the anime wins this one

I just want Mob Psycho to win best animation at LEAST. Yes…having Reigen being best boy would be amazing but like????? The animation is so much more important to me not just because it’s consistent and all that but…like that’s ONE’s style being animated. Yeah they cleaned it up a bit but it’s still his. It’s not a redraw like the OPM anime.  It’s so unique looking because it’s his style and I love it so much because of that!!!

Viktor telling Yuuri to not stop with asking him to coach for one more year, that he wants him to become a five-time world champion - this him once again telling Yuuri he hopes he never retires so he can be his coach forever.

This is Viktor once again reiterating that he wants to stay with Yuuri always.

This is a statement of lasting devotion that they both know goes well beyond the rinks in Barcelona and Hasetsu and St. Petersburg.

This is Viktor’s way of saying “I love you.”

Justice for Haizaki.


I had no plans to send it under the cut since Haizaki deserves justice, but it happened to be really long one…

There’s a wonderful thing about KnB characters - all of them are likeable and believable. What makes them so vivid? Perhaps, that each carries close-to-reality mixture of good and bad in personality. Like in life, you don’t have perfect people, as well as completely evil ones. So is in the manga\anime and that is awesome. However, one specific character seem to win the race for the main antagonist of the series, from my point of vew - for no real reason. Not that I’m justifying his iniquitous deeds far from it, I’m just trying to shed a light on someone that was painted almost entirely black by fandom perception.

So I made a somewhat surf thru the Haizaki tag here on tumblr and it made me really sad. Apart from the very few blogs that try to analyze Haizaki’s personality, 90% of others are just haters. I omit the ship tags here, though, since it’s not the point.

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OP and KnB crossover. Probably gonna do more for this AU because I’m a huge sports anime nerd.

Summary: Luffy transferred to Grand Line High School where the powerful basketball club was. Surprise caught him on the first day when he was informed that the club was dis-banned a year ago and the remaining members had all joined other clubs. Luffy struggled to gather the team in time for Inter-High but getting five people together wasn’t the only challenge.