the angry dragon king

Gijinkas of FR Dragon Breeds
  • Bogsneak: slimy swamp king
  • Coatl: angry bird-man
  • Fae: scantily clad twink
  • Guardian: buff mom-friend
  • Imperial: edgy™ royalty w/ long hair
  • Mirror: strange dog in disguise????
  • Nocturne: magic-fairy lady
  • Pearlcatcher: snobby rich-person w/ too much jewelry
  • Ridgeback: nose
  • Skydancer: probably gay. Dances.
  • Snapper: bara tiddy
  • Spiral: Way Too Serious
  • Tundra: bara tiddy w/ long hair
  • Wildclaw: edgy™ royalty, but w/ short hair