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Have some baby dinosaurs.

liatai answered your question “Yup, we have officially hit springtime here in Finland. There’s still…”

Who are the youngest members of the Herd, both two-legged and four-?

A baby portrait of the herd’s two youngest members couple years back. Small Dot still a fuzzy little hatchling and Spring Brook, who’s slightly older, but still adorably fluffy. By the time of the actual project, Small Dot has lost (at least most of) her baby fluff, but I just wanted to draw a fluffy baby ceratopsian.


A/N: I wrote this instead of studying so I hope you like it 

Warnings: Kidnapping (Not much else) 

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Beacon hills. To everybody, it seemed like any other town. The people seemed normal. But what people didn’t know was that there were supernatural creatures running around the city, terrorizing innocent people. Scott Mccall had made it his duty to help these innocent victims and to make this town a better place.

Of course, he couldn’t do it alone. He had the help of many. Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, Stiles Stilinski and me. Stiles and I had been with Scott forever. Being Scott’s little sister was not only hard because of all the danger I was put in but seeing Scott come home covered in bruises hurt more than I can describe.

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"Excuse me, do you happen to have an extra towel?"

AN: Here, have a dork and his massive crush on his colleague. ;)


The funny thing here is for Bellamy, for someone like him who really loves his job as a high school History teacher, time flies whenever he gets into it – really gets into it, like full-steam-ahead into it. Most of his students may not like whatever he’s babbling about, but they seem to love the side stories about Patroclus, or that one maiden in that one story

But sitting on his beaten couch, knees bent at an awkward angle because of how low it sags, with the coffee table digging into his shins, the clock at the wall above the opening to his kitchen mocking him with every slow tick of its mechanical hand in time with the pattering of the storm outside, he now detests how draggy time actually is.

Especially when there’s a (probably naked) lady in his shower, taking a hot bath. And not just any lady – it’s Miss Griffin. Clarke. Clarke Griffin, resident Art teacher of the blonde-tresses, modest sundress-wearing, red-lipstick bearing kind. The one that shoots him tight-lipped, coy smiles from across the cafeteria, over the heads of their students as he devours a turkey sandwich, the one that burns his skin through the layers of his clothing with just the touch of her hand as she pleads for him to ‘please help me reach that box up there on the top shelf, o giant one’, the same one that argues with him about the Byzantine era and the spread of Christianity and then sticks her tongue out at him just because she thinks he’s an idiot. And then, of course, he will not shut up just because it riles her up and it tinges her cheeks that shade of pink that he so loves.

That one. That infuriating one. Also the one he’s always wanted to kiss ever since that first day a couple of years ago, when he had picked a piece of colored paper from her hair, and she had taken his hand to inspect it with her brows furrowed. “Hm,” she had said. “Thanks for saving me from embarrassment, hero.”

“You’re welcome, princess,” he had replied.

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Kin List

A little introduction post!!

I’m Connie!!
I would also very much enjoy if you called me Keda or Mothman!!
She/Her, doesnt mind They/Them
This is my kin list, I’ll summarize to the best of my ability.

Okay with - ✔
Iffy/No - X

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Me and You - Chapter three: Think before you leap (Stormy Weather)

Hey, I haven’t posted in a while so I thought that I should post three more chapters today!

Manon gives out a little chuckle then answers Ladybug’s question, “The blonde boy always puts his arm around Marinette when she needs comforting and Chat noir did the same for Ladybug right now.” Manon states the parallels between the two of them. Ladybug is surprised at Manon’s sudden observance at the things people do but she is also surprised by the fact that Adrien and Chat Noir seemed to do the same thing when comforting other people, she has never realised the parallels between the two boys. It’s probably just a coincidence, Marinette thinks to herself.

“That’s nice Manon. I and Chat Noir have to go catch the akuma. Stay here with the Gorilla.” Ladybug exclaims quickly then grabs Chat Noir’s tail, throws her yoyo to a building and swings off bringing Chat Noir by the tail.

“Whoa!” Chat Noir squeals as he his being dragged along by the tail.

“The akumatized villain is over there!” Ladybug exclaims and points at the flying girl with purple and white hair, a matching purple dress and purple leggings with while boots, in her white gloved hand she is holding onto a purple parasol. Ladybug lands on the ground and let’s go of Chat Noir who just fell on the ground.

Chat Noir jumps up and stands in front of Ladybug, “Hey Ice Queen, what’s with all the terrorizing? Why don’t you pick on someone with your own temperature?” Chat Noir chuckles at his little joke that gets Stormy Weather angry.

“Chat Noir, be quiet.” Ladybug hisses at the immature superhero.

“Don’t worry, my Lady, I know how to cool down these types of villain’s.” Chat Noir chuckles once again causing Ladybug to slap him on the arm.

“My name is not Ice Queen it is Stormy Weather!” Stormy Weather whines and stomps her foot on the ground.

“Fine. Cool your pigtails! We don’t want you feline angrier.” Chat Noir holds in another laugh as Stormy Weather shrieks at the annoying superhero. The sudden mention of pigtails instantly reminds Chat Noir of Marinette because of the fact that she always puts her hair in pigtails even though his civilian form, Adrien, has always told her that she looks way better with her hair down. Marinette has never really liked her hair down because it end up everywhere so Adrien is one of the few people who have seen her with her hair out.

Stormy Weather fires wind in Chat Noir’s direction but luckily for him Ladybug grabs his tail and swings him off towards the end of the street.

“This is what happens when you annoy a villain? Why don’t you ever listen to me?” Ladybug scolds Chat Noir when they finally land on the street.

“Sorry my Lady, I was just playing around.” Chat noir defends himself but ladybug crosses her arms over her chest.

“Why can’t you just be serious for once in your life?” Ladybug asks as she turns her whole body to directly face Chat Noir.

Before Chat Noir could answer Ladybug’s question Stormy Weather comes in sight.

“We should be expecting lightning storms right about…now!” Stormy Weather announces then uses her parasol to create lightning and make the sky turn gray.

“Whoa!” Chat noir shrieks while Ladybug stares in awe, “You just won yourself a cat fight, Stormy!” Chat noir exclaims and starts to run over towards Stormy Weather.

“Black Ice!” Stormy Weather announces and points her parasol in Chat Noir’s direction. The floor turns into ice and Stormy Weather creates wind to send both Ladybug and Chat Noir backwards. Ladybug throws her yoyo at a lamp post and it wraps around it then she grabs onto Chat Noir’s hand until the wind stops.

Once the wind stops the two superheroes fall to the floor. Chat Noir and Ladybug jump up and Chat Noir gets ready to fight once again, “A little Chat noir will take the wind out of her sails!” Chat noir exclaims and runs in the direction of Stormy Weather but he is stopped when Ladybug grabs onto his tail.

“Whoa kitty cat. You better think before you leap into anymore trouble.” Ladybug reminds Chat Noir and let’s go of his tail.

“Have you got a plan my lady?” Chat noir asks and Ladybug nods.

“Just follow my lead, kitty.” Ladybug smirks then runs over towards a near building and runs on the building towards Stormy Weather. Chat Noir follows her lead and runs towards Stormy Weather. Ladybug spins her yoyo around and jumps to get to Stormy Weather while Chat Noir does the same with his stick.

“Ugh, not you two again?” Stormy Weather groans and sends more wind in their direction causing the two protectors of Paris to fly backwards.

“Ah!” Both Ladybug and Chat Noir yell as they fly backwards onto the street. The two superheroes dodge some cars that flew along with them then Ladybug spots a bus heading their way.

“A bus!” Ladybug exclaims then puts her arm around Chat noir’s shoulder and spins her yoyo so it can be used as a shield. The bus flies down to them but it did not crush the two superheroes because Ladybug’s yoyo cuts a circular hole on the side of the bus. Ladybug stops the yoyo from spinning and it falls on Chat Noir’s head.

“Ow! My Lady you must stop doing that to me!” Chat Noir complains and Ladybug giggles at him.

“Let’s get out of here and find Stormy Weather!” Ladybug announces then climbs up to the bus window and slides it open then Chat Noir extends his staff so they can get out.

“Why do you think she got akumatized?” Chat Noir asked as he runs down the street with Ladybug.

“Maybe she’s got some anger issues!” Ladybug exclaims causing Chat Noir to smirk and add on.

“Or she didn’t pass her driving test!” Ladybug gives him a quizzical look.

“Driving test?” Ladybug asks.

“Lots of people get angry when they can’t pass their driving tests!” Chat Noir defends his point.

“Why?” Ladybug asks.

“’Coz everyone likes a person who can drive!” Chat Noir claims and gives a suggestive smirk to Ladybug who rolls her eyes.

“Can you drive, Kitty Cat?” Ladybug questions with a smirk.

“Maybe or maybe not. You’ll only find out if you know who I am under the mask. What do you say, my Lady?” Chat Noir purrs and lifts up an eyebrow.

“You know that we have to keep our identities a secret!” Ladybug scolds sounding a lot like Tikki when she had a conversation about keeping her Ladybug secret from Adrien.

“I kid, I kid.” Chat Noir reminds and they carry on running until Stormy Weather appears on the screen in front of them.

“Hello viewers! Here is the latest forecast for the first day of summer!” Stormy Weather announces and a animation of Paris comes up behind her, “Oh it looks like Mother Nature had a change of plans,” in front of the animation of Paris a giant snowflakes appears and Stormy Weather uses her parasol to point at it, “Summer vacation is officially over!” Stormy Weather gives out a cackle.

“Already?” Chat Noir pouts and Ladybug turns to look at him, “But I look so good in a swimsuit!” Chat Noir exclaims then smiles and wiggles his eyebrows at Ladybug who rolls her eyes not wanting to imagine Chat noir in a swimsuit.

“The cat suit will do Chat Noir. At least we know where to find Stormy Weather now!” Ladybug points to the screen.

“To the news station we go!” Chat Noir announces and grabs hold of Ladybug’s hand before he uses his staff to swing off towards the news station.

“Chat Noir, I can swing off by myself!” Ladybug whines but Chat noir doesn’t let go of Ladybug.

“It’s called payback my Lady.” Chat noir admits to Ladybug.

“Payback for what?” Ladybug asks and Chat Noir smirks.

“For dragging me by my tail against my will.” Chat noir states and Ladybug begins to remember what she did.

“Oh…that.” Ladybug mutters under her breath.

“Yes…that.” Chat Noir mimics Ladybug’s dramatic halting of her voice between the word oh and the word that.

“Chat Noir you’ve had your payback now let me go, this is not a game.” Ladybug exclaims and starts to hit Chat Noir’s hand.

“My Lady, I’m not done yet. It’s only fair that I have my time to drag you,” Chat Noir states then adds on, “Just be lucky that you don’t have a tail for me to drag.” Ladybug rolls her eyes but she mentally thanks Tikki for being a ladybug kwami instead of a cat kwami.

“Whatever.” Ladybug mutters under her breath as she lets Chat Noir drag her to the news station.

Once they both finally ended up in the news station Chat Noir let go of Ladybug’s hand as they walk through the doors.

The two superheroes run past a poster of Aurore, the candidate who lost up against Mireille at being the next weather girl, “Hey, this girl reminds me of someone!” Chat Noir exclaims causing Ladybug to stop and stare at the poster of Aurore.

“That looks like Aurore, the girl who lost against Mireille to be the next weather girl! She got akumatized and turned into Stormy Weather! The akuma must be in her parasol, come on!” Ladybug exclaims.

Ladybug and Chat Noir look over at the screen and see Stormy Weather announcing the weather forecast, “In Stormy Weather’s world it’s winter wonderland forever!” Stormy Weather gives out a giggle.

Ladybug and Chat Noir burst through the doors but find that there was no one there besides a television and a camera, “It’s a recording!” Ladybug exclaims.

Stormy Weather comes out from behind them and gives out a laugh before firing a lightning bolt at the light which makes all the lights in the building go out.

Chat Noir looks in Stormy Weather’s direction and sees that she is getting away, “Frosty, the Snow Girl is getting away! We have to stop her Ladybug!” Chat Noir looks around for Ladybug, “Ladybug?” Chat Noir calls out then his eyes land on Ladybug who trips over, one of the broken lights, and falls to the ground, “Oh, are my eyes playing tricks on me or do I see a damsel in distress?” Chat Noir smirks and Ladybug rolls her eyes at his smug remark.

“Some of us don’t have night vision like you, Chat,” ladybug states as Chat Noir comes over to her and drags her by the arms, “Whoa!” Ladybug shrieks at the sudden force tugging her hand along.

“No need to bug out my Lady. Just trust me! Chat Noir assures Ladybug who is freaking out.

Chat Noir drags Ladybug through the hallway, following Stormy Weather’s cackles. Stormy Weather goes through doors and Chat Noir follows her through the doors. The two superheroes run up the steps getting closer and closer to Stormy Weather.

“Okay, that’s enough. I think I can manage to-“ But Ladybug is cut of when Stormy Weather throws something at her and Chat screams for her to duck, “Follow your lead on this one.” Ladybug concludes and grips tightly onto Chat noir’s hand, not planning to let go anytime soon.

Ladybug and Chat Noir finally reach the top of the building coming face to face with Stormy Weather, “You airheads! You fell right into my trap!” Stormy Weather announces then uses her parasol to make whirlwinds appear, “There’s no way out, Lovebirds! The party is finally over!” Chat Noir gives a little smug smirk at the fact that Stormy Weather called them Lovebirds but he didn’t see why he thought that. That was until he saw that he is still holding Ladybug’s hand.

“Lovebirds?” Ladybug asks Stormy Weather and looks over at Chat Noir with a weird look, “Why would she think that we’re Lovebirds?” Ladybug continues down at her hand to see that Chat noir and she are still holding hands. Ladybug rolls her eyes and pulls away.

“It was fun while it lasted my Lady.” Chat Noir muttered under his breath.

“We’re just getting started, Stormy!” Ladybug exclaims, “Lucky Charm!” Ladybug shouts then throws her yoyo in the air, when her yoyo comes back a bath towel lands in her hands, “A bath towel? What am I supposed to do with this?” Ladybug whispers and Chat Noir puts his hands on his hips.

“That’s great. We’re about to be blown into a million pieces but at least we will be dry.” Chat Noir states with a smirk for his little joke that got Ladybug to roll her eyes once again.

“Ha, ha, ha. Very funny, Kitty.” Ladybug proclaimed sarcastically.

“Hail!” Stormy Weather shouts as she lifts up her parasol to the sky creating a hailstorm.

Chat Noir spins his staff in the air and starts spinning it to create a shield so the hail doesn’t hit him or Ladybug, “What’s the plan my Lady? Can you be quick because my arm is starting to get cramped?” Chat Noir moans but continues to shield Ladybug.

Ladybug uses her ladybug vision and it shows her a HVAC tube, the bath towel and a sign, “Chat, do you see that sign over there?” Ladybug whispers to Chat Noir who nods his head “Use your Cataclysm to make it fall down.” Chat Noir nods and stops his spinning to use his Cataclysm.

“Cataclysm!” Chat Noir shouts then turns his head to face Stormy Weather, “Hey, Coldilocks, is that all you got?” Chat Noir teases.

“My name is not Ice Queen nor is it Coldilocks! My name is Stormy Weather!” Stormy Weather exclaims. She was beginning to get really annoyed by Chat Noir’s nicknames for her. Stormy Weather uses her parasol to shoot lightning bolts at Chat Noir dodges it and uses his Cataclysm to make the billboard fall down with its aim towards Stormy Weather. Stormy Weather blasts a hole through the billboard but before she could do anything else Ladybug wraps her yoyo around Stormy Weather’s ankle and takes off running under the pipes. Then ladybug headed for the crane and jumped over an HVAC. Opening the towel, Ladybug soars in the air, pulling down Stormy Weather with her. The speed at which she falls and the angle of the crane causes her to lose her parasol. Chat Noir catches Story Weather’s parasol and tosses it to Ladybug who breaks the parasol in half.

The akuma flies out of the parasol and Ladybug pulls out her you, “No more evil doing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize!” Ladybug captures the akuma and purifies it, “Bye, bye, little butterfly,” Ladybug bids farewell to the purified butterfly then throws the bath towel in the air, “Miraculous Ladybug!” Ladybug shouts and the miraculous light fixes the damage caused by Story Weather.

“Pound it!” Ladybug and Chat Noir exclaim and fist bump each other.

Ladybug’s earrings beep and with a wave of goodbye she bids farewell to Chat Noir and heads for the park to meet Manon.

Ladybug swings through the city and stops at a deserted area near the park, “Tikki, spots off!” Ladybug shouts then turns back into Marinette. Tikki lands in her hands and gives her a smile before flying down into Marinette’s purse to find a cookie for her to eat.

“Marinette.” Tikki whispers to Marinette and poke her head out of her purse.

“Huh?” Marinette asks Tikki.

“Are you going to do the photo shoot with Adrien?” Tikki asks and Marinette gives her a nod.

“Yup!” Marinette exclaims and Tikki gives her a huge smile.

“That’s very selfless of you Marinette. I know that you hate being the centre of attention.” Tikki gushes.

“It’s the least I can do for Adrien.” Marinette says before a tiny voice calls out her name.

“Marinette! Marinette! Guess what!” Manon exclaims and wraps Marinette in a hug.

“What is it Manon?” Marinette ask the little girl and let’s go of her body so she can grab hold of Manon’s hand as they walk towards Adrien and the photographer.

“I met Ladybug and Chat Noir today!” Manon gloats and Marinette gives her a smile.

Adrien hears a tiny voice mentioning his alter ego and he looks over to find Manon talking about her experience with Ladybug and Chat Noir. Adrien couldn’t help but smile knowing that it was he Manon was gloating about.

“And, Marinette, I know Ladybug and Chat Noir’s secret!” Manon exclaims. Marinette goes pale for a minute and widen her eyes. Adrien pops his head up and looks over at the tiny child.

“W-W-What secret?” Marinette stutters and Manon gives her a big smile.

“That they’re secretly dating just like you and that blonde boy!” Manon exclaims. Marinette lets out a sigh of relief but realises what Manon just said.

“How do you know Manon?” Marinette asks the child and she sits down under the tree.

“Because the way they look at each other is like the way the blonde boy and you look at each other.” Manon explains.

“How…” Marinette hesitates a little. I’m talking to a child about dating! A child who has no experience on love life and I am seriously going to ask her how she sees Adrien looking at me! Why should I even care? I don’t like Adrien in that way so why should I get into this…why do I want to know? Marinette ponders then shuts up, “I’m ready for the photo shoot.” Marinette says in an unexcited tone.

“Brilliant! Now I want you both to sit down on the edge of the fountain,” The photographer orders and Marinette and Adrien follow his orders. The photographer begins to take pictures, “Now I want a nice big kiss!” The photographer announces. Marinette’s eyes go wide and she looks over at Adrien giving her a crooked smile.

“What?” Marinette shrieked. She almost fell backwards into the fountain but, luckily, Adrien’s arm was around her waist at the time.

“Ugh!” the photographer moaned and came into eye view to stand in front of Marinette, “Honey, I said that I need a nice big kiss for the camera. Capeesh?” the photographer repeats himself. Marinette nods her head. Then she looks over at Adrien. He put is hands on either side of her shoulders to soothe her down.

“It’s fine Marinette. It’s just a kiss so it doesn’t mean anything unless you make it mean something.” Adrien assures her and she nods.

“Good, good. Are we fine now?” the photographer asks the two teenagers. They nod, “Spectacular! Let us begin!” the photographer exclaims before going back behind his camera.

Marinette took in a deep breath. It’s just a kiss so it doesn’t mean anything unless you make it mean something, Adrien’s words echo through Marinette’s mind as she closes her eyes and leans in just as Adrien leans in.

Suddenly their lips meet in the middle. That’s when Marinette feels the spark. She feels really comfortable doing this but of course, he is her best friend so she shouldn’t really mind just giving him a little kiss. But why does it feel so…different? Marinette thought to herself, why does kissing Adrien make me feel…excited? Overwhelmed? Like…like I want to do it a million more times?

After a few seconds the two teenagers were interrupted by a loud voice, “Excellent!” the photographer exclaims which causes Marinette and Adrien to immediately pull apart from each other, both red faced.

“See! I told you he’s your boyfriend!” Manon exclaims and points to Adrien who goes redder.

 I hope you liked the chapter and if you did please heart and send me some feedback, I always love reading feedback so I hope I get sent some :)

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Честита Баба Марта!

We have this celebration in Bulgaria - when March comes, comes Baba Marta (Granny March), she gives martenitsa to everyone for health and happiness.

Also the days of March are reflecting her mood, when she is smiling it is sunny, when she is angry the weather is bad. The weather in March is very unpredictable likewise women’s mood :)

Also when it is snowing she is beating her quilt (hope this makes sense!)

So this is Marta in her younger years :)

Happy March!!!!

Through the Storm

A/N: I started off this ’Colin as Ariel‘piece at the end of 2013, but I guess I took too many wrong turns back then and when I came to a dead end, running out of the inspiration, I knew the only thing I could do was to abandon it for a moment. That’s how it has remained as wip ever since. And the reason why I gave it a shot one more time is still a mystery, properly a mood thing I guess.

This work is of a little madness I think lol, gone a bit wider than I expected, but it perfectly suits my current state and the current weather (angry storm to be precise). I actually like the delicate little Ariel embraces the rain with such serenity, which reminds me how I should tackle all the difficult problems in life. Stay composed. With a  grateful heart.

Also, I’d like to recommend the song ‘Moondust’ by Jaymes Young, it inspires me a lot lately! 

imagine if varric really didn’t know where hawke was, and when he told the inquisitor he had someone they should meet, they went up to the ramparts expecting the champion of kirkwall…

and it was carver.

older, weathered, angry – escaping the red templars or the grey wardens’ corruption, either way just running, furious at corypheus because once wasn’t enough, was it, and he couldn’t just leave sodding well enough alone –

carver doesn’t know where his sibling is either. but damned if he wouldn’t kill an archdemon with his own bare hands for the chance to keep them safe, just one more time.

160228 Baekhyun commented on Chanyeol’s video:  

real__pcy: Weathernim said no*

baekhyunee_exo: NO !! ❌

*** “___ said no” is a common expression that means getting angry. In this case, Chanyeol said the weather got angry because it was snowing heavily in Korea.

Also, in Korean, the 노 used in the expression originates from 분노 (which means ‘anger’). Witty Baekhyun commented specifically in English because 노 is pronounced as ‘no’ just like the English ‘No’ ;D


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Not too sure how in-depth this one is for ya but: A wayward adventure exploring the wilderness. After some time, due to unforseen circumstances (seeking shelter from weather, an angry tribe/monster, or maybe falling into it on accident) they enter a cave which turns out to be the lair of something/someone starving for a snack and/or company