the angry dragon king

Closed-and angry black dragon


Talian looked to the king as he was ordered off, now why the fuck did HE have to do all the work in this god damn alliance? they were a nomadic species why did they need an alliance?

regardless no choice was giving so he packed his bag and dressed in blackened deer leather and rode to the land, getting himself a very fine black war horse… he was trying to make a statement after all

anonymous asked:

What if Aerion Targaryen was king of the seven kingdoms instead of Aegon the Unlikely?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Aerion is one of the most one-dimensionally villainous characters in the series. He has literally no redeeming characteristics; he’s just a comely monster. Indeed, Aerion can be separated from the worst members of his house, and this separation indicates why he would make an extremely poor king. 

There have been bad Targaryen kings. Aegon IV was selfish, but he lived for his pleasure rather than others’ pain. Aerys II seems to have had some madness from youth, which slipped over his life from harmless eccentricity to full derangement. Maegor the Cruel suffered from a long coma after his Trial of Seven; the head injury probably caused a severe personality change, exacerbated if his wife Tyanna or mother Visenya used dark arts to revive him. 

But Aerion was different. The “Bright Prince” was, from a young age, purposefully and intelligently malicious and cruel. He threw young Aegon’s cat down a well, threatened him with castration, purposefully killed Humfrey Hardyng’s horse (severely injuring Ser Humfrey), violently attacked Tanselle for an imagined slight, and bribed Steffon Fossoway to fight for him in the Trial of Seven. Aerion was clearly deeply insane (no sane person drinks wildfire); the last thing he needed was to be given power. Aerion had no respect for those who had no power over him (it’s no mistake that he attacks the lowly Dunk and Tanselle and threatens his younger brother, and he’s specifically stated to have been all smiles only around his stern father, Maekar, and only yields to Dunk when he realizes Dunk will kill him). That’s an extremely bad attitude to have for a feudal monarch. The minute Aerion imagined one of his bannermen insulted him, he’d demand some horrific arcane or unusual punishment for that person. That sort of tyranny sparked Robert’s Rebellion. 

If Aerion came to the throne, I see a civil uprising happening 50-odd years early. You have more fire and dragon obsession, an angry and injured nobility, and a mad king on the throne. Westeros is going to burn.

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