the anointed

  • Alice Cooper: No backsliding - No Cheryl, No Veronica, no Archie
  • Betty: walks to school with Archie
  • Alice Cooper: Cheryl Blossom's River Vixens? After what her brother did to Polly? No way!
  • Betty: I'm damn well going to do it! (Becomes an anointed River Vixen)
  • Alice Cooper: Not Seduce Scarlet! Pink Perfection is more your style!
  • Betty: Uses Seduce Scarlet and plays seductress to the hilt
  • Alice Cooper: I don't want you associating with a bad girl like Veronica Lodge!
  • Betty: goes full dark, no stars with Ronnie to bring down Chuck Clayton and his posse
  • Future scenario
  • Alice Cooper: He's the son of a Serpent, I want you to cut him off completely! And no making out EVER!
  • Betty (to Jughead): Hey there Romeo, get up that ladder tonight! Oh and fair warning, I like to be on top!

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I was checking on your tabs and I noticed a Sheith one and I literally squeak in joy. (Chase I was scared that you were an anti and I had to unfollow and block your amazing blog, which would be a shame cause I absolutely love your art) *sight* being a shaladin shipper, or even loving Shiro, is hard cause we have to dodge antis. But it's worth it when we find cute fanart. Same for Otayuri, people who hate it are anoint, but the fanart and fanfics are amazing

oh lord, the day I become an anti is the day I get disowned by my family and dishonoured my cats. You should all immediately unfollow and block me if that day ever comes pls, i beg. But I hear ya, my friend ;o;  Antis are just… mean but there’s still a loooot of love from the shaladin and ota//yuri fandom so we should just focus on that!!! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Don’t ever think you aren’t good enough, For God has set you apart.
Don’t let the world etch its expectations on your soul, for you were wonderfully created.
Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring your God given beauty, for there is no fault in you.
We were born sinners, transformed into saints by the cleansing blood of Jesus.
You are appointed, anointed and adored.
—  31women (Gabi)
Methods for Spells

TO BIND- wrap in black thread, drip wax over, or seal in a jar and hide it in the dark.

TO BANISH- burn an effect to ash and sweep off the back door step, cast it out a window, or bury in the ground and spit on it

TO ENCOURAGE-  plant it by the front door/steps, bury by a window, or place it on a windowsill

TO HIDE- place in a jar painted black, cover with cloth and bury, or wrap with a ribbon

TO CLEANSE- bury it in a bowl of  salt, burn herbs and pass through the smoke, or lay it in a moonwater bath

TO GLAMOUR- leave under the full moon, hold its reflection over a mirror with herbs, or 

TO WISH- place before a candle and blow it out, drown a coin in water, or let seeds blow into the wind

TO COMMUNICATE- (with a spirit or deity) - anoint a candle, leave out offerings, or open the front doors and windows

TO WARD- leave part of the spell in four corners, draw lines around the protected area, or plant an object of projection in the north, east, south, and west edges

TO CURSE- spit on it, drag your nails down it, or stick sharp things in it

TO DISCOURAGE - plant or bury by the back door, or burn to ash

TO JINX- say it three times out loud, or say a word the same time as someone else

TO MANIPULATE - use wax, use poppets, or tie several strings to pieces of an effect

TO BENEFIT - light a candle, charge a crystal, or create a talisman


Noct and Luna

Luna:Only the True King anointed by the Crystal,can purge our star of  its scourge.

Noctis:You really think I can do that?

Luna:As oracle,I will see to it…
to aid the King is the Oracle’s calling.

Noctis: Then…I guess I can do it.I won’t let  you down.

Luna:I know you won’t.

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Have you ever written about religion on different planets? How do they worship differently on Naboo versus Corellia versus Alderaan, for example?

  • one of those things padme will never be able to fully explain to anakin—sinking down under the water of the bay (like the sea from which all life came and to which all life would return) the chanting voices distended, strange, filtered through the water as she tried to hold her breath. Whenever anakin or obi-wan talk about the force, that’s what she conjures: suspended there in the warmth, light and salt in her eyes.
    • on tatooine they did it differently, she heard—from anakin, dust baths and ash and dryness, skin stretched too-tight over his bones and no water at all. (it was too precious, not even the force would ask that of them. not when they needed it so desperately.)
    • it was strange, the handful of conversations she’d had with senators from other planets, other sectors; bail organa had been anointed in snow, breathing quick because he was not accustomed to mountain elevation. alien species choosing anointings with hrucium, osmium dust, because what did carbon and fatty oil chains mean to them?
      • (The only eternal truth is the Force, the Force universal and unending. It doesn’t matter, what particularities of it are rendered unto you.)
  • leia, alderaanian raised if not quite born, has a theological education heavily rooted in her father’s understanding of the Force, which preaches that silence is complicity and true devotion is the lightsaber. 
    • (obi-wan and bail used to have good-natured arguments about it, whether the Force sought peace and balance, or whether they were too far from balance to ever be content with peace.
    • mostly, breha had found it amusing that she’d married a man who would have been just as happy renouncing his worldly possessions and preaching at the temple on jedha as he was being viceroy of alderaan.)
    • leia doesn’t—think about it much before the destruction of alderaan, except to resent. but then alderaan is gone, alderaan is dead, and all those stupid traditions she’d ignored and resented and rebelled against, the cultured grace and artistry she’d chafed under isn’t an obligation. it’s a relic. (it’s not even a relic, a relic implies there is rubble or pottery shards left, something leia could turn over in her hands; proof that it existed once. the absence of alderaan is its own obligation, heavy and visible only to her.)
    • if she shuts her eyes, she can see her mother lighting the tanough candles, the light in her eyes as she smiled at leia.
      • leia has emergency candles in her pack (practically antiques, but they get the job done, the quartermaster had sighed) and sometimes she takes them out, holds them in her hands under her palms smell of wax, and there are tears prickling at her eyes.
      • she wishes she remembered all the words to the prayers. she wishes she remembered the stories her mother told, her father told, the folk tales and the songs. She wishes—It’s not about anything, but someone ought to remember. (it shouldn’t be her, but she doesn’t know of anyone else.)
  • owen and beru were not terribly religious, several generations removed from the fervent, secretive worship found in the slave quarters of mos espa, and even further away from the core’s way of doing things. (if there’s a bright center to the universe—)
    • but there are things that endure, simply out of habit—luke will never waste salt, never spill it, and somewhere among what little he saved from the fire is a holed stone, which he keeps in his pocket of his flightsuit.
    • this isn’t what luke thinks of, when ben explains what the force is. luke thinks of heat, the sun high above the sand—the thrill of knowing he should have been asleep in his bunk, like the rest of Tatooine at noontide, but instead standing there, on the very edge of the homestead. like the last thing alive in the whole galaxy.
    • he remembers watching the wavering line of the horizon. a line of grey-brown-dust smudges moving slowly, heavily, coming closer until he could make them out—slaves, dressed in robes and cowls, carrying something over their shoulders. there were a few men and women following them, and they were singing—something, luke couldn’t make out words, except that it was high, and sad.
      • it took too long for luke to realize the thing swathed in white was a body, they were going to bury their dead, and he felt himself go hot. immediately, he whipped off his hat and bowed his head, until they were gone off towards the western gorge, and he couldn’t hear the singing anymore.
      • by the time he made his way back to the farm, his neck, ears, scalp, had all blistered from sunsburn. beru had to use a whole tube of bacta, and made him shuck a year’s worth of slatin for sneaking out.)
  • han, corellian-born, has no particular faith—if he wanted to be a jedi, that world was gone by the time he was nine; and if he wanted to be sith, he should have started out as more than just a low-level smuggler and scammer. (they’re burning the world down by the time he understands his options, he never really had a chance.) he figures life is short and brutish and sometimes free, and then you die. end of story.
    • so he’s genuinely shocked and not shocked at all when luke calls himself jedi—might as well, really, aren’t they all weirdos and mystics these days—
      • (it’s a political label more than anything else, right? jedi are for the core and the republic and the rebellion, the force is just their way of dressing up a war.)
    • what are you doing? leia asks sleepily, lifting her head up from where she fell asleep on the dejarik table. han startles, pulling his hand away from the inside of the hull like it suddenly burns.
      nothing, han says. just—saying goodnight.
            to the falcon?
      leia asks with a yawn. why?
      • (han doesn’t have an answer, except that he has always done this, and the falcon has always been safe, flown true. these things aren’t connected, but they are.) I don’t know, he says. the force, probably. go back to sleep, your worship.
      • and she does.
🌿✨ Fairy Altar Tips! ✨🌿

hello loves! I wanted to make a short list of things to include in a springtime fairy altar. Spring has always made me feel drawn to their gentle magick, and i hope to obtain some of it in my own atmosphere. here are some simple things to include in your own fairy shrine:

♡ handfuls of soft grass (remember to say “thank you”)

♡ flat stones found around your neighborhood, either as they are or painted in pretty pastel colors

♡ small jars filled with fine glitter

♡ tiny crystals and tumble stones (rose quartz and tiger’s eye are lovely fairy-drawing choices, for example)

♡ a small mason jar or goblet of fresh water

♡ sticks you’ve found, either as they are or decorated with tied lace, pastel colored threads, acrylic paint, leaves, tied herbs, anything you’d see fit for a fairy wand ~

♡ tiny handwritten notes (write anything you wish)! anointed with flowery oils and placed under dried lemon/orange peels or in tiny jars

♡ fresh flowers of your choice (from the store or picked from nature - not somebody’s yard, unless you have permission)! ~

♡ rosemary, salt, lavender, and nutmeg in small pretty dishes or sprinkled around

♡ a little fairy/animal figurine (or a small photo of such)

happy spring! 🌦


“ You were anointed by God, blessed by the Sun. But you do not yet possess what really matters: the power!  Without it you will perish and all the France along with you. For the king without a castle is no king at all. And now, you dream of paradise, but you must build it for yourself and let the whole world know Louis the Great has arrived. “

(Versailles, 2015)

In case you’ve forgotten, you are REDEEMED. You are FORGIVEN. You are anointed with the precious hands of Jesus. You are LOVED. Satan has no say and no power over you because God has claimed you and spoken life into your dead soul. You are HIS. Believe it, sweet child of the King. You are not alone and you never will be.

Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Revenge Curse

*My spells are okay for any and everyone to use in their craft, not just those who practice Voodoo or Hoodoo*

Oh babies this sure is a NASTY spell. This is a revenge cross/curse. I originally got it years ago from a website and changed a lot of aspects of it. I cannot seem to find the original writer to give them the original credit but if you know please let me know. Again, I have changed a lot about the spell and have made it my own.


  • Spiderwebs, from a very dark place in your home preferably 
  • Black Square of Fabric
  • Dead Insect 
  • Plants or herbs for your intent. I will be using Spanish Moss and the flowers from a Persian Silk Tree 
  • Personal Item of the Person 
  • Black Candle 
  • Oil to anoint the candle with proper intent (Optional, I will be using Black Arts Oil)
  • Small slip of paper
  • Pen (If you can write in bats blood ink that would work amazing too.)


  1. Write what you want to happen to the person on the slip of paper. Do you want them to suffer? Lose their job? 
  2. Anoint the candle in your oil of choice and light it. Imagine everything that will happen with this curse. Really put your energy into it. If you are contacting any specific deity for this, now would be the time. If not, continue. 
  3. As the candle burns, place the cobwebs you obtained into the center of the square. This is to bind and hold. This will stick. 
  4. Take the dead insect and place it inside of the web. This insect represents your victim. They are now stuck in your web. Add the personal item at this point to bind it to them. Bonus points if it is their hair or nails as it will make the spell more likely to work and even stronger. 
  5. Sprinkle any herbs or plants that you gathered into the mixture, visualizing their intent. 
  6. Pour the candle wax into everything. Just onto all of the ingredients. You are sealing them in and there is no turning back at this point. 
  7. Tie everything together with the fabric. Thank your deity if you called them. Go somewhere dark and dank, using the candle as your only light. Like a corner of your basement, a crawlspace under your house, a hole in your closet wall, somewhere like that. Make sure it will get as little light as possible. Once you find a place, blow out the candle and let the smoke linger. Now you will leave it there for either 16 days or 16 weeks, which is 4 months. There is no in between. The number must be 16. So choose the smaller time or the longer time. Either way it will work but I would think of it like this: The longer it stays the more extreme the curse will be, as it builds up over time. Do not look at, touch, or mess with it until it has been either 16 days or 16 weeks. I would count it down to the minute just to be safe. The devil cannot even refuse you when you use the number 16. 
  8. As the time continues, you will notice things start to slowly happen to the person. Small inconveniences. This is when you know that the energy has found the person. It is watching them and waiting on your last command. 
  9. You are now to seal the deal. All of the built up energy in this charm is ready to be released. Take it and (quickly) go to a graveyard. Bury the charm under ground and as soon as it is completely covered, the energy will spark and sink into the ground. Pushed by the spirits, it will find the person you aimed it at and hit them like a ton of bricks.

Warnings: This is a very powerful spell. I would not recommend it if you just want to cause a little bad luck on someone. This is for serious revenge and someone who really deserves it. THIS CURSE CANNOT BE REVERSED. THE CURSE WILL CARRY ON UNTIL IT FEELS IT HAS DONE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF REVENGE FOR YOU. The energy has to go somewhere and if you leave it alone for longer than 16 weeks the spell will hunt you down. If you throw it away it will hunt you down. You cannot back out after the wax is poured. If you choose to stop, before the wax is poured of course, simply take the bug out of the web and bury it and then dispose of the other items.

enchanting items

simple tips on how to enchant/bless items

🌿bury your item with specific herbs/crystals that match your purpose for enchanting.
🌿surround your item with crystals
🌿surround your item with herbs, of corresponding intent
🌿anoint them with oil
🌿charge them with blessed water
🌿hold the item in your hand and chant, visualizing positive energy filling it.
🌿take your item and put it in a box filled with other powerful herbs, crystals, amulets, etc.
🌿meditate with your item, focusing all of your positive energy toward it.

i was thinking of maybe doing a face reveal when i hit 200 followers, what do you guys think?