the anime is weird

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I'm not 100% sure I have autism yet but I read the same books over and over and watch the exact same episodes of anime over and over all the time. People think it's weird when I tell them I've watched Moana like 10 times but... I... like... the movie... why wouldn't... I watch... it multiple times? Idk


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Lolita is quite toss for me being quite familiar with the book. And I love ur blog would u mind maybe calling it something else, plss if not I understand ur blog ur rules😂

oh god the book is NOT WHAT I MEANT AT ALL oh god no. I meant lolita as in the fashion style lolita. The way you see people dress to anime conventions etc. Ah but if It’s weird and confusing to you I’ll just call it crossdressing from now on, I can see that it can be confusing oml.