the anime did a better job imo

{/ Fujoshi ♚ Review } Tokyo Ghoul E08

If nobody joins me in shipping Amon x Kaneki after this episode, I will be very, very surprised.

jk; ofc nobody will  _(´:3 」∠)_


Tell me, Amon, have you ever danced with a half-ghoul in the pale moonlight–oh, I guess you have.

(credits: 1, 2) Okay but–

(corresp. v3 c26 of manga)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe Amon received Kaneki’s first voluntary bite into a human. And I do believe this is Kaneki’s first proper fight. I’m very happy that Amon had the honour of going at him first.
I don’t know what it is with this scene, but to me it’s almost (my twisted version of) romantic. The lighting, the composition, the way Kaneki leaps so far off the ground to reach Amon’s shoulder, and the way Amon’s taken back…

And the anime did an even better job of this whole scene, imo. probably because the manga art used to be really bad

This is the page that started it all for me (shipping them, that is). This ghoul that completely takes Amon back. This ghoul, unlike any he’s ever met or heard of before.

And this (from c106) was what really set it in stone for me:

Every one of their encounters have been incredibly meaningful, and each time, they each come out of it learning something, and come closer to understanding each other a little bit more.

It was their first encounter that “Enlightened” Kaneki that he’s the only one (or rather, used to be the only one) that would be able to understand both ghouls and humans. That his purpose would be to help bridge the gap.

Kaneki was the first one to raise doubts about ghouls in Amon. After their c106 fight, Amon even lets him escape. (Returning the favour, perhaps?)

Even after very recent chapters, Kaneki only intended to disarm Amon, and after their third fight, Kaneki still hoped that Amon would be alive.

I think they’re terribly, terribly interesting together.

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