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Cosmic Charlie
Grateful Dead
Cosmic Charlie

Today’s Daily Dose of Dead is about as dose specific as it gets. This is Cosmic Charlie from the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco on April 5, 1969.

The dead sure sound quite spaced out in this performance. Lots of good slide guitar work by Jerry! One weird thing is that on the album aoxomoxoa the song is listed as “Cosmic Charlie” but on the dead site in the browse songs section it is listed as “Cosmic Charley” and also that way on the annotated grateful dead site…. see what doing too much acid will do to your brain.

The whole show was basically one big trip-fest of music. An interesting China Cat > Doin’ That Rag!

1: Dupree’s> Mountains Of The Moon> Dark Star> St. Stephen> Lovelight
2: Hard To Handle, Cosmic Charlie, China Cat> Doin That Rag, Cryptical> Other One> Cryptical> The Eleven> It’s A Sin, Alligator> Feedback> We Bid You Goodnight


“Hung up waiting for a windy day. Kite on ice since the first of February. Mama keeps saying that the wind might blow but standing here, I say I just don’t know.”  

All right, friends and neighbors, as you may have gleaned from my posts Christa is my second favorite character in The Walking Dead, behind only Clementine herself, and since it’s Christa Day, I’m gonna (briefly) tell you why she’s a complex and deeply written character who deserves more interest than she gets.

Christa’s a loner who cares deeply about other people in spite of herself. Christa’s modus operandi when it comes to survival is to keep her human baggage as light as possible, but her pragmatism is always at war with her compassion. She wants to be a cool-headed survivor who can make tough choices without emotional distraction but fears losing her humanity in the process. She coldly votes to leave Ben behind in Crawford because That’s What Needs to Be Done, but the minute Clem argues for the more compassionate choice, Christa recants, surprised by her own behavior.

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