the angry weather

Have some baby dinosaurs.

liatai answered your question “Yup, we have officially hit springtime here in Finland. There’s still…”

Who are the youngest members of the Herd, both two-legged and four-?

A baby portrait of the herd’s two youngest members couple years back. Small Dot still a fuzzy little hatchling and Spring Brook, who’s slightly older, but still adorably fluffy. By the time of the actual project, Small Dot has lost (at least most of) her baby fluff, but I just wanted to draw a fluffy baby ceratopsian.


Good afternoon running gif! Went to the gym for lunch after another lazy morning! I slept till 7:20! 😴

The lunchtime run was good and it’s the second mile be at a pretty quick pace! Did some squats after the run but had a wicked cramp for like 10 minutes!

I went to nutrishop and grabbed a new breakfast pizza, I will let y'all know how it is! I am currently fasting my morning trying to drop weight before the next challenge!

Also it is apparently hot in our neck of the woods today according to my angry weather app! ☀️

Hope y'all are having a great day!


A/N: I wrote this instead of studying so I hope you like it 

Warnings: Kidnapping (Not much else) 

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Beacon hills. To everybody, it seemed like any other town. The people seemed normal. But what people didn’t know was that there were supernatural creatures running around the city, terrorizing innocent people. Scott Mccall had made it his duty to help these innocent victims and to make this town a better place.

Of course, he couldn’t do it alone. He had the help of many. Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, Stiles Stilinski and me. Stiles and I had been with Scott forever. Being Scott’s little sister was not only hard because of all the danger I was put in but seeing Scott come home covered in bruises hurt more than I can describe.

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One cold and stormy night in the Mind Scape Roman heard a strange noise. Like roar of dragon or growl of werewolf. He took his sword and started looking for a sound source. Growls led him to a common room and suddenly in light of thunderbolt he saw the Patton who was snoring on the couch. Roman wakes Patton and turns out Patton is afraid of a storm and came to the room to watch the tv. Roman want to protect Patton from storm <3

Title: The Storm

Warnings: Storms

Pairings: Royality :D

Word Count: 377

A/N: I made a few very minor changes, but enjoy!

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"Excuse me, do you happen to have an extra towel?"

AN: Here, have a dork and his massive crush on his colleague. ;)


The funny thing here is for Bellamy, for someone like him who really loves his job as a high school History teacher, time flies whenever he gets into it – really gets into it, like full-steam-ahead into it. Most of his students may not like whatever he’s babbling about, but they seem to love the side stories about Patroclus, or that one maiden in that one story

But sitting on his beaten couch, knees bent at an awkward angle because of how low it sags, with the coffee table digging into his shins, the clock at the wall above the opening to his kitchen mocking him with every slow tick of its mechanical hand in time with the pattering of the storm outside, he now detests how draggy time actually is.

Especially when there’s a (probably naked) lady in his shower, taking a hot bath. And not just any lady – it’s Miss Griffin. Clarke. Clarke Griffin, resident Art teacher of the blonde-tresses, modest sundress-wearing, red-lipstick bearing kind. The one that shoots him tight-lipped, coy smiles from across the cafeteria, over the heads of their students as he devours a turkey sandwich, the one that burns his skin through the layers of his clothing with just the touch of her hand as she pleads for him to ‘please help me reach that box up there on the top shelf, o giant one’, the same one that argues with him about the Byzantine era and the spread of Christianity and then sticks her tongue out at him just because she thinks he’s an idiot. And then, of course, he will not shut up just because it riles her up and it tinges her cheeks that shade of pink that he so loves.

That one. That infuriating one. Also the one he’s always wanted to kiss ever since that first day a couple of years ago, when he had picked a piece of colored paper from her hair, and she had taken his hand to inspect it with her brows furrowed. “Hm,” she had said. “Thanks for saving me from embarrassment, hero.”

“You’re welcome, princess,” he had replied.

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Through the Storm

A/N: I started off this ’Colin as Ariel‘piece at the end of 2013, but I guess I took too many wrong turns back then and when I came to a dead end, running out of the inspiration, I knew the only thing I could do was to abandon it for a moment. That’s how it has remained as wip ever since. And the reason why I gave it a shot one more time is still a mystery, properly a mood thing I guess.

This work is of a little madness I think lol, gone a bit wider than I expected, but it perfectly suits my current state and the current weather (angry storm to be precise). I actually like the delicate little Ariel embraces the rain with such serenity, which reminds me how I should tackle all the difficult problems in life. Stay composed. With a  grateful heart.

Also, I’d like to recommend the song ‘Moondust’ by Jaymes Young, it inspires me a lot lately!