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AU where Shiro loves to record Keith when they have sex especially when Keith is riding Shiro's dick and moaning with one hand tangled in his own hair and the other on Shiro's hip. And he's the prettiest thing Shiro has ever seen so he wants to break him but also wants to give him the world. And Shiro wants to capture every glorious second of Keith coming all over himself and shuddering when he finishes only to whine later when Shiro's come spills back out of his tight ass (lol lets meet n hell)


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Could you make a list of all the arcs so far and a quick summary?

Battle for Trost arc: 5 years after the fall of wall Maria, the colossal titan reappears, smashing the outer gate of Trost district. With the help of Eren Jaegers newfound titan powers, the breach is sealed by the military and humanity’s extinction was prevented. 

Female Titan arc: Eren Jaeger is given in the custody of the Survey Corps, which departs on a mission beyond the wall; with the hidden intention of using Eren as bait to lure out an enemy traitor. An intelligent female titan appears, is captured but manages to free herself, leaving the corps defeated and damaged. The people in charge are ordered towards Stohess district, where an operation to identify and capture the female titan is successfully executed.ä

Clash of the titans arc: While the main forces of the Survey Corps discover a conspiracy concerning the walls, a group of titans suddenly appears inside wall Rose, leaving a subsidiary Survey Corps to deal with identification of the threat and evacuation processes. As the main forces of the Survey Corps meet up with the survivors of the other team; the colossal and armored reappear and capture Eren Jaeger. The troops chase after their enemies and successfully rescue Eren at the cost of many lives; and in the midst of battle, Eren demonstrated a new power of unprecedented impact.

Uprising arc: In order to uncover secrets withheld from them, and ensure a stable future for humanity, the Survey Corps plans to overthrow the corrupt monarchy and seize control over the human world; whereas the government is not afraid to use any means necessary to get a hold of Eren for their own, selfish purposes; leaving the Survey Corps to face off against a group of murderous elite military police. Though Eren is captured and almost sacrificed for the plan of the king, the Survey Corps manages to save his life, stop the king who had become a titan, and overthrow the monarchy while staying on the good side of the people, even learning vital secrets about the origins of their world.

Return to Shiganshina arc: The plan to recapture wall Maria, five years in the making, is at last set in motion, with the goal to seal the walls in Shiganshina district, defeating the titan shifting enemies and unlock the secrets hidden in the basement of Grisha Jaeger. The outcome of their confrontation leaves 95% of the Survey Corps dead (including its commander Erwin), yet victory is achieved: the walls are sealed, the armored and beast titans driven off , the colossal titan dead and given to Armin Arlert, and the basement still intact. It reveals the true nature of the titans, how humanity was driven to its corner, and what truly lies beyond the walls, leaving the walled world in an even bleaker and more desperate situation than ever before. 

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Namjoon's favorite time of day is probably about 6 am (whether he's just waking up or he hasn't gone to sleep yet). He'll sit outside or go for a walk, savoring the feeling of being the only one awake besides the occasional night shift workers heading home. He loves to watch the sun rise, watch the fog around him begin to soften and become lighter as the light of day begins to break through. This is when he really gets to be alone with his thoughts and sort out his day.

you guys know him so well wtf idk what to do with myself, here I am disappointed with 96% of namjoon related fanfics because of how inaccurate they are and here you are writing beautiful things like this