the angsty and bantering and ugh

sunday recs :)
  • Pot, Kettle unfolded73
    Oh the fluff! I’m so so here for domestic fluff! ALL the family feels right here! Seriously, Charming/Swan/Jones family dinners is the kind of feels my dreams are made of! :)

  • Énouement beautyofsorrow, EG_Potter
    Okay, so this is listed as a WIP, but but but it read so well as a one shot, granted a one-shot I’d love to read more of, but amazing nonetheless! It has such sweet sweet Swan Believer moments, plus  even Snow/Emma moments, AND OH THE CS SWEETNESS! MY HEART! Really, this is such a sweet read, with bits of Christmassy family feels! I loved it! :)

  • A few words from Happiness - @captain-emmajones
    This one is just the sweetest! It gets so sad at times, but it all comes full circle at the end and I loved so much how it! Plus, BABY THEM! it doesn’t get more precious than that! it’s still them, a little jaded and hopeless but they still find a way to each other and it was just so good! really great read!! :))

  • Halcyon caprelloidea 
    HAPPINESS galore! Good God, this was the perfect Sunday read, it’s rated M for smutty times, but it’s also so darn sweet I can just barely take it! So good! It made my CS heart so very happy!

  • Flutter + Untitled - @high-seas-swan​ 
    Oh boy, if you think I flailed and grinned like an idiot reading these two, well, ya’d be exactly right! MY HEART! these two are just so so so sweet and perfect! Super short sweet reads, but my God, the feels! THE feels! Life’s made up of little moments y’all, and these two moments are so precious I wanna keep ‘em forever! SO GREAT!

  • In Neverland, things aren’t always what they seem… -  startswithhope
    Neverland with a twist, y’all! I loved it!  this one made me grin silly! Oh I loved it! The ending! especially the ending is just so so good! Their banter was glorious! 

  • Regrets Collect Like Old Friendswheres-your-rum
    UGH, this was a painful one but it truly ended in the sweetest note! it had a little bit of everything,angsty and hopeless at one point, but it turns around in the best way –if I can say so myself! I loved also the little bits of canon that were webbed into this! so good!

  • The Needle in the Granite Haystackdani-ellie03
    this is such a sweet one! You get a triple treat, Killian supporting Emma, knowing exactly what she wants, needs, and then you get Emma, Snow, Charming family bonding! SO PRECIOUS! also the fact that it tackles a plot point I haven’t even considered is a big ole awesome plus! 

  • Phantoms - @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable
    The one in which you can almost feel Killian’s pain as your own through the years! UGH! So painful! But truly a great look inward into his pain and what it stand/stood for for so long.

  • walking after you…  -  startswithhope
    this one is too too beautiful for words! I will never understand how talented y’all are that in such few words you can manage to create and entire universe that makes SO MUCH SENSE! I loved this little one shot, and it gave me ALL the right feels! they are so stinking sweet it kills me!

  • Koala Slipperscaptain-emmajones
    Neighbors AU alert! I’m a big humongous sucker for this trope! And Killian taking care of his Swan and little by little winning her heart is something I long to read so this was an instant winner in my book! :) 

  • Untitled sambethe
    Beautiful domestic bliss, please and thank you! oh so moving and sweet! the kind of sweet that is not all gooey and mushy at all but just tugs at your heart in the best ways possible! Oh I’m so in love with Eleanor just this bit! super sweet!

  • “Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.” -  thelegendofcaptainswan 
    OH THIS IS THE FLUFFIEST! Emma/Killian/Henry family feels plus the cutest little fluffy addition! I loved this! couldn’t read it with a straight face. It had me grinning so much! SO GOOD!! :)

  • fuck me like you hate me  -  swallowedsong (M)
    UGH, you’re gonna love this one! the ending got to me! SO angsty, but it would be so easy to just make this work and pretend it happened in canon! I loved seeing their relationship evolve in this one —it starts with them in one place, and by the end, it’s a complete 180 Emma’s not quite ready to accept, but oh, Killian, she’s an open book to him and this fic shows ya that! SO GOOD

Last but not least,

  • maybe this timejadeddiva
    I don’t especially read a lot of multichapters because days are silly and too damn short for all the good fic out there, but but but, I couldn’t shy away from this one!  post-5b with blessed CS domesticity plus bits and pieces of sexy times! it’s perfection in my book! :)

xx Happy reading lovies! <3