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I was trying to cheer me up with a doodle and it worked TTwTT …!

“We both tried to grab at the last copy of that desired book at the same time and had a tug of war.” (from this post)

Sterek ficlet, T, ~1.6k words. Basically, I was going to just do a tiny little drabble as a warm-up for working on one of my WIPs, and then I was having too much fun with it to stop.

(Btw, if you couldn’t tell, I totally made up the book series in question. Any resemblance to any actual book is completely coincidental.) 

It’s definitely some kind of torture that on the day the seventh and final Path of Wolves novel comes out, Stiles still has to go to school like it’s not the most important day of the year or anything.

And okay, so it’s not like anyone else in Beacon Hills has even heard of these books except Scott, and then only because Stiles can’t shut up about them, but still. Stiles spends the entire day practically vibrating out of his skin with the anticipation. He’s pretty sure he hasn’t taken in a word any of his teachers has said today. The only reason he doesn’t try to make a break for it during lunch is that he can’t afford another detention on his record, and even so, he’s still sorely, sorely tempted to risk it. In the end, he has to get Lydia to hide his car keys from him.

(He was going to ask Scott to do it, but Scott would have caved as soon as Stiles started begging, and Stiles is definitely not above begging, so Lydia it is.)

The instant the final bell rings, though, Stiles is out of there, flying across the parking lot and gunning the Jeep. The bookstore probably only ordered a few copies, and if Stiles isn’t holding one of them by the time he leaves, somebody’s about to get murdered.

Not that he actually expects any competition, but it’s better not to let these things go to chance. He already messed up once by procrastinating on pre-ordering until they were sold out; he didn’t think it was possible for a Path of Wolves novel to be sold out. He was wrong, and now he’s paying for it by having to physically go to the bookstore to get it.

Either Stiles vastly overestimated how many copies the store was going to order, or else he vastly underestimated how many people in Beacon Hills read these books, because when he skids to a stop in front of the New Releases shelf, there’s only one copy left. One beautiful, perfect hardcover copy.

Lucky for him, one copy is enough.

Except that when he grabs ahold of it, someone else does, too.

For a long second, Stiles can’t even believe what he’s seeing. Another hand, on his book. Another hand that’s not letting go, even though Stiles has already clearly and unambiguously grabbed it by the spine and isn’t letting go, either.

Stiles turns his head incredulously to get a look at this usurper, and it’s Derek Hale. As in, made-of-muscles, leather-wearing lacrosse captain Derek Hale.

Until this moment, Stiles wasn’t even sure Derek could read, and now he’s trying to steal Stiles’ obscure eight-hundred-page fantasy novel. What.

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“I kind of do my best to avoid using language that is specific to one particular group of people - so I don’t really like gendered insults, I don’t really like racialized language, I don’t really like ableist language.” - Nicole Stamp 

Carmilla | Season 3 | Interview with Kaitlyn Alexander & Nicole Stamp (aka the interview where Nicole becomes your fave)

The Roommate Part 1 (Harry Styles Series)

Summary: Y/N is one of Harry’s friend’s roommates, Harry and her become friends and Harry falls for her.

Requested: yes

Warnings: no

A/N: Thank you to @iyanu-eniyan​ who requested this! I’m so sorry this took too long to post! (AH this gif is from in the old curly hair Harry days, my emotions)

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The Roommate Part 1 (Harry Styles Series)

“So, the kitchen is here, the bathroom’s here, and your bedroom’s here.”  Your new roommate Noah says showing you around your new home.

“Thank you.”  You say carrying your bags into your bedroom. “Thank you for letting me stay here for the semester. I did not want to live in a dorm again. I did that for four years already.”  You say laughing.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to live on campus, during graduate school. Also, now that you are in medical school, you are going to want to be focused.”  Noah advises.

“Yup, that’s exactly why I’m here. Thank you again.” You say smiling.

“Now, that I’ve talked your ear off enough, I’ll let you unpack.” He says walking out of your room.

But before you could even open up your suitcase, Noah knocks on your door, which makes you laugh as he apologizes say, “I know that I said I was going to leave, but I just wanted to tell you that a few friends of mine will be coming over tonight. If we get too loud, just tell me, and we can go out somewhere.”

“Thank you for telling me, but I’m sure you guys will be fine. I mean, I grew up in New York City, if your noise bothers me, then you guys are really loud.” You joke.

“Okay, now I will leave you alone.” Noah says, closing the door behind him.

You shake your head, and laugh lightly to yourself at your new roommate dorkiness. After about a half an hour of unpacking, you lay down on your bed and just take a deep breath out, grab your phone and call your friend.

“Hey babe.” She says immediately when she answers, “How’s the new apartment?”

“It’s awesome, Noah is an absolute sweetheart also. I think you two would be good together.” You say wiggling your eyebrows, even though she can’t see you.

“Well, I’d love to come visit, but you are never not studying. But, wait, that would actually work, you can study and I’ll be with your roommate.” She says laughing, obviously joking around.

“I miss you though. It’s going to be weird coming home and you’re not here. Who am I supposed to come and rant to about how awful a date was that night?” You ask.

“You can call me. But, hey! You have a male roommate now, so he must have some friends and at least one of them has to be hot and nice.”

“We’ll see. His friends are coming over tonight.” You say.

“You better take a peak and not stay in your room then.”  She advises.

“I will, I will.”

“Okay, now you get your cute butt up and fix your hair and makeup cute and get yourself out there when his friend come over okay? And tell me how it goes.” She says.

“I will, I will.” You repeat, “Love you babe, and talk to you soon.”

“Love you too, and you know it.”

After you and your friend hang up, you slip under the covers and grab your book and begin to read. After about fifteen minutes, you hear the front door of the apartment open and guys come through and the close. You think about getting up, but you are so comfortable that you don’t want to leave your bed. You then close your eyes for only a few minutes, but then fall asleep. You didn’t you fell asleep until you jumped when you heard your door bang open.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry.” A tall brunette boy apologizes. “I did not mean to, uh, I thought this was the bathroom, but it’s obviously not. Also, I’m a little drunk, I’m sorry. Uh, I’ll leave you alone, have a good night.” He says awkwardly closing the door.

You are so tired that you’re not even mad and lay back down on your bed and fall right back to sleep. The next morning, you wake up feeling refreshed, which is comforting to you as this is your new home and you slept well the first night. When you walk out into the kitchen, you see the boy who accidently walked into your room last night. He looks up and sees you and smiles shyly says,

“About last night, sorry again. I was drunk and couldn’t find the bathroom.”

“No, no, no, it’s fine. I’m new here, and I’m pretty sure sober I wouldn’t be able to find the bathroom.” You joke.

“Ah, yes, you’re the new roommate! Noah has told us about you, Y/N right?” He asks.

“Yup, that’s me.” You smile, walking over the fridge to grab milk for your cereal.

“I’m Harry.” He introduces himself, putting his hand out for you to shake.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Harry.” You smile, shaking his hand looking him in the eyes. Without even thinking you blurt out, “You have really green eyes.”
After you say that, you face turns pink in embarrassment, and you ramble, “Oh my God, I don’t even know why I said that. I’m sorry.”

Harry chuckles at your embarrassment, and says, “It’s fine, I get that a lot about my eyes. Wait, I didn’t mean that in a cocky way, I mean, never mind.” Harry rambles looking down at the coffee he’s drinking.

“Well I see you two have finally met each other.” Noah says walking into kitchen.

“Or should I say, Harry you have finally met Y/N sober, and when you are not scaring her to death by barging into her room at 2am.” Noah jokes nudging into Harry.

“Again, I’m really sorry.” Harry says.

“Don’t worry about it, honestly.” You say, taking a bite of your cereal.

“Uh, so I’m going to head out. Thanks for the drinks last night, Noah, and letting me stay over.” Harry says getting up.

“Hey no problem man, see you tonight.” Noah says.

“Yeah tonight.” Harry says looking over at you. “I’m having a party at my place, and you’re more than welcome to come.”

You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t want to go, or that you didn’t find Harry cute, but you say, “I still have a lot to do moving in here, if I’m free I’ll stop by.”

You see a flash of disappointment go across Harry’s face, which he tries to hide, but you saw it and it causes you to say, “Actually, I should be able to, I don’t have a lot of work left to do here.”

Harry smiles and you see a bit of excitement in his face that he quickly tries to hide, “Well, if you’re free, I’d love to have you over.” Harry says.
Noah clears his throat jokingly, which causes Harry to say, “And you too Noah. I guess.” Harry jokes.

“Alright, well hopefully I’ll see you both tonight.” Harry saying walking out, not taking his eyes off you, but you just smile at him and go back to eating your cereal.

“You should go to the party. I can help you today with moving in, and tomorrow. It will help you meet new people. Especially Harry, he’s a really good guy. My advice to you with medical school, study but also live.” Noah advice walking into his room.

You think about what Noah says, and finish up your cereal, rinse off the bowl and spoon and put it into the dish washer. You back to your room, and pull out your favorite outfit, it’s the outfit that makes you feel the most beautiful, the most confident. You lay it out on your bed and send a picture to your friend without saying anything. She texts back immediately saying, “Tonight’s going to be a good night.”

You smile and chuckle lightly at the emojis that she puts after that, and you say to yourself,

“Tonight’s going to be a good night.”

Part 2


A/N: This is going to be a series!!! I’m super excited!! I don’t know how long it’s going to be, let’s just see what happens. Thank you again to @iyanu-eniyan for the idea! Also good luck on your exams, you’re going to kill it!! Thank you to everyone that has followed me or read my stories, or anything, it means a lot. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to your families!!

Last Chance - Finn x Reader

Request: Hey heyyyy can you do a Finn x reader imagine where you see each other every day at school and like each other but don’t admit it until prom when you’re the only people without a date (slightly like the snow ball scene !!) I don’t send requests often so sorry if it sounds weird xx

Note: So I loved the idea of this request and I was super excited to write it! Its kind or more like the day before prom and you and Finn don’t have dates yet and everyone else does and ya! I hope you like it!

PLOT: It’s the day before prom and coincidentally you and Finn both don’t have dates!


“Don’t forget to buy your prom tickets before it’s too late! Only one more day until the big night! Tickets are on sale, this period in the cafeteria! Last chance!”

You were walking to lunch with Sadie and Millie as you heard the announcement over the loud speaker in the hall.

“I can’t wait for prom!” Millie squealed. “Noah asked me to go with him last night!”

“Oh my god! That’s so exciting! You two are so cute!” Sadie said. “Y/N, are you gonna ask Finn to go with you to the prom?” she asked you. You had a major crush on Finn but only Sadie and Millie knew. He was part of your friend group and the two of you were great friends but you were too scared to ever tell him.

“Nah, he would probably want to go with someone else anyways” you said, brushing off her question.

“You never know!” Millie said. “He might actually like you back but since you’re both too scared to admit it, you’ll never find out.”

The three of you walked into the cafeteria and scanned around to find the rest of your friends. After a second, you saw Gaten jump up from his spot and wave his arms in the air to get your attention. You waved back and made your way over to the table. Caleb and Finn were seated with him and you slid into the seat next to Finn.

“I don’t know man, I still don’t understand the concept of transposing from the key of D Sharp to B Flat major” Caleb complained to Finn.

“C’mon, it’s simple stuff, you just change this note here, flatten these two notes, change this and bam! B Flat major!” Finn moved the sheet music back towards Caleb who just sighed and put his head in his hands, defeated by the music theory.

“I should have just taken drama; this music theory is too hard” Caleb said.

You pulled out your lunch from your bag and opened a carton of raspberries. You pushed the container towards Finn beside you. “Want some?” you asked.

Finn reached down and picked up a few before popping them in his mouth. “Thanks Y/N!” Finn smiled. You were always happy to share your raspberries with him since they were both your favourite fruit.

“So, um, Sadie” Caleb started, he had put his homework away by now. “Are you uh, going to prom?”

Sadie tucked her long red hair behind her ear. “Yeah I am. Are you?”

Caleb blushed and nervously scratched his head. “Uh, yes I am. I was um, wondering if you would want to go with me, like as my date, sort of thing, possibly?” he asked.

Sadie looked over to Millie who was giving her thumbs up, then back at Caleb. “Um, yeah that would be great, I’d love to!” She answered.

“Awesome great! What colour is your dress?” Caleb asked. The two continued their conversation, discussing colours and flowers and where they were going to take pictures together.

Finn stood up from his seat and grabbed his backpack. “I’ve got to go to my locker,” he looked down at you. “You wanna come with?”

You nodded your head and quickly packed up your stuff. The two of you made your way out of the cafeteria and towards his locker on the other side of the school.

“So, Finn. Are you going to prom?” You asked.

“Yeah, I am, are you?” he looked over as you both kept walking.

“It’s cool how Sadie and Caleb are going together and Noah and Millie too, I feel like I’m the only one without a date” you said, taking a deep breath before asking your next question. “Are you going with anyone, like as a date?” You were looking at the floor now, afraid of what his answer might be. You had liked Finn for so long, it would crush your soul if you found out that he was going with another girl.

“No not yet,” he answered. “I mean, there is someone I want to go with but I haven’t gotten the courage to ask her yet. She probably wouldn’t say yes anyways.”

You looked up at Finn in shock. “Come on, what girl wouldn’t want to go to prom with Finn Wolfhard? There’s girls dying to just talk to you in the hallway” you said,

“No way” Finn claimed. “I’m just Finn. Plain old Finn.”

“Well, I think you should ask her” You suggested. “Maybe buy her some nice flowers, possibly a teddy bear too and show up at her door and ask her like a gentleman would. There’s no way she could say no to that!”

“You really think so?” Finn asked.

“Well I know that I would definitely say yes if a boy did that for me” you said, hoping that he couldn’t tell that you wished it was your door that he’d be showing up to with flowers and a proposal for prom.

The period was almost over and Finn was quickly switching out his textbooks from his locker for the next two periods.

“Anyways, are you taking the bus home today? I’ll save you a seat” you said. Finn and you shared the same bus route since you lived only a block away from each other.

“Nah, not today, I’ve got somewhere to go after school” Finn answered. The bell rang loudly through the hall, signalling for the next class to start in three minutes. “I’ve gotta go! See you later Y/N!”

“See ya, Finn!” You watched Finn run down the hall towards his geography class for a moment before turning around and heading towards calculus. You sat down at your desk and pulled out your notebook and pens. The teacher started his lesson but you couldn’t help but wonder who Finn was going to ask to prom. Whoever it was though, you were already wishing it was you instead of them.

You got off the bus and were walking home as you passed Finn’s house on your way to your own. Once inside, you made your way into the kitchen to make a start on the pile of homework you were assigned throughout the day. You were halfway through a terribly boring history reading when the doorbell rang. No one else was home so you got up to answer it. The door swung open to show Finn standing on your porch, both his hands behind his back hiding something.

“Finn?” you were lost as to why he was at your door.

“Hey Y/N!” he had a smile on his face that spread from ear to ear. “May I come in?” He asked.

“Um, sure” you opened the door all the way to let Finn pass before closing it behind him. “What are you doing here?”

“Well I came to bring you these!” He brought his right hand out from behind his back. He had a bright bouquet of flowers in his hand full of yellows, oranges, and pinks.

You were at a loss for words. “What? Why?”

“Oh, and this little guy here” he brought around his left hand which had a light brown rabbit with floppy ears and a yellow bow around his neck and handed him to you.

“Finn, what’s happening?” You asked, accepting the bunny but still completely confused.

A blush crept up on his cheeks and Finn ran a hand through his hair. “Um, well, basically there’s this girl who I want to go to prom with me so badly and it would mean the world to me if she said yes so I actually asked her today how I should prom-pose to her and this is what she told me to do so,” you suddenly realised what was happening and it was all happening so fast, “I couldn’t find a bear so I thought a bunny would work too. Y/N, will you go to prom with me?” Finn asked as he held out the bouquet of flowers to you.

You couldn’t help but smile like an idiot and you could feel the blush rushing to your face. You nodded your head big and said yes. Finn quickly pulled you in for a hug and you wrapped your arms around him as he hugged you tight.

“I’m so glad you said yes” he said, “I’ve been thinking about going to prom with you for years.”

You pulled out of the hug as you heard him say that. “Years?”

“Yeah, I’ve sort of liked you for a really long time, Y/N.” Finn admitted.

You smiled. “That’s sort of funny because I’ve liked you for a really long time too, Finn.”

“It’s a good thing we’re going to prom together then, eh?” Finn joked.

“There’s no one else I’d rather go with” you gushed before quickly reaching on your tiptoes to kiss Finn on the cheek.

My roommate just finished bingewatching Agents of Shield and the most important thing I got out of our conversation over it is that she thinks the show is going to have Robbie and Daisy get together because of “that look” at the end

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Close as Strangers: Chapter 4

Close as Strangers: Chapter 4

Word count: 3.4k 

Genre: High school au, angst

one | twothree 

It was the day before Halloween, it had been two weeks since you and Jungkook kissed and neither of you hadn’t spoken of it. It wasn’t that you hadn’t wanted to, you were just hoping that he would bring it up first. You had still been closer than ever though. Still tutoring as well, he was getting much better at forming sentences and focusing on main points but he had still spent more time than necessary at your house, not that you minded. You even had started to call him Kook again, which he loved…a little too much.

You hated that your mind would play against you though. Jungkook was a very big part of your brain lately. You hadn’t thought about a boy this much in a while, unless you count celebrity crushes. Speaking of which, anytime you would start to have a fantasy, (sexual or not) somehow in the end the person would become Jungkook. You had been thinking about Dylan O'Brien the other night, wanting to run away together and when you packed and ran outside, Jungkook was there waiting for you with this ‘hot rod.’

You and Yoongi had been spending a lot of time with Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin. Yoongi had started to hangout with them even more on his own. You still did try and make him spend time with you, when you both weren’t doing other things.

Like now, it was Wednesday and Jungkook had just left a few hours ago, after staying for dinner. Your parents were in bed because they both and to fly out tomorrow, your dad had a case to try and your mom had a conference.

You walked up to your room where Yoongi was laying on your bed watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Yoongi loved Will Smith. You hopped on the bed falling on him and cuddling, you being the little spoon. He put his arm around you and said, “Once you start dating Jungkook we can’t do this.”

You turned your head to look at him, “What? Of course we can, you’re my best friend. I mean it’s not like we’re making out each other, you’re my family Yoongi. Plus, who says we’ll date?”

He smiled and then rolled his eyes, “Everyone, duh.”

“Yeah, whatever.” you answered and looked at the TV.

“People talk about it at school and shit you know.”

“Really?” you asked confused, turning back to him.

“Yeah, plus Jungkook never shuts the hell up about you.”

You tried to hide your blush but right then your phone started to ring. You picked it up seeing it was, Jimin. You smiled, you had become a lot closer to Jimin in the last couple of weeks. He was always with Yoongi so you were becoming more used to him. You answered, “Jimin! How are you bud?”

You could hear him giggle, “Y/Ny~” he sang. “I’m good. I was trying to get ahold of you and Yoongi. I tried calling him.”

“His phone died,” you answered.

“Sounds like him,” he retorted, but kept on. “I got our costumes for tomorrow, Ninja Turtles. You’ll be April O'Neil our trusty human sidekick.”

“Awe, we’re not going as The Spice Girls!” you whined, sarcastically.

He laughed and said, “Maybe if we’re all close for college. I call Sporty Spice!”

“Dammit, fine! I’ll be Ginger.”

“Ha ha, good.” He said.

“I’ll tell Yoongi and we can get ready at your house after school right?”

“Yes ma'am, I’ll see you at school.”

“Bye Jimin, goodnight.”

We both hung up and you turned to Yoongi. “You boys will be the ninja turtles and I’ll be April O’Neil for Halloween.”

“Awesome, that should be fun.” He yawned, “I’m too tired to move, I’m going to sleep in here.” You nodded moving to turn off the light and get under the blanket. “Also Y/N, you need to make a move on Jungkook.” Yoongi stated.

“No, I couldn’t, i’m chicken shit.” you turned off the lamp and left the TV on. You laid down, facing him.

“I believe in you, plus, when girls make a move it’s hot. You have to do it, Jungkook won’t expect it and you two can work this shit out.”

“We’ll see, night Yoongi.” you kissed his head and he yawned again, “Night, little lady.”

You and the boys were all at lunch, talking. They were talking about tonight and the costumes. “I’m Leonardo, with blade skills.” Jungkook said, flipping around an invisible sword, making weird faces.

“Well I’m obviously Michelangelo. Duh,” Taehyung said.

Yoongi spoke up, “I call Raphael, I mean who else would be him really?” He took a bite of his sandwich. “Yeah, cool but rude.” Taehyung added with a laugh and Yoogi shot him an, “Exactly.”

“Good, I was going to call Donatello either way. Cantina Strike!” Jimin said, pretending to hit Yoongi.

“Well you are a nerd like him,” Jungkook giggled.

You spoke, “Yeah, you’re kind of a party pooper too.”

Jimin pouted, “Hey, Ms. O'Neil. You’re our human companion, you should be nice.”

You pinched his cheek and smiled, making him smile. “You know i’m kidding, you’re the sweetest person I know.”

You all went back to your food until Yoongi spoke, “So are we supposed to go to that girl’s party?”

“Yeah,” nodded Jungkook.

Right then Rebecca walked up to the part of the bleachers we sat on. “Jungkook, are you going to Chloe’s party tonight?”

Jimin rolled his eyes and you nudged him. “Yeah, we are.” Jungkook answered, not looking at her.

“Awesome, do you have a date?” she added, twirling her hair.

“Yeah, these guys.” Jungkook answered again, pointing to all of us. Taehyung and Yoongi busted out laughing until Rebecca shot them looks.

“Well maybe we can meet up,” she put on a fake smile.

“Maybe,” Jungkook said, mumbling, practically telling her the conversation was over.

“Great,” you heard her mumble as she walked away.

“Damn, I love your sassy side Jungkookie.” Taehyung whispered, as she walked off.

Jungkook chuckled, “I wish she’d take a hint.”

You all got up and threw your remaining lunch away. We all were going to our lockers. Once you and Jungkook got to yours and he spoke, “Sorry about Rebecca.”

“Why?” you got out your book and shut your locker, turning to him.

“Uh, I just - I know you don’t like her.” He answered, still getting his books out. He put his penguin lunch box in his backpack. You smiled, how did anyone think he was cool?

“You don’t like her either,” you retorted.

“Well, I wish she’d realize that.” He said closing his locker, walking you to class. You couldn’t stop smiling, especially, at the gesture. He also gave you a side hug and before he kept walking.

You were all at Jimin’s house, getting dressed and goofing around. Once it was time we all got into Jimin’s car, since it had the most room. We got to the party and mostly stuck together, yet you all weren’t really having much fun. The party was pretty boring, we had been there almost an hour. You were talking to Jimin and his friend Jackson, you could see Taehyung and Yoongi chatting up some girls dressed as the Powerpuff girls. You couldn’t spot Jungkook though, so you gave Jimin a look and he nodded. You guess he was getting to know you better than you thought.

You started walking around and spotted Jungkook almost instantly. He was up against the wall being cornered by Rebecca. You rolled your eyes and walked over to them, throwing her hand back. He better thank me for this.

“Jungkook, there you are. I thought you were getting me a drink?” Rebecca gave you a horrible look, still holding up the hand you threw back at her.

“Um, uh- I was trying.” He grinned.

“You better try harder,” you smirked. You took his hand and you both hustled away, laughing.

You both ended up going outside, trying to hide your giggles. “God Y/N, thank you, she had me pinned against that wall for three minutes. It felt like three hours, it was awful. She was telling me all these things she wanted to do to me. I just,” he shivered and you giggled at him. He was so adorable, especially in that Ninja Turtle outfit. He looked like a 6ft 12 year old and you just wanted him to be yours. You had Yoongi’s voice in the back of your mind, 'You need to make a move.’

So you did.

You cupped his cheek and brought him down to you, connecting your lips. He immediately kissed you back, you moved your hand from his cheek to his hair and he moved both his hands to cup your face. He then licked your bottom lip and you opened your mouth for his tongue.

This felt better than you could have imagined, it was better than the first time you kissed. You instantly felt like that’s how these kisses would always feel, somehow better than the last.

You pulled apart, his hands still cupping your face. “Wow,” Jungkook whispered. You smiled and opened your mouth to speak when you heard some cat calls and whistles.

You and Jungkook quickly tore apart and turned, you both let out huge breaths seeing it was your three best friends. “Get it Y/N!” said Yoongi while Taehyung yelled, “About damn time Jeon.”

They walked over to you two and Jungkook took your hand in his. You looked down at your intertwined fingers, blushing.

Jimin spoke, “This party is lame, let’s go trick or treat.”

“Really?” you asked. They all gave you looks, “I just meant most houses might be closed for the night.”  

“We can still try,” Jungkook squeezed your hand.

“Yeah, let’s just walk around here. These houses still look alive,” Taehyung alleged. So you all agreed and walked around.

You all had gone to about 20 houses and 14 of them had actually given out candy, a lot of candy actually. This was sort of a rich neighborhood and most everyone was giving what all they had left over. You had candy for weeks or at least three days, knowing you.

You had two more houses when you tripped on your stupid high heel. “Fuck!” you exclaimed, landing on your ankle weird. It had hurt so badly, so you took the shoe off and started rubbing your ankle. The boys all gathered around you. “Y/N, my god. That looks like it hurts.” Yoongi cringed.

“Noona, are you alright?” Jungkook asked.

Noona? You’d always liked that nickname but no one ever called you that, you did think it was sexy though.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just a little swollen. I think I can-” you tried standing up and fell back down. “Shit!”

Jungkook started rubbing it, making sparks shoot up your leg.

“I guess we need to get her up.” Jimin spoke up.

“You guess?” Taehyung chuckled.

“Come on guys we need to get her up.” Yoongi huffed.

“Look, I don’t mean to keep you from going to the last two houses.” You said, feeling like you just ruined the night.

“Y/N, that doesn’t matter.” Jungkook said. Yoongi put his candy in your lap, “Jimin, give me your keys. You guys get me more candy and I’ll take her to the car.”

Jungkook started to pick you up, “I can-”

“No, I can get her, just get me more candy.” Yoongi said, grabbing the keys, making sure you had your stuff before picking you up. You put one arm around him and had the other holding your candy. You were surprised by how strong he was, but still was afraid he was going to drop you.

Jungkook picked up your shoe and put it on your bags of candy. You mouthed, 'thank you’ and he grinned looking more like a bunny than a ninja turtle.

Yoongi started to take you to Jimin’s car. “So Noona,” Yoongi mimicked. You looked at him and blushed, whining, “Yoongi, don’t.”

“You kissed him and you liked it, he called you love, you want his dick.” Yoongi singed.

“Whoa, could you maybe grow up. I don’t want his dick.” you lied.

“At least not yet,” he murmured. You smacked the back of his head with your hand and Yoongi scoffed, “Abusive.”

You got to the car and Yoongi sat you down on the trunk. He put your stuff in the car and then came back over to you, putting his hands on either side of you, “You know if you date Jungkook we won’t see each other as much.”

You gave him a confused look, “Why do you keep saying stuff like that? We don’t see each other as much already, since you’re always with the boys.”

“Well I thought you wanted me to,” he stated.

“Of course, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.”

“Well, that’s what it seemed like,” he interrupted. You opened your mouth to speak but he kept going. “You know you’re the only person I spend time with. I always have to do girl shit and you even made me lose my first relationship. I need the guys sometimes, okay. I can’t always be there for you and do everything for you.”

You were actually stunned, you didn’t know what to say but you were angry. “What?” you hissed, pushing him away from you, “I have never made you do anything you haven’t wanted to do. I asked Jungkook to hang out with you because I felt bad that you always spent time with me. That 'relationship’ was you fucking some girl who you hated. I had nothing to do with her dumbing your ass, you did that to yourself. Where the hell did this even come from?”

“Oh, why do you care? You’re just going to fuck Jungkook like you made me fuck you. ‘Oh Yoongi, I don’t want to be a lonely virgin.’ He mimicked.

Tears had started to spill and you yelled something you planned on taking to the grave. "I liked you that’s why I wanted to sleep with you, you asshole!”

He just stared at you, quiet and you covered your face. You were embarrassed, angry and most of all sad. Why would he say those awful things to you? How could he, he was your best friend.

“Y/N, I” but Yoongi was interrupted.

“What the hell is going on?” Taehyung said.

“Just put me in the car,” you stated, trying to be calm. Yoongi went to reach for you but you hit his hands away. He stepped back silently and Taehyung walked silently toward you, picking you up. Jungkook was already in the backseat, helping Tae get you inside. Yoongi and Jimin both got into the front seats. Taehyung got in and shut the door, Jimin started the car and you all went back to his house. The ride was silent except for the radio, lightly playing Vampire Weekend.

You all finally got to the house and Jungkook spoke, “I’ll take Y/N home and help her.” Taehyung opened the door and you grabbed your shoe, clutching onto it. Taehyung picked you up, taking you to Jungkook’s car. Yoongi came over and Jungkook started the car rolling the windows down. You looked down at your shoe in your lap and Yoongi spoke, “I’ll bring your car back tomorrow.”

You didn’t look at him, in fear of crying again. “Whatever,” you whispered.

Jungkook got you home, helping you inside. You could tell he was having a little trouble carrying you, this made you smile slightly. “I can sleep on the couch,” you said.

“Nonsense, I can get you up the stairs.” Jungkook insisted. You gave him a thin smile and let him take you. He got you to your bed and ran back downstairs saying something about an ice pack.

He got back with a bag of frozen peas and you huffed out a laugh and he propped your leg up with two pillows and put the peas on. “Thank you,” you said, rather weak, you felt wracked with emotion.

“Are you alright? Not just your leg.” He added.

“No,” you shook your head, not looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” he rubbed your leg.

“I got into a fight with Yoongi, we never fight. Yeah, we have little arguments but that’s it.”

“What was it about?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you answered and shook your head.

“Okay, well. Is it alright if I ask you something else?”

You looked down at your lap, playing with your thumbs. “I guess,” you answered.

He stilled his hand and took a deep breath, “I want to ask if you’ll go on a date with me?”

Your head shot up, “A date?”

He scratched his head, “If you want to. I uh, don’t want you to, uh - think you have too, I just.” You grabbed his face and kissed him. “Of course, I will,” you said in between kisses.

“Really? I mean great, I have to go on that trip with my dad and brothers tomorrow. The one I was telling you about.” you nodded, “Next weekend then?” You nodded again, “Friday?”

After setting the date, you two talked for a while in bed. There also had been a tad bit of making out, until you both fell asleep in your bed.

The next morning Jungkook woke you up, saying he had to get home for the trip, pecking your lips with a smile. You fell back asleep until later, when you felt someone lightly stroke your arm, speaking your name softly.

You woke up seeing Yoongi and took in a sharp breath. “What are you doing here?” you sat up, rubbing your eyes.

“I brought back your car and candy, I wanted to make sure you were doing better.” He sat on your bed, touching your ankle. You flinched and he took his hand away. “I’m sorry about last night, I can’t believe I said those things. I was scared about losing my best friend, I didn’t know how to act. I guess I’ve never felt like this because you’ve never been in a relationship. This jealousy was weird, I’m not in love with you or anything. I do love you. God, so much, I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t always with me. We’ve never fought like this - I mean, last night I cried to Jimin, while Taehyung was asleep.” You realized you were crying, just a little, happy tears. “No, no don’t cry. Cause I will and you know I’m an ugly crier.” He interjected.

You laughed, “I understand. I mean I got jealous when you were with Cindy. That was when I started to like you,” you sighed and went on. “I didn’t want to tell you, then you broke up and I had to try something. Once we did it a week later I realized i was just a crush and I just wanted to keep my best friend.”

“Are you trying to say, I was that horrible in bed?” he gave you a look.

You laughed and shoved him, making him grin. “No, I just realized that I loved you but I could never be in love with you.”

“So are we alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, alright,” you nodded.

“Alright,” he said again.

You chuckled, “Alright!”

“Maybe, alright will be our always.” Yoongi smiled.

“Shut up, Suga.” you rolled your eyes, hiding a grin.

He smiled, pulling you into a hug. “I missed you, I know it was it was only a couple of hours but still.” He sighed, “So did you and Jungkook talk last night?” He asked as he let go of you.

“Yeah, he slept over, left this morning to go on a trip with his dad and brothers. He also asked me out for next Friday.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened, with a smile. “I hope you’re going. Trust me, I’ll be happy. Just as long as you make time for me, I have to watch 80’s movies and eat monstrous amounts of food with you, all the time.”

“I did say yes, and of course. I won’t abandon my best friend, don’t worry about that.” you chuckled.

“I’m holding you to that,” he pointed a finger.

You took hold of his finger, “Good. Now speaking of chicken.” Before you could even finish, Yoongi picked you up taking you downstairs screaming, “Food time!”



(I’m going to be silent when it comes to answering any questions, but needless to say Kesh is awesome and she was a joy to play)

How You Met

Preference #1


Your older sister, Ayla, had been complaining that she doesn’t spend much time with you. You were 16 years old, who was taking junior and senior classes to graduate 2 years early. To say you were smart is an understatement. You never were the type of girl who went to parties, drinks, smokes, sneaks out- never. If anything you were scared of that life. Finally, when you finished your classes and had successfully graduated early, you went and stayed with your sister in L.A.

“Y/N!” You heard your name being shouted and a waving hand just barely above everyone’s heads. You had just landed in LAX and was looking for your sister. Just like your sister, you were short. You beat your sister in height by an inch and a half. Which you bragged about a lot.

“Ayla!” You shrieked and ran towards her. She met you halfway, pulling each other into a tight embrace. You saw her at your graduation but since you were busy greeting and taking pictures with many and many other family members, you didn’t get to spend much time with her.

“Guys remember how I said Ayla’s younger sister, Y/N, is coming into town. Well, last time we saw her, Ayla left her in my apartment with Kong. And we’ve never compared them to each other. But look! Y/N is taller than Ayla! ” Logan exclaimed, talking to the Logangsters.

“Logan, good to see you again!” You shrieked jumping into his arms, wrapping your short arms and legs around him.

“Koala! It’s good to see you again! Hows the graduated life! Guys This girl is so smart- you have no idea! She’s 16 and she just graduated from high school like a month ago!” Logan yelled into his camera, making a scene. A tall guy, yelling into a camera with a short girl hanging onto his body like a koala, odd picture to see.

When you three made it to Logan’s purple charger you called dibs on shotgun. Seeing as you are taller.

You were busy taking in the big city to realize that Logan was talking up a band and that you were all going over to their place. When you arrived you were distracted by the huge house and amazing view. You didn’t even realize Logan and group of 5 guys talking and laughing until Ayla handed you Logans puppy, Kong.

“I gotta use the bathroom real quick, do not let the boys take Kong.” She warned you.

“Hey, Y/N! Come here. I want to introduce you to someone.” Logan said from a patio couch.

“Yeah?” You asked sitting next to him petting the puppy in your arms.

“Y/N this is Zach, Zach this is Y/N. You are both 16 and single.” Logan said running off to the four other guys.

“Heh, hi,” Zach said shyly. His cheeks turning a slight shade of red.

“Hi.” You said finally looking him in the eyes. Your eyes locked and legitimately lost your breath.

“Can I get your number before you leave?” He asked after a moment of just looking at each other.

“Yeah, of course.” You smiled at him, which he returned.


You were at a skate park in L.A. That your best friend and boyfriend dragged you to. You were dating the quarterback of the football team from your school. He was very cocky and jockey. But before that, he was a sweet nerd who put you first. The only reason you were you still together was that you didn’t want to throw five years of your relationship away. You loved him but you weren’t in love with him. You cared deeply for him but you can’t see the same future with him anymore. He loves you but to his friends, you’re his ‘ball and chain’. He wants a future with you but only if you’re okay with an open relationship. He cheats on you at least three times a month. But his friends cover it up for him. And you never suspected a thing.

“Y/N since you’re here you should learn to skate.” Your best friend said. She was into skating as much as your boyfriend. You were glad they got along but you didn’t know just how great they got along.

“I’m gonna fall on my face. And you know it.” You said laughing, but still getting up off the ground. You weren’t the type to wear heels to school. You were a jeans, converse and nice top kind of gal.

You stood up on the board already feeling like your falling. You steadied yourself as you mimicked your best friends actions. After hours and hours of going short distances, you finally started to get the hang of it. You had Y/B/F go ahead as you went your pace. You were just cruising around all the obstacles when you had a board to board collision with another skater. You fell on your ass and he did too.

“Oh sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was skating.” You said laughing at yourself. Looking over to who you crashed with. He had the best top ramen looking hair ever.

“Oh no, it’s okay. I wasn’t either.” He said laughing.

Oh my goodness, his laugh sounds like angels singing in my ears. You thought.

“You skate?” The noodle headed boy asked you.

“Uh, no not really. I’m just started to learn.” You laughed at yourself.

“I’m Jack.” He said holding out his hand for you to shake. You firmly shook his hand but didn’t let go. You two were still sitting on the ground with your boards between you two, at your feet.

“Here let me help you up.” He said getting up and pulling you with him.

“Thanks.” You were mesmerized by his hair, eyes, smile- his appearance in general.

He waited, standing there with his skate board at his feet and his hand in your hand, waiting for you to introduce yourself. But he didn’t mind holding your hand. He smiled patiently.

“Uh sorry. I’m Y/N.” you introduced yourself after coming back into reality.

“Y/N suits you.” He said smiling at your confused expression

“What do you mean by that?”

“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He simply said not letting go, which you didn’t mind.


You were best friends with Logan and Jake Paul but when shit started to go south with Jake and Alissa, you Usian bolt and run. You moved out of the Team 10 house and moved in with Logan because you were on Alissa’s side on this. Jake didn’t like that you left the house but, you were only there because he asked you to move in as his best friend. But over the months of Team 10 developing he turned into some fake, click bait, hater. You didn’t like who he turned into, you wanted the guy he used to be. Then shit started happening on twitter, he said that he kicked you out and Alissa left and that you were both talking shit on twitter and Instagram. You didn’t have a YouTube channel. You never really bothered with one because you were afraid you were gonna turn into some arrogant ass-butt.

You moved in with Logan and Mark around the time Jake came out with the It’s Everyday Bro song. In the song, he called out you, Alissa and so many other people. You were pissed when the song came out. You had the idea of making The Fall of Jake Paul. Logan wanted to do that song too but he wanted his boys, Why Don’t We, in the diss track because Jake dissed them somewhere, you didn’t really pay attention to the band because of the recent 411.

You were sitting on a love sac, in the middle of a fight over text with Jake. He was pleading to not make the song he thinks you’re making.

“Stupid ass-butt.” You muttered, tossing your phone to another loves farther away. You close your eyes, you were so frustrated with everything that Jake started. You were too focused on your breathing to notice the WDW boys and Logan enter the apartment. When you opened your eyes you were surrounded with 5 very attractive guys and Logan with his vlog camera.

“Making every teenage girl’s dreams come true.” You said looking at all of the guys, they were all smiling down at you. “God, you’re even more attractive when you smile.”

They all laughed at your comment and sat down around you.

“Y/N these are the boys. Corbyn, Jack, Jonah, Zach, and Daniel” Logan introduced you to the boys, pointing at each individual. You were so caught up with names and faces that you were so confused.

“Boys, this is my roommate and my old neighbor back in Ohio, Y/N Y/L/N!” He said, pointing towards you. The camera recording everything. A string of heys was said to you.

Then lastly, the boy with the long neck and tooth gap said “Hi” he smiled at you, showing off his tooth gap.

“Hi,” you said, smiling like a school girl at the attractive guy that caught your eye.

“Yes, she’s single,” Logan said right as the rest of the WDW boys said “Yes, he’s single”

“You already know Daniel and Y/N are gonna get together,” Logan whispered to his Vlog camera, catching your attention as well as Daniels.

“What?” You both asked in unison, still smiling.


You’re two best friends had recently been obsessed with some new boy band. You didn’t share the same music taste as them, usually. But this time this band was pretty good. You didn’t bother looking them up and doing the whole nine yards of fangirling over a new band.

“Y/N! You will never guess what my dad just surprised me with!?” Y/B/F screamed running into your house. She basically lived there, considering her father was a lawyer and spent more time on a plane than anywhere else.

“A car?” You guessed from your spot at the dining table. You were doing your homework eating some left over pizza from the night before. Your parents were on an anniversary trip for the rest of the week. Taking your infant baby brother. And leaving you home alone for at least week. You weren’t complaining. You loved being alone. No curfew, you don’t have to ask to have friends over, to go out, it’s every teenager’s dream.

“No!” She said jumping up and down.

“Just tell me.” You were growing annoyed. Considering she didn’t let you sleep the night before because she was going on and on about her future husband, Jack Avery.

“WHY DONT WE CONCERT TICKETS!” She exclaimed, still jumping.

“Wait, what?! Why? For when? How many tickets?!” You asked smiling. You liked their music. But didn’t know who they were.

“Yeah. He missed my birthday last month, he had that one stalker/ murder case in New York For this weekend. Three tickets with VIP passes.” She answered your questions.

“Awesome! Who else is going? Our infamous gay best friend?!” You asked, sarcastically.

The weekend finally came around and you were ready. You had to ask your parents for this event because well, you weren’t going to be back when they returned. You were the one that drove from Hollywood to San Francisco. The entire way there your best friends played WDW. But you weren’t annoyed. You eventually joined them and belted out the notes and words in the car.

Finally, you guys got to the venue just in time for the meet and greet. You didn’t really know them so you weren’t that excited for the meet and greet. But your friends were.

“Daniel is legit my favorite. He’s the one with a tooth gap. It’s so fucking adorable.” Your gay best friend said trying to look over the many and many of girls in line. After nearly an hour you were next. The limit was two people at a time. Which you were fine with going alone.

“Next!” The guard said. Your friends going up to each of them and hugging them. Taking pictures. You were busy looking around. Taking in your surroundings when the guard spoke again. You walked up to the boys excited and humble.

“Hey” a guy with noodle hair greeted me first. Seeing as he was first in line.

“You’re Jack, right?” You said remembering the little trivia game your friends had you play.

“Yeah! Let me guess you’re the friend that likes the music but doesn’t know the band?” He asked you. You nodded.

“Okay. well, I’m Jack. This is Zach. Then it’s Jonah, Daniel, and last but not least Corbyn. ” he introduced you to the group trying to match names to faces. The last one was distracted by saying bye to your friends. When he turns to the group he saw you with a confused face. Looking at the boys and your lips slightly moving, trying to make a connection of name to a face.

“Oh, you’re the one friend that doesn’t know the band but like the music!” The blonde haired guy said smiling like a doofus.


“That’s my name. What’s yours?” He asked offering his hand for you to shake.

“Y/N,” you said taking his hand in yours. He pulls you into a tight embrace. Your trip on the way and fall into him.

“Awe, she fell for him!” Zach said making everyone laugh, even you. You pulled away from Corbyn, his cheeks and yours a light shade of pink. You took individual photos and then a group photo.

“Okay. Thanks, guys! Good luck out there!” You said walking towards the exit. You felt a tug of your wrist, turning around to face Corbyn.

“Text me after or before the show. I don’t care.” He said handing you a phone case that had their logo with a piece of paper in it with his number. And name.

“It’s Corbyn if you forgot. ”

“I didn’t forget. With a face like that, how can I?” You asked smirking and winking at Corbyn before turning and walking away.

Throughout the entire show, he looked for you and just stared at you. Singing and dancing around, he’d look for your face and he’d smile brighter. He even got so distracted he forgot his lines. Making you laugh, as well as his band mates.


You sitting in a Starbucks drinking your third cup of iced coffee, laptop opened in front of you and books upon books around you. You were interning for Atlantic Records. And it was fun but the paperwork was stressful. And if you even missed one day. The pile triples in size. You were stressed but you loved doing what you were doing. At the moment you listening to a new bands ep. You had to give your honest opinion on the songs and the band in general.

You’ve gone through at least a months worth of paperwork and you were beginning to feel a headache. You went up to the counter and ordered a water instead of coffee.

Hours later you finally decided it was time to leave. As you packed your stuff up you saw a group of three guys walk in. You realized that the three were guys who walked in was Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, and Jack Avery. Three out of five members of a new band, Why Don’t We. You walked up to them ready to speak but forgot what you were gonna say.

“You guys are members of Why Don’t We, correct?” You asked, just wanting to make 100% sure.

“Yeah. How did you know? We aren’t officially official yet.” Jack Avery said.

“I’m interning at Atlantic Records. Your song Taking You is my favorite. I actually was the one that basically vouched for you guys to be signed to Atlantic Records.” You sounded so formal and business like but on the inside, you were hardcore fangirling.

“What? No way! You like us that much? You’ve never met us before?” Zach said, astonished that one of the main reasons the band is because of the girl standing in front of them.

“Yeah. I know. All I needed to do was listen to your guys’ tape to know you’re gonna dent the world. I could not be any more happy and proud of you guys.” You praised them. They each hugged you.

“Hey, why don’t you come over and we can have a great celebration dinner? Our parents just got us a house and they are making a dinner to celebrate getting signed.” Daniel said, you thought about it and why the hell not.

“Yeah sure. I want to meet the rest of you!” You said. Excited for the dinner.

“Great! Why don’t I pick you around 5? Dinner is at 7. That’s a good amount of time to get to know us, right?” Daniel suggested. You nodded with a toothy grin.

Later that night you received a text from your supervisor inviting you to the dinner because you had been their #1 supporter since day one. You let him know that the boys themselves invited you to go. And he thought it was a great idea. You were dressed casual but formal. You wore leggings, with a nice blouse and booted heels. Light make up with beach wave hair. A knock at the door signifies that Daniel had arrived. You grabbed your phone and purse and opened the door.

“Daniel! Hey!” He hugged you.

“Y/N, hey! Ready?” He asked, smiling showing his tooth gap.

“Yeah let me just get my keys and lock up.” You grabbed your keys and locked the door to your apartment.

As you walked to Daniels car downstairs he and you talked about their families and everyone who was there. You got to know each other as well. Not a second of the ride over was silent or awkward. When you arrived at the WDW boys’ house you were amazed at the view they had. It was beautiful. You followed Daniel into the house as he gave a small house tour going towards where everyone else was, outside. Where the view only got better.

“Hey, parentals! This is the intern that is basically one of the reasons we were signed to Atlantic Records.” Daniel introduced you to the boys’ parents.

“Y/N,” you said shaking each and everyone’s hands.

As the night went on you became more comfortable around them. Except you still have yet to meet Corbyn and Jonah.

You walked up to Corbyn who was getting a refill on his drink.

“Hi, Corbyn, right?” You asked, getting his attention.

“Yeah, that’s me! You must be Y/N! I have heard so much about you. It’s great to meet you too.” He said with a big grin on his face.

“Right back at Ya! I wanted to introduce myself but looks like the three boys already did that for me,” you said laughing.

“It’s okay. Let’s formally introduce us. My names Corbyn!” He said laughing.

“Names Y/N, pleasure meeting you.” You said extending your hand. He pushes your hand to the side and goes in for a hug instead.

“The pleasure is all mine.” You hugged him back.

“Have you met Jonah yet?” He asked pulling apart.

“Haven’t had time. I’ve been passed around like a baton or something. Getting thanked and hugged when you guys did the hard work. I simply listened to your music and fell in love with it.” You said laughing at the end.

“Awe. Thanks. Just so you know, we really are so grateful for the things you’ve done and said about our music. It means a lot.” He said guiding you to Jonah. He tapped a tall guys shoulder, he paused his conversation with Jack and turned to Corbyn.

“Jonah have you met Y/N? She’s that one intern that vouched for us.” Corbyn said, laughing at the end. You looked up to Jonah, eyes locking. It took a while for him to respond.

“No, I haven’t had the chance. Y/N, it’s a great pleasure.” He said extending his hand awkwardly. You giggled at his actions.

“You’re the shy one.” You guessed, mainly because he is the only one that hasn’t hugged you.

“Yeah, I guess I am the shy one.” He scratched the back of his neck, getting nervous.

“It’s okay. It’s cute.” You said taking a chance seeing as the rest of the guys had left for you two to talk.

“You’re cute.” He said putting both of his hands in his front pockets, shifting his weight back and forth on the balls of his feet.

You chuckled. “Smooth.” You said laughing at his reaction.

“Thanks, I really tried not to sound awkward or shy.” He said laughing at himself, taking a step closer to you. You looked up to him again getting lost in his eyes, and him getting lost in yours.


Party Foul

Prompt: protective Isaac. Reader doesn’t know about the supernatural until after he protects/saves her from something bad. Reader: dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, introvert, would never believe someone like Isaac would ever be interested in her. she has a crush on him since they have some of the same classes, but they’re not even really friends – @mylittlenarnia

Party Foul.

(Y/N) sat by herself at a table for two in the library, earbuds in and her nose in a book, as she tried to catch up on some personal reading during her free period. She had been so busy lately with schoolwork, extracurriculars, preparing for college applications and the PSAT, that she hadn’t really had time to just sit and enjoy a good book in a while.  She was finally all caught up, though, and had a bit of free time on her hands, and she couldn’t wait to take advantage of it.

The movement of the table startled her out of the fictional world that she was currently lost in. She looked up only to be met with the most gorgeous blue eyes she’d ever seen, eyes that made her heart flutter every time she got the chance to look into them. Isaac Lahey, aka the boy she’s had a crush on since freshman year when Ms. Greene paired them together for their science project. Unfortunately, that was as far as it went. He went one way toward the lacrosse team and (Y/N) went another toward perfecting her academics.

Isaac stared at her for a moment with an arched eyebrow as if he was waiting on her to do something. She looked at him confused until he pointed towards his ears, and she realized she still had her earbuds in. (Y/N) promptly pulled them out and continued to look at him a little confused.

“Is there something you need?” She asked, trying not to let her voice shake or crack with nerves.

He nodded his head. “You’re my new tutor.”

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Journalism imply that when writing articles, you’re supposed to be as objective as possible (except for reviews). Jeff Benjamin has not only been spreading misinformation, but he’s belittling major kpop acts such as BIGBANG, Wonder Girld and Girls’ Generation, making it seem like they had it easy just because they’re from the big 3. And he does it because he got personally offended when kpop fans joked about billboard, and continues to do this because certain fans are praising him and calling him daddy. What the fuck? Btw I’m not discrediting BTS here, they won the social media award, an award fcking created because of beliebers - an award won by Bieber the past like 6 years until this year, when BTS won and that’s amazing!!! I saw their thank you speech, I was genuinly happy for them as that was a major milestone for them and for kpop yes! However belittling the success senior kpop has, by stepping on the fact that they literally paved the way? Giving misinformation about kpop in general; Just because Jeff get off by the thought that a bunch of teens calls him daddy? I have no fucking respect for Jeff Benjamin.

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Pia, what have you done to me? I used to be so excited for a Jack/Pitch chapter update but now I get disappointed when it's not a Fae Tales related update

*passes you some tea*

*hands you some blankets*

Ah, you’re in the pit now. The Fae Tales pit. I’m sure it’s possible to leave, but I have no idea how.

Heroes - Peter Dawson x Reader

Originally posted by fionnfanatics


Pairing : Peter Dawson x Reader (+George Mills)

Fandom : Dunkirk

Warnings : mention of death (i think it’s obvious??), grammar mistakes

A/N : Because I love Dunkirk. And Peter. And George, who deserved better. That’s why he’s alive and well here.

“How many are they?”

“…They’re a lot.” Peter said, as he brought a dozen of life jackets inside his dad’s boat. “We’ll have to bring aboard as many soldiers as we can.” You nodded and helped him by bringing more life jackets inside and taking out everything that wasn’t needed for the sailing.

“I’m coming with you.” you suddenly said, as your brother George started to untie the ropes that docked the boat. Since you heard about the call for civilian boats to go to Dunkirk, you knew that you had to do something, and when your brother told you that Mr Dawson and Peter were going there to help, you couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, you wanted to help.

“Y/N, dear…You know where we are going, right?” Mr Dawson asked with wide eyes.

“Yes. We’re bringing these soldiers home. They’ve been protecting us this whole time, and I think now it’s our turn to do something for them.” you said before heading below deck to make some tea for the soldiers, leaving the three men speechless.

“She is awesome.” Peter whispered after a few seconds.

“She definitely got her awesomeness from me.” George answered with a wide smile on his face and Peter laughed, hitting his shoulder playfully.


“Y/N could you please bring him a cup of tea?” your brother asked as he wrapped a blanket around the shivering soldier. You nodded then went inside, got a cup out and poured some tea, before walking back towards the soldier. You handed him the cup but he threw it away, making both you and George jump.

“It’s alright kids. He’s shell-shocked. He’s not himself… He might never be himself again.” Mr. Dawson spoke and you nodded. Even thought the soldier was intimidating and scared you a bit, you tried no to show it and be as kind to him as possible. You felt really bad for every men out there in Dunkirk. Every single one of them deserved to come back home safe and sound, and never having to face war ever again.

A few moments later, the soldier freaked out when Mr.Dawson told him that you were going to Dunkirk. He panicked and the argument between both men started to get physical as Peter and George tried to calm the soldier down.

“GEORGE !” you screamed, as your brother fell down the stairs, accidentally pushed by the soldier. “Oh my god, George, are you okay?” you worriedly asked as you kneeled in front of  him and put your hand on his cheek. Peter also rushed down the stairs a few seconds later to see if his best friend was hurt.

George winced but nodded. “I’m fine…I think-I just banged my shoulder, i’m okay.”

“Yeah…You’ve got a pretty big bruise.” you said, as you inspected his shoulder while being careful not to hurt him. “Do you think you can move your arm ? We might need your help on deck.” Peter asked and your brother nodded as you helped him get up, before pulling him in a tight hug. “You could’ve been badly injured if you had fell head-first. Thank god you fell on your shoulder.” you sighed in relief, and he kissed the top of your head.

The three of you walked back on deck and the soldier apologized for hurting your brother.


“Oil…” you whispered as your eyes were glued on the water that was now black. “Mr. Dawson, we’re getting right into oil !” you shouted before scrambling to the edge of the boat, helping Peter and George to haul aboard as many soldiers as you could.

“Hey, come here quick, we don’t have much time!” You said as you saw a young soldier who looked panicked, not knowing in which direction to go. Just as you extended your hand for him to grab it, a plane was shot down and headed right for the water.

“Y/N, we need to go, now !” Peter screamed as the water went up in flames. The soldier finally managed to grab your hand as Mr Dawson steered the boat away and got away from the oil in time.

“Peter please I need your help !” you called, as you struggled to pull the soldier out of the water, due to the moving boat. Peter immediately came by your side to help you, and the young man was finally out of the water.

“Take me home.” he said and you nodded, wiping some oil off his cheeks and forehead. “Yeah…You’ll be home soon.” You grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders when you saw him shivering. “Thank you for everything.” you said, voice cracking, and he offered you a small smile in return. You looked down and hugged the soldier when you felt tears forming in your eyes. He was taken back at first but relaxed and gladly hugged you back after a few seconds. You thanked him again and after a few minutes, he went below deck with the other soldiers to get some rest. You watched him go and tried to blink back more tears that threatened to fall as you heard the screams of the dying soldiers, but they only came faster with each screams. They were begging for help, and you couldn’t help but feel like you could’ve done more than this. You felt sick and your throat was hurting from trying unsuccessfully to hold back tears.

“Y/N…” Peter suddenly said, making you jump slightly. “Most of these men wouldn’t be there if you weren’t with us, you know.” he soothed, running his hand up and down your back. You shook your head and let your tears fall as you buried your head in your hands.

“But there was still s-so much room for th-them in there. They w-were so young…We c-could’ve saved them.” you said, and a sob escaped your mouth.

“Y/N, if you could have done more, you would have. That means you did everything you could. This is a war, and people die…we couldn’t save them all. What you did was extremely brave. You risked your own life by coming here instead of staying home, and that’s something you should never forget. All these people are heroes, and you are one of them.” he said, making you smile. He hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek to calm you down as you laid your head on his shoulder. You could still hear the crackling of the flames and see their glow flickering, but the screams had stopped. You closed your eyes and slightly moved so you could wrap your arms around Peter’s waist, holding him tight.

“I still wish I could have saved them all. ”


Favourite ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ episodes [3/10]: Lord Edgware Dies

Lady Edgware asks Poirot for help getting a divorce from her husband. That evening thirteen guests are seated at a dinner table, which is supposed to bring bad luck for the first guest to rise. Next morning Lord Edgware is dead.

Puppies - Conor Sheary and Bryan Prust (PT Diaries, Episode 12)

Requested by anon: Would you please do a pt diaries part with Conor Sheary maybe? Or Bryan Rust? Thank you!

A/N: Sorry it took so long. I hope you like it!

Word count: 1005

Warnings: none.

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7  Episode 8  Episode 9  Episode 10  Episode 11

Master list

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I can hear Conor and Bryan walking across the hall from my spot in the therapy room; they are excited about something and they won’t stop screaming.

“Dude, that one is adorable.” Conor says, walking in the room with a huge smile on his face. They are both looking at Bryan’s phone.

“But these ones grow a lot, don’t they?” Bryan wonders, scrolling down and stopping to read something. “I don’t want him to be like Beckham.”

“Beckham is the cutest thing ever.” Conor answers. Wait, what? Are they talking about David Beckham?

“Agreed, David Beckham is such a babe.” I tell them and both of their heads shoot straight up, looking at me from the door.

“You will agree with us when we say that Beckham Murray is way cuter than David Beckham.” Conor pulls out his phone from his pocket and types something, walking towards me and showing me the screen.

I have to contain a squeak when I see Matt Murray with a huge ball of fluff on the screen. I knew that Matt has a dog because he never shuts up about it, but I didn’t know that his dog was the size of a horse.

“Agreed. He is the better Beckham.” I chuckle and they nod. “So you two are stalking the guys’ dogs?” I ask while I put another yoga mat on the floor. Conor and Bryan are quite young and they don’t need much treatment, so we normally do Pilates, which they hate and love at the same time.

“We are looking at dogs for Rusty here.” Conor pats Bryan on the arm while he says it, making me laugh. Neither of them are really that big if you compare them with other hockey players, but Bryan has at least three inches and twenty pounds on Conor.

“That’s awesome.” I answer, taking my shoes off and sitting on my mat, waiting for them to do the same. “What breed do you want?”

“I want him to get a big dog. Maybe a German Shepard or a Golden Retriever.” Conor answers before Bryan can say a word. “Or even bigger, like Beckham or Geoffrey.” I’ve seen Geno’s dog before when one day he confessed that he misses the dog almost as much as he misses his family.

“Man, I don’t have that much space.” Bryan sits down, but keeps scrolling down what I assume is Pet CO’s website. “Think more Stella Kessel and less GiGi Wilson.”

And I can’t stop myself from laughing at how they talk about the team’s puppies like they are actual people. I know how great is to have a puppy, I have one myself, but it is just hilarious to see how serious these guys, and the rest of the team, are about their dogs.

“Are you buying or adopting?” I wonder, shooting Conor a filthy look so he sits down on the mat so we can start with today’s session.

“Buying.” Conor says.

“I don’t know.” Bryan says at the same time as Conor.

I roll my eyes, stretching my back. I’ve been on my feet all day massaging and putting elastic therapeutic tape on everyone.

“Maybe you should figure that out.” I suggest, indicating them that we are going to start with the exercises of the day.

We start slow, doing stretches and easy exercises. From time to time I make them do embarrassing ones like the siren, which consist on sitting down with both their legs on one side of your body like a mermaid and stretch your back, but those are just for my person amusement.

“Maybe I should adopt one.” Bryan is still thinking about the puppy. “There are a lot of dogs in shelters. The dogs in our calendar are always adorable.”

We are doing the, as Conor likes to call it, ‘rolling like a ball’ position, so his voice is muffled by his own body.

“Yeah, you should do that.” Conor says, struggling with his balance. “We got Damian from a shelter and he is the greatest dog ever.”

“Do you have pets, (y/n)?” Bryan asks and I nod, changing to a most advanced position that sucks but it is great for the hips and core. “Ugh, I have so much respect for the women that do Pilates on a regular basis.”

“I have a puppy.” I chuckle, taking deep breaths and trying to hold the position as long as I can. “She is a little piece of shit.”

“Why?” Conor asks, more interested on my dog than he is in doing the exercises correctly.

“She is so spoilt. She always gets what she wants.” I confess. I just can’t say no to that cute little face. I used to say that I wouldn’t let my dog sleep on my bed or beg for food and here I am, feeding her chicken breasts and snuggling up with her in my bed every night.

“What breed is she?” Conor is just sitting down at this point, not doing anything.

“She is a corgi.” I answer, thinking on my short legged, chubby puppy. “I feel really royal having her.” I say, referencing the Queen of England’s dogs.

“(y/n)!” I hear from my office and I get on my feet fast, thinking that there is something wrong.

I open the door and next thing I know is that a puppy is jumping all over me, seeking attention and belly rubs. I look up to find a very smiley Bryan Rust, who is carrying a bright pink leash on his hand.

“(y/n), I want to introduce you to (y/n).” He says, smiling even brighter and making my heart flutter. I can’t identify (y/n)’s breed, so I assume that she is a mix of many breeds.

“You named your dog after me?” I wonder, getting on my knees to rub the puppy’s belly. The dog just lies on her back and enjoys the rubs.

“It seemed fitting.” He just answers and I laugh. “She is the most sassy yet awesome dog I know.”

elennemigo  asked:

I followed you because I was your fan since I discovered your Sherlolly fics on ff but you know that, I keep following you because you are not only an excellent writer but a better person, and such a delight to talk to. Sometimes is good to meet (at least through tumblr) the people you admire :))) AWWWW AM I CUTE OR WHAT???!! lol <3

YOU SURE ARE 😆 AND I MIGHT JUST EXPLODE FROM ALL THE CUTENESS AND SWEETNESS!! XD I thank you, and am delighted to hear such compliments since I can say the same right back to you. ❣️❣️❣️

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His Question

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Christmas decorating, Christmas day cuteness, adorable Sam and Dean, fluff, cute ass John being sweet, just fluff.

Word Count: 1513

Summary: Y/n and John prepare the house for Christmas, wanting this to be perfect for the boys.

A/N: Ok, so this seems to be a series now. Guess it’s an AU where John is more focused on the boys than hunting. So, yea. It’ll be updated randomly when I have ideas and shit. Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John! Come on!” y/n whispered, grabbing the box of ornaments she had found and taking them to the living room, John dragging the little tree he had just cut down.

She knew it was going to be a lot of work.

How the hell was she meant to get the perfect Christmas ready, when it was almost 11pm on Christmas Eve?

She had no clue. 

But she was determined to do it.

This was the first Christmas the boys would be able to celebrate properly, especially now that hunting had taken a back seat.

Y/n was going to make sure her boys had the perfect one, wanting them to remember this forever.

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