the angry ones are the train ones

Things the rebelcaptain fandom has simultaneously and wordlessly agreed on:

- We’re all riding on the denial train
- If Jyn wakes up in a hospital bed, she will risk seriously injuring herself and others to make sure Cassian is okay
- When she finds Cassian, he will be both relieved to see her and angry with her for not getting her rest
- Cassian is a worrywart in general
- Chirrut can sense when the two have hooked up/are expecting a child
- They have nightmares about Scarif and always comfort each other about them
- They will name their child either Hope, Lyra, or Galen
- They will become friends with Poe Dameron’s parents
- They will meet Luke, Leia, and/or Han at some point
- Leia will offer them medals for their service
- They will refuse the medals
- K2 always has to put up with them and he’s sick of it

This is more funny than angry. (also, DoubleTree girl again, hi)

So, I was being trained as a bartender and one of the things we always had at the ready was maraschino cherries, which I LOVE. So my trainer (I’ll call her Leslie again) Told me I could have a few, so I did… And I got a little addicted…
I started sneaking them every chance I got and at one point, obviously, I got caught literally red handed. Leslie told me to follow her and she showed me a full fridge in the kitchen that was nothing but jars of maraschino cherries. She just turns to me and with a laugh says “You don’t have to sneak them. We have plenty.”

So I didn’t hold back the rest of the day. I must have gone through two jars. I learned the hard way that maraschino cherries are not good for you. They’re more chemical than cherry. I got SUPER sick… Which Leslie found hilarious.


Imagine Loki has to raise his two children alone because their mother is dead. He tries to be as good father as he can, always spending time with his children. The older in just like his father; gifted in wielding seidr, but the younger one can’t use magic at all. Loki doesn’t notice how he starts to always spend time with the older one, training him to become even better than himself. The younger one feels left out, and that Loki is favouring the older one, making him angry and jealous (like young Loki). He starts acting out to get attention from his father, but Loki just gets angry too. Eventually, it goes so bad the younger one doesn’t feel loved and he runs away from home, leaving a note behind where he says Loki doesn’t have to deal with a disappointment anymore and can just be happily with the older child. Loki realises what he has done and goes after him.

Voltron- TransLance Headcannon

When Lance was going through Garrison training and first meet Hunk he was the only one to immediately accept his identity with no problem. Hunk even went out of his way to treat Lance like a real friend when he didn’t have a reason too. Like some people snickered at Lance one day at school and Hunk went off on them and probably would have gotten into a fight with them if a teacher hadn’t been there. Lance just constantly flirting with girls thinking its the “manly” thing to do, and Lance really suffering with the issues of toxic masculinity.

Lance getting angry and frustrated during the fitness part of the their training because he can’t keep up with the squad, well that is till Hunk looks back and see Lance catching his breath and he runs back to keep pace with him. Just Hunk being the greatest emotional support when Lance fails their first fitness test as Lance doesn’t feel like he’s good enough. 

Lance seeing Pidge at the garrison and giving her pointers on how not to look like a girl and convince people that she was a man. Pidge nearly jumps out of her skin when lance calls her out on her disguise but then realizes that of all the people that wouldn’t try to out her it was Lance. Lance and Pidge really bonding together at the garrison. Lance overcoming the predigests placed on him and he starts to excel at the garrison with pidge and Hunk’s support.

Like Lance and Hunk doing extra training because Lance doesn’t feel “Man” enough and Hunk reassuring him its ok to not be able to wrestle a bear, but still being there and supporting him through his workouts. Lance and all his hard work paying off later on when he outscores everyone on the next test, Lance running up to Hunk and giving him flying tackle and Hunk catches him and spins him around their both so happy.

Lance getting a letter one day from home and Pidge and Hunk walk in on Lance crying and they immediately assume that someones dead or something but Lance just laughs and points to the letter from his family and they read the first lines “To our patient and loving son, Lance.” and Lance is just so happy its the first time his parents call him their son, and then Hunk and Pidge hug him.

And then they go off and have episode 1 happen and Keith and Lance just constantly arguing and having their “Rivalry” happen and it 100% stems from Lances crush on Keith that they’re both oblivious too. When Lance finally does acknowledge his crush he tries to suppress it because it makes him question his identity “Why did I go through all this just to love a boy again?”, “Does this make me less of a dude for liking dudes?” and just Lance having breakdowns in space wondering if he’s good enough or if he’s a real and valid person.

Then we get to episode 6 where Keith goes to untie Lance but when Keith unhooks Lance he notices how he’s all moody and down. And Its because Lance feels so useless being the “Damsel in distress” and it makes him not feel like he’s living up to “Being a Man”, and as Lance always does he brushes off his emotional instability with jokes about how Keith’s worrying too much. And then after Crystal Venom Keith finds Lance in his room crying because “I had to have someone save me again why can’t i be good enough?” and Keith comforts Lance and helps him break down toxic masculinity because living in multiple foster homes really forced Keith into developing those same attitudes and he had to eventually over come them. And Keith reassuring Lance that it’s ok to not be Mr. Macho and no one of the team thinks any less of him for anything he does. And Lance takes Keiths advice, he stops flirting with every alien female he sees, instead he flirts with Keith every chance he gets. 

Secret Lover (Pietro Maximoff)

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You remember the day that you met vividly. Your father, Tony Stark, had brought in Pietro and his sister to start their training with the team. You were there as part of the so called Welcoming Committee.  The moment you shook hands with him, you knew your life would never be the same. From that day on, you and Pietro talked near daily. The connection was undeniable. There was only one problem…

Your father didn’t know.

You had asked Pietro to keep the relationship from only your father. Everyone else was cool. You knew that if you told him, he would just get angry and kick you out of the base to stay in one of your other multiple homes across the world. You couldn’t stay away from Pietro for that long, so you knew that you had to keep it on the down low. Thankfully, Nat, Cap, and Barton were more than willing to cover for the two of you. You just had to be careful.

One day, you decided to get a little more risky. You invited Pietro over to your penthouse that you sometimes shared with your dad. You knew that it was a bit of a risk considering your dad just showed up and stayed whenever he wanted, but you missed Pietro. The two of you were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Well, it was more like making out instead of watching, but same difference. Everything was going very well, until you heard the door open and slam shut.

“Sweetie, I’m here!” you dad yelled.

You shot up off the couch and off of Pietro. The both of you looked like a deer in the headlights. You scrambled to try and hide him before your father got in to the room. However, you were just a few seconds too late.

“WHAT THE F*CK US HE DOING HERE?” your father yelled.

“Oh, god,” you whispered. Both of you stopped in you places.


“Daddy, I need you to calm down and I’ll explain,” you tried to calm him.


“Ok,” you started. “Pietro and I have been seeing each other for a while now.”

“YOU’RE DATING?” he asked loudly.

“Yes, dad,” you replied.

“WHY? WHY THIS LITTLE SH*T,” he asked indignantly. 

“Dad, you have to understand–” you began. 

“I love her, Mr. Stark,” Pietro interrupted.

Your father shut up immediately. You both looked at him with absolute shocked.

“You what?” you gasped.

“I love you, (Y/N),” he said again.

You walked over and he brought you in to his arms.

“I just thought you were screwing. I didn’t know you guys were in love,” Tony spoke. “Do you love him too, (Y/N)?”

“Yes, yes I do,” you replied.

“Well, as angry as I am that he’s in your penthouse, I can’t deny you love,” your father admitted.

“Thank you dad,” you spoke.

“Thank you, Mr. Stark,” Pietro thanked as well.

“However, if I catch you or even hear of the two of you doing something that involves getting undressed together, you can bet your ass that you will never live to see another day, Speedy,” your father threatened.

“No problem sir,” Pietro’s voice cracked. 

“Adios, b*tches. I’m going out for a drink,” your father left the room, whipping his sunglasses on to his face.

After he left, you faced Pietro again.

“Well, that was eventful,” you joked.

“Is he really being serious,” Pietro asked.

“No, don’t worry. My dad may seem like he’s threatening, but really he just can’t say no when it comes to me,” you smiled.

“Ok good,” he sighed with relief. “Wanna get back to the movie?”

“Sounds good to me,” you replied.

That was the day that the rest of your life began.


Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned)

Word Count: 581

Warnings: Angst, Self loathing, very depressed Dean, talks of character death. Do not read if you have triggers dealing with depression/suicide. its not suicide but could be slightly. I really don’t know what to list it as.

A/N: Wrote this one for @mysteriouslyme81 Supernatural Music  2016/17 Challenge. The song given to me was Runaway Train by Soul Asylum also sending a special thank you to @avasmommy224 for helping me arrange my thoughts on this one and settling on a path. You truly are an awesome friend. As always, feedback is welcomed with open arms!! Thanks for reading!

MOC Dean x Reader

It wasn’t supposed to be her. She wasn’t the one responsible for the Book of the Damned, Sam was. He knew he couldn’t stay angry at his brother forever but right now, that’s all he could bring himself to feel, anger. She was the glue that kept him together when he was on the brink of disaster. She knew exactly what to do when the earth was crumbling around him. Now he was alone and spiraling out of control. He was losing himself, the real Dean.

Sam had gone against his wishes and kept searching for a way to get rid of the mark and for reasons unknown to him, she helped Sam. The two of them called Charlie in, knowing the Stynes were searching mercilessly for it. It was reckless on both (Y/N) and Sam’s part but what was done, was done. He couldn’t have her or Charlie back and it was causing him to lose what little hold he had on the mark.

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Dating Peter Hayes Would Include..

Him being really overprotective of you, even though you can handle yourself

Him getting jealous easily

Constantly showing each other off with PDA

Random butt grabs & slaps (not that you mind)

Camping him down when he’s angry

Play fighting

Training together

Goofing off during anything remotely serious

Him being a hard ass in public, but when you’re alone he wants cuddles and attention

Rough sex, especially when he comes home angry

Slow sex, because he’s not always rough

Being the only one that he’ll open up to

Him cheering you up by making you laugh when you’ve had a bad day

Long, deep conversations in the middle of the night when neither of you can sleep

You being the only one he doesn’t care if he gets one upped by

Him distracting you when you’re working because he wants attention

gif not mine an: I could literally write about Peter and the rest of Divergent all day seriously, feel free to request more!

ok but like asher fucking forrester who:

  • most definitely loves to sing even though he is absolutely tone deaf and once broke almost all of the strings on ethan’s lute in one strum
  • who formed a super close bond with mira when rodrick was being trained as next in line for lord because ethan, talia and ryon were to young to properly talk to about it
  • really disliked the whitehills and had no idea how he ended up falling for gwyn whitehill (who he first thought was extremely snobby and annoying but well life is full of surprises)
  • definitely a loud, angry and emotional drunk all rolled into one
  • who was a hopeless romantic despite his ‘tough boy’ attitude
  • tried to teach gwyn how to fight at one point, and ended up pinned against a wall with a knife to his throat and a smug little smirk on gwyn’s face
  • !!!! loyalty never wavered !!!! undoubtedly devoted to his family and friends !!!!
  • heard about the starks having wolves as pets and thinking that was the coolest thing in the world but his parents would not allow it whatsoever
  • is a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world and needs to be appreciated 250% more than he is

A little date. Blue and Gansey. All cas. Just walking around, driving around. Little coffee, walk, movie night and shy Blue that likes to steal Gansey’s phone and take snaps of him but she doesn’t let him take snaps of her. But he is a fighter. One day he will make it. Right now the only person that took a chance was Noah.
Oh, and sometimes Blue and Ronan are sending to each other stupid selfies but no one will ever no about it so shhh!
Btw. Gansey has this secret ability to look good on ANY picture. ANY picture. Even when he is wet and sweaty after training.

Two last snaps are chat between Blue and Adam. Because, let’s face it, they can and they like talking about their angry raven boyfriends obsessions.

Btw. Noah were spying on them all the time. Yes, he was there. He always is.

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TOP secretly enlists in training a day late so he can go help GD and the rest of BB teach that little snake a lesson. They don't act alone. Older groups like Super Junior, Shinee, 2ne1 are there to back them up. Newer groups like BTS and GOT7 are there too. Every kpop group is there. Ikon came back from Japan to help. Angry Kidols. With bats. "That's the one", Boys23 say, "That's the one who says that he doesn't appreciate his fans." "Heard you were talkin' shit" - GD™

Hwayoung has most definitely shit himself.

GD grins. T.O.P laughs.


Pretty Little Liars

(I don’t watch and write for this show anymore, sorry.)

Jason DiLaurentis: 

Fall Date 

Taking care


Frat Party 


Dollhouse Escape 

Love Letters 

First Time 

Ashley Marin?!  + another one 

Hickeys and Backrubs 

Sleepover  + another one 

First “I Love You” 


Double-Date With Spoby 

First Time (smut) + Sequel 

Cooking Together 


Tough Week (smut) 

Jealous  + Smutty Sequel 

Ghost Train 

Sex after Alison’s Disappearance (smut)

Kahn’s Party 

Cuddling After Sex and Wearing His Clothes 

Moving In Together 


Bad Day At School 

Welcome Home (smut)

“Alone Time” At Work (smut)

A’s threats 

Angry Sex (smut)

Study Interruption 

Teasing Each Other At A Resturant (smut)  + Sequel 

Pregnant Sex 

Car Sex (smut)

Dollhouse Recovery 

First Time (Would Involve List)

Fluffy Cuddles 

Being Engaged/Married to Jason (Would Involve List)

Fooling Around At A Theatre (smut)

Mona’s Death 

Friends With Benefits (smut)

New Guy 

Charlotte’s Death 

Look At Me

Mike Montgomery: 

Losing It To Eachother (smut)

Sneaking Around In Between Classes (smut)

New To School 

Dating Mike (Would Involve List)

Stay Quiet Or Get Caught (smut)

Noel Kahn: 

Sneaking Around With Noel While Still Dating Mike pt.1 

Sneaking Around With Noel While Still Dating Mike pt.2

Dating Noel (Would Involve List)


Stay A Little Longer (smut) with Noel and Jason

Caleb Rivers: 

Older Brother

Best Friends 

Smutty Scene 

Ezra Fitz:


Rainy Day (smut)

Wren Kingston: 

Getting It At Work (smut)

Toby Cavanaugh: 

Taking Care Of You 

Aria Montgomery: 

Dating Secretly 

CeCe Drake:

Dating CeCe (Would Involve List)

First Date

Teen Wolf

(requests are open for Stiles Stilinski/Void Stiles/Dylan O’Brien , Liam Dunbar/Dylan Sprayberry, and Theo Raeken/Cody Christian only!)

Liam Dunbar: 

Happy Valentine’s Day (smut)

Spring Dance Torture (smut)

Spring Dance Punishment (smut)

First BJ (smut)

“Study Date”

Fighting Over Liam

Doubts (smut)


Theo Raeken:

Destroying The Pack 

Whatever Happens In This Library Tonight, Stays Here (smut)

I’m In Love With Her 

Thank You For Trusting Me (smut)

Stiles Stilinski:

What Are You? (smut)

Dylan Sprayberry:

Imagine Waking Up To This 

New To Hollywood 

Best Friend Crush (pt.1)


Dating A Celeb

Best Friend Crush (pt.2)

Set Visit 

Best Friend Crush (pt.3)

Living In A Cabin 

Cody Christian:

Interview Teasing 

Season Finale DM

Coming Home 


Comic Con Date 

Colton Haynes:



Leaving Rosewood (PLL X TW) 

MTV Scream

(requests are open for Audrey Jensen and Kieran Wilcox only!)

Audrey Jensen: 

Drunk Audrey 

Zoe’s Sister

Angry Audrey 

Cold Hearted Bitch


Teased & Tortured (smut)

Baking with Audrey 

Don’t You Dare (smut)

Lake Date 

Caught (smut)

Kieran Wilcox:

Dangerous (smut)

What I expect from The Last Jedi

Rey with a double sided green lightsaber. The knights of ren, because we need them. An Ahsoka reference. Kylo/Leia confrontation. Lots of Finn and Poe. One of the knights of ren revealing him/herself to be Rey’s sister/brother. Rey being tempted to turn to the darkside. Luke being hesitant to train Rey because she is very angry. Leia dying a great, heroic death and being honored like she deserved. CAPTAIN PHASMA. Rey wanting to know who her parents are and everyone going “Rey, I’m not your father.” We discover who Snoke is (I think he’s darth plagueis). LUKE LIVING THROUGH THE ENTIRE MOVIE. Ghost Anakin appearing to Rey. 


DeiIno AU doodles!! You can always send me more I love DeiIno Aus don’t test me.

These 4 are the ones I liked most!

@donotfeedthewolf said Ice skating AU.

Basically it’s like Ballet AU but with more glitter and slightly more motivation on Deidaras Part because he kind of hopes one day he will be so fast that something ends up exploding. Let him dream.

Dog Park AU as suggested by @psiicon 

Ino walks her dogs Shikamaru and Chouji. Deidaras dog Tobi/Obito peed on her shoe, now she is angry. Deidara is kinda helpless because ???? How do you train a dog???

@wildstar25 brought up Surfer AU.

I kinda imagine him trying to impress her and she honestly just tried to relax at the beach, get some nice tan on. Who is this weird surfer guy and why is he stealing her sunlight. It’s not like she thinks he’s real cute or anything, shhh.

@rflame135 came up with a pretty interesting prompt:

Art Contest AU where Ino and Deidara go to a convention and wipe away the competition, Ino in the floral arrangement category and Deidara in the sculpture/(now apparently fireworks) side

I drew the aftermath.

Thank you all so much!!!

Trying to shop at chain pet stores is so frustrating… seeing shock collars and choke collars and pinch collars right out in the open.  The employees had to hunt to find the one clicker they carried, and I’ve seen other chains that don’t bother to carry them.  They didn’t carry flirt poles.  They didn’t carry food puzzles. They had ONE training treat pouch and it was the crappy kind that you can barely get your hand in. They didn’t carry any variety of front clip harnesses or martingale collars.  Then I wandered over to get something for Yodit and their parrot enrichment section was even more sadly lacking.  Explains a lot.  

Lets take a moment to consider captain Arakita:

  • When Arakita and Kinjou join the Yonan cycling team pretty much everybody is convinced Kinjou would be captain one day. He’s talented, a natural leader and not to mention his high school team won the interhigh under his captaincy.

  • Arakita they are a bit unsure of. He doesn’t make great first impressions. Nobody doubts his skill though, especially considering he only started in high school.

  • By their second year everybody is pretty sure Arakita will be Kinjou’s vice captain as they work rediculously well together. Arakita is a hard worker and particularly perceptive of any injuries or issues of team-mates. The first years come to really respect and admire him.

  • Angry, tsundere, mother hen Arakita.

  • When Arakita is eventually announced as future team captain no-one is surprised. Except Arakita. He becomes flustered thinking it’s all some kind of horrible joke.

  • Kinjou explains to Arakita that no-one on the team works or trains harder. That he already inspires and leads the team by example. That he (Kinjou) is honoured to be his vice captain.

  • The first person Arakita tells is Fukutomi.

You know, I should be upset but I’m really not, surprisingly. I had a little bit of an angry explosion for a second but I think I’m okay. I’m not going to watch the episode or this arc. Call me when the filler starts again because that one conversation and that one line from Goku and then later that line from Chichi about Goten not training I just… nah. It can only go downhill from there. But I’ve been on a Hairspray kick (It’s one of my favorite musical-movies) and more specifically the song “You Can’t Stop the Beat”. The thing is, I don’t care what people think of my ships or what other people think of my favorite characters. I know what I watched. I know what I read. I know who Goku is. So more people in the fanbase are gonna think Goku is a dead-beat father. So what? So people are gonna fawn over DBS and think it’s canon. So what? So more people are gonna disrespect the struggle Vegeta went through to have his redemption. So what? Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be speaking my mind but I’m at peace with my emotions and in letting myself feel angry I actually don’t. So, rest of the fanbase, have your fill. Do what you want. I’ll be sitting here with the people who know what the original series was all about. Who know what the original characters were all about. Who know not to think of Goku as Luffy or Vegeta as whatever that is. I’ll be sitting her watching you lose your heads over something that isn’t even canon with this lovely face.

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kageyama ☾★☠▼ൠ

☾ - sleep headcanon

+ he starts out sleeping on his back, kind of looking prim and proper, but he definitely ends up on his stomach curled around a pillow beneath him. if there are no extra pillows he ends up hugging the one under his head and burying his face into it.

★ - sad headcanon

+ he hates how silence his house is at night that sometimes he waits up, lying in bed, until he can hear one of his parents open and shut the front door when they arrive. he actually sleeps the best at training camp because of how “noisy” everyone is around him, whether it’s tanaka snoring or hinata’s blankets constantly shuffling - whatever. this is also why he doesn’t mind falling asleep in class.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

+ he’s definitely punched some walls. that last year in junior high, I’m sure he’s spent some time in the teacher’s office waiting for a parent to pick him up because he damaged school property in his frustration.

▼ - childhood headcanon

+ he really liked spending time with the obaa-chan who lived on his street!! he didn’t realize that she wasn’t his actual grandma until his family was invited to her house for a going away party (like she was leaving and moving back in with family) and she introduced him to her actual grandchildren.

ൠ - random headcanon

+ I wanna think that Kageyama was the one who approached Kunimi and Kindaichi to become friends!! so that’s why they - especially Kindaichi - take it really hard when he becomes the way he does at the end of junior year. they feel the burn of resentment and betrayal from someone they were supposed to have really good memories with.

Good for the job


A/N: I was about to give it a super sad ending but the you would have hate me. (Also because I’m a sucker for happy endings) So, here it is, I’m sorry if the anon who requested it doesn’t like it. Please forgive me. AND SORRY FOR THE DELAY.

I’ll hopefully post the other request this weekend. No promises though :D And then I’ll return to Rising Flame because YAAAS Angry Steve is back.

Request: (Y/N) is former agent and avenger since NY (like Natasha). and Steve’s girlfriend/wife. She wants to quit all the ass-kicking one day to become a mother, not now but in the future. When she says that to Steve, he hesitates. And (Y/N) is upset about it.

Originally posted by chrisevansz

It never ended to amaze Steve the way your small frame could defeat so many men, twice your size, in so little time, you were even able to bring Steve down one time during a training. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when Fury sent along with the Avengers during the alien invasion of New York.

Since then, you were almost in every mission with them, at first as a backup Shield agent until you slowly became one of the Avengers. You even moved to the Tower a few months later.

From there, three years ago, you and Steve started dating. It took you a year to move together, and two more for him to propose.

“We might die at any moment” Steve abruptly stated when one day you were in the small cafe where you used to spend your friday nights.

“Woah, that’s a very happy thought”

“No, listen, I mean it” Steve continued, a soft frown on his face “I don’t know if I’ll to go out tomorrow and don’t come back”

“Steve, we’ve talked about this, don’t start again” you replied, avoiding to look at him, starting to get annoyed at the subject. You knew perfectly well that dying was a huge possibility for both of you, but you refused to talk about it, specially when the next day you both were going to depart to separated missions.

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