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Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you no matter what. And you will always be one of my fav blogs. I understand how stressful it gets having to make gifs right after the vid. I'll enjoy gifs you make whenever you make them. Don't care if it's a day later.

ouch my heart aches.. tysm everyone is very kind for the most part and i appreciate it a lot and i think i am going to finally be more active than i have been in the past few weeks ! woooooo~

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@keith doesnt seem the romantic type: people around me keep getting surprised when they see me being super sweet and romantic about my girlfriend. Even my family was shocked when they first heard me talk fondly about her and being sappy about it because "you always sounded too cold and reclusive to it". Im also super cuddly and lovely with my close friends, but no one can tell from outside cuz i need a certain level of intimacy to let go of my sappiness in front of you. Im also hella autistic so

this is exactly how i imagine keith to be

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hi, do you have blog recommendation with wanna one centric? esp wanna one/pd101 creators? since i need more blog to follow, im newbie btw

Hello and welcome asdfgdhd!!! Here are some of my favourite pd101/wanna one creators @minsbugi @ong-seungwoo @produced101 @parkjiihoons @emperorhwangs @seonnho @yoonjsung @seongwoos @daeswhis @daewi @kagndaniel @woojinnies @jeo-jang @peachyniel @minhyum @parkji-hoons @extraongdinary @dxnghyuns and I recently did a follow forever here so check that out for more quality blogs 😊❤💘

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Me: 4 days...4 days...My depression will go away in 4 days... YASSSSSSSS LANCE I'M GOING TO MAKE A AMV FOR HIM


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im imagining alec going on a rant about the sexist way society views parenthood, ex: no diaper changing stations in mens' rooms, strangers asking if he's 'babysitting' his own children, etc. idk if this makes sense but i can see alec getting very heated about that bs

Oh god yes, Alec would have absolutely no patience for all of the ridiculous gender biases in parenthood. And, most importantly, he’d be upset about *all* of the sexist details, regardless of whether they personally affect him negatively or positively.

Obviously he’d be furious at things that are skewed against men (no changing stations in men’s restrooms, people assuming he doesn’t know what he’s doing and saying he should be letting Max’s mother take care of him, even just the general imbalance of parenthood being disproportionately marketed as motherhood), but the double-standard he sees as a stay-at-home father would annoy him significantly more. People giving him undue credit and praise for spending the day with Max, or learning how to take care of Max’s hair, because it’s ~soooo wonderful~ for fathers to do all the basic shit that mothers get no recognition for. Strangers telling him that he should stand up for himself and make his wife take care of the baby instead. Hell, when he buys bottles and formula, strangers will lecture him about how his wife should be breastfeeding instead. The mom-shaming culture in today’s society is so fucked up that strangers will hail Alec as some sort of hero for taking care of his own kid, while simultaneously inventing a non-existent mother for the sole purpose of shaming her for doing something wrong.

Society’s perceptions of parenthood are so fucked-up and sexist, and it’s exhausting.

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So I just finished reading Year One Batman: Scarecrow and was surprised to learn he had three half siblings. Disappointed to see how quick he was to point the gun at an infant. Do you think he'd have pulled the trigger? Have any headcanons on his possible reaction to his Crane half sibs? Reading it also reminded me of that Robot Chicken DC special with his nephew Calvin the barrista. Idk why potential family shenanigans amuse me.

(I’m really late answering this ask, so sorry anon!)

I was about to point out that he only had one half-sibling, but then I realized that Gerald briefly mentions being married with two kids. Little details like that are so easy to miss. As for the scene with Karen and her baby girl, I think he would’ve shot them both given the chance. He came back with intent to murder, striking terror into his mother’s heart was just the icing on the cake. It was his own from of justifiable revenge. How dare she leave him with Great Granny, knowing full well that he’d be tortured in her care. What kind of “loving mother” would do such a terrible thing to their child?

Jonathan knows about Karen’s daughter, and probably Gerald’s new family too. Does he care, would he ever seek then out willingly? I doubt it, and I suspect that the children have already been warned about their half-brother. (or they’ve seen him in the news) They’d do their best to stay away from Gotham.

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Quick question; do you have a favorite drink/food? If this is too personal, you don't have to answer.

Aw man I can’t just pick one! XD

For drinks I really like hot tea, Diet coke, root beer, apple cider, Peach, Apple, and Mango juice, and Strawberry soda.

For foods, I really like sweets, strawberries, peaches, apples, seafood,pasta, ,corn,chicken, etc.

There’s a lot of foods I like XD;

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I want more Theron/callie fluff! reading your drabbles/fics etc :D

you’re in luck!!! now that things are finally starting to calm down for me (hopefully? maybe? lmao I probably just jinxed it), I’m hoping to finish that post-5.2 fic from forever ago, and maybe even start the vigilante!Callie fic of my heart!! they’ll be a combination of angst and fluff, which…… that counts, right 

…….here, have a fluffy post-5.2 snippet

Their shoulders touch briefly. An accident—he’s just trying to get comfortable, which is a near-impossibility on Iokath, with all its sharp angles, hard surfaces. He hasn’t sought her willingly, like this, for as long as she can remember. And whenever she reaches out—twines their fingers together, presses a kiss to his knuckles—, there is coldness, a near-impenetrable wall, like he has cut himself off from her, the Force, everything.

Still, she butts up against it, against that wall—seeking his warmth, though Iokath seems to have drained them both. And after a moment, he lifts an arm, curling it around her shoulders. She is tucked against his side, and she turns her head, pressing her face into his shoulder. He is solid beneath her. Unmoving, and on a world that is permanently in motion—even the ground seems to shift, a quake beneath her feet, a quiet rippling—, it—he—feels suddenly, urgently precious.

He moves. Nuzzles the top of her head, and something passes between them. A sigh, maybe. A silent breath.

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Hello! I popped in here because of the two asks you received about All Might & the Noumu fight!! *^* If you notice, in that particular episode with the fight, All Might's leg trembles just before he lunged into his full-frontal attack. I know I'm a nerd for loving that moment BUT I LOVE THAT MOMENT! Because I feel like it's a window into All Might's pain; like his body is having a hard time holding himself and he's in so much pain and I just adore that small detail!! Sorry!!! \( ; u ; )


FDSKLJFAL;K I had to rewatch the fight to catch it (I missed it the first time I saw the episode) but it’s really delightful in the way that it shows the effort he’s putting into just moving forward and continuing the fight. Dude’s just trying to hold himself together after getting injured in the same place that caused his decline and landed him with a mess of medical complications, and he’s very tired, and forcing himself to stay in that form is probably painful in itself, since his time limit was passed. The drive to protect his students and his place as the Symbol of Peace is more than enough to get him to move, thankfully!!

aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA such a good moment!! I love little physical tics like that, the ones that show you just how fatigued and tired a character is!! Thank you for mentioning it!!

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if you're gonna make me bend the knee, better have a red carpet rolled out at least. (spoiler alert: it's not happening. the North bends no knees anymore.)

if u want that dragonglass u better start oiling those knees boi

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thank you for all the hard work you put into drawing and coloring!! it must be hard to study and still share art with us. thank you very much!!!

Aghh that’s so sweet of you!! o // A // o
Thank you for being so lovely!! 
Well, during the academic year I kinda have a hard time making it work with both uni and art, thus I don’t post that much stuff I’m so sorry, but in a week I’m actually starting my holidays! :3


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