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I was nervous about meeting the Breakfast Cats’s new pet sitter, because I obviously want them very well taken care of while we’re in Japan, and our previous trusted sitter had retired.

When I opened the door he looked familiar. Turns out he’s a Good Mews volunteer! We’d seen one another at events and he remembers my cakes and whatnot.

Any friend of the best kitty shelter ever is a friend of mine. I am so relieved!

Did you know that despite normally being quadrupedal (moving with four legs) Ring-tailed lemurs can rear up and balance on their hind legs? While this can be used as an aggressive display, some do it just because they can. Here’s a cute video of Rogue doing just that while calling to the rest of her troop.


So my family and I went whale watching today off the coast of Lahaina, Maui. We go every winter, but this year was the most incredible experience. There were at least three male humpbacks fighting over a female. They head lunged, jaw slapped, and–much like this one–even breached.

This guy right here did a full circle around our boat (mind you, 20 ft away), unexpectedly hopping out of the water and crashing below the surface. Today was an amazing day, and after seeing the humpbacks, I feel further dedicated to my field. I’m so excited for the day that this sight becomes an every day experience. I really can’t wait.
Non-profit Brewery Benefitting No-Kill Animal Shelters Seeks Funds for Taproom

Please take a look at this great nanobrewery in North Carolina, which needs to open a taproom in order to fund grants for non-kill animal shelters. They have been open for roughly one year, selling to local restaurants and bars, but their work is entirely performed by volunteers. With a taproom, they can do more than break even and get started with helping out local shelters!

Their brews include local produce (they are even located in a repurposed horse barn on a goat farm), and they are a “zero-waste” facility. They have partnered with several local animal shelters and foundations, and their beers are named after the pets of friends and family.

If you donate, you can get some cool rewards. Please reblog and share to help this brewery achieve their dream to help animals in need. Your pet can even be featured in the taproom!

Read more at their website:

Attention attention!!!!!!

If any of you have purchased a puppy from this man and he/she ended up getting sick, please contact this group via Facebook! This guy needs to be caught and brought to justice!!!!!! He has mostly been selling the puppies on Craigslist and only here in Nevada, but he could have been selling puppies in the surrounding states….. Please spread the word!!!!!!!!!! He needs to be caught and brought to justice! Too many puppies have been sick after being bought. Hell he knows that they were sick, yet he keeps on selling them!

Fight Me?

Based on this text post:

This is my first fanfic published on here so please be nice! Ron’s character in this was inspired mostly by @otterandterrier fanfics.

Hermione was not happy. She was still not sure exactly what had happened. All she remembered was seeing a car driving the wrong way and pain. She groggily opened her eyes and stretched as much as the hospital bed and IVs would allow. Her entire body was pulsing with pain, especially her chest when she tried to breathe. Once she finally regained some of her breath, she looked around the disturbingly clean room, taking note of the TV across the room and the monitor next to her, as well as a table with her personal belongings. She also realized that she was propped up by what could only be described as a mountain of pillows. Just as she was reaching for her phone, she heard someone enter the room.

Hermione didn’t know she expected to see when she looked up, but an incredibly attractive male nurse was not definitely not it. He would be almost comically tall, if he didn’t fill out his dark blue scrubs so well. His hair was bright orange, and his pale skin was covered in freckles. In his large hands, he held a clipboard, most likely with the information about the people on his rotation. Hermione squeaked, knowing that she was most likely covered in bruises and her hair was undoubtedly a mess. He looked up at noise, and Hermione had to stop herself from gasping. He had the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

His smile was crooked and incredibly charming as he approached her. “Ms. Granger, it’s good to see you’re awake. I’m one of your nurses, Ron Weasley. What’s the last thing you remember?” He asked, taking his stethoscope from around his neck. “Take a deep breathe, please,” he pressed the stethoscope to her chest, and Hermione desperately hoped that she her heart wasn’t beating too loudly. Calm down, she told herself. You’ve never gotten this worked up over some guy you’ve just met. Just answer his question.

“I remember seeing some idiot driving the wrong way down the street, and that’s about it,” she recalled, as he moved his stethoscope away from her chest, and went to take her blood pressure. “After that, it’s all just a blur of pain.”

“That’s understandable. You were hit by the wrong way driver, who was drunk. You sustained more damage from the airbag than you did from the accident itself. However, the airbag did cause your ribs to puncture your left lung. You were lucky, it could have been a lot worse. You will be here for a while, while you recover,” he explained as he continued taking her vitals and writing everything down.

Once he finished with her vitals and checking her bandages, Hermione asked, “Would you mind passing me my belongings? I should call my parents.”

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