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“Floating Travelers” - 12″x16″ pigment print on canvas

Opening night of the @spokeart Miyazaki Art Show is at 6-9pm tonight! Here is my second contribution for the show.  The art exhibit will still be up from Feb. 4-25th for public viewing.

To inquire on originals and prints of this piece, please contact for more details :)

I’ll include some concept details for this painting in a future post.


And today Miwa Shiro gifts us with the Lieuntenat Colonel Yuuki as a teenager (or is he Arisaki Akira? Or both? Who knows…) for the new Joker Game episode!

He also said:

#jga 莫迦め。
Translation courtesy of Google translate

#jga Fools。

Meanwhile Nito Subaru is retwitting the old draws he made when Joker Game was being aired for the first time…

It doesn’t end here!JG will be rebroadcasted again starting from July the 5th!

So, please, Miwa Shiro-san draw us more pictures for this new broadcast as well! Your fans are greedy and love your work!

Also IG Studio with all this success what about a second serie? More gadgets? A movie? OAV? An artbook?

I thought I could share one of my pieces from my show “Submerged” 😊  "Snowcorn" was part of my personal collection that i added to the show because of how perfectly she fit into the theme 😁❤ I wanted to express with her the wild natures exist for some people like a second skin. ✨✨  Untamable power and beauty colors the soul of those who live with wild passions. 💪💖 They are the fierce felines who cannot blend in but rather look at the world as their kingdom and those in it as their prey. 🐆✨ This is the first time since I painted her that she’s available for purchase so if you’d like to add her to your home please contact ☺💕Hope you like her as much as I do! Biggest hugs to you loves! 😙💖


For the one year Joker Game anniversary Miwa Shirō gifted us with some new pictures…

Translation courtesy of Google translate:


If you step in, if you do not have evidence what are you going to do?

アニメ ジョーカー・ゲーム放送からちょうど1周年ですね…

It is just the first anniversary from the animated joker · game broadcast …

…while Nitō Subaru gave us a Gamō picture as it seems Gamō is going to be on the colour cover of the next Joker Game chapter… (and if you look carefully you can see Jitsui as well!)


Source: 【OVERLORD】  LOG.1 by 惡道GAZARI
Full resolution: