In all other instances, a  single, living,  genetically distinct human specimen is recognized  as having  value as a human life.  Now no one disputes that an unborn child has any of the  individual attributes just listed. So why is there a denial of the same consideration and protections in this case? Why is it that what suffices as a definition of humanity in all other cases happens not to suffice in this particular case? We are dealing not with Philosophy but with a scientific description of what is recognized in every other case as humanity.

 Now once again, the point is not that what we have said so far proves that the unborn child has value as a human life, the point is that the  burden of proof rests upon those who claim that it does not. So what is the argument offered by advocates of abortion for their claim? Well it is essentially a circular one.  When asked why the life of an unborn child does not have inherent value he replies that it is because it possesses a specific and discrete set of characteristics; a set of  characteristics only found in the unborn child. The exchange goes something like this. “Why does this life not have  value?”  “Well it has no value as a human life because it is not conscious. “ “But there are living human adults  that for one reason or another are devoid of consciousness (e.g. those in indefinite comas)  Are they not human lives?” “They are different, because they have already developed to the point where they were once  conscious.“  In other words,  what is being argued is  that an unborn child  does not have value as a human life because it is an unborn child. a tautology. 

This is not an argument but a naked claim. The burden of proof here must rest squarely upon the shoulders of the party that has chosen to make the object of abortion an exception to the general right to life. 

HOUSE OF BLACK PRESENTS: a list of religious resources!

That is, individuals within our community who have practiced or currently practice a religion or belief of some kind. These individuals are open to discussing or answering questions about what its like to practice their faith.

NOTE: These individuals are here to help. Please treat them courteously and do take care to discuss and ask questions with respect. They are not here as a means to debate one religion over another, these people have volunteered their voices as information sources - so treat them well. If anyone sends me word of any source of ill-intended or insulting correspondence sent their way, they have all rights to request to be removed from this list. Be kind. Don’t be the person that cuts off another information source from someone else looking to learn.

Find them here.