the animation art of sailor moon

I’m reading through the Steven Universe artbook and all the refs to magical girl anime make me so happy.

The intro namedrops Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Princess Tutu as stuff Rebecca watched that are inspirations. Utena and Sailor Moon are old news but Princess Tutu!!!!! that’s new!!!

Pearl’s concept art sheet has a note that says “maybe open shirtdress or jacket with shorts under it, very Utena?” We ALL CALLED IT. 

Also remember when I wrote that article on magical girl influence in Western animation and dudes argued with me the Crystal Gems didn’t count as magical girls? The original pitch for the series was literally “a doughy, type-A teenage boy becomes an intern to a team of ultra-powerful magical girls”

There is also a note- “REVEAL: HE IS ALSO A MAGICAL GIRL?” which made me cackle.

okay I love concept stuff (u should see me pore over Ace Attorney concept art over and over again) so you will prolly get more of these posts.


Moon Animate Make-Up 2!

I got to animate an eye catch for the project this year. I’m so glad I got to take part again and had so much fun animating all the inner senshis! A huge thanks to Kate for organising and pulling together the whole project. 

The whole episode can be viewed here xx

I need more blogs to follow!

I recently remade so my dash is pretty empty and i would love to follow some more blogs because of it!

If you find something you post on here please feel free to like or reblog this post and i’ll check out your blog!

Here’s some of the things I like:

  • wlw/sapphic/lesbian content
  • haikyuu!!
  • hero academy
  • birds
  • rwby
  • overwatch
  • animation
  • art in general
  • gekkan shoujo nozaki kun
  • vampires/mythical creatures 
  • disney/laika/dreamworks
  • avatar the last airbender
  • legend of korra
  • sailor moon
  • kingdom hearts
  • harvest moon
  • cartoons
  • gravity falls
  • over the garden wall
  • voltron
  • yuri on ice
  • pokemon
  • noragami
  • death parade
  • ghibli movies
  • naruto
  • other various anime
  • other various manga
  • the raven cycle books
  • various books
  • memes
  • aesthetics (especially space, plants, purple colors, yellows and oranges)

There’s definitely more as i love a lot of things but this is all that I’ll put on here for now!