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what are your favorite jaeyong moments hmmm

1. Linking arms at the Asian Model Awards 2015 - (fhjhjsdfkh look at them how cute)

2. Taeyong letting the world know how sexy he finds Jaehyun - (tbh, same Taeyong)

3. I dont even think this needs any explaining- (jesus christ not infront of the cameras you two)

4. Shenanigans at the MAMA’s 2016 (cr. centerpieces, bloncprinz) - (🎶 cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too..CLOSE 🎶)

5. This photoshoot - (kill me now)

6. Taeyong looking like that one girlfriend whose trying to convince her boyfriend to buy her something - (im crying taeyong is such a cutie)

7. fhkjdhdkjg bless the person (cr. painkiller) who caught this:

8. Taeyong feeding Jaehyun - (such domestic???)

9. Playing twister together - (rip me)

10.  Secret links: x x x x x x x 

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I'm sorry if this sounds odd in a way, but how would you describe Jihyo's relationship with each member? (e,g. like a mom/older sis figure to Tzuyu etc.) I'm a Jihyo Stan too and the lack of Jihyo ships can get really depressing at times. (Sorry if this came out wrongly, I don't exactly have a way with words)

I agree with you, there needs to be more Jihyo ships out there, my girl Jihyo needs some more relationship recognition. I tried my best to keep these descriptors ambiguous so you can take it in either a romantic or platonic context.

Nayeon (Nahyo): Nayeon and Jihyo are best friends, I would even go far enough to call them soulmates. Mom friend duo

Jeongyeon (Jeonghyo): Similar to Nahyo in how close they are, a little bit different though because Jihyo doesn’t try and look out for Jeong as much. They tend to be more goofy.

Momo (Mohyo): Jihyo really cares for Momo and watches out for her, so it’s pretty much “This is my giant human and I will protect her.”

Sana (Sanahyo): Suddenly gay. There’s so much sexual tension going on there

Mina (Mihyo/97 line): Soft, they’re the more quiet Jihyo pairing. They have a lot of deep but quiet conversations, they’re on a really similar wavelength.

Dahyun (Dahyo): Cuddly, they’re a really cuddly paring. Jihyo still goofs around with her a little, but it’s still clear that she’s focusing mostly on looking out for Dubu.

Chaeyoung (Jichaeng): So precious, Jihyo treats Chae like she’s a sweet tiny smol. Lots of head pats and softness

Tzuyu (Jitzu): Just sheer adoration, the amount of love Jihyo has for Tzuyu is unreal. Jihyo would lay down her life for Tzuyu probably

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So. I heard Yokai can fuse, as when I saw the first movie, there came Buchinyan. And since you like the Robonyan X B3-NK1 pairing, maybe you could draw your take on a fusion of the two? Thanks. — Anonymous

I gotta be honest with ya anon, I’m not too good with fusions, or at least fusions that aren’t my own characters. But here ya go, an attempt was made-

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Is it a common Scorpio Venus thing to get feelings for unavailable people? I always find myself wanting to be with someone who is in a relationship or overseas or who I'm not sure is interested in me. Currently crushing on someone in a relationship, and it just depresses me that I feel like I won't be able to find someone who I can actually be with.

Scorpio Venuses tend to fall for people from afar because they find it difficult to be intimate with people they don’t know very well – so romantic, sexual, and even platonic attractions will form first through observation and then through connection. They are also sort of hard-wired to seek feelings that hurt, so maybe you are particularly vulnerable to the “unattainable” because it pains you so much. You will find someone, just be patient and try to work on being more aware of & grateful for your options. Don’t rush into delusional crushes.

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Mike kissing Will's moles

When it happens, it’s not something that Mike plans - it just sort of happens before he realizes it’s happening.

It’s like this: Mike is holding a comic book above his head, just out of Will’s reach. It’s something he does often these days - teasing Will lightheartedly about their increasing height difference, because he’s not really sure how else to deal with the way his heart can’t seem to keep steady in his chest when he’s next to Will. Will never minds it, though; he’s laughing as he stretches up, attempting to grab the book from Mike’s grasp.

They scuffle playfully for a moment before Mike grabs hold of Will’s wrist and, instead of pushing his arm away as he intends to, he pulls Will closer and presses his lips to the inside of Will’s wrist, right against the mole that sits against the thin skin there. He doesn’t realize it’s happening until he’s already pulling away, Will’s skin a tangible memory against his lips.

Will’s eyes widen and his laughter catches in his throat, coming out as a startled sort of gasp instead.

“I -,” Mike starts to say, but he can’t seem to form a coherent thought. He drops Will’s wrist from his grasp. His palms are sweating.

“Mike,” Will says. He takes a step closer and Mike feels dizzy.

“Yeah?” Mike whispers out.

Will steps closer still, standing up on his tiptoes and looking directly at Mike with eyes that are clear and bright and just slightly unsure. Mike finds that his eyes flutter closed without his permission, and he can feel Will’s breath against the sharp of his jaw, warm and pleasant in the cool air of Mike’s basement.

It’s then that Will reaches up and snatches the comic book out of Mike’s slackened hand with ease, a satisfied laugh cascading from between his lips.

“Got it!” he declares, stepping back just a bit and clutching the book in his fist triumphantly.

Mike opens his eyes and tries to laugh too, but the sound gets stuck somewhere in his throat and the only noise he manages to make is some sort of strangled sigh.

“Guess you win,” he says after a beat, and wonders what it means that Will’s smile goes a little softer, that he steps closer to Mike once more, shoving the rolled up comic book into his jacket pocket like it doesn’t really matter.

“Guess so,” Will replies absently.

He reaches up with a hand that hesitates only slightly, brushes his thumb over the ridge of Mike’s cheekbone, across the line of freckles that live there like a star system littered over warm, pale skin.

And this moment is not the first time that Mike notices the moles at the hollow of Will’s throat, or the one sitting just above the line of Will’s lips - far from it, in fact; he’s noticed them plenty of times - when Will laughs cheerfully with his head thrown back against Mike’s shoulder as they watch a movie together, when he smiles his almost-shy smile as Mike catches his eye from across the lunch table - there’s rarely a time that he’s not noticed them.

But it is the first time that Mike presses his nervous, shaking fingers softly against the skin of Will’s neck, resting there as if to measure if Will’s pulse is racing just as frantically as his own (it is), and it’s absolutely the first time that he leans down and kisses that single mole above his lips - short and sweet and just the slightest bit awkward.

Will giggles happily and starts to say, “you missed,” in a playful sort of voice, but Mike moves down those last few centimeters and cuts him off with a kiss to the lips that shuts him up and distracts him just long enough for Mike to pluck the comic from Will’s pocket.

He pulls back with a mischievous grin and says, “you lose,” in a childish little sing-song voice, bopping will lightly on the nose with the rolled up paper.

Will’s smile doesn’t falter in the slightest as he says, “doesn’t feel like it.”

As Mike grabs Will’s arm and leads him toward the nearby chairs (they do, after all, actually want to read the comic at some point), he rubs his thumb softly over the mole there and can’t, for all the world, keep the smile off of his face.

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Would you be OK with anyone cosplaying your Queen Camilla design if all credit was given to you ect? Also what do you imagine the lower half of her design looks like? <3

oh my goodness how long has this been in my askbox???? It got buried under a lot of other asks. I hope you’re still interested anon, cause I am completely OK with people cosplaying as her! ;v;

I drew this up reaaaaally quickly but I hope I got the general idea across; she dresses a lot like her father. Uh, just ask if you need a more specific picture - if you’re still around haha… ;o;

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prompt: On their third anniversary, Tony walks in on Steve practicing his proposal :D

Okay I’m sorry but the first thing I thought when I read this was: “okay but what if Tony walks in on Steve practicing his proposal on one of their friends, and Tony mistakenly thinks that Steve is legit proposing to them and Tony runs out heartbroken, and it leads to a bunch of misunderstandings and tears before they finally work it all out”. 


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♡ ask-the-fighting-yowai ((Love your blog btw!!!))

He will not hesitate, bitch. Also thank you !! <3


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Oh okay! Thanks for clearing that up! May I request texting just you for Quinn and Estela?

Texting with Quinn:

- Lots of emojis
- Mainly the heart related ones
- You’ll send each other pictures of things you’re doing and things that remind you of one another
- She will send you pictures for all kinds of recipes with “We should totally try this”
- (Always actually trying those things and mini food fights and heated make out sessions ensue)
- “I miss you so much” and “I wish I could hug you right now so badly”

Texting with Estela:

- You can send her texts whenever and she’ll immediately read them all but only responds when necessary
- Doesn’t like technology much so she gives short answers
- Grammar is always correct
- Will correct you on your grammar
- Occasionally sends you really heartfelt messages that make your whole week better
- Sends blurry pictures with cute captions and you don’t have the heart to tell her that you have no idea what’s happening in the picture so you just guess


Disclaimer: these are simply my opinions, provided with the small authority of someone who has a b.a. in design and thinks too much about clothes. It’s long.

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Head canons of Jace and trying to show his affection in a relationship

(Idk if you wanted specifically Clace but I’m going to do that because I’m trash)

  • In general he’s a big “actions speak louder than words” kind of guy
  • He tries to do some of the traditional stuff but it’s mostly kind of awkward and out of character for him
    • he gave Clary flowers once. Nothing big and flashy just a couple flowers from the greenhouse. He didn’t really know what to say so he just kind of went “here” and handed them to her which ended in a conversation that went something like “what are these for” “Nothing. “then why??” “I dont know just thought you’d like them. You do right?”
  • Jace wakes up earlier than Clary and he always makes a cup of coffee and sets it on the bedside table for when she wakes up and he refuses to acknowledge that he does it
  • He’s really bad at cuddling at first he doesn’t know what to do with his hands or where he’s allowed to touch
    • He asks Clary if she’s comfortable probably too often
  • He’s a big fan of forehead kisses and he’s always finding an excuse to give Clary one
  • He’s not great at sitting still so holding hands is difficult for him. He always finds himself fiddling with Clary’s fingers or brushing his thumb along the back of her hand which Clary finds equal parts annoying and distracting