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Dating Sebastian Stan Would Include:
(Part 1)

- Constantly FaceTimeing or Skyping while he’s away
- Holding hands while driving
- Him driving whenever you guys go anywhere together
- Taking pictures of each other all the time when the other isn’t looking
- Experimenting with different foods at restaurants
- Buying each other cheap little souvenirs just to put a smile on each other’s face
- Sitting up together when one of you can’t sleep
- Singing together in the car
- Him constantly reassuring you
- You becoming good friends with the people he works with (especially Anthony Mackie)
- Him being super romantic all the time
- Talking to him whenever you have a problem because he always helps to rationalize your thoughts and steer you in the right direction
- Back rubs. Giving and receiving.
- Lingering kisses before bed
- Being completely open with one another
- Trusting each other wholeheartedly
- Never going to bed angry with one another
- Usually he apologizes first after arguments even if he’s in the right because he hates fighting with you
- Stealing his t-shirts
- Him not even pretending to be annoyed by you stealing his shirts because he loves to see you in them
- Suddenly all those people who say that their best friend is their significant other make a whole lot more sense


Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member: Changkyun x Reader

Word Count: 1,656

a/n: This is the second part. Enjoy!! Feedback is highly encouraged!! I know I said the next parts would be at least 2k-3k but I’m posting as I finish writing each part and this is all I was able to get for this part am sorreh..

DrabblePart 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 (Final)


affinity- a spontaneous or natural liking for someone or something

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For the following two weeks, the two of you seemed to be working in and out of busy schedules, and the one day that seemed like you were finally going to spend together, a last minute surprise arose.

The knocks on the door made Changkyun groan and furrow his eyebrows together as he took up the space in the living room. He waited a few seconds for you to appear and answer it in his place but when the knocks continued and you didn’t show up, he stood up.

He reached for the door handle and opened the door, leaving a gap for him to see who it was. His eyebrows further knitted at the sight of a guy, probably a year or two older than him, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands. The guy seemed just as taken aback as Changkyun and him exchanged stares. It took a second too long before either one finally spoke, the guy looked at the apartment number and back at Changkyun, chuckling slightly in embarrassment.

“By any chance, does Y/N live here?” he asked, and Changkyun’s eyes widened, “U-Uh, Y/N? Yea she does, um, who’s asking?” Changkyun asked, standing a little straighter. The guy knitted his eyebrows for a second before relaxing his features, except his posture seemed to become tense.

Before he was able to reply to Changkyun, you had already made your way to the door and were pushing Changkyun to the side. “Hi w-what- I didn’t know you’d come, what are you doing here?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest. “I-I was trying to surprise you but, I got pretty surprised myself” he replied, nodding his head to the inside of the apartment and you realized he was talking about Changkyun.

“Oh yea, him, he’s my roommate” you said indifferently and his smile faltered, “Ah, I see, I wasn’t able to introduce myself properly because I was kinda confused” he added with a chuckle and your eyes widened. “Oh well come inside” you said, stepping away from the door for him to walk inside. Changkyun lay on the couch where he had been before, and you cleared your throat to get his attention. If you didn’t know better, you’d believe he was entirely oblivious to your presence and that of your date.

“Changkyun can you come?” you asked from the dining table as you took the bouquet from your date and fixed in on a vase.

You saw Changkyun move lazily towards the two of you with a forced smirk. “This is Changkyun, my roommate, Changkyun, this is my date” you said, finding yourself picking at your fingernails with your fingers as the two exchanged looks. You didn’t exactly hate introducing others to Changkyun, but you weren’t a fan of the idea either. It was like oil and water, your life in your apartment with Changkyun, and your life outside of your home just didn’t sit well. Especially, when it came to dating. You knew nothing of Changkyun’s love life, and for the first unfortunate time, he’d find out about yours.

In contrast to the relaxed confidence your date was radiating as he held his hand out for Changkyun to shake, Changkyun looked careless, but he awkwardly took your dates hand with a smile you knew was of pretense and something else you couldn’t figure out. “Nice to meet you man, I hope I didn’t get your hopes up in thinking the flowers were for you” your date joked and Changkyun grinned, making your shoulders relax a little.

“My heart fluttered a bit but no hard feelings” Changkyun said, earning a snicker from you. “Well, nice to meet you too, I’ll leave you be” Changkyun said, putting his hands in the pockets of his sweats as he nodded and turned away towards his bedroom. You finally let go of your distressed fingernails and turned to your date, who smiled, “So, you have a guy roommate, must be fun” he said, a hint of jealousy tinting his words.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “He’s a good friend, and we have a strict just roommates relationship” you commented and he nodded.

“Let’s head out and get some food” he then said and you smiled with a nod.

You made your way into the apartment and dropped yourself on the couch, not taking notice of Changkyun who was now walking back from the kitchen. “How’d it go?” he asked, shoving your legs so he could sit. You picked them up as he sat and placed them over his lap. “It was okay” you commented softly, letting out an exhale, “I’m sorry for this morning, I had no idea” you added, and Changkyun shrugged. “It’s whatever” he said calmly, tapping your shins like if they were a drum set.

You smirked and closed your eyes, thinking about the conversation you had with your date half an hour ago.

“This is going to sound stupid jealous and petty but… I’m not really comfortable with your roommate being a guy” he said, his eyebrows knitted slightly as he rubbed his thumb over your hand. You furrowed your eyebrows, “Yea that does sound jealous and petty” you said with a scoff. “I know I just… maybe if I get to know him I’ll change my mind” he had said with a slight shrug and a shake of his head as he looked away from you.

You shook your head, “No, look, most of the time we’re not even home at the same time and the whole, becoming friends with your roommate’s dates, is against our roommate policy” you commented, pulling your hands away from his own. You could have brought up the fact that he wasn’t even your boyfriend to set boundaries for you, which frankly boundaries still bothered you even if he was your boyfriend. You refrained from saying more however.

It had ended somewhere after changing topic, the air between the two of you slightly heavier and no longer bringing Changkyun up. “I thought you didn’t like flowers?” Changkyun said and you opened your eyes to look at him as he squeezed your calves. “I don’t, well, not those at least” you replied and the two of you giggled. “How long have you been dating him?” Changkyun asked, averting his gaze from you and massaging your legs.

You remained silent for a minute or two, his interest in your relationship causing you to debate whether you wanted to tell him or not. “Like a month” you said nearly under your breath. You felt his hands stiffen on your legs for half a second before he continued his ministrations. “Why?” you then added and he turned to you with a small smirk. He scratched his neck and sighed, “I had no clue you were seeing someone” he said, his smile widening but for some reason, it didn’t seem convincing.

You stared at him with a simper, “You weren’t supposed to have a clue” you replied through a chuckle. Changkyun turned away from you and grinned, “A month… I guess it would happen eventually” he said and you shrugged.

Another few days without seeing much trace of each other went by. You were working on and off with your date since he brought up his displeasure with Changkyun as your roommate. He’d constantly want to go see you despite how much you protested against the idea. You began closing the store and racking all the clothes out of place. “I think he probably sees your roommate as competition, you know, since he isn’t your boyfriend yet” your friend said, scrunching her nose at the last words. You groaned and dropped your shoulders, “It’s annoying, and I’m sure if he starts going over, he’ll probably annoy Changkyun too” you said, roughly hanging a t-shirt. “What does roommate guy think of date guy?” your friend asked with a grin and you couldn’t help but snicker. “Nothing, Changkyun sounds like he doesn’t care about the guy” you said, eyebrows raised as you lifted your hands in question.

Your friend giggled and followed behind you, “Can I ask you something?” she asked and you hummed. “Did you ever like roommate guy? Like romantically?” she asked and you suddenly stopped walking. You stared at the clothes in your arms and took in a sharp breath, “I don’t know… I mean, I always tried not to since we’re roommates, I just thought being in a relationship would complicate things” you answered, picking out a pair of jeans and beginning to walk again. “Ah, makes sense” your friend said, “You seem to know him real well though… wait- do you talk about roommate guy a lot in front of date guy?” she asked and you pursed your lips in thought, “I don’t think so? I mean he had no idea I had a guy roommate prior to their encounter. As a matter of fact, ever since, all date guy talks about is roommate guy” you said in realization, turning to your friend with eyes wide.

The two of you stared at each other with surprise before bursting out into laughter. “Maybe date guy wants to switch you for roommate guy” your friend said, still laughing. You nodded and frowned, “Imagine that” you said. You shook your head and continued hanging and folding clothes for the next hour.

By the time you got home, your feet ached and you dropped your bag by the door along with your shoes. The apartment was dark and only lit by the big television screen. You squinted and found Changkyun already staring back at you with a soft smirk. You let out a sigh and waved, plopping down next to him. “My feet hurt” you said, slouching slightly as Changkyun smiled.

He patted his thighs, signaling for you to place your legs on them, which you gladly did. He rubbed your feet gently and you sighed, “Can we watch something?” you asked quietly, making Changkyun grin, “Sure”.

Headcanons of domestic old married couple Isak and Even. 

  • Isak is very spoiled at home by his adoring boyfriend. 
  • All Isak has to do is bat his eyelashes and pepper Even with kisses and Even will do whatever he asks. 
  • Isak and Even waste so much time bickering over chores. The job being argued over could be completed in the time of their argument. 
  • The first load of washing Isak did, whites and colors. Even would have been annoyed if he hadn’t loved his new t-dye t-shirts so much.
  • Isak is supervised in the kitchen when the meal isn’t canned or boxed.
  • Even has (subtly) tried to teach Isak how to cook. 
  • Eskild has also (not so subtly) tried to teach Isak how to cook
  • If Jonas, Magnus, and Mahdi are over when Even is at work, they instinctively order takeaway for lunch/dinner.
  • Isak and Even have different cleaning techniques when cleaning the apartment. Even uses different sprays and cloths for each area. Isak just uses one cloth and spray for the whole of their home. 
  • Living with Isak has brought out the inner neat freak in Even. 
  • When Isak and Even first moved in, they constantly bumped into each other. It wasn’t cute like the movies. Frustrated questions of “Could you move,” “Excuse me” and “Can you wait,” were used a lot.
  • Isak and Even had a certain amount of money that could have bought a range of appliances for the kitchen instead they went with the TV. 
  • Even loses EVERYTHING. Isak always ends up finding the lost item. 
  • At least once a day they have a conversation of Even asking, “Have you seen my..?” with Isak sighing and replying, “Here.”
  • Losing his possessions isn’t the only reason why Even runs late for work. His very cute boyfriend is a strong contributing factor.
  • Isak and Even share a wardrobe. It’s not surprising they wear matching outfits. (They so do couples costumes on Halloween!). 
  • Isak and Even are definitely that annoying yet adorable couple who finishes each other’s sentences.
Girlfriend: Irene | Headcanons

okay lawd let’s start

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  • type of gf who says she always thinks of you and actually means it
  • becomes hesitant in the beginning of the relationship in terms of initiating things
  • she wants to ensure you want the relationship too
  • but when she’s absolutely sure and confident, even then she doesn’t bombard you with barrages of texts every day
  • she doesn’t want to annoy you
  • gives you souvenirs after EVERY tour
  • bracelets, T-shirts, blankets, etc
  • cooks for you when she can
  • breakfast in bed every morning you can share together
  • doesn’t admit it, but dresses up for you most of time
  • like she hates it when you see her with just a bare/no makeup face
  • except when you pepper her face with kisses when she wakes up, then she’s more than confident
  • is so happy when she sees you and the rest of the Red Velvet girls getting along
  • she loves seeing her favorite people so happy and friendly together
  • keeps anything related to a comeback a secret
  • she wants you to be surprised and proud of her
  • excessive cuddling and constant backhugs
  • seriously Joohyun backhugs you so much, she barely knows what to do with her arms sometimes when she isn’t holding you
  • she loves when you two are late up at night and the room’s dark and all she can feel is you locked in her arms as she holds you and warms your forehead with occasional kisses
  • inviting Wendy over for “weekly cooking night”
  • in which you three cook something and then while waiting for it to cool off, Joohyun plays on her phone and you sit on her lap and Wendy just awkwardly stands there by the oven
  • and when the food’s actually ready to eat, Joohyun whines when you try to leave and keeps postponing eating time until she’s done playing Angry Birds because she wants to eat with you
  • and then ten minutes elapse and you and Wendy are like, “Fuck it”
  • And Irene’s pissed
  • “Fine, go sleep with Wendy then!”
  • “When you need someone to cuddle, Seungwan can help you, right?”
  • but then she immediately softens when you feed her and she’s a great big cuddly mess and she apologizes to Wendy and Wendy just holds her head and is like, “It’s okay. I get it. It’s okay”
  • literally praises everything you do
  • like you can trip down thirty-seven flights of stairs and Joohyun’s like, “Babe, are you okay? Great job on not hurting yourself too bad, though!”
  • “Babe, this cake is so good! You killed it!”
  • “Ohmagosh, babe, you’re like Picasso, that’s great!”
  • but also offers constructive criticism when you need it
  • in the sweetest, kindest way
  • like she’s not holding back, but she’s also showing she’s doing it because she loves you
  • secretly loves when you startle her on purpose
  • like I know she should be really pissed and stuff, but she loves the way you laugh so hard at it
  • so she literally is so EXTRA with it sometimes
  • oh, and speaking of extra
  • that random shit she does in the music videos
  • like the lip bites and winks and hair flips
  • YUP
  • she knows how it effects you so with every scene she’s like, “What can I do to make (Y/N) break a sweat?”
  • and BAAAM
  • and like she doesn’t give two shits when the fans are like “IRENE GOD YOU’RE SO HOT I CAN’T”
  • it’s when you say it
  • that’s when it starts to matter
  • then when she hears it from fans, her pride just mounts
  • and when you go to a Red Velvet concert, she tells herself not to dedicate all her attention to you
  • but then Be Natural comes on and she HAS TO BE EXTRA
  • just because she knows what it does to you
  • like she stares at you the whole time
  • and all the fans in front of you are like “OMG IRENE’S STARING AT ME OMG”
  • and Irene winks cuz she’s not staring at them
  • she’s staring at you
  • going grocery shoppping every Saturday and having the best time
  • when she goes with the Red Velvet members, she’s mainly too busy solemnly buying all the groceries for the dorm to really have fun
  • but on Saturday, you just stroll around and buy things you might need
  • and Irene cracks up watching you put on hats and dance to EXO in the middle of the video game aisle
  • and lowkey lets you sit in the cart sometimes
  • slaps your ass like thirty-eight times
  • then pretends she didn’t do it and nonchalantly reaches over your head to get a pack of bacon
  • and “accidentally” slaps your forehead with it
  • then bursts into laughter cuz she just can’t hold it anymore
  • randomly stares at you for like a whole minute just to annoy you
  • or to test if you’re even paying attention to her
  • like you two’ll be hanging with Wendy and Seulgi
  • and Wendy and Seulgi will be in there own world talking and you’ll just be alone eating
  • and you’ll revert your eyes over by Seulgi’s shouler and see Irene just piercing holes into your eyes and you’re just like ‘O’
  • and then she smiles and pretends absolutely nothing happened
  • mostly does this to sexually frustrate you
  • and prevails
  • every single time

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Jeon Jungkook as your best friend (girl)

just a small list presenting how it would be to have JK as your best friend

Originally posted by jung-koook

  •  his everyday greeting to you would be teasing you about whatever he can
  •  lots of teasing (if you’re short you’d never hear the end of it)
  •  constantly showing off in front of you to prove he is better than you
  •  him randomly back hugging you to annoy you, quickly upping his game if it doesn’t work
  •  playing a lot of games with you, never letting you win
  •  if you do win, he quickly shuts up and finds any other reason for why he’s still better
  •  waking you up in the middle of the night by sending you funny videos and memes
  •  his weirdness rubbing off on you and the two of you constantly jumping around dancing
  •  he definitely had a minor crush on you at some point
  •  despite his constant teasing, thinks you’re by far the coolest girl he has met
  •  gets jealous if you spend too much time with another member instead of him, but refuses to admit it
  •  calls you over to make him feel better when he’s sad
  •  eats the leftovers of you’re food when you’re too full to finish it
  •  doesn’t have to think twice when he shares his food with you
  •  gets annoyed when you wear his hoodies and t-shirts
  •  always makes you watch movies with him and keeps you up all night
  •  nonstop makes you laugh
  •  becomes superclingy if there’s something bothering him
  •  does anything to make you smile if you’re sad
  •  willing to beat the shit out of anyone who hurts you
  •  loves fishing for your compliments
  •  always has something up his sleeves
  •  immediately planning his devious payback if you prank him with taehyung
  •  hates it when you ignore him
  •  if you fought, he’s always too stubborn to be the first one to apologize
  •  but breaks from guilt and apologizes first anyway
  •  making you ride all the scariest rides at amusement parks
  •  laughing when you scream
  •  buys you ice cream
  •  gives you the warmest hug after not having seen you for a long time 
  •  awkward when you talk about serious things but ends up making you feel better anyway
  •  he’s always there for you and you for him

hope you liked this! ❤

Protector (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 2236

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

You were picked up your textbooks and notebooks, hugging them to your chest and walked briskly out of the classroom. It had been a long and terribly boring school day, as most school days were at the end of the year. The popular guys were pissing off the teachers and talking loudly, the more fashionable girls were Snap-chatting in class, and the teachers were fed up with everyone but still sane enough to give out detention slips. You balanced your binders on your knee while trying to open your locker as quickly as possible, eager to get on the bus to go home. It was Friday, and school was ending next week, much to everyone’s relief. A text from Peter just minutes before had left you in good spirits; he asked to come over like always for a Friday night movie marathon with Michelle and Ned, set with popcorn, ice cream and junk food of every kind. Stuffing things into your backpack and slamming the locker shut, you started down the hallway. The loud chatter from other students passing you gradually got more quiet as people in the very front of the school grew deadly still and began to crowd around something, blocking the entire hall. Whispers and muttering broke out, students everywhere desperate to get to the front where pushing and shoving your small form. Suddenly, a loud, collective gasp came from somewhere in front, followed by laughter and something being banged against what could only be a locker. You huffed loudly, just wanting to get to the buses until-

“Parker, Parker, Parker…” The students in the front chanted, jeering even louder now. Your eyes widened and the breath left your lungs. You shoved people aside, ignoring their grumbles and cursing to break into the inner circle. Another loud metal bang echoed, almost drowned by the loud laughter. Charging through row after row of high schoolers, you ignored the sharp jabs to your stomach from different restless kids. Maybe it isn’t him. You think, already knowing the answer. C’mon Peter, please don’t tell me it’s you out there. Reaching the inner circle, you desperately tried to squeeze between the line of tall guys that stood in front. You duck down, finding a little crack between the wall of jocks to look though. Sure enough, Peter’s beat up sneakers were just visible as he was pushed backwards against the line of lockers.

“How’s that Parker?” Flash Thompson’s voice rang out, angry and arrogant. “Wanted to taste the floor today, didn’t ya?” You hear Peter groan loudly, probably attempting to fight back.

“Hey, leave him alone!” Ned yelled, also trying to help his friend.

“Let me handle this Ned.” Michelle warned, and you calm down a bit. Michelle could help- she was very scary when needed. “Wait ‘till I get my hands on that son of a bitch.”

“What are you going to do?” One of Flash’s friends taunted. “Bore us to death with some nerd science?” Michelle snarled, losing her cool. Poor Ned had to grab both her wrists to hold her back.

“Hey Parker,” Flash announced, lifting Peter off the ground by the hem of his t-shirt. “Why are you so annoying, eh Parker?”

“A-all I did was tell you to s-shut up.” Peter retaliated, squirming. “Not my fault you have the temper of a bull with anger issues.” Flash grabbed Peter’s hair and slammed his head against the lockers. This made anger boiled in you like hot lava, making your head fill with thoughts of how to brutally murder Flash. You pushed even harder against the blockade Flash’s friends made, only managing to kick them in the heel. Fuck that. You think, absolutely enraged. The teachers just had to be in a meeting right now.

“Puny Parker,” Flash teased, cruel and unforgiving. “No wonder you hang out with the losers. D’you really think the Liz Allan would go out with you? Good thing you gave up on that, right? How does it feel to be such an epic loser that you hang around them!” He pointed to Ned restraining Michelle.

“And that other weird girl, what’s her name?” Flash asks. “Bet she only hangs around you ‘cuz she feels sorry for your ugly ass!”

“Leave them out of this! Leave her alone!” Peter yells, swinging his arms to punch Flash.

“Aww, does Puny Parker have a new crush?” Flash cooed, fake pouting. “Gonna go home and cry to your aunt and uncle? Oh wait-you can’t ‘cuz your uncle’s dead. Probably killed himself when he saw what a little bitch he had as a nephew-”

“ENOUGH!” You roared, finally forcing your way past Flash’s ogre friends. Stomping over to him, you let the backpack fall to the floor with a ‘thud’. The students became silent, watching the scene that was unraveling before them. Flash was so shocked he dropped Peter, who slumped against the lockers. You rush to him and drop to your knees, taking his face in your hands and inspecting it. Peter mumbled something about being fine, but his bleeding lip and bruised cheek said otherwise.

“You’ll be alright Peter.” You soothed, wiping the hair from his forehead. “Can you breathe okay? Not going to pass out, right?” He nodded weakly, face growing pink from embarrassment upon realizing that everyone was watching them.

“Okay-umm…” You glance at Ned and Michelle, then help Peter up, slinging his arm around your shoulder. “Y-you’re going to be okay. I’ll make it okay.”

Limping Peter over, you slip his arm off your shoulder and let Ned hold him up. “Take him to the storage closet.” You plead. “Stay there-I’ll be there in a bit.” Michelle nods solemnly and begins to shout at people to make a path. You slowly turn to Flash, a new fire in your eyes.

“What gave you the right?” You ask quietly, your voice a dangerous calm. “What gave you the right to treat him like that Flash?”

“Hey shorty, don’t start.” Flash says, smirking down at you. “Don’t even pretend you can hurt me.”

“Maybe I can’t hurt you, although rest assured that I really, really want to.” You hiss spitefully. “You envy Peter, don’t you?” Flash’s grin slips off of his face and he growls, cracking his knuckles.

You continue, not intimidated by his actions. “You envy Peter because he’s smart enough to be a damn nuclear physicist,” Your voice is rising steadily, reaching the point of near shouting. “And the only job you’ll ever get is serving food at FUCKING MCDONALDS!” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you calm down a bit, feeling about ready to physically explode.

Flash steps closer to you, his red face looking down at you menacingly. “Are you threatening me, you little-”

You cut him off almost immediately, standing on your toes to seem taller. “Am I threatening the great Flash Thompson?” You announce sarcastically. “Hell yeah I am. Don’t think I didn’t see the S.O.L. cheat paper in your backpack. Y’know how much trouble that can get you in? Forget detention, dumb-ass. That’s worth expulsion from school.” Flash paled visibly, stepping back from you.

“You wouldn’t-”

“Oh yes, I would!” You snapped, flailing your arms around wildly. “I can have you expelled faster than you can say your own name. So how about-” You walk up to him and jab an accusing finger at his chest.

“You leave Peter, Ned and Michelle alone-” You poke him a bit harder, taking another step forward. “Stop being such an asshole-” Another sharp prod to his chest.

“And if you ever hurt Peter again, I’ll make the rest of your high school years a living hell!” You shout, pushing Flash back forcefully. Then, picking up your backpack and spinning around on your heel, you stomp away, leaving the stunned highschoolers behind.

The hallways are a blur as you break into a run, sprinting to the famous storage closet that is often used as a hideout or meeting place. You skidded to a halt at the familiar grey plaque on the wall that read “Room 201: Storage”. It takes three quick knocks, a pause, and another two for Ned to open the locked door. You dart inside and take in the sight before you. Peter looked nothing short of terrible; his lip was still bleeding profusely and there was a nice sized cut on his head that made the hair stick to his forehead, staining it a dark red. It hurt you how utterly defeated he was. Remind me to kill Flash later. You think scathingly. Michelle elbows Ned in the side and stares pointedly at the door. When Ned gives her a confused look in return, she rolls her eyes and pushed him out of the storage closet, giving you a hopeful smile before shutting the door.

“Why didn’t you clean up?” You ask, keeping your voice calm.

“I was waiting for you to come.” Peter murmured faintly.

“Peter…” You trailed off, picking a roll of paper towels off a shelf.

“It’s pathetic, I know.” He said, hugging his knees to his chest. “Maybe-maybe you shouldn’t hang around me… You’ll just become another target for Flash.”

“Peter, you’re the smartest person I know…” You start, crumpling a paper towel into a ball. “-So why are you being such a dumb-ass?” Peter looks up, surprised at the change of tone.


“You heard me. Stop being stupid.” You dab gently at his forehead with the ball of paper towels, seeing him wince at every touch. “How could I ever want to stop being around you, hmm? You’re a freaking awesome guy, smarter than anyone else I know. You’re kind and funny and fucking amazing, okay? And Flash won’t even come near us any more unless he wants to be kicked out of school.”

Peter chuckled slightly. “Knowing how you get when angry he probably pissed his pants. Twice.”

“Don’t dodge the topic.” You said coolly, throwing the bloody towel away and getting a new one. “Why do you think you’re not enough? Why don’t you understand how much I-”

“Because-because I don’t know!” Peter said exasperatedly, throwing his hands up in defeat. He was trying to keep it together but the way his voice cracked when he spoke told you how he really was. “You’re you, and I’m just me! How could I possibly be enough for someone like you, huh? Spider-man is the hero, he’s the one who saves people and climbs walls! I’m Peter fucking Parker, the loser who couldn’t even save his-”

You wrap your arms around him, effectively shutting him up. Both of you stay still for a while and you refuse to let him go until his breathing evens out. After hours, or maybe just seconds, Peter sighs in content against your hair, slumping into your body and relaxing. Your hand weaves through his brown locks, gently tugging and pulling, making him whimper softly.

Before you could even think what you were doing, you pulled away for a second and brushed your lips against his jawline ever so lightly. Peter froze and his heart rate began to speed up again.

“Spider-man is great, really he is. But Spider-man’s no Peter Parker.” You say in a rushed whisper, placing his head on your shoulder. “Peter Parker is this fantastically nerdy guy with endless science jokes and big geek glasses and-and he never fails to make his friends laugh, and he may just be the dictionary definition of perfect! That’s how you are, Peter. Just a big ball of freaking adorable dorkiness and it should never be any other way.”

You could feel Peter smile against your shoulder, rubbing his nose against the fabric of your shirt.

“You’re amazing too y’know.” Came Peter’s muffled reply. He moved his head to speak clearly. “You scared Flash Thompson. That’s worth at least a Nobel Prize, being that bad-ass. And you’re better at science than me.”

“Wow Peter, no big speech for me?” You say, laughing slightly. “Fine then. We’re both pretty impressive, huh?”

Peter dug his face back into your shirt and hummed.

“D’you want to go to your place and just chill for awhile?” You ask hesitantly, scared he would freak out over the kiss and say no. Peter beamed brightly and nodded.

“Sure. Stay the night?” He replied, feeling a lot better now. The iPod in your pocket dinged and you saw a text from Michelle explaining that she and Ned were going to skip movie night just this once. You rolled your eyes at the wink emoji that she kept sending.


If anyone were to walk into the living room of the Parker residence at about 11:30 p.m., they would have seen a girl and a boy asleep soundly on the couch, the TV still playing old episodes of Teen Wolf. The two teens were, of course, a hopeless mess of tangled bodies. Both your hands were entwined in Peter’s hair and one leg was thrown over his hip while his arms were wrapped around your waist, his head against your chest, pulling you closer. At around 12:45 a.m. Peter’s hands would move lower to a less innocent place on your body and by 2:20 a.m. you had both rolled over so that you were now on top of him, your head in the crook of his neck. At 4:30 a.m. you sighed in your sleep, peaceful and happy.

Six Weeks

Here’s a little Daddy!Killian one shot that I had bouncing around my head the last few days. 

It’s a lot less angsty than it seems I promise. 

Also I’ve never had a baby so a lot of this stuff might be wrong! Sorry if it is!

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Ao3 and Ff

Rated M

Killian had always wondered how he would take to fatherhood. For a long time he’d accepted the fact that he may never be a father. After losing Milah he had abandoned hope that he would ever find someone with whom he would want to share something so intimate with, and after Balefire left in Neverland, he’d begun to fear one horrifying conclusion: that he had become his own father – ready to give the closest thing he had to a child to better his own situation. But when Emma told him she was pregnant he’d been thrilled. He’d finally found that kind of love again, after hundreds of years of searching and he could think of nothing more beautiful than her carrying his child, carrying proof of their love – of true love. But that didn’t mean he hadn’t lost countless nights’ sleep over it. When all the baby books had been read (and there were a lot of them) he often found himself lying awake in bed wondering if he would be like his father or if he could find it in himself to be like Liam – strong, dependable, supportive, loving, constant Liam. As he lay awake those nights he promised himself and silently vowed to Emma and his unborn child that he would be the later. He would be the father they both needed him to be – the one they deserved.

Surprisingly, Killian had taken to fatherhood quite easily. His daughter, so small and fragile he’d been afraid he’d break her the first time he held her, had stolen his heart in her first breaths. And she seemed pretty fond of him as well if he did say so himself – which he did, often and proudly. Since the second they brought her home Killian rarely left her side. He was up for every midnight and 3 A.M. feeding, despite Emma’s claims that it was her turn and he should sleep. He’d mastered the baby bjorn and the car seat to the point where he could do it one handed whilst balancing his girl in his hooked arm, and he’d even discovered that sea shanties were the cure for her restless nights.

“I told you, Swan. We have a little pirate on our hands,” he’d smirked as she’d rolled her eyes at his smugness.

What he hadn’t been prepared for, was how Emma had taken to fatherhood. He’d started noticing it the day they brought her home, when he’d taken his girl from his wife’s arms so that she could get out of the car – the look, her shoulders tense and her lips pressed in a tight line.

“Everything alright, love?” he’d asked, looking her over quickly to rule out anything physically wrong.

“Fine,” she reassured him before quickly taking the baby back and leading the way back into the house.

It had become something of a pattern. Whenever Emma walked into the room, finding him holding their daughter, rocking her to sleep or making faces at her at the breakfast table, she would react the same way, shoulders tensing, lips drawing thin and then an offer to take the baby from him. After the first week he’d started removing his hook whenever he was near his girl, thinking that Emma was worried he would accidentally hurt her and that was the cause for her ails. The next week he’d switched the hook out for his prosthetic hand on a near permanent basis. But still, Emma seemed uncomfortable, even troubled when she came upon the two of them. And still, she maintained that she was ‘fine.’

He’d brought it up to David once when the two met for coffee at Granny’s, baby in tow. It had been an awkward topic to bring up because while David loved his granddaughter Killian was pretty sure he still didn’t appreciate the evidence that Killian and Emma had had sex.

“When you and Snow had Neal,” he started, scratching the spot behind his ear, “Did she begin acting… differently?”

“What do you mean?” David asked, not looking up from the little pink bundle he was cooing at.

“Was she… protective?” he asked for lack of a better word.

David looked at him finally. “Oh, yeah.”

“Really?” Killian asked, relieved.

“We lost Emma so suddenly and so horribly when she was born. It took a while before Snow trusted Neal with anyone besides the two of us.”

“But she did trust you… with your child, I mean?”

David frowned at him. “Of course. What are you asking, Hook?”

Killian squirmed in his seat, taking his girl back and tucking her into the crook of his arm. He brushed the soft hairs that covered her head, still marvelling at the fact that he’d helped create something so perfect.

“Emma… I worry that Emma doesn’t trust me. With the baby I mean.”

“I’m sure that’s not true,” David frowned, folding his hands on the table. “You’re out with her now. She wouldn’t let you do that if she didn’t trust you.”

“I suppose you’re right,” he conceded.

But something still irked him. And he was reminded of it when Emma walked into the dinner a few minutes later to join them, that same expression appearing on her face before she took the baby from him. David shot him a look and Killian knew he’d seen it too.

As they were making their way out the door David stopped him with a hand on his shoulder, waiting until Emma was out of earshot.

“I’ll talk to Snow,” he said. “Maybe it’s a motherhood thing. For now, just try talking to her.”

“I’ve tried. She always says it’s nothing. But I’ll keep trying. Thanks, mate. I appreciate the help.” He clapped David on the shoulder and followed Emma to the car.

“I see what you mean,” Snow said when they were over for Sunday night dinner at the loft. “She certainly seems… on edge whenever you’re holding the baby.” The look of concern on her face had Killian more worried than he’d been in the four weeks since his daughter had been born. “Killian…” she started gently. “Have you ever heard about post-partum depression?”

Killian’s eyebrows shot up. He’d read about it in passing in some of the baby books he’d poured through when Emma was pregnant but he’d never considered the reality of it.

“It can lead to women being afraid to leave their babies in the care of anyone else. Including the father,” she explained, placing a soothing hand on his shoulder. “I have a book on it. If you’d like to borrow it.”  Killian was at a loss for words, unable to speak over the lump in his throat and settling for a nod instead.

That night, after Emma had fallen asleep, Killian sat awake reading the book from cover to cover and deciding he would talk about it with Emma in the morning. He was just getting ready to go to bed when he heard his girl whimpering over the baby monitor.

“Hi, little love,” he whispered, picking her up from her crib and cradling her against his bare chest. Her little fist balled up in the hair there and he winced a little. “You’re getting strong,” he told her. “Just like your mum.” He kissed her head, rocking her and humming lightly as she slowly drifted back to sleep.

“Oh, come on!” His eyes shot up to the doorway where Emma stood in one of his t-shirts with her hair rumpled and an exasperated, annoyed look on her face.

“What?” he asked, genuinely confused. He couldn’t figure out what he had done to deserve such a reaction.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” she demanded in a tone he believed to be much harsher than necessary.

“I was going to bed. And skin to skin contact is good for bonding. I read it in a book.”

“You and your books. Just – give her here. You go to bed,” she said, arms out to take the baby. “And put on a damn shirt.”

“No,” he answered, pulling back slightly.

“No?” Shock and confusion flashed across her face.

“No. Look, Swan, I don’t know why it is you don’t trust me with our daughter but we have to talk about it.”

“What are you talking about? I trust you with her.”

He scoffed. “Clearly you don’t. You should see the way you react whenever I hold her – like you think I’m going to hurt her. Like I ever could. And then you take her away as quickly as you can.”

“I don’t –”

“You do. What I can’t figure out is why. Is it because of what I’ve told you about my past? Because you know, Emma, surely you must know I’m not that man anymore –”

“Killian,” she interrupted him, her expression softening as she leaned against the doorframe.  

“I think we need to talk about post-partum depression,” he said, the words spilling out before he could stop them. “Your mother gave me a book on it and –”

“You spoke to my mother about this?”

“I was worried! Look at you! Even now I can tell how tense you are looking at me holding her.”

“Killian. I don’t –” the frustration was growing in her tone.

“It’s okay, Swan. It’s totally normal and we can face it together and –”

“For fuck’s sake, Killian!” His eyes snapped up to meet hers. “I’m not post-partum! I’m horny!”

Killian froze, eyes snapping up to meet her face which was quickly turning bright red. “Come again, love?”

“I’m horny, okay? All these stupid hormones have me all out of whack since the baby came and seeing you holding her and looking like that it… does something to me.”

Killian tilted his head, trying to wrap his mind around the new information. Gently, he set the now sleeping baby down in her crib and strode slowly towards his Swan. “It does something to you?”

“Yeah, okay. Don’t look at me like that! It’s not that weird okay!” Killian fought the grin that was tugging at his lips. “Just… seeing you, holding a baby, our baby, and being so good at being a dad and I mean, Jesus, would it kill you to put some clothes on every once in a while? It makes me want to jump your bones every damn time I see you with her whether that’s in our kitchen or in the middle of Granny’s. And would you stop looking at me like that! It’s not funny”

Killian couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face at that, or the chuckle that left him. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” He was standing directly in front of her now, bodies nearly touching and he could feel her breath on his chest, warm and quicker than it had been a minute ago.

“Because we can’t do anything about it!”

He frowned. “Why not?”

She rolled her eyes and heaved an exasperated sigh. “Because the doctor said we have to wait until six weeks after I gave birth to have sex and it’s been a month and it’s freaking killing me!” she groaned in frustration.

“Oh, Swan,” Killian teased, reaching out to brush his fingers along the length of her arm, grinning when she practically jumped at the contact. “You didn’t read any of those baby books I gave you, did you?”

She frowned. “I read some of them,” she said, her voice shaky as his hand continued its exploration along her side and down to the hem of her stolen shirt.

Killian hummed, fingers teasing the skin of her thigh. “Well if you’d read all the books then you would have read that it’s strictly penetration that’s off the table until you’re cleared by your doctor.” His hand slipped under the shirt, making its way up to her hip and across her belly. “Everything else is fair game whenever you decide you’re ready.” Her breathing was coming out in shaky pants, her knees shaking under his touch. “I’ve been waiting for you to let me know,” he said as his hand trailed lower. “I’ve been going mad not being able to touch you.” His fingers dipped into where she was already wet and wanting and she gasped. “So tell me, love,” he drew her bottom lip lightly between his teeth and pulled before letting it drop. “Are you ready?” he asked with a teasing smirk, so close she could feel his lips brushing against hers as he spoke.

“Fuck, yeah,” she said, grabbing the back of his head and lunging forward. Killian groaned, pushing her back against the hallway wall. He kissed her long and hard, mouth slanting against hers, letting his tongue delve deep as he ground against her. His hand came up to cup her breast, thumb flicking her nipple through the shirt and she threw her head back, biting back a moan only so as not to wake the baby. Killian took it as an invitation, letting his lips and tongue and teeth trail along the side of her neck to the spot behind her ear that had her hand fisting in his hair hard enough to hurt.

“Please,” she begged and that was all he needed to hear before dropping to his knees right there in the hallway. He took a moment to take her in. He always loved seeing her like this, lost in the throes of passion, blind to the world around her. She ground her hips towards his face and he smiled, pressing a kiss low on her belly before drawing one of her thighs up over his shoulder and dipping his head.

The fist of touch of his tongue against her heat had her slamming a hand against the wall above her head while the other grabbed hold of his hair, holding him in place. He smirked again and focused on the task at hand, licking and sucking and kissing, keeping his touch light for fear of hurting her but from the muffled sounds she was making he wasn’t too concerned. It didn’t take long, not after four weeks of pent up sexual frustration and as he closed his lips around her clit and pulled she convulsed over him. He helped ease her down her body sweaty and shaking before finally going boneless.

She urged him up to his feet, pulling him in for a kiss that washed away all the fear and doubt he’d been harbouring over the last month.

“I’m so glad you read,” she said and he buried his head in her neck to stifle the booming laugh that escaped him. “Shh! You’ll wake her!” Emma hushed, holding him tight to her body.

Killian grinned salaciously against her skin. “I don’t know, Swan. If I’m being honest I feel like that could work to my benefit.”

She smacked him on the shoulder for his cheek and he nipped the crook of her neck in retaliation. They stood there in comfortable, happy silence until Killian’s head snapped up, realization dawning on him.

“Bloody hell, how are we going to explain this to your parents?”

So, one day I decided to make something cute for someone. And just because of that one reason, that we both in a huuuuuge love with an SCP fandom, that “something” became a figure.
That day i found a blog of @scp-l4-clef-alto-001​, and after 2 hours, spent on reading it, I said - wait, why not to make Dr. Clef?
And so I did it.
And oh my, i feel a little bit ashamed, because it looks strange - AAAAAND “wears” stupid T-shirt. Yeah, i love that idea - Clef wears stupid T-shirts to annoy EVERYONE. Especially Kondraki, just because of his own reasons.
Made for @vradler 


Thank you @sherlove-freebatch for helping me find @pembroke who is the artist of our lovely little cartoon above!! Thanks for the inspiration for this little fic :)

Stiles doesn’t know exactly when it began. No, that’s a lie, it started with the Fairy Incident of July. What he means, is he doesn’t know when it became normal. The first time it happened was last year with those godforsaken fairies.

The Big Bad wasn’t exactly big, but damnit, they were mean.

It had begun as pranks almost, little things done around the pack as inconveniences and something to roll your eyes and sigh at. Things like adding blue hair dye to Isaac’s conditioner. (Scott’s blush when he let the word ‘cute’ slip made Stiles ‘aww’ resulting in a nice bruise on the arm from Isaac.) Then it was the thing where all the forks in Derek’s apartment up and disappeared. Then Boyd’s car got saran-wrapped.

Easy stuff, really inconsequential. Sure, it was annoying and made Erica wolf out when her favorite t-shirt had a smiley face cut out of it, but it wasn’t like they were actually hurting them. Derek decided it was probably best to leave them alone and leave them shiny trinkets in the forest to keep the pranks from persisting.

It worked, too. (Crazy? Stiles definitely agrees.) They have a nice month of quiet and the settling feeling of their territory being at peace. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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wanna wanna wolf - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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The door to the office swings open, and Stiles swears time stops.

The boy looks like a dream, the way the sunlight streams through the open door, lighting up his silhouette as he strides into the cabin. The other teenager is dripping on the floor, tossing his hair back with an annoyed scowl. His white t-shirt clings to his chest, and water droplets fall to the wooden beams in the floor in a steady plop plop plop.

Sharp cheekbones, dark hair, gorgeous green or gray or blue eyes, and Stiles would love to get closer to see exactly what color they are, and ugh, that body.

If Stiles didn’t already know he was bisexual he definitely would know now.

He closes his mouth. “Okay, dad, I changed my mind, I’ll stay for the summer,” he says hastily, and hangs up the phone. It waddles in the dock, curly cord dangling until it stops moving.

The newcomer walks right up to Talia’s desk, leaving wet drip marks all over the floor, and a slack-jawed Stiles in his wake. He wasn’t at lunch earlier, because Stiles definitely would have remembered.

“Mom, what’s this I hear about a hu—”

Stiles can’t hear what Talia says to him, but the boy turns around sharply and locks eyes with Stiles. His mouth falls open a little bit and his nostrils flare.

“Derek, for the last time, you need to properly towel off before you enter any of the cabins. And why were you in the lake fully clothed, anyways?”

Derek scowls. “Laura pushed me in.”

Sex Sent Me to the ER

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Member(s): Every member of BTS

Genre: Crack

Word count: 1.9k

Dr. Kim Seokjin had seen plenty of cases going in and out of the emergency room, from people swallowing coins to doing flips off buildings and falling on their faces; he’s seen it all. Today was no different. Seokjin had spent most of his day bouncing between rolled ankles and the flu bug that had been going around. He was on his break he had about five minutes left before he had to go back to work, so he was enjoying his sandwich and watching the news, but he got a page telling him he had a new case. Seokjin sighed and put his sandwich down on the table and ran back to the emergency room to grab his file for the new case. He read the name on the file and pulled the curtain back to find two men sitting there; one on the bed in a graphic t-shirt and black boxers with an annoyed face and the other sitting in the chair beside him, throwing himself into laughter.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Kim Seokjin, what seems to be the problem today Mr. Min?” He asked as he looked at the man on the bed.

The laughing man ceased his laughing and all that could be heard was a faint buzz coming from the man on the bed.

“I have a vibrator stuck in my ass…” Mr. Min mumbled quietly.

“Excuse me, I couldn’t hear you.” Dr. Seokjin said.

 Mr. Min sighed. “I have a vibrator stuck up my ass.”

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The Reward System

Request: markie-pooh + 15! thank you~~ >w<

15) Your bias tricks you into giving them a kiss

Member: Got7′s Mark x Y/N

Type: Fluff

Mark Tuan was not my definition of an ideal student, but he needed a Korean tutor, and for all intents and purposes, I fit the bill. 

Granted I was just as foreign as he was, but language was something of a specialty of mine. 

Not my specialty? Subtlety. And boy, was I bad at hiding my annoyance with Mark. 

I had no time for pretty boys, but JYP was paying me twenty dollars an hour to teach the prettiest boy. 

I began to grumble to myself as I arranged some Korean language books on the desk in the private study room I had checked into at the library. I looked to my computer screen, only to further my annoyance. He was late. Again. 

Almost on cue, I heard a light knock greet me from the opposite side of the door. I looked up to see Mark standing on the other side of the glass door pouting. He gave a weak wave before turning the handle and stepping in. 

“Sorry I’m late, practice -”

“Ran over and traffic was bad,” I finished his sentence flatly. “I’ve heard.”

He blinked for a moment, trying to take in my words before placing his bag by his feet. 

“Close the blinds,” I sighed. Every meeting we had, I recited the same speech to him. Every meeting we had, he never knew what to do. 

He nodded, a blank look still coating his face as he spun on his heel and began to close the blinds hanging on the glass door. Once they were drawn to a close, he came back to sit beside me at the table. 

“We’re going to continue with conversational Korean,” I muttered, clicking around hopelessly on my lap top. I had been throwing topics at him the past few sessions, but nothing seemed to stick. “I watched your groups’ latest episode of Weekly Idol the other day and noticed you had a hard time keeping up with the Korean they were speaking. We had just gone over that.”

Mark stared at me blankly and bit his lip. 

“Were you embarrassed?” I asked, my words sounding rougher than I intended. 

Mark gulped and shifted his gaze from me to the floor. 

“Because I was,” I continued, giving myself an internal note to ease up. His face fell by the second. “Am I that bad of a tutor?”

“No,” Mark whispered, still not looking up. 

“I’m sorry,” I said quietly. I wasn’t giving him much of a chance this week. “Just…Mark, you aren’t making this easy.”

“I know,” he nodded, running his fingers through his hair. “Don’t apologize…you try so hard with me.”

I sighed, trying not to let Mark’s expression get to me. i was supposed to be annoyed with him, wasn’t I?

I mean…he had it easy. He was in a successful boy group, he was incredibly attractive, and had wonderful friends. 

…but then again…he wasn’t from this country…he never saw his family…and he practiced for hours on end…

and then he had me on top of all of that, urging him to study as well. 

“What can I do to make this easier on you?” I asked, sliding my chair closer to him, trying to catch his eyes. I gave him a slow smile once I had his attention. “What about rewards? Some kind of reward system when you do well?” 

I felt like I was using an elementary school method, but his expression immediately changed. After what seemed like a moment of focus, he nodded, with a smirk gracing his lips. “Yeah, yeah that might work.”

I nodded as well, letting his positivity radiate towards me. 

“Good,” I smiled. “So, when the host asked you…what did your parents say when you came home…what would have been an adequate response to that?”

“They said they were proud of me, and Got7, and they enjoyed listening to our song,” he said, easy Korean flowing from his mouth. 

I smiled, completely amazed by his turn around. “You’ve practiced!”

“I was embarrassed,” he nodded. “The first thing I did when we got in the car was have Jackson and Junior help me with the conversation…I knew I should have studied…if I actually would’ve listened to your lesson I wouldn’t have looked so silly.”

“Well, that was a wonderful answer,” I chuckled. “So, what do you want as your reward? Should I start bringing sweets?” 

Mark looked at me in silence, eventually shaking his head. “I uh…I was thinking, every time I finished a lesson with your approval…I could get a kiss?”

I lifted my eyebrows completely caught off guard. Mark seemed to be the type of guy who knew he was incredibly attractive, had a certain effect on girls that were in the near vicinity, and chose to ignore them and their raging hormones.

‘So…” I trailed slowly. Mark placed the pencil he had in his hand on the table with a thump. He slowly began to tilt his head toward mine, watching my face for any kind of reaction. 

“You did say I could get a reward,” he whispered, his lips only centimeters from mine. I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply through my nose before our lips met. It was soft and sweet, only lasting mere seconds before he pulled away, waiting for any word to escape my mouth. 

“Please, please study harder,” I whispered. 

He laughed, shaking his head. “Only if this whole rewards system ends up panning out.”

I chuckled as well, reaching out and grabbing gently at his t shirt, pulling him closer to me. Our lips met again and I felt him holding back a smile in his touch. My whole body broke out into goosebumps as he pressed his arms against mine and snaked a hand behind my neck. 

I never thought for as annoyed as this boy made me, that I would actually genuinely enjoy kissing his face. His annoying, perfect, handsome face. I clung tighter to his t shirt and didn’t ease my grip. He deepened our kiss and showed a more aggressive side I wasn’t aware he had. His tongue wandered out of his own mouth and into mine, fighting for dominance until it eventually won. His taste was so sweet and I quickly became lost in the moment until I heard tapping on the door. 

I opened my eyes slowly, still drunk from Mark. He gave me a last, quick kiss before standing and opening the door. 

“We’re pretty packed in here with people requesting study rooms,” the librarian whispered. “Do you think you’ll be done early?”

Mark looked from the librarian, to me, then back to the librarian. “I’m sorry,” he said, his Korean quiet, but confident. “But we’re just really getting started here.”

The librarian nodded before he closed the door and came back to sit beside me. I felt a blush spread along my cheeks. “That was perfect Korean,” I whispered. 

“Which means I should get another reward?” He said, biting his lip. 

What an incentive. 

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