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Seventeen as Out of Context Mystic Messenger Quotes
  • S.Coups: I don’t pretend to be cool. I am cool
  • Jeonghan: the only things that i deem are reliable is cats, cash… and that’s pretty much it
  • Joshua: goodbye for meow
  • Jun: God made a mistake when creating me and made me too beautiful and delicate
  • Hoshi: why do we need pizza bread when we have pizza?
  • Wownoo: well it won’t be too bad for all of to die as singles ^^
  • Woozi: I’m gonna work hard and die fast, i have no desire to live long lol
  • DK: it’s like u can’t tell apart the longcat apart from the nyan cat
  • Mingyu: but gay people have their own aura
  • The8: I don’t get fan letters like you. I get checks.
  • Seungkwan: I understand normal people worrying about me getting kidnapped because of my looks
  • Vernon: I’m glad we have a girl now! It was a hopeless sausage fest until now lol
  • Dino: I have to put all my focus onto these small hands

I did a selfish thing.

On second thought, I should have posted these individually as a photoset. You win this round, tumblr.

Dahlia has two whole expressions: neutral/aloof, and GET AWAY. Oh wait, if you look closely, there’s also mildly curious.

Aequis feet continue to elude me, but I think I’m slowly untangling that mystery.

Seventeen as weird things people have texted me
  • S.Coups: He's like tofu. Soft. Versatile. Reliable.
  • Jeonghan: he's soft with a very subtle touch of sin
  • Joshua: The memes are low today bc i am ill sorry lol
  • Jun: U guys r the nips to my tits
  • Wonwoo: Why is it finding nemo? it should be finding emo that shit was upsetting fam
  • Woozi: I like you, but youre pissing me off rn, leave me alone before before i skin you alive
  • DK: I vote furry
  • Mingyu: big big yaoi hand
  • The8: You can fight anything if you believe
  • Seungkwan: bow down to me, im your new god now
  • Vernon: I guess you could say that people are jumping on the bantwagon LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Dino: what do u mean i give bad gifts? im the best gift there is i dont need to give anything else
Seventeen as shit Steffi (@hughosh) has said
  • S.Coups: *60 yr old smoker voice* ya got a bright future ahead of u kid
  • Jeonghan: tfw u must keep your angel online persona but got so much shit to say
  • Joshua: I wanna sext every boy from Ouran High School Host Club
  • Jun: If beauty is pain then I should already be drop dead gorgeous, ive been suffering all my life
  • Hoshi: 🎵 unbreeeak my heeeeaart, say you loooove me agaaaain🎵
  • Wownoo: Theres this new movie called "The Disappointments Room" and quite honestly same
  • Woozi: this fucking basilisk better be smoked outta the chamber of secrets
  • DK: #MomentofSilenceForDonaldDuck
  • Mingyu: As the shrek song once said "I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed"
  • The8: Welcome to the 75th Annual Exposing Games
  • Seungkwan: I'm watching say yes to the dress and this pair of sisters are making fun of their older sister for wanting a blue wedding dress, and I'm like stfu you made ur sister cry and you both look like gnomes
  • Vernon: self diss to the max
  • Dino: I've been 16 all my life

fiftyshadesofnygma  asked:

i read a theory about lucas saying he was cece's lover or something and is avenging her death and honestly that'd just be too random and out of nowhere. that's definitely not the biggest or most surprising reveal of the show and not something they have been building up for 7 seasons. it's fine if it was a side story or something and he was WORKING with AD for that motive but if it was the 'endgame' then that's just so stupid

Yeah I agree. I don’t think anyone would be expecting this, and to me that says it wasn’t prepared enough. They always say we can go back and see how obvious it was, and this isn’t obvious to me at all. I wouldn’t mind this whole “angry obsessed lover” angle if it was someone like Wren, as his character has shown a lot of loyalty for Cece and has been shown going to great lengths to potentially protect her.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do Venipede and its evolutions? It's my favorite bug type line, I can't get enough of that majestic Millipede centaur.


  •  They tend to live in familiar groups, as they all hatch simultaneously from egg sacs.
  • The nest sends out a scout for prey items and then swarm it when the scout returns, following pheromone trails.
  • Unfortunately for prey or predators that have been stunned by poison, they tend to be eaten alive when the swarm returns.
  • While wild ones use vibrations to find prey, domestic Venipedes and their evolutions have certain sounds they just don’t like. This varies between individuals!
  • They tend to be jumpy due to their shoulder hump obscuring anything directly behind it. Trainers are discouraged from trying to be playful in this area, as it can lead to a nasty sting.
  • They have a tendency to perch on the tallest object around. In the wild, this is to drop onto unsuspecting prey or to forage for eggs and sleeping birds, but in a domestic setting its more soothing. On the plus side you have a cute shoulder buddy.
  •  Its morose/angry appearance (depending on angle) has spawned some memes on trainer social networks. The meme versions are called “Memeipedes.”


  • Quite awkward in this stage, it takes days for one to get used to now having to roll around. Many get motion sickness.
  • They’re quite hard to motivate, as they prefer to rest most of the time
  • A properly trained one can still battle, but will try to end the fight as quickly as it can, usually quite brutally.
  • They don’t mind being used as impromptu chairs by their trainers, as long as they sit on the hard parts of the shell. Anyone else gets stung.


  • A aloof, beauteous beast, the most beautiful pokemon of them all
  • Unova’s response to Kalos and Kanto styles of Rapidash racing was to go ‘fuck it’ and institute Scolipede Jousting. The pokemon’s armor protects it from blows (even when not wearing body armor) and it is fast enough to make things exciting.
  • They accept having saddles put on them easily, but most trainers prefer not to give them reigns, as most get uncomfortable from them.
  • They have a tendency to charge into other pokemon to inject the paralytic poison from the barbs on its neck, but in rare cases, it body slams the target to use the lone pair of stingers on its belly. A more potent neurotoxin is located in its main fangs.
  • They can curl up to recover from trips or to protect themselves briefly. Their horns are the hardest parts of them.
  • They can actually carry their trainers by holding them in their mouth and neck claws. Trainers do not get any stings this way, as the pokemon will be gentle.
  •  They lay their young in egg clusters and care for them until they are ready to hatch. They are very aggressive when protecting their eggs, usually making a clearing around the eggs. Domestic ones will only let their trusted trainers near.
  • They’re quite happy to win, usually prancing about after defeating a foe.
  • Domestic ones sometimes spontaneously destroy radios when a song they don’t like comes on.

- Mod S

Seventeen as shit Court (@stanjunhui) has said
  • S.coups: What did I wake up to
  • Jeonghan: I'm tired n hungry but thats every day for me
  • Joshua: Listen I fucjing love my manhwa boyfriend I want to die
  • Jun: R u jealous bihs
  • Wonwoo: I keep nice messages to myself to cheer myself up
  • Woozi: I've disowned u
  • DK: listen, the akatasuki are the loves of my life
  • Mingyu: i think i cried that day
  • The8: It might be illegal but that doesn't stop me
  • Seungkwan: I can already feel the judging glares acorss the ocean
  • Vernon: As it crossed my mind I was like 'what...why' but I felt like I had to share that
  • Dino: Good to know u guys want me dead
Chapter Three: Just hold my hand, doll.

I’m sorry for my writing today, I’ve slacked the entire day. Next chapter will be more in depth and more detailed. Enjoy! I love to hear feedback on my stories :) x

Warning: slight flirting(??), cursing and talks of experimentation on reader.

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Word count: 2440

3:47 PM.

I looked at the clock and walked in my room to check on Buck. He was still fast asleep. I shut my door softly and I headed to the kitchen. I made myself a sandwich; turkey and cheese is all I liked. Simple but plain.

Then I heard a loud thrashing in my room. A crash then a bang. I dropped my sandwich and raced to my room. I opened my door and Bucky was standing with his hands against the wall.

“Bucky? Bucky, it’s okay, you’re okay. You’re safe” I say in my most calm voice. Keeping my hands up so he knows I’m in no means to harm him. He looked at me and his brows at an angry angle. He walked towards me, fast.

“What am I doing here? Where the hell am I?!” He screamed.

“Hey, Bucky. Listen, I don’t want to hurt you. You’re okay here. Let me explain” He kept striding. I finally felt his mechanical hand squeeze my throat. I winced in pain.

“Steve. Steve Rogers, he helped you out. We saved you from HYDRA.” I breathed out.
He looked in confusion and then dropped me, with a loud thud I fell. I gasped for air and looked towards the glass water I grabbed him just earlier that morning. I took a few sips and stood up.

“Rogers. The boy from Brooklyn. I remember, “he’s my friend, isn’t he?” He looked at me. Still processing the information you just handed him.

“I’d say so. A loyal one at that. He train me and few others for a search and rescue mission on the HYDRA base. He never stopped looking for you. When we found you we took you here. This is my place. He didn’t want you around all the info at HQ. It’s overwhelming, I know.” I told him. I watched his facial expressions. He looked down and nodded. I stood up and walked to my doorframe. “The bathroom is down the hall, I recommend a shower. I’m no professional, but I’m making some food soon. If you want some ill tell you when it’s ready.” I was walking out when I heard his somewhat soft voice.

“What’s your name?” He asked, moving his hair from his face.

“Y/N” I told him.

“Who put me here? In bed, I mean.” He looked towards the bed.

“That would be me” I smiled before I walked away, into the kitchen. I decided to make chicken. I got it out and started to prep it before I heard my door open and shut. I figure Bucky was going to take a shower. I stopped him before he reached the bathroom. I went to my room and grabbed some of Steve’s clothes that he left one time after a mission. He crashed on the couch after watching movies to catch up on the modern world. I ran back out and handed Bucky the dark green shirt and black joggers.

“If you want jeans, I can grab you some but I figured you’d rather be comfortable.” You smiled and walked back to the kitchen, you heard a silent thank you before the door shut.

I walked back to the kitchen. Seasoned the chicken and started baking it, then made mashed potatoes because who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? I boiled the potatoes, put butter and mashed them. Then took the chicken out making sure it was done. I set some on a plate for buck, then set it in the microwave and then made my own plate. I wondered what took him so long to get out of the shower. And I went to sit on the couch. Once I finished my food, I took my plate to the kitchen and into the sink when I heard the bathroom door open.

He walked past the kitchen, and into the room. I was taken back, but I let him have his space. I watched some TV and let time tick by. I tried to get some sleep. I shut my eyes and let my mind rest.

6:09 PM

“Y/N. It’s time” Doctor K told me. That’s what he called himself, just Doctor K. He let me off the table and I was brought to a room with a man, who looked 3 times my size.

“Go!” Doc yelled. The next thing I know he’s sprinting at me. It all went slow after that.

“C o n c e n t r a t e!” I heard, I looked at the man and I pictured him stopped. And just like that, he was no longer running. He was completely stopped. Doc was saying something. But I needed to do something. Something raged inside of me. I was angry. I tensed up and the man started being thrown across the room.  

I could only hear my thoughts after that. I was screaming, I couldn’t feel it anymore. I felt nothing. He was being pulled like a doll around the room into walls and into the Doc. I walked back, scared of my own self. I slid down the wall, I didn’t know what I was. What he made me. I covered my ears. I put my bed in my knees and started singing to my self. There’s nothing I could do. I was a monster.

I wake myself up. I was sweating, out of breath. I got up to get some water and I checked the clock.

11:57 PM.

I heard something from my room. I walk to the microwave and I reheated Buck’s dinner. I grabbed it with a fork and walked to the room. I knocked on the door.

“Bucky?” I knocked on more time.

“I. Uhm. I made you dinner, it’ll be here if you want it.” I waited for a second then I set down the plate in front of the door. Then the fork on the plate. I walked back to the living room. I barely heard the door open and I looked over to see the light of my room, I couldn’t help but laugh a bit, but he was seldom and I respected that.

I started watching TV and I called Steve. I hoped he’d be up. It rang and rang.

“This is Rogers.” He answered. I giggled.

“Why aren’t you in bed, old man?” I could hear him laugh.

“I spent 70 years asleep, I’ve had my fair share.”

“Okay, okay. I just wanted to call and update you. Bucky is awake. And he remembers you. He knows you’re his friend. But I think it will take a few days for him to come around.” I told him. I could only imagine the smile on his sweet face.

“That’s alright, I just. Okay, that’s amazing. Thank you for taking care of him. I appreciate this, I owe you one. Other than that, what did you do today?”

We started talking a bit about our days, he talked about how excited he was to catch up. I looked over and Bucky was standing in the hallway frame.

“Hey, I’ll call you back. He’s up” I smiled and hung the phone. He looked very confused. “That was Steve. He’s excited to see you.”

“Can I ask you something?” He moved over and sat down at the end of the couch. I nodded and stood up. I put my hands in my back pockets.

“What can you do?” He asked. Very bluntly, which took me by surprise.

“I. Uh, i dont know what you really mean?”

“At base. I saw you. You took a guy down without touching him.” He asked very intrigued. This was a sensitive topic, I hated to talk about this. Or about me, I general.

“Alright, uhm. Long story short, I was in an accident. A scientist picked me out of the wreckage. I dont know what he did, but he did something right and now I have abilities. I dont know how they work, or what they are quite yet. But Steve needed me during the mission for you, so I went. It was my first time since they found me” I looked down at my feet.

“Im sorry.” He mustered out.

“But are you okay? I mean. Really, this is so much. Is there anything I can do to make you comfortable?” He shook his head. Then got up to walk back in the room.

“Thank you for the dinner. It’s been a while since someone cooked my dinner,” He said softly. Before striding back to the room, “if you hear anything from the room, please just stay out. It’s for the best.” He said cold heartedly, but I wanted to respect his boundaries. He shut the door and I laid down on the couch and fell asleep not long after.

A few days past and it went on like the first did. I hadn’t heard too much noise at night, but I still went to check on him while he slept. I left dinner by the door for him at around 10. And stayed up until about 4. I check the door and Bucky had taken in his dinner in a few hours ago. I looked at the time.

2:38 AM.

I got my book out and started reading. I suddenly heard a loud noise from the room. And I suddenly thought about what Buck said, but I couldn’t let him go alone if he was having a panic attack or something. I ran in and he was throwing pillows, kicking and yelling. I didn’t know what to do. I sat by him and shook him.

“Bucky, hey.” He wouldn’t wake up. I thought of my mom when I used to have these night terrors. She used to put her hand on my head. It was worth a shot. I touched his chest with my left hand, and his fore head with my right one. He somewhat calmed at first, but then after about 10 seconds his features became soft. I sat against the headboard and made sure he stayed in his state of relaxation, on the left side of the bed. I sat on the right. I must’ve dozed off, but when I woke up and looked at the time it was 5:36 AM.

I felt a pressure on my thighs, I looked down to see a head with shaggy dark brown hair resting peacefully on my lap. I looked and couldn’t help but stare his profile. His jawline covered in stubble, I raised my hand and gently moved his hair out of his face. I never seemed to notice his complexion under his angry look. I wondered how he felt here. I grabbed his head and stood up, maneuvering a pillow under his head. I walked out before looking at him for a moment. Then walking to the kitchen to start breakfast.

8:47 AM

I was done with my plate, then I was surprised to see Bucky standing there.

“Hey, how’re you feeling?” I smiled.

“Good. How long have you been up?” He questioned.

“I’ve kinda been up throughout the night is all. Some sleep here and there. But I made you a plate. Are you hungry?” He nodded. I grabbed the plate from in the microwave after heating it up. I grabbed him a fork and knife, laid them in front of him.  

“You’re kind. Thank you.” I could barely hear him. He spoke so soft.

I sat next to him at the circle table in my kitchen.

“I want you to know if you’re more comfortable with your friend at headquarters, Steve I mean, I can take you there. I know it’s a small place, and it’s a little hard stay with someone you don’t know.”

“I like it here. And I’m sure HQ doesn’t have food like this. Besides; I like to think you’re my friend, too.” He continued eating. I hesitated but I grabbed the hand he wasn’t using to eat, and gave it a squeeze. Then I got up and grabbed the egg pan and put it in the sink. Bucky got up and stood by me while he dropped the plate in the sink. His stature was much larger than mine. He looked down at me, I could feel it. Then he walked into the living room without a word. I finished dishes and I walked in the room, to see Bucky trying to figure out the TV. I laughed.

“Are you alright there?” He looked at me.

“I. I wanted something. Is that okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, of course,” I turned the Xbox on and flipped to Netflix. He looked so confused by the whole thing. I went and sat on the couch, “you know you can sit up here, right?”

He got up and walked to the couch, sat his fair distance away.

“Are you alright with a scary movie or a comedy?”

He waited a second, contemplating.


I scrolled through the movies and found a new one with a decent rating. ‘Hush’. I turned it on and it seemed like normal movie when it escalated quick. I heard him sigh.

“Why doesn’t she just shoot him?”

“She can’t hear anything, Bucky.” You giggled at how hostile he could be in a life or death situation. It made you feel a bit protected knowing he was here in case someone some shit like this happened to you.

“But she can see. Aim and shoot.” I guess you could only expect so much from a trained assassin.

We continued watching. I could hear the intense music leading up to something bad. I covered my eyes slightly, getting ready for a jump scare. Bucky looked at me and started laughing.

“What’re you laughing at??”

“I just can’t believe you’re scared of this. What a pure soul” he grinned. He got up, got himself a glass of water and came back right at a frightening part. My body stiffened as I covered my face. Bucky stared at me for a second and proceeded to walk towards the couch, sitting right next to me.

“Just hold my hand, doll” he calmly gestured. His bionic hand was held out for me and I returned the favor by intertwining our fingers. Then laid back against the couch. I brought my free hand up to my face and squeezed the hand Bucky offered to me. Once the scene mellowed, we both seemed to relax.

I heard soft snores, looking up to him passed out. It must’ve been contagious because I could feel my eyes lids getting heavy, as well. With that, I dazed into a sleep. In the arms of The Winter Soldier.

Chapter two is here!

Seventeen as Things Announced on the Carat(Memes)Birthdays Admin Chat: Part 4
  • S.Coups: Stop calling ppl out and go drink your milk
  • Jeonghan: /runs around a bonfire/ jihan jihan jihan /summons a demon/ j i h a N J I H A N J I H A N
  • Joshua: I don't know what month it is all I know is I woke up and I really wish my life was a romance manga
  • Jun: Today is a good day to be a jun stan
  • Hoshi: We're all gonna get killed by robots
  • Wonwoo: "You adapted into darkness.....I was born in darkness"
  • Woozi: if I go down I'm probably tripping on the way to hell and taking u guys with me by accident
  • DK: why was a salted peanut calling me a mosquito
  • Mingyu: conspiracy theory #7262: this whole blog was made against me
  • The8: /stabs u softly
  • Vernon: we're bronding
  • Dino: don't send me back to baby jail

anonymous asked:

could you write the reaction of the people from the arc (like Abby, Jaha or Kane) to Bellarke fighting/connecting or ruling etc. thank you so much

in the silence between worlds (that’s where I’ll find you)
Summary: It’s a goddamn tragedy that both of them could be so incredibly in love with each other and yet neither could notice it. 
     aka everyone knows Bellamy and Clarke are in love except for Bellamy and Clarke.

(A/N This just turned into Bellarke from literally everyone else’s POV.)


When his guards drag 48 teenagers into the mountain and throw them into the quarantined zone, he wonders what in the world they’ve gotten themselves into. He’s dealt with the savages that inhabit the outside ground before; he knows how to handle them. But when these aliens, these children, begin waking up, with fear in their eyes and questions on their lips, looking for some form of respite, he cannot help but try to pacify them, to give them the rest he knows they deserve.

They all accept his offer of safety. Well, all but the girl.

He tries to calm her after she attacks Maya. He tries to tell her that she is safe and she can stop fighting (he sees in her eyes that she does not want to stop fighting). He tries to give her what she wants, to give her a home.

The girl will not stop fighting; stop shutting him out at every turn. Despite all his efforts, she will not stop fighting.

It is not until she escapes that he finally realizes she was fighting not to just simply fight. She was not fighting because that was all she knew, or because that was the only way she could retain some control over her situation.

She was fighting to get back to something, someone.

He can blame her to for being stubborn. He can blame her for being hardheaded. But he cannot blame her for that.

Read more (AO3) ( (below)

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I am slightly enjoying this “Miz is angry” angle because it gets him on TV and talking, but only in 10 second increments, which is basically all I can usually handle of Miz.