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Echo, Jacky, Febo, Tara, Kit, Zulo, Fido, Ari, Qasr, & Bonnie – Available for adoption from @animalleague • “These pups were rescued from last year’s Yulin Dog Meat Trade Festival by Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation as part of a larger rescue. Animal Hope and Wellness has been slowly finding rescue groups across the globe to take the dogs in and find them responsible, loving homes.” @animalhopeandwellness

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Sea fam... i'm scared to die, i'm scared to be sick, i'm scared of life. Please, i just need someone to tell me something positive. I just want to know that life is not totally horrible.

There’s an Animal Rescue Foundation in Fresno, Ca where you can go sit in a room full of cats. Several rooms full of cats. In each room, at least one cat will go up to you. Some rub on your legs, some meow at you, some will just stare at you until you go to them. You don’t have to take a cat home for it to decide that you’re worth it’s attention. You are worth it regardless.

If you plant lemon balm in your yard, it’ll spread. It’s like mint, a distant relative, and it likes to take over. It’ll flower, and care for the bees. And then you can use the leaves to care for yourself. It’s good for stomach problems, and rest, and also it is delicious. And you deserve delicious things.

If you wrap tamales in tinfoil before you steam them, you’ll never have dry tamales. It’s my family’s “secret”. But you are my sea family, so it’s your secret too. It’s a secret to tell your family, the family you choose, the one that you want to share secrets with. A good memory, a happy one. Something small to get you through another day.

That’s all you need to do. Get through another day. One step at a time. You can do it. 

-Lou the Lobster

Never Forget (Part 1)- Steve Rogers

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Meet-cute and awkward firsts with Steve. 

Word Count: 1672

Warnings: None really. Just fluffy cuteness. 

A/N: Hope you like it! Tell me if I’m doing this right, would ya? I’m kind of new to Tumblr. Also, this is kinda AU, as if Civil War never happened. I’m taking requests if you have any! Not my gif, also. Credit to the owner. 

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Working at a department store had its downsides- actually, when you added it all up, it was mostly downsides. People were rude and pushy, and shoved expired coupons in your face, and demanded to know if you had their size in the back. There was no back. Literally everything in the store was all the stock you had, but for some reason, every customer had this ridiculous fantasy that below every department store was a secret department store that had all the sizes and colors of every item. If only. 

Today had been especially annoying. You had been yelled at multiple times by multiple people, one of which was your boss. You had put the purses in the wrong spot, but when you moved them, they were still in the wrong spot. All this stupid, ridiculous crap you didn’t want to put up with, but you did. 

You were working at a register now, taking deep breath after deep breath to try and get yourself together. Usually you were pretty good at just brushing off everyone being incredibly rude to you, but today it was hitting pretty hard. It was just one little thing after another, and it was building up.

A man came up to the register with a phone case in hand, and you scanned it and placed it into a bag. “Will that be all for you today?” you asked, with your scripted, fake-friendly voice in tow. 

“Yes, ma’am, that’s all.” Said a deep, confident voice that you faintly recognized. You looked up to see a slightly familiar face. Blue eyes, blond hair. It was weird seeing him without that red, white, and blue get-up on, but yeah. It was Captain America. 

Your eyes widened as you took the twenty-dollar bill from him, your mouth slightly agape. You didn’t take your eyes off him as the register opened and you blindly grabbed random bills and change. You handed him whatever it was you grabbed, and finally, his receipt. “Here you… go,” you said quietly, grabbing the bag and handing that over as well. 

Captain America looked down into his hands, and then back up at you. “Miss, are you alright?” He asked, examining you like you were a crazy person. 

You cleared your throat, tucking some hair behind your ear. “Yeah… yeah, I’m fine. I’m totally… I’m great. I’m fine.” you stammered. “Why?”

“Well, because you gave me fifty-six dollars back for a seventeen-dollar phone case.” he pointed out, glancing from you to the money in his hand, then back to you. He gathered all the money he didn’t need and gave it back to you. “You’re not having a stroke, are you?” he asked, concern present in his voice. 

You shook your head, and shoved the bills back in the drawer. “Alright then,” he said, smiling at you awkwardly. “I will, uh… I’ll be on my way then.” 

You thought that would be the first, and last, time you would ever see him. That weird, awkward, starstruck exchange would be it. You’d never see Captain America again. You were so, so wrong about that. 

It was about six months later. You were still working at that department store, but, luckily, you were promoted to manager. It wasn’t as bad as it used to be- you got to tell people where to go, and got paid a little more. You didn’t completely despise your job anymore, which was great. 

But your next encounter with Captain America was not at the department store. 

You were at a marathon for charity with your best friend, Laurie. You had been friends with Laurie since grade school, and your relationship with her had always been the same- she dragged you to clubs and parties and social events and you protested and said you didn’t want to, but eventually ended up having a good time. The marathon was one of those instances. You really didn’t want to go, mostly because huge crowds freaked you out and made you feel all panicky. But Laurie had convinced you to join a water stand with her at the eighteen-mile mark. 

It was a beautiful summer day, all warm accompanied by a light breeze. There were over three thousand people participating in this marathon, and you couldn’t even imagine running a mile, let alone twenty-six. But the money from all the entry fees and donors was going to two or three different charities- a children’s hospital, an animal rescue foundation, and some sort of organization that helped veterans and soldiers and stuff like that. It was a big marathon, and you thought it was a great cause. But there was a ton of people. 

You stood off the side of the path with Laurie, behind a table that had a big ten-gallon water jug on it and a whole bunch of little cups. Laurie kept cheering on everyone who ran by, and even flirted with a couple of guys who stopped to chat for a moment. 

“This isn’t a singles bar, Laur,” you pointed out after a redheaded man jogged off to rejoin the stream of runners. 

Laurie looked at you and placed a hand on her hip. “Anywhere’s fair game, Y/N,” she said, tossing her curly blonde hair behind her shoulder. “You never know when you’re going to run into the man of your dreams.” She paused, and then smiled happily. “Pun totally intended.” 

You shook your head, looking at an older gentlemen who approached the table. You handed him a cup of water and he smiled at you gratuitously. “Well,” you continued after the man left, running a hand over your ponytail. “Do you have to be in flirt mode all the time?” you asked, knowing exactly what her answer was going to be. 

“Oh, shut up,” Laurie teased, bumping shoulders with you before filling some more cups up. 

You looked out at all the runners, watching them slow down as they grew tired. Mostly everyone at this point was simply jogging, covered in sweat. But as you looked down the path at the oncoming flow of runners, you noticed one man taking long, confident, energetic strides as he came towards you. 

The man stopped at the booth, small beads of sweat glistening off his forehead. He was tall and muscular and- holy shit. It was Captain America. Your eyebrows furrowed slightly as you watched him pick a cup of water off of the table and down it in one sip. This was unreal! You couldn’t believe you were seeing him again. 

“Thanks for the water, ladies,” he said, looking at Laurie, and then at you. He turned to jog off, but then looked back at you again. You could feel his eyes on you as you stared at your feet. He took a step towards the table once again. “Do I know you?” he asked, his eyebrows knitting together. 

You shook your head, your cheeks blushing as you refused to make eye contact. “No, I… I do know you,” he insisted, crossing his arms over his chest and examining you. “I’ve definitely seen you before- I…”

Laurie looked between you and the Captain. “Oh, my god, I can’t take it,” she mumbled, then looked at the Captain. “She works at Macy’s, Cap! Remember when she gave you all the money in her drawer as change?” she prompted, and you glared at your friend. “What?” she asked, putting her hands up in surrender. “I was just trying to help.”

“Yes!” Captain America exclaimed. “Yes, that’s what I remember you from. I would never forget such a wonderful interaction.” He teased, and you looked up to see a playful glimmer in his baby blue eyes. You blushed. “What’s your name?” he asked.

“Y/N,” you said, locking your hands together awkwardly. “And I apologize for that. It was not one of my best moments.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be sorry,” he said, running a hand through his slightly sweaty hair. “I thought it was kind of cute how you couldn’t even get one word out.” He chuckled. 

If it was possible for your cheeks to turn even redder, that’s what happened. You tucked some hair behind your ear and bit your lip. Why did you feel so intimidated by him? From all the news footage and interviews you’d seen, Captain America seemed like the nicest out of all the Avengers. 

Maybe it was how jacked he was. Like, he really had a lot of muscles. You usually didn’t hang around super hunky guys like that. 

You realized then that you hadn’t said anything in response to him, and you opened your mouth to say something, but no words came out. So you just stood there, staring at him with your mouth wide open like an idiot. Laurie came to your rescue and jumped in again. 

“She’s free on Friday!” she exclaimed, reaching over and patting your chin to remind you to close your mouth. You looked over at her, shocked at what she just said. 

“What? No, I’m not!” You said, panicking slightly. Captain America gave you a funny look. “I mean, I…. I am free. But I don’t, I mean…” You stopped talking, because there was nothing you could say. This was the worst interaction you’d ever had with a man. Just ride it out and let him run away screaming, you thought. 

But Captain America- god, you wished you could remember his real name- just smiled, and pulled out his phone- the case he had bought all that time ago was on it. He opened his contacts and handed it over to you. “”Can I have your phone number, Miss Y/N?” he asked, and you silently obliged, typing your number in. “Would it be alright if I called you, ma’am?” he asked, looking into your eyes.

“Yeah,” you said, making direct eye contact and finally feeling like you could speak to him. “Yeah. You can.” 

His baby blues twinkled, and he grinned at you before running off to join the others. 

That was the beginning. 

I was nervous about meeting the Breakfast Cats’s new pet sitter, because I obviously want them very well taken care of while we’re in Japan, and our previous trusted sitter had retired.

When I opened the door he looked familiar. Turns out he’s a Good Mews volunteer! We’d seen one another at events and he remembers my cakes and whatnot.

Any friend of the best kitty shelter ever is a friend of mine. I am so relieved!

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Hey Micha! I was wondering about how you deal with the stress and worry that comes with being aware of the terrible ways nature is being treated and the whole climate crisis thing? I find myself feeling terribly stressed and helpless sometimes and I really feel like whatever I do it will never help make a change.

I’m so sorry it took me a while to answer this!! I’m both very sad you feel that way, but also relieved that you care/understand how important nature is. Thank you for being thoughtful and empathetic

In spite of it seeming small, the little things we do on an individual basis do matter a great deal. The way you can help totally depends on your comfort level and how able you are, but any and every step we take to better the Earth matters. Using slightly less water in the shower, composting, recycling as much as possible (I learned how to make my own paper using water and recycled paper, it’s so cool!!!), not using complex chemical sprays on weeds in favor of hand-weeding or using simple soaps/vinegar, using baking soda to get rid of roof moss instead of nasty sprays, attempting to buy from local food sources with good business practices if you can afford it, try to use more reusable items and reduce plastic waste items (plastic bags can be recycled at Fred Meyer in Oregon, I’m sure other grocery stores do the same?), try to grow some of your own food if you have time and space, purchase from second-hand stores and local stores, for food farmer’s markets are ideal, and walking/biking/using public transit/carpooling/grouping your errands together while driving – all of these things help a lot in terms of lifestyle choices. but if you’re poor, chances are your carbon footprint is pretty low already, (mine is ~8 metric tons of co2/year lol), unless you have children/a family to support (the larger the family, the bigger the footprint of course)/more than one car. Even so, upper middle-class/wealthier families always have HUGE carbon footprints relative to poor families especially. When it comes to wealthy families, many are incredibly wasteful to the nth degree, in spite of the fact they have ample means to buy locally, and reduce their carbon/water/waste footprint with technology and the various comfortable lifestyle choices money brings. They have greater responsibility due to their greater hoard of resources, yet they waste like gluttons, not even realizing the consequences of their actions because they do not feel the repurcussions, and rarely even see them. In Portland – a city that prides itself on being green and eco friendly – looking up the biggest water wasters pissed me off so much and I realized just how much wealthy people do not care how much they waste. 

In terms of more earth-related things… keeping yourself, your dogs, and children on the trail is VERY important, I cannot stress this enough. I know it seems fun, it is often glorified in the media,and it seems harmless to go off trail, but it isn’t harmless. Human disturbance and human affected climate change are the main reasons invasive species take over native plant habitat/niches in droves. I studied this for my job in the lab for three years. Going off trail in a disturbed, shitty forest near a suburb or city with no hope of recovery is fine, I guess… if the people living there have no motivation or hope to restore it, which is sad. One of the recovery forests I worked in was a city forest, covered in ivy – we were able to get native populations growing with simple hard work – the weed n pull n native planting method! 

We all need to be much more conscious about where we walk, and we all need much more restraint. When it comes to the phrase, “take only pictures, leave only footprints”, I’ll only agree if those footprints are on. the. trail. ;D

Hand-weeding invasive plants in your region/area and/or planting new native seedlings is a great way to help reverse some of the damage humans have done to various ecosystems. If you are lucky enough to live on a private piece of property, turning your yard into a native habitat (you can get certified by your city/state in certain areas, which is really cool!) is one of the most effective ways to locally start helping. Also, it’s gross and please be careful, but cleaning litter in your local area is a highly effective way to reduce animal death and soil/water pollution. Trying to use less miraclegrow/weird chemical fertilizer in place of compost/simpler, more natural fertilizers is an excellent way to make sure no excess nutrients enter water bodies. 

Volunteering for a clean-up party (the Oregon coast has clean up parties all the time hosted by SOLVE), planting party, or invasive removal party in your local area is an excellent way to contribute too!! I know that Portland, Oregon has a lot of groups that volunteer to kill invasive ivy and blackberry in the summer; I’m sure that googling would yeild some results in that city and others with similar organizations and planting parties? Maybe? I hope ;-;  Friends of Trees is a great organization in Portland dedicated to studying the quality of life of trees and planting new native trees in the metro area. (A lab friend of mine helps run it, and he is a brilliant PhD graduate in botany who works with arguably the best plant physiology professor in the country, and they are all so nice! ). Oh, and watching nature documentaries, reading local news, and staying up to date on the science articles that make sense to you is the best way to keep yourself informed and sharp!! Knowledge is critical, understanding how earth’s natural systems interact is critical too. In order to help, we must better understand. I wasn’t some bleeding heart tree hugger before I went to school for biology and earth sciences…. what I learned motivated me. None of my teachers shoved their beliefs down my throat and they all played devil’s advocate for all information presented, as a good teacher should. I synthesized everything I learned and then looked among all the details, and realized how important all of nature is. How everything is connected. It was neutral knowledge, the truths of this world that led me to care, and I hope it does that for others too.

Oh, and I’d like to add that, (other than donating to habitat preserving organizations like the Nature Conservancy or animal protecting foundations like The Snow Leopard Trust,) staying aware of and calling your representative about alarming political measures involving land use is one of the most important ways you can stop further ecological degradation, especially with this current administration. This is also difficult, as most news groups don’t report on environmental issues with accuracy or emotion if at all, and both sides of the American political coin like to compromise harshly regarding the environment. Apparently in our society, it’s very easy to get away with, and justify, killing a forest and the animals in it. Hell, hunting is a recreational -sport-, right? ? /vomits/

I’m so sorry I don’t have time to write more (and I am SO sorry this is written poorly!), I have a ridiculous number of messages to respond to and I need to take a food break, but I wish I could have written you an even longer essay. Please take care, and you are amazing!! I believe in you bb. You got this.
Oh, and as a final note: I try to think about the resilience of nature/the wondrous life left in this world to inspire me in a positive way as well. It’s an excellent motivator!! We can learn so much from Earth’s diverse organisms. Thank you again for the question, and I hope it’s okay that I publish this.


So my family and I went whale watching today off the coast of Lahaina, Maui. We go every winter, but this year was the most incredible experience. There were at least three male humpbacks fighting over a female. They head lunged, jaw slapped, and–much like this one–even breached.

This guy right here did a full circle around our boat (mind you, 20 ft away), unexpectedly hopping out of the water and crashing below the surface. Today was an amazing day, and after seeing the humpbacks, I feel further dedicated to my field. I’m so excited for the day that this sight becomes an every day experience. I really can’t wait.

Did you know that despite normally being quadrupedal (moving with four legs) Ring-tailed lemurs can rear up and balance on their hind legs? While this can be used as an aggressive display, some do it just because they can. Here’s a cute video of Rogue doing just that while calling to the rest of her troop.