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Cat Got Your Tongue Pt.2 (M)

Taco’s not so fluffy anymore, and you run into quite a few unexpected faces.

Word count: 7.4 k

Genre: Comedy, smut, fluff, a touch of angst, a lot of naked Tae

A/N: Hi! I’m so sorry this took forever to come out and I really hope I did it justice. Thank you everyone who was so patient with me, I really appreciate you all and your understanding means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think! Special thanks to @jiminniemouse @seoulscapes & @kittae for proofreading this trash and motivating me to complete it!

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Hey you! I have a ton of products up on RedBubble now! So much so that I can’t post even half of them here. So here’s just one of the 7 collections I  have there.
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When I was a freshman in high school the seniors in my art class thought I was a junior and they always gave me advice about senior year. (Some of the teachers that didn’t really know me thought I was older too…I think it was more the way I acted idk)

And now I’m going to be 21 in 5 months and I spent last weekend riding a helicopter (this is relevant because you had to be 16+ to ride on the outside seat) and all the volunteers asked how old I was throughout the entire signing up process.

They all thought I was 15 next to my actual-15-year-old sister.

Protector (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You’d never thought of Peter as the kind to starts fights at school but here he was, sitting beside you on the cold floor of a supply closet, bleeding and bruised.

Warnings: Blood, violence (a fight, basically), Sad!Peter. 

Word Count: 2,236

You were picked up your textbooks and notebooks, hugging them to your chest and walked briskly out of the classroom. It had been a long and terribly boring school day, as most school days were at the end of the year. The popular guys were pissing off the teachers and talking loudly, the more fashionable girls were Snap-chatting in class, and the teachers were fed up with everyone but still sane enough to give out detention slips. You balanced your binders on your knee while trying to open your locker as quickly as possible, eager to get on the bus to go home. It was Friday, and school was ending next week, much to everyone’s relief. A text from Peter just minutes before had left you in good spirits; he asked to come over like always for a Friday night movie marathon with Michelle and Ned, set with popcorn, ice cream and junk food of every kind. Stuffing things into your backpack and slamming the locker shut, you started down the hallway. The loud chatter from other students passing you gradually got more quiet as people in the very front of the school grew deadly still and began to crowd around something, blocking the entire hall. Whispers and muttering broke out, students everywhere desperate to get to the front where pushing and shoving your small form. Suddenly, a loud, collective gasp came from somewhere in front, followed by laughter and something being banged against what could only be a locker. You huffed loudly, just wanting to get to the buses until-

“Parker, Parker, Parker…” The students in the front chanted, jeering even louder now. Your eyes widened and the breath left your lungs. You shoved people aside, ignoring their grumbles and cursing to break into the inner circle. Another loud metal bang echoed, almost drowned by the loud laughter. Charging through row after row of high schoolers, you ignored the sharp jabs to your stomach from different restless kids. Maybe it isn’t him. You think, already knowing the answer. C’mon Peter, please don’t tell me it’s you out there. Reaching the inner circle, you desperately tried to squeeze between the line of tall guys that stood in front. You duck down, finding a little crack between the wall of jocks to look though. Sure enough, Peter’s beat up sneakers were just visible as he was pushed backwards against the line of lockers.

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Dating Sebastian Stan Would Include:
(Part 1)

- Constantly FaceTimeing or Skyping while he’s away
- Holding hands while driving
- Him driving whenever you guys go anywhere together
- Taking pictures of each other all the time when the other isn’t looking
- Experimenting with different foods at restaurants
- Buying each other cheap little souvenirs just to put a smile on each other’s face
- Sitting up together when one of you can’t sleep
- Singing together in the car
- Him constantly reassuring you
- You becoming good friends with the people he works with (especially Anthony Mackie)
- Him being super romantic all the time
- Talking to him whenever you have a problem because he always helps to rationalize your thoughts and steer you in the right direction
- Back rubs. Giving and receiving.
- Lingering kisses before bed
- Being completely open with one another
- Trusting each other wholeheartedly
- Never going to bed angry with one another
- Usually he apologizes first after arguments even if he’s in the right because he hates fighting with you
- Stealing his t-shirts
- Him not even pretending to be annoyed by you stealing his shirts because he loves to see you in them
- Suddenly all those people who say that their best friend is their significant other make a whole lot more sense

Girlfriend: Irene | Headcanons

okay lawd let’s start

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  • type of gf who says she always thinks of you and actually means it
  • becomes hesitant in the beginning of the relationship in terms of initiating things
  • she wants to ensure you want the relationship too
  • but when she’s absolutely sure and confident, even then she doesn’t bombard you with barrages of texts every day
  • she doesn’t want to annoy you
  • gives you souvenirs after EVERY tour
  • bracelets, T-shirts, blankets, etc
  • cooks for you when she can
  • breakfast in bed every morning you can share together
  • doesn’t admit it, but dresses up for you most of time
  • like she hates it when you see her with just a bare/no makeup face
  • except when you pepper her face with kisses when she wakes up, then she’s more than confident
  • is so happy when she sees you and the rest of the Red Velvet girls getting along
  • she loves seeing her favorite people so happy and friendly together
  • keeps anything related to a comeback a secret
  • she wants you to be surprised and proud of her
  • excessive cuddling and constant backhugs
  • seriously Joohyun backhugs you so much, she barely knows what to do with her arms sometimes when she isn’t holding you
  • she loves when you two are late up at night and the room’s dark and all she can feel is you locked in her arms as she holds you and warms your forehead with occasional kisses
  • inviting Wendy over for “weekly cooking night”
  • in which you three cook something and then while waiting for it to cool off, Joohyun plays on her phone and you sit on her lap and Wendy just awkwardly stands there by the oven
  • and when the food’s actually ready to eat, Joohyun whines when you try to leave and keeps postponing eating time until she’s done playing Angry Birds because she wants to eat with you
  • and then ten minutes elapse and you and Wendy are like, “Fuck it”
  • And Irene’s pissed
  • “Fine, go sleep with Wendy then!”
  • “When you need someone to cuddle, Seungwan can help you, right?”
  • but then she immediately softens when you feed her and she’s a great big cuddly mess and she apologizes to Wendy and Wendy just holds her head and is like, “It’s okay. I get it. It’s okay”
  • literally praises everything you do
  • like you can trip down thirty-seven flights of stairs and Joohyun’s like, “Babe, are you okay? Great job on not hurting yourself too bad, though!”
  • “Babe, this cake is so good! You killed it!”
  • “Ohmagosh, babe, you’re like Picasso, that’s great!”
  • but also offers constructive criticism when you need it
  • in the sweetest, kindest way
  • like she’s not holding back, but she’s also showing she’s doing it because she loves you
  • secretly loves when you startle her on purpose
  • like I know she should be really pissed and stuff, but she loves the way you laugh so hard at it
  • so she literally is so EXTRA with it sometimes
  • oh, and speaking of extra
  • that random shit she does in the music videos
  • like the lip bites and winks and hair flips
  • YUP
  • she knows how it effects you so with every scene she’s like, “What can I do to make (Y/N) break a sweat?”
  • and BAAAM
  • and like she doesn’t give two shits when the fans are like “IRENE GOD YOU’RE SO HOT I CAN’T”
  • it’s when you say it
  • that’s when it starts to matter
  • then when she hears it from fans, her pride just mounts
  • and when you go to a Red Velvet concert, she tells herself not to dedicate all her attention to you
  • but then Be Natural comes on and she HAS TO BE EXTRA
  • just because she knows what it does to you
  • like she stares at you the whole time
  • and all the fans in front of you are like “OMG IRENE’S STARING AT ME OMG”
  • and Irene winks cuz she’s not staring at them
  • she’s staring at you
  • going grocery shoppping every Saturday and having the best time
  • when she goes with the Red Velvet members, she’s mainly too busy solemnly buying all the groceries for the dorm to really have fun
  • but on Saturday, you just stroll around and buy things you might need
  • and Irene cracks up watching you put on hats and dance to EXO in the middle of the video game aisle
  • and lowkey lets you sit in the cart sometimes
  • slaps your ass like thirty-eight times
  • then pretends she didn’t do it and nonchalantly reaches over your head to get a pack of bacon
  • and “accidentally” slaps your forehead with it
  • then bursts into laughter cuz she just can’t hold it anymore
  • randomly stares at you for like a whole minute just to annoy you
  • or to test if you’re even paying attention to her
  • like you two’ll be hanging with Wendy and Seulgi
  • and Wendy and Seulgi will be in there own world talking and you’ll just be alone eating
  • and you’ll revert your eyes over by Seulgi’s shouler and see Irene just piercing holes into your eyes and you’re just like ‘O’
  • and then she smiles and pretends absolutely nothing happened
  • mostly does this to sexually frustrate you
  • and prevails
  • every single time

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member: Changkyun x Reader

Word Count: 1,656

a/n: This is the second part. Enjoy!! Feedback is highly encouraged!! I know I said the next parts would be at least 2k-3k but I’m posting as I finish writing each part and this is all I was able to get for this part am sorreh..

DrabblePart 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 (Final)


affinity- a spontaneous or natural liking for someone or something

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For the following two weeks, the two of you seemed to be working in and out of busy schedules, and the one day that seemed like you were finally going to spend together, a last minute surprise arose.

The knocks on the door made Changkyun groan and furrow his eyebrows together as he took up the space in the living room. He waited a few seconds for you to appear and answer it in his place but when the knocks continued and you didn’t show up, he stood up.

He reached for the door handle and opened the door, leaving a gap for him to see who it was. His eyebrows further knitted at the sight of a guy, probably a year or two older than him, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands. The guy seemed just as taken aback as Changkyun and him exchanged stares. It took a second too long before either one finally spoke, the guy looked at the apartment number and back at Changkyun, chuckling slightly in embarrassment.

“By any chance, does Y/N live here?” he asked, and Changkyun’s eyes widened, “U-Uh, Y/N? Yea she does, um, who’s asking?” Changkyun asked, standing a little straighter. The guy knitted his eyebrows for a second before relaxing his features, except his posture seemed to become tense.

Before he was able to reply to Changkyun, you had already made your way to the door and were pushing Changkyun to the side. “Hi w-what- I didn’t know you’d come, what are you doing here?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest. “I-I was trying to surprise you but, I got pretty surprised myself” he replied, nodding his head to the inside of the apartment and you realized he was talking about Changkyun.

“Oh yea, him, he’s my roommate” you said indifferently and his smile faltered, “Ah, I see, I wasn’t able to introduce myself properly because I was kinda confused” he added with a chuckle and your eyes widened. “Oh well come inside” you said, stepping away from the door for him to walk inside. Changkyun lay on the couch where he had been before, and you cleared your throat to get his attention. If you didn’t know better, you’d believe he was entirely oblivious to your presence and that of your date.

“Changkyun can you come?” you asked from the dining table as you took the bouquet from your date and fixed in on a vase.

You saw Changkyun move lazily towards the two of you with a forced smirk. “This is Changkyun, my roommate, Changkyun, this is my date” you said, finding yourself picking at your fingernails with your fingers as the two exchanged looks. You didn’t exactly hate introducing others to Changkyun, but you weren’t a fan of the idea either. It was like oil and water, your life in your apartment with Changkyun, and your life outside of your home just didn’t sit well. Especially, when it came to dating. You knew nothing of Changkyun’s love life, and for the first unfortunate time, he’d find out about yours.

In contrast to the relaxed confidence your date was radiating as he held his hand out for Changkyun to shake, Changkyun looked careless, but he awkwardly took your dates hand with a smile you knew was of pretense and something else you couldn’t figure out. “Nice to meet you man, I hope I didn’t get your hopes up in thinking the flowers were for you” your date joked and Changkyun grinned, making your shoulders relax a little.

“My heart fluttered a bit but no hard feelings” Changkyun said, earning a snicker from you. “Well, nice to meet you too, I’ll leave you be” Changkyun said, putting his hands in the pockets of his sweats as he nodded and turned away towards his bedroom. You finally let go of your distressed fingernails and turned to your date, who smiled, “So, you have a guy roommate, must be fun” he said, a hint of jealousy tinting his words.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “He’s a good friend, and we have a strict just roommates relationship” you commented and he nodded.

“Let’s head out and get some food” he then said and you smiled with a nod.

You made your way into the apartment and dropped yourself on the couch, not taking notice of Changkyun who was now walking back from the kitchen. “How’d it go?” he asked, shoving your legs so he could sit. You picked them up as he sat and placed them over his lap. “It was okay” you commented softly, letting out an exhale, “I’m sorry for this morning, I had no idea” you added, and Changkyun shrugged. “It’s whatever” he said calmly, tapping your shins like if they were a drum set.

You smirked and closed your eyes, thinking about the conversation you had with your date half an hour ago.

“This is going to sound stupid jealous and petty but… I’m not really comfortable with your roommate being a guy” he said, his eyebrows knitted slightly as he rubbed his thumb over your hand. You furrowed your eyebrows, “Yea that does sound jealous and petty” you said with a scoff. “I know I just… maybe if I get to know him I’ll change my mind” he had said with a slight shrug and a shake of his head as he looked away from you.

You shook your head, “No, look, most of the time we’re not even home at the same time and the whole, becoming friends with your roommate’s dates, is against our roommate policy” you commented, pulling your hands away from his own. You could have brought up the fact that he wasn’t even your boyfriend to set boundaries for you, which frankly boundaries still bothered you even if he was your boyfriend. You refrained from saying more however.

It had ended somewhere after changing topic, the air between the two of you slightly heavier and no longer bringing Changkyun up. “I thought you didn’t like flowers?” Changkyun said and you opened your eyes to look at him as he squeezed your calves. “I don’t, well, not those at least” you replied and the two of you giggled. “How long have you been dating him?” Changkyun asked, averting his gaze from you and massaging your legs.

You remained silent for a minute or two, his interest in your relationship causing you to debate whether you wanted to tell him or not. “Like a month” you said nearly under your breath. You felt his hands stiffen on your legs for half a second before he continued his ministrations. “Why?” you then added and he turned to you with a small smirk. He scratched his neck and sighed, “I had no clue you were seeing someone” he said, his smile widening but for some reason, it didn’t seem convincing.

You stared at him with a simper, “You weren’t supposed to have a clue” you replied through a chuckle. Changkyun turned away from you and grinned, “A month… I guess it would happen eventually” he said and you shrugged.

Another few days without seeing much trace of each other went by. You were working on and off with your date since he brought up his displeasure with Changkyun as your roommate. He’d constantly want to go see you despite how much you protested against the idea. You began closing the store and racking all the clothes out of place. “I think he probably sees your roommate as competition, you know, since he isn’t your boyfriend yet” your friend said, scrunching her nose at the last words. You groaned and dropped your shoulders, “It’s annoying, and I’m sure if he starts going over, he’ll probably annoy Changkyun too” you said, roughly hanging a t-shirt. “What does roommate guy think of date guy?” your friend asked with a grin and you couldn’t help but snicker. “Nothing, Changkyun sounds like he doesn’t care about the guy” you said, eyebrows raised as you lifted your hands in question.

Your friend giggled and followed behind you, “Can I ask you something?” she asked and you hummed. “Did you ever like roommate guy? Like romantically?” she asked and you suddenly stopped walking. You stared at the clothes in your arms and took in a sharp breath, “I don’t know… I mean, I always tried not to since we’re roommates, I just thought being in a relationship would complicate things” you answered, picking out a pair of jeans and beginning to walk again. “Ah, makes sense” your friend said, “You seem to know him real well though… wait- do you talk about roommate guy a lot in front of date guy?” she asked and you pursed your lips in thought, “I don’t think so? I mean he had no idea I had a guy roommate prior to their encounter. As a matter of fact, ever since, all date guy talks about is roommate guy” you said in realization, turning to your friend with eyes wide.

The two of you stared at each other with surprise before bursting out into laughter. “Maybe date guy wants to switch you for roommate guy” your friend said, still laughing. You nodded and frowned, “Imagine that” you said. You shook your head and continued hanging and folding clothes for the next hour.

By the time you got home, your feet ached and you dropped your bag by the door along with your shoes. The apartment was dark and only lit by the big television screen. You squinted and found Changkyun already staring back at you with a soft smirk. You let out a sigh and waved, plopping down next to him. “My feet hurt” you said, slouching slightly as Changkyun smiled.

He patted his thighs, signaling for you to place your legs on them, which you gladly did. He rubbed your feet gently and you sighed, “Can we watch something?” you asked quietly, making Changkyun grin, “Sure”.

Jeon Jungkook as your best friend (girl)

just a small list presenting how it would be to have JK as your best friend

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  •  his everyday greeting to you would be teasing you about whatever he can
  •  lots of teasing (if you’re short you’d never hear the end of it)
  •  constantly showing off in front of you to prove he is better than you
  •  him randomly back hugging you to annoy you, quickly upping his game if it doesn’t work
  •  playing a lot of games with you, never letting you win
  •  if you do win, he quickly shuts up and finds any other reason for why he’s still better
  •  waking you up in the middle of the night by sending you funny videos and memes
  •  his weirdness rubbing off on you and the two of you constantly jumping around dancing
  •  he definitely had a minor crush on you at some point
  •  despite his constant teasing, thinks you’re by far the coolest girl he has met
  •  gets jealous if you spend too much time with another member instead of him, but refuses to admit it
  •  calls you over to make him feel better when he’s sad
  •  eats the leftovers of you’re food when you’re too full to finish it
  •  doesn’t have to think twice when he shares his food with you
  •  gets annoyed when you wear his hoodies and t-shirts
  •  always makes you watch movies with him and keeps you up all night
  •  nonstop makes you laugh
  •  becomes superclingy if there’s something bothering him
  •  does anything to make you smile if you’re sad
  •  willing to beat the shit out of anyone who hurts you
  •  loves fishing for your compliments
  •  always has something up his sleeves
  •  immediately planning his devious payback if you prank him with taehyung
  •  hates it when you ignore him
  •  if you fought, he’s always too stubborn to be the first one to apologize
  •  but breaks from guilt and apologizes first anyway
  •  making you ride all the scariest rides at amusement parks
  •  laughing when you scream
  •  buys you ice cream
  •  gives you the warmest hug after not having seen you for a long time 
  •  awkward when you talk about serious things but ends up making you feel better anyway
  •  he’s always there for you and you for him

hope you liked this! ❤

Whipped Cream and Cuddles

Paring: Miniminter x reader

Word Count: 2,252 (sorry, I had fun)

Warnings: Couple of swears

Requested: Yes!


Y/N - Your name

Simon and I have been friends for years, since we met in secondary school. We didn’t go to the same fine institute of education (lol), he was at a private college while I attended a public school across the city.  We were introduced by a mutual friend at a party; the football loving giant, and the shy, bookish girl.  Despite these differences in personality, we hit it off immediately and have remained friends up to this day.  I went to university in London, while he started a YouTube channel and became the teen heart-throb who inspires hysteria in millions of pre-teen and teenage girls across the globe, a fact I never let him forget.

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More Katsudeku headcanons

  • Closet pervert Deku likes to play footsie under the table
  • Kacchan didn’t expect something like that from Izuku the first time it happened
  • Kacchan’s phone background is a photo of Deku
  • Closet pervert Deku knows far more things about sex than he’s willing to admit (expecially kinky things)
  • They sneak in each other room at night only when they’re sure Aizawa is with All Might (he doesn’t patroll halls if he’s busy with his boyfriend lol)
  • Deku borrows Kacchan’s t-shirts all the time
  • Kacchan pretends to be annoyed but it actually makes him happy

Headcanons of domestic old married couple Isak and Even. 

  • Isak is very spoiled at home by his adoring boyfriend. 
  • All Isak has to do is bat his eyelashes and pepper Even with kisses and Even will do whatever he asks. 
  • Isak and Even waste so much time bickering over chores. The job being argued over could be completed in the time of their argument. 
  • The first load of washing Isak did, whites and colors. Even would have been annoyed if he hadn’t loved his new t-dye t-shirts so much.
  • Isak is supervised in the kitchen when the meal isn’t canned or boxed.
  • Even has (subtly) tried to teach Isak how to cook. 
  • Eskild has also (not so subtly) tried to teach Isak how to cook
  • If Jonas, Magnus, and Mahdi are over when Even is at work, they instinctively order takeaway for lunch/dinner.
  • Isak and Even have different cleaning techniques when cleaning the apartment. Even uses different sprays and cloths for each area. Isak just uses one cloth and spray for the whole of their home. 
  • Living with Isak has brought out the inner neat freak in Even. 
  • When Isak and Even first moved in, they constantly bumped into each other. It wasn’t cute like the movies. Frustrated questions of “Could you move,” “Excuse me” and “Can you wait,” were used a lot.
  • Isak and Even had a certain amount of money that could have bought a range of appliances for the kitchen instead they went with the TV. 
  • Even loses EVERYTHING. Isak always ends up finding the lost item. 
  • At least once a day they have a conversation of Even asking, “Have you seen my..?” with Isak sighing and replying, “Here.”
  • Losing his possessions isn’t the only reason why Even runs late for work. His very cute boyfriend is a strong contributing factor.
  • Isak and Even share a wardrobe. It’s not surprising they wear matching outfits. (They so do couples costumes on Halloween!). 
  • Isak and Even are definitely that annoying yet adorable couple who finishes each other’s sentences.

anonymous asked:

I️m laughing cos I️ came on to ask your opinion on Jop*z sex. There is a conversation happening right now that basically indicates we have to be heavily prepared for it to happen. The show opening with Jug on his laptop in his jammies and the potential for Toni to walk out in his t-shirt. I️ can’t tell if I’m more annoyed at our shipmates or petrified this could happen... thoughts?

annoyed. they’re spreading panic for nothing. first of all, lili said that toni wasn’t an enemy to bughead shippers. that leads me to believe after their kiss, and bughead gets back together, it’s strictly platonic. along with that, cole implied that jughead liked the attention rather than actually had feelings for toni. he also said maybe the kiss wasn’t sexual it was, again, platonic and he went along with it because he liked the positive attention. while sex can definitely be more emotional rather than sexual– toni and jughead have known each other for (and i’m being generous) two weeks. they don’t have a deep emotional bond that would make them having sex anything other than sexual. cole also when asked if he thought the jop*z kiss was going to be damaging to bughead, he said “i don’t know. i don’t think so.” if jug lost his virginity to toni, it would be a fatal blow. betty would be crushed. i don’t think she’d be able to get past it, and the way everybody is talking, it’s pretty obvious that betty and jughead get back together. i mean, they still talk about them like they’re a couple even though they just broke up. plus, lili is still a huge bughead fan. i can’t see her being so supportive of their relationship if jughead slept with toni. she’s a betty stan above anything else 

let’s also remember that jughead just got the shit kicked out of him. that kiss probably hurt, but could you imagine how painful sex would be for somebody that’s completely covered in bruises and cuts? 

also, this quote: 

“she’s in love with jughead, and is happy being with him”

came well after the filming of episodes 5 and 6 


Thank you @sherlove-freebatch for helping me find @pembroke who is the artist of our lovely little cartoon above!! Thanks for the inspiration for this little fic :)

Stiles doesn’t know exactly when it began. No, that’s a lie, it started with the Fairy Incident of July. What he means, is he doesn’t know when it became normal. The first time it happened was last year with those godforsaken fairies.

The Big Bad wasn’t exactly big, but damnit, they were mean.

It had begun as pranks almost, little things done around the pack as inconveniences and something to roll your eyes and sigh at. Things like adding blue hair dye to Isaac’s conditioner. (Scott’s blush when he let the word ‘cute’ slip made Stiles ‘aww’ resulting in a nice bruise on the arm from Isaac.) Then it was the thing where all the forks in Derek’s apartment up and disappeared. Then Boyd’s car got saran-wrapped.

Easy stuff, really inconsequential. Sure, it was annoying and made Erica wolf out when her favorite t-shirt had a smiley face cut out of it, but it wasn’t like they were actually hurting them. Derek decided it was probably best to leave them alone and leave them shiny trinkets in the forest to keep the pranks from persisting.

It worked, too. (Crazy? Stiles definitely agrees.) They have a nice month of quiet and the settling feeling of their territory being at peace. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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