the angry angles

I think I’ve lived longer than the gods originally intended. I am a child inside of a woman’s body. It’s not a very womanly body, either. Awkward angles and angry edges. Uncomfortable to hug. More uncomfortable to love. Voted most likely to be overlooked. Sometimes I want to cry out, but would you even hear me? I wish I was a heavy sleeper, if only to keep my coffin from floating away every night. Dead girl walking or dead girl talking or dead girl rotting in the river. Kindred spirits we all are. Expired fruit. Past due. I don’t want to be bloated and waterlogged when they find me. If I cry out, will you even hear me? I’m afraid you may just sleep right through it.

Okay like lowkey headcanon that bakugou like skipped a year cause its canon that the boy is like super gifted and really smart (3rd in class!!)

But bakugou is pretty secretive with like any personal info ever so it takes till third year that the class finally figures out his bday (by ‘figure out’ they interrogated deku, he only caved cause by third year hes not exactly afraid of the angry pomeranian)

Anywho orchestrated by the coined ‘Bakusquad’ the whole class puts together a surprise party with banners and cake and stuff with like 'happy 18th!!!’ or whatevs

But when bakugou walks in
1. “Why the hell are you all in my house!!!
2. “Also what the fuck im not 18???”

Que mass panic cause everyone starts thinking he got held back or something for bad behavior but then
No one can stop laughing and he never lives it down. The whole year just
'yknow when i was your age..’ “LITERALLY SHUT THE FUCK UP KAMINARI”
“Here bakugou, did u want the red or blue crayon with your kids menu” “I WILL SET THIS WHOLE PLACE ON FIRE FUCK YOU”
etc etc

Seventeen as Out of Context Mystic Messenger Quotes
  • S.Coups: I don’t pretend to be cool. I am cool
  • Jeonghan: the only things that i deem are reliable is cats, cash… and that’s pretty much it
  • Joshua: goodbye for meow
  • Jun: God made a mistake when creating me and made me too beautiful and delicate
  • Hoshi: why do we need pizza bread when we have pizza?
  • Wownoo: well it won’t be too bad for all of to die as singles ^^
  • Woozi: I’m gonna work hard and die fast, i have no desire to live long lol
  • DK: it’s like u can’t tell apart the longcat apart from the nyan cat
  • Mingyu: but gay people have their own aura
  • The8: I don’t get fan letters like you. I get checks.
  • Seungkwan: I understand normal people worrying about me getting kidnapped because of my looks
  • Vernon: I’m glad we have a girl now! It was a hopeless sausage fest until now lol
  • Dino: I have to put all my focus onto these small hands
Seventeen as weird things people have texted me
  • S.Coups: He's like tofu. Soft. Versatile. Reliable.
  • Jeonghan: he's soft with a very subtle touch of sin
  • Joshua: The memes are low today bc i am ill sorry lol
  • Jun: U guys r the nips to my tits
  • Wonwoo: Why is it finding nemo? it should be finding emo that shit was upsetting fam
  • Woozi: I like you, but youre pissing me off rn, leave me alone before before i skin you alive
  • DK: I vote furry
  • Mingyu: big big yaoi hand
  • The8: You can fight anything if you believe
  • Seungkwan: bow down to me, im your new god now
  • Vernon: I guess you could say that people are jumping on the bantwagon LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Dino: what do u mean i give bad gifts? im the best gift there is i dont need to give anything else

I did a selfish thing.

On second thought, I should have posted these individually as a photoset. You win this round, tumblr.

Dahlia has two whole expressions: neutral/aloof, and GET AWAY. Oh wait, if you look closely, there’s also mildly curious.

Aequis feet continue to elude me, but I think I’m slowly untangling that mystery.

Seventeen as shit Steffi (@hughosh) has said
  • S.Coups: *60 yr old smoker voice* ya got a bright future ahead of u kid
  • Jeonghan: tfw u must keep your angel online persona but got so much shit to say
  • Joshua: I wanna sext every boy from Ouran High School Host Club
  • Jun: If beauty is pain then I should already be drop dead gorgeous, ive been suffering all my life
  • Hoshi: 🎵 unbreeeak my heeeeaart, say you loooove me agaaaain🎵
  • Wownoo: Theres this new movie called "The Disappointments Room" and quite honestly same
  • Woozi: this fucking basilisk better be smoked outta the chamber of secrets
  • DK: #MomentofSilenceForDonaldDuck
  • Mingyu: As the shrek song once said "I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed"
  • The8: Welcome to the 75th Annual Exposing Games
  • Seungkwan: I'm watching say yes to the dress and this pair of sisters are making fun of their older sister for wanting a blue wedding dress, and I'm like stfu you made ur sister cry and you both look like gnomes
  • Vernon: self diss to the max
  • Dino: I've been 16 all my life
Seventeen as shit Court (@stanjunhui) has said
  • S.coups: What did I wake up to
  • Jeonghan: I'm tired n hungry but thats every day for me
  • Joshua: Listen I fucjing love my manhwa boyfriend I want to die
  • Jun: R u jealous bihs
  • Wonwoo: I keep nice messages to myself to cheer myself up
  • Woozi: I've disowned u
  • DK: listen, the akatasuki are the loves of my life
  • Mingyu: i think i cried that day
  • The8: It might be illegal but that doesn't stop me
  • Seungkwan: I can already feel the judging glares acorss the ocean
  • Vernon: As it crossed my mind I was like 'what...why' but I felt like I had to share that
  • Dino: Good to know u guys want me dead