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The door to the office swings open, and Stiles swears time stops.

The boy looks like a dream, the way the sunlight streams through the open door, lighting up his silhouette as he strides into the cabin. The other teenager is dripping on the floor, tossing his hair back with an annoyed scowl. His white t-shirt clings to his chest, and water droplets fall to the wooden beams in the floor in a steady plop plop plop.

Sharp cheekbones, dark hair, gorgeous green or gray or blue eyes, and Stiles would love to get closer to see exactly what color they are, and ugh, that body.

If Stiles didn’t already know he was bisexual he definitely would know now.

He closes his mouth. “Okay, dad, I changed my mind, I’ll stay for the summer,” he says hastily, and hangs up the phone. It waddles in the dock, curly cord dangling until it stops moving.

The newcomer walks right up to Talia’s desk, leaving wet drip marks all over the floor, and a slack-jawed Stiles in his wake. He wasn’t at lunch earlier, because Stiles definitely would have remembered.

“Mom, what’s this I hear about a hu—”

Stiles can’t hear what Talia says to him, but the boy turns around sharply and locks eyes with Stiles. His mouth falls open a little bit and his nostrils flare.

“Derek, for the last time, you need to properly towel off before you enter any of the cabins. And why were you in the lake fully clothed, anyways?”

Derek scowls. “Laura pushed me in.”

There are certain signs that make Dean Winchester suspect that he’s in love.

It’s the way his heart flutters restlessly whenever he and a now human Cas unexpectedly cross paths in the bunker.

It’s the warm feeling in his gut that he gets whenever Castiel smiles at him, blue eyes wide and genuine.

It’s his very soul, and how it starts singing with joy whenever Castiel simply says his name. Dean. It somehow sounds so much better when Cas is the one saying it.  

However, there are other signs that let Dean know for sure.

It’s how he doesn’t mind when Cas steals his mug of morning coffee with an innocent smile, even when he’s craving that caffeine himself.

It’s how he doesn’t feel annoyed when his favorite shirt suddenly goes missing, and he finds out days later that Cas has borrowed it without politely asking.

It’s how Dean grumpily strides into the kitchen one morning, ready to give Cas a piece of his mind because the fallen angel has used up all of the hot water in the shower yet again, leaving Dean cold and shivery.

He knows he’s in love when he feels all of his anger melt like fresh snow in the watery February sun as soon as Castiel greets him with a warm “Good morning, Dean”.

Dean’s scowl fades as he eyes Cas who’s sitting at the small kitchen table, all bed hair and doe eyes, reading the morning paper while munching on some pancakes. In the back of his mind, Dean just knows that Cas has already solved the daily crossword puzzle on page three, even though that’s Dean’s favorite thing to do. But not even this fuels Dean’s earlier fury, and that’s how he knows he’s a lost cause; love makes blind.

When Dean tentatively sits down beside Cas after pouring himself some coffee, Castiel blushes as he pushes the paper in Dean’s direction, pointing at the surprisingly still empty crossword puzzle.

“I saved this for you, Dean.”

Instead of sharing the crossword, Dean and Castiel share their first kiss. And their second, and their third. His lips turning up into a smile against Castiel’s, Dean decides that he could get used to being in love.

bruhgender  asked:

A1 where dinesh and gilf are both music majors, gilf for guitar or drums and dinesh for piano or clarinet or something.... and they're in a required music theory class together. they both took the class first semester freshman year, gilf to get it out of the way because he thinks its pointless and dinesh because he thinks it's really important and that it will be the foundation of his music education.

Dinesh felt deeply annoyed by the guy in the Fugazi t-shirt who clearly wasn’t taking their music theory class seriously at all.

“Excuse me!” He hurried to catch up to Gilfoyle and waved his hands around to get his attention.

Gilfoyle took his headphones off. “Yeah?”

“Music theory is an incredibly important class that deserves your attention,” he said.

“Are you a T.A.?” Gilfoyle asked.

“No, I’m a concerned fellow student,” Dinesh said.

Gilfoyle snorted. “Look, I don’t care about music theory. You just feel shit out when your hands are on the instrument.”

Dinesh wrinkled his nose. That kind of casual attitude was exactly what he’d hoped to get away from in college. “Then why are you even going to college for music at all? If you can just ‘feel shit out.’”

“My parents would cut me off if I wasn’t in school so.” Gilfoyle shrugged.

“Oh, great, so because you don’t want to pay your own rent, we all have to deal with you playing on your phone and even falling asleep in class?”

Gilfoyle raised an eyebrow. “Why were you watching me so much?”

Dinesh stammered at the unexpected question. “I, um… I was sitting right behind you,” he lied.

“I was in the back row,” Gilfoyle said.

He put a hand on Dinesh’s shoulder and rubbed it a little. Dinesh let out a breath as a rush of excitement shot through him– he momentarily wasn’t worried about why Gilfoyle would do that, it was just thrilling.

Gilfoyle gave him a little smile as he kept rubbing his shoulder and then said, “Hope you’re not too sore from craning your neck so much to watch me all period.”

He walked away. Dinesh watched him go and decided he utterly hated this man.

Riarkle Drabble #18

This drabble was requested by thypoqueen​, livingunafraid, and maddog-sunshine. The prompt is from this post, number 53: “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4 am to go for ice cream?”

Farkle had always been a light sleeper. Combined with his worrisome attitude (that had admittedly gone down in the past years), someone knocking on his window had easily startled him and made him start breathing heavily.

However, he wasn’t too surprise to find Riley Matthews sitting out there in her sweatpants and her old John Quincy Adams t-shirt on. Admittedly, he was a little annoyed, and confused on to how she was able to go out in just a t-shirt in this cold weather.

As soon as he pried the window open, Riley climbed through, throwing his sweater and some socks at him. “We’re going for ice cream,” she told him excitedly, bouncing on her toes as he just stood there, staring at her wide-eyed and a little weirded out.

“What?” he asked her abruptly, still pulling on the sweater and the socks.

“We’re getting ice cream,” she stated simply as if it was the most common thing in the world. She ran out of his room grabbing his sneakers and throwing them in front of him.

Without hesitation he pulled them on, “Why are we going out to ice cream at- what time is it?”

Riley shrugged, guessing instead of pulling out the phone that was in her pocket. “4 in the morning.”

“Who crawls through someone’s window at 4 am to go for ice cream?”  he whisper-shouted at her as to not wake his parents, even though they were probably sleeping at their work again.

“Who gets ready to go out for ice cream without questioning it?” Riley whisper-shouted back. Farkle paused, finally noticing that he’ d been getting ready this whole time without even so much as batting an eye. “Come on,” she begged, grabbing his hands and jumping up and down, “It’s my treat, all you have to do is walk with me.”

“And I had to wake up,” Farkle pointed out.

Rolling her eyes, Riley shook her head, climbing out the window taking Farkle’s scarf and hat on the way out. He followed her, simply, never missing an opportunity to hang out with her and was surprised to see her stop and wrap his scarf around his neck, gently, before situating his hat on his head.

He squinted his eyes at her in confusion, “When did you pick those up?” he asked her as she begin to walk away.

Smiling to herself, Riley glanced at him, “I thought you’d be cold. You’re still not used to not having turtlenecks in the winter,” she shrugged.

Pausing for a moment, Farkle stuck out his hand, making her stop and pulling her back towards him, “You noticed?”

It was Riley’s turn to be confused. She straightened her hat and brushed her hair out of her face before answering, “Why wouldn’t I?”

He didn’t have an answer for that and before he knew it, they were on the road again, except this time, Riley’s hand was firmly interlocked with his. He didn’t even notice until one of his hands felt significantly colder than the other. It was because Riley’s glove was warming up his cold, clammy hand and instead of her pulling him along, she was now walking slower, right beside him.

They walked for a while, making remarks as Riley grew sleepier and sleepier. By the time they arrived at the 24-hour ice cream place, Riley was half-asleep and now, Farkle was wide awake. He threw her arm over his shoulder, carrying her through the shop and placing her at a table as she drowsily asked where they were.

Expecting this, Farkle pulled out his wallet buying him cookie dough and her birthday batter ice cream.

“I was supposed to pay,” she mumbled, her eyes finally beginning to wake up as she began to eat the ice cream.

“Don’t worry, you can get it the next time,” he told her, watching in amusement as her eyes shot up in excitement.

Hope shone through as she looked up at him, “You seriously want to do this, again?” she asked him in disbelief.

He smiled at her and nodded, “Definitely.”

koneko14: Got7′s reaction to seeing you sleeping in one of their over sized T-shirts? Hope I’m not being annoying  and thank you very much!

You aren’t being annoying at all!! Thank you so much for all of your requests, we really appreciate your love for our blog! I hope you enjoy this reaction as well! <3 ~Em

Mark: He would admire how cute you were for a while before climbing into bed next to you and spooning you to fall asleep

Jackson: At first he’d think “So THAT’S where my shirt went!” Then he would try to be quiet with his squealing as he realized how cute you were but he woke you up anyway because he can’t control his volume

JB: he would smile softly and whisper, “omo, my jagi is so cute.” before crawling into bed next to you, pulling you close.

Jr.: he would take pictures of you to remember this by. You better believe he’ll show you all the pictures he took while you were asleep the next day too.

Youngjae: He would have to leave the room because he wouldn’t be able to quietly handle the feels just like Jackson, but unlike Jackson he would go out of his way not to wake you up.

Yugyeom: “Aish, she took my shirt again.” *won’t ever admit he thinks it looks better on you than on him.*

BamBam: He would literally shake you awake, yelling at you to at least ask him before taking his shirt in the future. BamBam don’t mess around when it comes to his fashionista clothing.

Wolfstar Prompt

Based on this prompt: “I know that we’re on the run here, but shouldn’t we follow at least a handful of laws?

  • To say Remus was angry would be an underestimation. He was fuming with rage.
  • He was in line in the local supermarket before a boy- looking around his age- and behind an old lady who was taking 545684 hours at the counter.
  • But that was not the reason Remus was in rage. No. It was because the said old lady and the cashier - a lanky guy with greasy hair- were talking loudly about how “the gays and trans are all fake and how they’ all burn in hell.”
  • Apparently Remus’ t-shirt saying ‘Proud Trans Unicorn’ annoyed both of them. So here he was, trapped and forced to listen about how he was on his way to hell.
  • He realized that he wasn’t the only one annoyed by this. The  boy behind me was constantly rolling his eyes and  sighing loudly periodically. Catching his eyes at some point, Remus sighed loudly and shook his head slightly.
  • At some point, the cashier said something very nasty and looked at Remus right in the eyes.
  • Remus’ patience snapped.
  •  And he thought fuck it.
  • Fuck his recent decision of not doing anything rash and impulsive.
  • He cleared his throat loudly, catching the attention of the two homophobes. He turned and whispered to the boy behind “Sorry” before crashing their mouths.
  • It was quick and really chaste. When he pulled back, the boy simply smirked at him and his eyes rested on the cashier, raising his eyebrows slightly. What will you do now?
  • The old lady surprisingly completed everything and was gone. The cashier passed his things with a sneer but he’d done that quickly.
  • Once finished, Remus decided to go and wait near the exit for the other boy. He wanted to say sorry properly and all that.
  • It was then that he saw two blokes-one of them with long pale blond hair and the other with huge gorilla arms- coming towards him. He had a feeling that they saw the kiss and weren’t really happy about it.
  • “So you little faggot parading your gayness everywhere think you can-”
  • Just then, the boy whom he kissed tapped the blond one on the shoulder. Just as he turned, he punched him hard and grabbed Remus’ hand running. The blond bloke was bending on himself while the gorilla one was looking like lost - not knowing what to do.
  • Remus was running like his life depended on it. The boy pulled him in some alley.
  • They stopped there and the boy blinked at him and suddenly started laughing. Like a full belly laugh with actual tears in his eyes.
  • Remus stared. Because the guy was really pretty and it was only now that he noticed it. He had long black hair, sharp cheekbones and holy shit, narrow grey eyes.
  • “Erm..I know that we’re on the run here, but shouldn’t we follow at least a handful of laws? Like.. you know…continue running or not laughing.”
  • Remus was already feeling embarrassed when the guy stopped laughing and smiled at him. Remus felt his breath catching in his throat.
  • “Nah, it’s fine. I don’t think they’ll follow us.” He winked? WINKED!!! at Remus.
  • “Erm listen. I’m really sorry I kissed you like that all of sudden. I shouldn’t have done that but-”
  • Sirius had moved really close and had his finger on his lips and was looking at him intently.
  • “Hey no. Don’t be. It really shut up those two twats. And…I..erm..quite enjoyed it.”
  • Sirius cheeks were bright red and Remus was sure he looked just as such.
  • At the end of the day, Remus was feeling particularly glad. He had the number of the guy- Sirius- and a coffee date for the next day. 
No One Needs To Know, Chapter Three

Chapter three of what is now a four chapter fic.

“Bell’my!” Clarke slurred as she pounded on his door.  “Bell’my, I know you’re in there.”

Bellamy opened the door wearing raggedy sweatpants, a worn-t shirt, glasses, and an annoyed expression.  “It’s finals,” he grumped.

“For you.  I’m done.  Three years of college down, one to go,” she bragged and tripped across his threshold.  Officially, she was drunk and horny and what she wanted was to get laid, so coming to Bellamy’s apartment was a dumb idea as that broke at least two of their rules (no drunk sex and no rebound sex) but halfway through her fourth gin and tonic with Raven (they had become fast friends after realizing they shared a dorm bathroom and an ex boyfriend) she realized she didn’t feel like celebrating the end of finals or being single again.  She felt like seeing Bellamy, so here she was.

“Well congratulations.  I still have a paper due in forty-eight hours.”

“So work on it.  I won’t stop you,” she said in a faux-attempt at breeziness.  She grabbed a beer stein from his cupboard and filled it all the way to the brim with water.

“What happened?”

“Nothing,” she lied and noisily slurped her water.

“Clarke,” he warned.

“Fine.  Lexa and I are done, but I’m fine okay?  I’m fine.  I’m fine.”

“Are you fine?  If you have to say it five times?”

“I’m fine,” she said firmly.  “I was just out celebrating and I wanted to see you.”

Read the rest on Ao3.

Its so annoying when white girls wear these t-shirts with Asian words on them. Like I realize I don’t have a sensible reason to be so annoyed, it’s just one of those pet peeves y'know? idk it just irks me especially when their fuckin Instagram bios have random Asian words and then “kawaii” emojis like 🍡 or🌸 because they think they’re fuckin anime pastel princesses lmao I bet your super weaboo moon child Korean bio translates to “potato” or something and you’ll never know cause YOU DONT SPEAK KOREAN