the angry bat

My favorite things from It (2017) in no particular order:

  • Eddie’s 2nd fanny pack
  • Beverly Bad Ass Marsh jumping off a cliff in slow motion as Ritchie Tozier shouts “what the fuck”
  • every f bomb the kids dropped
  • “Derry started as a beaver trapping camp.” “Still is! Am I right, boys?”
  • Georgie’s savage death (that shit was brutal)
  • Bill’s love and dedication to Georgie (as an older sibling that shit had me emoaf)
  • “Go blow your dad, you mullet wearing asshole!”
  • that scene w/ Beverly and her dad, am I right?
  • L O S V E R
  • actual angel Ben
  • huge Pennywise (I was SHOOK)
  • “They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!!”
  • Henry Bowers getting fucking Rekt!!!!!!! I stan Mike Hanlon
  • Stan setting his bike on the kickstand
  • Molly Ringwald
  • “No, Richie, she wasn’t hot!”
  • Richie and the horn thing (sorry idk musical instruments that well)
  • the rock war and the immediate head injury skdfkdfka
  • The NKOTB poster
  • “I hate you”….. *grins*
  • Pennywise unfolding himself from the fridge (Shook 2.0)
  • Pennywise’s full fucking offense to Bill saying “it’s not real”
  • the bathroom scene w/ Beverly
  • Richie never shutting up about his dick
  • idk man honestly everything Eddie and Richie said
  • all the jokes about Eddie’s mom
  • Eddie standing up to his mom
  • blood oaths and gentle kisses
  • Richie Mother Fucking Tozier and his baseball bat “I’m angry at you because now I have to kill this fucking clown.” HELL FUCKING YEAH!! DAS MY BOI!!!
Things I’ve learned spending the summer working in wildlife rehab

–Never trust wildlife. The second you trust that they will do something or stay somewhere is the second they fly off the table and give you a heart attack.

–I have no maternal instinct for human babies, but every time I hold a baby squirrel or bunny in my hands I’m ready to kill for them.

–Baby mink and baby weasels are the cutest things in the world.

–Trying to grab a squirrel is like trying to grab water.

–Adult squirrels are the devil. They WILL bite you and it WILL hurt. Even if they’re half dead, never assume they can’t bite you.

–If you are bit by any kind of wild animal, even if it barely breaks the skin, wash your hands immediately and bandage it. There are a lot of nasty diseases/infections we can get from these animals. Especially rodents; their bites are nasty.

–An angry bat is one of the most distinctive sounds in the world. 

–Goose bites hurt less than you’d expect but crow bites hurt more than you’d expect.

–Just because an animal isn’t a rabies vector in your area doesn’t mean it’s no big deal if they bite you. There are plenty of other diseases we can get from wild animal bites.

–People will try and take care of wildlife and they will do a terrible job and feed them garbage.

–Don’t mess with snapping turtles. Just don’t.

–A lot of the orphan babies brought in are totally healthy and not really orphaned at all. People just assume that an animal is orphaned if they can’t see the parents at all times.

–People don’t always understand why we have to euthanize animals and they will get very mad about it.

–Turtles are very resilient and can survive devastating injuries. Also never assume a snapper won’t bite just because it’s injured. I had a snapper with part of her face missing try to take my finger off.

–Wear gloves. You never know what an animal has.

–All baby birds look at least a little bit like Bernie Sanders. 

I AM THE ANGRY NIGHT!!!! This was at our 2017 Bat Blitz in Birmingham, Al.

Interesting note, bats release a stressed echolocation and it calls other bats to them to help out, so that is why I made the comment about the bat calling more to our mist net, bats show a lot of altruism. Maybe @koryos might have some more comments on why bats are amazing altruistic mammals.

J: See, this is what happens when you leave me in the cave by myself all night
B: But why are they on our bed, where will we sleep?

your fave is problematic:

severus snape is extra™ af

- he billows his cape out whenever he enters a room because the man likes to make entrances
- do we even see anyone else wearing floor length capes the way snape does??
- he only wears black and he wears ridiculously fancy buckingham jackets for no reason other than he likes to
- his speech for harry’s first potions class? talk about poetic and unnecessarily dramatic. sounds like my old essays for english class when I was embellishing sentences to add word count
- #confirmed captivating voice during said speech when he spoke softly and dramatically™ and everyone hung on to every word
- he wrote a poem/riddle as a trap. the man probably was seated in his quarters with a glass of blackberry wine as he thought about writing a poem
- he likes to loom over students and look threatening
- he has no right to speak as eloquently as he does and who does he think he is with all those. dramatic. pauses.
- he’s always scowling to keep people from talking to him like that’s so #relatable
- you never hear him approach. he’s just?? there??
- his entrance when he subbed for lupins class in prisoner of azkaban?? talk about dramatics
- “it. is. I, severus snape.” in dh and he was hiding behind a bloody suit of armor in the middle of the night?? spying and just waiting to make an entrance
- he lives in the bloody dungeons. talk about edgy
- he’s called a bat for a reason you know and it’s because he’s a literal terrifying shadow swooping in from the dungeons with his cloak flared out
- theres no reason for any of this.

tl;dr severus snape is so fucking extra and I love my angry bat of the dungeons so much

News Flash! (Puns-) I’m still alive and I’m slowly getting back my creative groove back along with getting myself back together. 

So many scenes to draw in @uncpanda‘s latest Bat-Aunt chapter: 

and decided to try drawing Barry Allen being a (gentle)man ;3 

anonymous asked:

can u write some inner circle fluff? i have a feeling we wont get much of that in acowar :/

Since I’m only getting to do this now… we’ll do post acowar!

They all need some alcohol tbh they survived the war, they all lived, so dammit their going to the cabin to celebrate!!

This ended up being 3140 words so enjoy!


and I’m gonna try multiple POV


Feyre POV

The Inner Circle arrived by nightfall. I was still unaware as to why Rhys, Azriel, and Cassian had called all of us up to the cabin. Amren was practicing with Nesta by doing their strange staring contest, While Mor and Elain were talking about my paintings that are all over the wall. I was sitting at the table, glancing to the edge of it, and then dragging my eyes to the door of Rhys and mines room. I couldn’t help but imagining paint all over the table, the bed, his wings…

I heard Elain’s nervous cough and slowly turned towards her, still struggling to escape the images in my head. Her face was bright red, and Mor was chuckling as she found a chair beside the sofa. Amren and Nesta were still doing their own thing.


“Nothing Feyre, just needed to explain to Elain your scent and why you kept silently looking around.” Mor answered with a knowing smirk.

My face heated up and Mor went into a laughing fit, Amren even snorted in the other room. “You sure love to hear yourself talk, don’t you Mor.” I said, trying my best to sound aggressive, but failing miserably. Mor went into another laughing fit, and was about to respond when Cassian kicked in the door with an arm full of alcohol, Rhys and Azriel following behind with just as much.

“Oh cauldron yes.” Mor said, jumping up and taking some bottles from Azriel, placing them on the table in front of me. Rhys dropped some down and walked around the table to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me on my cheek. Why do you have so much? What are we even celebrating? Rhys laughed and answered aloud, “We felt like we should celebrate being alive again.”

I looked around in to see Az gave Elain a lazy smile, and she glided along and stood at his side. Elain looked at the table with wide eyes, and Azriel stifled a laugh. Cassian snuck around behind her and gave her a strong but gentle pat on the back and said, “You’re gonna need to drink a lot if you’re going to be hanging on to Azriel’s side the whole time, he gets cranky.” Az growled at him while Nesta stomped down the hallway towards us and yelled at Cassian, “Don’t you dare force alcohol on her or I’ll slit your throat you stupid bat.” Cassian held his hands up and responded with, “Just a suggestion Nes, I’m no monster!”

Rhys groaned from behind me, strode to table, grabbed the fanciest bottle on the table, popped it open, and started chugging. Nesta and Azriel studied the bottles, and Cassian grabbed on up and clicked it on Rhys’s and declared, “To being alive!”

I grinned at the joy that went down the bond and quickly joined in.


A few hours later…

Rhysand POV

I held Feyre in my lap as she snored and occasionally put in her input of the ongoing mess that was our Inner Court. I just ran my hands through her hair and on her back, trying my best to not start crying.

I’m so lucky. She’s so beautiful. I love my family. I love my mate so damn much, my High Lady. I rubbed the back of my hand over my now wet eyes. I’m so drunk.

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EXO (Yandere Ver.): Saying You Hate Them During A Fight With Them

@bubblefishrainbow  Asked: Hello loveys! I hope you are not too busy. But I have been having a horrible obsession with yanderes (ahhh help). So i wanted to make a request for Yandere EXOs reaction for when you tell them you hate them. Like you were fighting with them or something or they beat up one of your friends who got too close to you and you are mad at them. Thank you so much <3

Here you go sweetiepie! I hope you like it! :-)

*WARNING* Our Yandere reactions always contain some kind of possessive/stalker/obsessed feelings, so if these topics make you uncomfortable, please keep scrolling. We would never want to hurt any of you with our writing. 


As soon as those three ugly words came forth from your lips, he was distraught. He knew right then and there he should have never crossed the line when it came to hurting those you loved. He just couldn’t hold back when he saw others around you.  He just couldn’t face you at that moment, and decided to do something he had always hated, give you space. 

“Dammit! Why did I do that?! I can’t bear to lose her..I need to control my emotions.”

Originally posted by kibaems


He would be more annoyed with you and this “friend” of yours, more than anything. He didn’t understand why you would get so upset over some other guy that wasn’t him. He was in disbelief when you told him that you had hated him and watched as you storm off. It made him sick to his stomach, thinking you had chosen this other man over him, and decided that there was only one thing to do.

“He’s just going to keep coming between us, so the only thing I have to do is make sure that he doesn’t anymore.”

Originally posted by yixingsosweet


All he could do was stare at you in silence as you screamed at him for the way he treated a co-worker of yours. He tried to hold his anger back but it was no use. The next thing you knew, there you were being pinned back against the wall as he kept his serious yet hungry gaze on you. You couldn’t help but quiet down when he got that look in his eye, and he knew it too. As he gently yet firmly held your chin with his fingertips, he gave you a long and hard kiss.

“You can hate me all you want, but I will make sure that others know that you are mine.”

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As soon as he realized you were upset, he hoped up from where he sat as soon as you started to storm off. He knew that sometimes his anger got the best of him, but this time it was different because he had never heard you say you hated him before. He kept most of feelings and emotions of affection and love towards you hidden because he didn’t ant to be too overbearing, but right now, grabbing your arm and putting forth those emotions was the only thing he could think of, that would make you stay.

“You know I only tried to protect you from that man because I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. I love you Y/N…Don’t go because of my stupid actions.”

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At that moment, he had wished he could take back what he had done to our friend. He didn’t realize how much they had meant to you until you started yelling at him, threatening to leave him. He was more ashamed than anything that he let his fists do the talking rather than his heart. He knew you were going to be mad for a while so he let you lash out at him, but he wasn’t going to let you leave. 

“You’re right…I’m not good enough for you and I don’t deserve such a gentle person like you, but I’ll be damned if I let you go.”

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A scoff and dark chuckle would escape his lips as you said those words. He loved you unconditionally and all he had asked for in return is that you had loved him the same. He was angry right off the bat, but not with you, but with this other man who he had beat up that day for having his arms around you. Although he was thinking irrationally he would hold back and try to calm his nerves so he wouldn’t scare or anger you any further, but wouldn’t apologize for what he had done either.

“I love you Y/N, I do, but the bastard had it coming. For touching my girl.”

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Right away, he knew what he had done was stupid and uncalled for, so your expected reaction came to no surprise to him. What he didn’t expect was for you to say that you had hated him. He couldn’t form any words to say when you stopped yelling and ran inside. All he could do was sit there and beat himself up inside, wishing he could take it back.

“Shit…I promised myself I would never make Y/N unhappy and that’s all I’ve been doing…”

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His heart would break into two when you blew up at him. He loved you with all he had and he felt that maybe you didn’t feel the same as he did anymore. He stood there looking at you and watching your lips move, but heard silence as he listened to his own heart shattering. A few tears would roll down his cheek as you finished , and stormed out the room leaving him there to fall to his knees.

“Oh God….What did I do….What if I loose her?…No…I can’t let that happen..I won’t.”

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His mind would go blank and he would become frustrated right off the bat. He would start yelling over you telling you how much he had loved you, and he only did it out of love , and he couldn’t stand other men around you. After you went off to another room he would kick down or punch the first thing he came in contact with. He would then later apologize for what happened, once you both had calmed down.

“Why are you saying these things?! Dammit Y/N! I love you! I’m crazy about you!”

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He knew you had found out about the beating he gave to one of your closest friends as soon as he walked in and saw you waving your phone around with a look of hurt. He was going to apologize, but couldn’t find the right time when you started to yell at him. But as soon as “I hate you!” came from your lips he quickly charged up to you, not caring that you were still yelling, and threw his arms around your waist pulling you into him. The sound of your voice came to a sharp stop as his lips crashed against yours in a hard yet passionate manner. After a few seconds of heated kissing, he would then pull away and whisper an apology to you.

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He would be scared, not of you, but of the thought of you leaving him and it would be his fault. His heart raced as you stood up and ran to your room, slamming and locking the door behind you. Quickly he scrambled to his feet and followed, and tried to grab your hand, but instead gripped the door knob instead. All he could do was slide down against the door as he started to breathe heavily, apologizing over and over again through his tears. 

“Y/N? Y/N?! Please I’m sorry ! I’m so sorry!!! I won’t do anything like that again! Please don’t hate me!!!! I love you! Please please please!”

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He laughed at the way you yelled at him. It didn’t phase him because he knew that soon you would be over it. But the moment you had screamed those three words at him his smile fell. He didn’t know what to do but stare at you in surprise. He must have really hurt you for you to say that. As you started walking away , he grabbed onto your arm and pulled you towards him, as you tried to pull back, while he started to beg you not to go, and that he was truly sorry. He had hoped that if he showed his vulnerable side, you would chose to stay by his.

“Wait Y/N! I’m sorry! I didn’t know he was a close friend! It won’t happen again I swear. Just please don’t leave me alone!”

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Hope you liked it :-)

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