the answer to a lame saturday night

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If you're still taking requests, can I ask for a protective Jughead when someone tries to hit on Betty?? And honestly I can't get enough of your blog. It's my newest addiction, along with Riverdale.

Thank you so much! This ones a cute one! I didn’t know if you wanted them to be dating or not, so I just kind of went with it!

Okay, this was fine. This was totalllyyy fine, it didn’t bother him at all.

It’s not like he was standing right here,

Out side the blue and gold office, watching the tall, muscled jock lean over Betty’s desk and invade her personal space.

Also what kind of cheesy pick up line was that?

And what made this jerk think Betty was interested in being picked up?

“So tall, blonde and beautiful, what do you say? You, me? Saturday at pops?”

What an idiot , he didn’t know much about flirting but he knew stating the obvious wasn’t the most original choice.

Wait a minute, was Betty… blushing?

Was she really falling for this tool and his lame attempts?

He watched as she opened her mouth to answer

“Oh I don’t know Adam, I’m kind of busy lately.”

Adam looked like he was getting aggravated when he asked

“Doing what Betty? Come on, you can’t spare a night for a date? What are your other plans?”

Before Betty had a chance to answer jughead decided he had, had enough.

“She’ll be with me on Saturday, right bets? ”

Her head snapped up as he entered, smiling at the beanie wearing boy.

“That’s right! jughead and I are heading to an old library outside riverdale, we’re going to check if they have original capote pieces!”

She was practically bouncing with excitement.

He couldn’t help the smug smile that graced his face as he dropped an arm to hang over her shoulder, fixing this Adam character with a satisfied smirk and stating

“So yeah as you can see, we’re kind of busy here, newspaper and all that, thanks for stopping by.”

Neither of the boys made any indication they would be moving any time soon.

Adam cleared his throat finally breaking eye contact with jughead

“Come on bets, jughead jones? You know you and I will have a much better time.” He tried to smile charmingly, but to jughead it just looked creepy.

“Oh I’m sure you would, but like the lady said she has plans. With me. So back off.”

Jughead had moved his arm off of Betty at this point standing tall to the jock.

Betty had never noticed how tall he was, and were those back muscles? To be honest it was a little intimidating.

She had to stop this before it got worse.

“Okay boys, that’s enough. Adam thankyou for the offer, but unfortunately I’m gonna have to pass.” She said stepping in between then.

Adam looked pissed off but backed away none the less.

“Whatever, when you want an actual man, I’ll be around.”

He backed away as jughead waved

“Bye Adam.” He was smirking.

Finally jughead turned to walk over to his desk

“Anyway, I was working on the missing test papers article I wanted you to revise it.”

Betty was standing there with her hands on her hips, eyebrow raised.

Looking up at her jughead shrugged his shoulders


Betty just rolled her eyes, moving to take the article from his hands.

“What!” He asked again.

Betty just laughed taking her pen to the paper.

“Whatever.. ” he grumbled.

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“Honest answer: I didn’t think about it. It simply occurred to me.”

He wasn’t particularly insulted, though being sassed by what looked like a teenage girl wasn’t really how he envisioned spending his Saturday night. 

He peered over his shoulder at the safe house exit, frowning. Still no Oswald.

“It’s been thirty minutes. Had I known it would take him this long to buy one bottle of brandy - whiskey - whatever it is he’s been gorging himself on lately, I would have prepared a trap for him a little more complex than surprise, gun.” 

“Well that’s lame.”

She crossed her arms, readjusting her perch on top of the arm of the couch. Ivy was so bored it was obvious at this point, frustration at the fact that she hadn’t brought any plants ( or, well, anything ) to this safe house rising. Her attempts at provoking the man she was stuck with into some sort of reaction that would have been entertaining were futile, and now she was here, quietly hoping that Oswald actually did come back to the house soon because at least she’d have someone to talk to.

“He’s— particular about that sorta stuff. I don’t understand it myself.” A beat, and then she lets out a bored sigh, cheek coming to rest on the palm of her hand. “Ya’know, you seemed a lot more entertaining on channel 9. Aren’t you supposed to be all cool and smart and stuff? Can’t you like— solve a rubix cube with your eyes closed or whatever?”

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