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Cartoons in 2017

2017 seems to be the year for second chances in cartoons. Samurai Jack has its season 5 (and is amazing), Hey Arnold! will finally be getting answers about Arnold’s parents and maybe another season in November, and Young Justice will be getting that season 3…
So my question is which of my organs do I have to sell and to whom so we can get GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES SEASON 2 GOOD LORD PLEASE THE ENDING OF SEASON 1 STILL KILLS ME.

IDW has announced a new comic book series adapting Paul Rudish’s current Mickey Mouse animated series titled Mickey Mouse Shorts: Season One. Scheduled to debut in July, this four-issue series is adapted directly from the Disney Channel series by Scott Tipton. IDW asked me to do a cover for the series as well as others who work on the show. They gave me a couple ep choices and I couldn’t pass up doing “Tokyo Go!” Andy Suriano and I make a cameo in this short. It was a must. Super fun to do! Looking forward to the series this summer. Check it out!