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We want you, Nerdfighteria!

Nerdfighteria, if you were at the New York press tour kick-off for faultinourstarsmovie or will be hitting up any of the Demand Our Stars tour stops, drop us a line ( to let us know what your experience was like, and it could be featured in our upcoming issue!

Ciao readers of Anglerfish!

As preparation for our super awesome summer issue, we are starting a little count down series! Every few days we will be dropping hints, games, quizzes, and questions that relate to this giant issue!

To start off our awesome count down, here is a WIP of the newest cover for the summer issue created by the awesome Katherine Taylor!

It’s finally here! The Anglerfish YouTube channel is now uploading videos again! We start out our new endeavor with a ‘Thoughts from Places’ video series! 

First location: The famed New York Neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights

Designers Needed!

Good Evening Nerdfighteria!

The Anglerfish is currently looking for a few good people to join our staff as Graphic Designers and/or Illustrators. If you believe you have what it takes please send us an email at with a little bit about yourself, and a sample of your work! DFTBA!

Hello readers of Anglerfish!

Are you excited for the September issue? No? Well you should be! We have a new thoughts from places, India! And that’s not all, Potter-mania continues with things like:

Muggle History

The Most Ancient & Noble House of Grey

The HP Alliance: Fandoms for Social Change

How Harry Potter Has Made Us Predisposed to Love Fantasy

Neville Longbottom and the Effects of PTSD on Memory


Movie Club : Midnight in Paris + 500 Days of Summer

The Discovery of a New Species: The Olinguito

Last but certainly not least, our Nerdfighter spotlight is Lauren Fairweather! She talks to us about her experiences with Harry Potter, her time on the youtube collab channel “Five Awesome Girls” and where she thinks the Harry Potter fandom is going in the future.