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Favorite song by Pearl Jam?

Y- You can’t… ask people this. It’s- 


no, no

i can’t do this

i mean Nothing As It Seems but you can’t really…

you can’t really look at your life and the things that have impacted you the most and go ‘this thing is the thing’… it’s almost impossible to do


At the risk of making the problem worse, don’t have a cow, Tony!

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how can you determine whether a school is a match and a safety? i feel like some colleges i'm looking at, my numbers fall into the averages, but i know that they are definitely not matches. so i was wondering how to determine! thanks for answering so many questions btw :)

Here are some general guidelines. Please keep in mind that these guidelines are flexible, and a school can fit into one of these categories without meeting all the criteria. Reach/match/safety designations can also change for each person.

Reach school:

  • Your test scores and GPA are below or around the accepted average
  • The school admits very few (less than 20%) applicants

Match school:

  • Your test scores and GPA are around the accepted average
  • The school admits many (20%-50%) applicants

Safety school:

  • Your test scores and GPA are well above the accepted average
  • The school admits most (50%+) applicants
  • You qualify for special conditions–for example, some schools guarantee admission to children of faculty members

Why is all my music love songs? Like, all of it! There’s no escaping the warm and fuzzies!

Also why is none of the fabric in DAI purple? It’s not fair! Evie needs more purple in her armour. The pink is beautiful but my baby loves purple!

And while I’m at it when will I get my DLC where Cullen is an active companion? I need to put him in a flower crown for realsies!

Also, does someone want to come clean my room for me? I’m too lazy.

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Explanation xD: ksoo look a like works at a local grocery store and i tried taking a picture of him once but got caught by him, luckily he's kind so he just smiled. I know his friend and asked if he could send me pics of him which he did :) yes im a stan, i have sinned.

OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!! Where is this grocery store??? Is he popular there??? lolol jk jk, I shouldn’t know about that stuff. XD I wonder how flattered/weirded out he must’ve been, especially if he knew about Kyungsoo, though? I’m sure you’re forgiven for your stanning sins ahaha.

Thank you so much for replying, that’s really kind of you^-^ Hope you have a nice day/night and more interactions with this lookalike ehehe~

DA:I companions, crafts edition

we knows Solas paints. Blackwall is into woodwork. Sera cooks. Varric writes. but what about the others?

  • Vivienne, graceful Vivienne, spending her afternoons crocheting, elegant movements of her wrist as she chats with Orlesian nobles, never missing a stitch or forgetting a chain;
  • Bull never shares the story of how he learned how to knit. at least, not the real one. many ask, and he has many answers. the Tamassrans teach all children how to do such things. the captain of the first company he worked for taught him after too many drinks. he works quickly, needle inserted from front to back, yarn over, pull through, and the Qunari rarely looks down at his work, too busy telling tales. he once killed a man with nothing but a pair of knitting needles - wooden needles, the good kind, a shame they came to rest in a man’s eye socket;
  • Cassandra Pentaghast, a warrior without equal, resolve made of iron, hopeless romantic and secret admirer of one Varric Tethras. her craft is mostly kept a secret, as well, not so much for the shame, but because it brings her peace, and she would rather not see it soiled. her passion for embroidery bloomed later rather than sooner; as a young woman, she despised it, seeing as her uncle forced her into all sorts of princess-y activities. now, a woman grown, her lessons all but forgotten, she learns once more, and this time finds the needle and silky thread strangely soothing;
  • Dorian is quite the artist. he mostly sticks to drawing using charcoal, feels the material suits him better. he detests drawing still life, preferring instead to focus on bodies - human, elves, and he’d never had the opportunity to observe a Qunari, but it seems he is in luck. he has fond memories of his time as a young apprentice, sheets of paper tucked into books on magical theory, full of doodles of varying silliness;
  • Cole tries his hand at pretty much everything, pushed by Varric. nothing seems to suit him - he cannot draw pretty lines like Dorian, nor make long scarves like the Iron Bull. so he helps. finds lost needles, sneaks knitted garments into the rooms of those who need it, asks for lessons from those who find joy in sharing what they know. (Varric suggests he take up writing, but how can he concentrate in scratching words on paper when there is so much to listen?)

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why do you think marvel has decided to turn felicia into their go-to ' evil lady #5 ' ?

because marvel is lame and unoriginal and currently busy fucking themselves up the ass so hard that they’re just ruining characters left and right. reducing felicia (such an interesting character with quite a lotta history) to “fuck u spider-man i’m gonna kill u and everything u love” is not only lazy but it’s plain character assassination. what they’ve done to her is insulting on so many levels.  they were just being lazy and they needed a character to butcher who better to pick than felicia because hey shes just spider-man’s ex after all right. nOTHING ELSE. 

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Are you fucking kidding me? You obviously think way to highly about yourself if you're going to assume that anon was jealous. It was a simple question. You ain't shit white girl. Congrats! You're a tumblr stoner. Just like every other girl on here. Soon you'll be topless and call it a lifestyle. Get the fuck out of here. You smoke weed you ain't special. Nobody is jealous of you. You're not cute cause you do drugs. Go to school. Apply yourself. You probably won't even post this.

I’m sorry but you’re turning a silly fucking question into that? I literally answer so many questions every day to help people be safe and happy with psychedelics and I thought that anon was rude. But either way everything you said was judgmental and invalid a fuck and I AM posting it cause maybe reading my response will make you sit back and stop being so rude and acting like you have a right to say shit like that to ANYONE. Get a life, learn to take a joke and laugh a little, and for you and anyone else who hasn’t seemed to notice- I’ve tried really hard to like who I am, and now that I do I couldn’t care less about rude ass people like you c: JUST FOR THE PEOPLE WHO FEEL LIKE BEING JUDGMENTAL DINKS(oh and my titties are too perf for anyone but my lover and I to see, plus I’m literally about to graduate at technical school so stfu)

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I'm just curious (sorry if you've answered this before) but what don't you like about the Naruto anime? Again sorry if you've answered this

Bad animation, wrong characterization, too many fillers, butchering important scenes, etc.

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I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just genuinely curious. Why are you promoting obesity? I'm all for telling people to love themselves and their body but I want people to be healthy too! Fat is fine, thin is fine, as long as you're healthy.

I don’t really believe this is a genuine question. But you look young in your photo, so I’m going to make an exception for you and I’m going to reply. 

Google healthism. Google abelism. Google fat acceptance 101. Then google healthism again. Read the Junk Food Science blog and that one Shapley Prose blog post that always gets recommended. Read Dances with Fat and Fat Heffalump and the Militant Baker.  Get the books Two Whole Cakes and the Beauty Myth from your library and read them. 

Read thru my blog and see that this not-a-really-question question has been asked and answered before, by me and by many others.  

Read. Listen to fat people. Learn something.

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how do i learn to love myself

Hi beautiful. This, I think, it a question that everything answers differently, but this is my answer:

After many years at war with myself, and while I do still have my moments of self-doubt, I believe “loving oneself” is not a final destination, but a lifelong journey. You see, we never, ever, will stay the same. Not just our personality and views and morals and our character, but each strand of our hair, each freckle on our body, every bone, muscle fiber…they are changing CONSTANTLY. I believe we have to remember that we are ever-changing and dynamic, and that we must learn to have our minds evolve with our bodies. We must learn to accept ourselves for who we are and do what we love and what makes us feel good. Do things that make you happy, do things that make you healthy. Eat well, eat good and wholesome food, treat yourself, hang out with those you love and who lift you higher, set goals and set out to accomplish them, believe in yourself, be kind, be positive and optimistic, and in the midst of your good deeds to the universe, you will find the universe will love you back, as well as you also loving yourself back. x

I spent a long time volunteering with recent immigrants and refugees in the UK

What people fail to see is how vulnerable these people are when they are entering the country illegally especially women and children. There are so many people out there ready to exploit them. They will have zero support or protection. I am not saying I have all the answers if I did I would have stayed in the profession. Many of my friends have and they are out of their minds.