the angle and lighting was nice and he thought he actually looked good in a photo

It hit me today that I have made headcanons for so many different things, but out of all of them, I have never made Reibert ones. I was really into Reibert like two years ago, so these are way overdue, but finally, here they are.

  • Reiner calls Bertholdt every pet name possible while Bertholdt tends to call him “love”. This kills Reiner every time.
  • They literally share an entire wardrobe. They still have their separate clothes, but after some time, everything got piled together. Bertholdt is wearing a shirt that’s loose around the shoulders? That’s because it’s Reiner’s. Reiner is wearing a pair of pants that are too long? They’re Bertholdt’s. 
  • Bertholdt never shops without Reiner. Reiner will happily go up to employees to ask for help or will make conversation with the cashier so Bertholdt doesn’t have to.
  • Since Reiner is an extrovert and Bertholdt is an introvert, it took Reiner a bit to understand that Bertholdt sometimes needs time to himself and only himself. Now, he doesn’t think too much of it when Bertholdt distances himself a bit or recluses himself to one room. 
  • Reiner has really nice photos of Bertholdt, such as the light hitting his face at a certain angle and what not, but Bertholdt mostly has really blurry selfies of Reiner. Of course, he does have good photos of him too, but the blurry ones always get him to laugh.
  • Bertholdt cuts Reiner’s hair.
  • Reiner gets really confused when people comment on how quiet Bertholdt is because Reiner knows how he actually is. Bertholdt will talk and joke around more when he’s only with Reiner compared to being in a group.
  • When they first moved in together, they decided to buy a new bed frame. This project took them almost five hours to complete because Reiner thought they would be able to assemble it without instructions and Bertholdt put some pieces together incorrectly due to not having said instructions. In the middle of putting it together, Reiner stopped and proclaimed it was getting late. It was 6:30 pm.
  • I headcanon that Reiner has glasses and Bertholdt thinks he looks so cute when he wears them.
  • Being childhood friends, they love going through photos of when they were little kids and reminiscing in general. 
  • Reiner: One time, my boyfriend and I were-wait, did I ever mention I have a boyfriend? His name is Bertholdt. Bertholdt is the best boyfriend ever. I love him. I really love him. I love my boyfriend, which if you didn’t catch it, his name is Bertholdt. Bertholdt is my boyfriend. He’s the best.
  • A lot of people don’t know they’re dating unless they say so. They don’t do too much PDA, so to strangers, they just seem like they have a really strong friendship. They just have one of those types of relationships.

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Headcanons for failed!dates for Chocobros? Like one which go way too bad way to soon. Not the first date, however! They've been with their partner for few months.

This has been sitting in my drafts for so long. I’m so sorry. Noct’s came really easily but coming up with dates for the rest of the bros was a trial. 

I threw in a read more after Noct’s because this post got really, really long.

Noctis L.C.

  • It was supposed to be a simple date. Ice cream, movies, lunch, shopping, you know.
  • Well.
  • There’s forecasted rain on the day of the date, but it hasn’t started raining yet, so Noctis and his s/o usher themselves to the ice cream parlor. 
  • They’re out of both of their favorite flavors, but the two of them still get ice cream. Noctis is a bit pouty that he didn’t get his favorite, but eh, things could be worse. 
  • Things do get worse. Noct’s ice cream falls out of the cone about a block away from the parlor. His s/o is laughing at him and offering some of theirs, except then their’s falls out of the cone too. “Instakarma!” Noct cries, but he’s laughing too.
  • The two of them are walking to the movie theatre and everything is fine, but then there’s a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder and the sky just opens up and “I thought the forecast said light showers!”
  • They’re are already soaked, but to prevent getting more soaked, they start running to the theatre. It seemed like a good idea until one of them trips, and there was a giant puddle ready for the both of them to fall into.
  • Noctis looks like a drowned cat, and his s/o wants to laugh but they’re a drowned cat too.
  • After that, there’s no running, and they walk to the theatre only to find that the movie they were going to see is completely sold out. For the whole day. Noctis looks increasingly frustrated.
  • “There’s still lunch?” his s/o suggests, and they’re headed to one of the fast food restaurants close by.
  • The restaurant is out of french fries. And chicken tenders. And sandwiches. “What DO you have?” They have broccoli. The restaurant has broccoli.
  • “This is blasphemy against the crown!” Noctis shakes his fist to the sky dramatically, then grins when he sees his s/o really struggling not to laugh at him. 
  • The date itself was a complete disaster, but once the two of them get home, they take a hot shower together and then collapse on the couch and gorge themselves on cup noodles.

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College!AU Yoongi
  • major: political science 
  • minor: photography 
  • sports: LOL no
  • clubs: sometimes he submits his photographs anonymously to the campus art journal because he’s like ?? id rather my name not be on anything idk that or he just likes being mysterious and doesn’t want to admit it
  • alright so first things first: yoongi DOES NOT want to be a political science major he is just doing it because his parents expect him to get a job in the government and their ultimatum was basically you do mathematics or political science: you either become an accountant or a desk job worker for the government and yoongi didn’t have enough time and or money to rebel so now he’s in this program and he’s Dying
  • well he’s not /dying/ because he still gets to minor in what he really wants to do which is photography and he even kind of makes a part-time job out of it photographing as free lance work
  • and slowly, but surely he’s scraping up the money to possibly move off campus and drop polisci and switch to photography for good
  • his parent ofc don’t know that so for now he’s coping with all the super hard texts and politically fueled discussions the best he can
  • and not to say he isn’t smart or good at it. actually a lot of his photography is inspired by the political and social movements that are surrounding him on campus, from activists he photographs to other pieces of art that come out of people’s discussions and thoughts about the world around them
  • and he’s doing pretty good in the major, a lot of the professors think he’s really quite good at phrasing his opinions and backing them up with evidence but he’s also sometimes just very
  • out of it
  • being as though a lot of the conversation is grounded in political history that yoongi could kind of give less of a thought of reading up on he sometimes just sits back in class and (if the teacher isn’t looking) naps
  • but yeah as for photography yoongi is so sO SO very passionate about it it’s like the one thing he can just talk about for days and yoongi isn’t the kind of person that talks a lot
  • and his dorm is filled to the brIm with rolls of candids, stacks of polaroids, large print outs of his favorite pieces, and strings upon strings that hang from one side of the wall to the other with the photos he deems the best clipped onto them
  • and his most favorite thing to photograph is the body and the sky. what i mean by the body is yoongi loves taking photos of snippets of people’s bodies that tell stories, so birthmarks or hands or dimples. the small, important things. and then as for the sky he loves taking wide angle shots of it. he wants to manage to put it all, the glory of the sky night or day, into a photograph. it’s kind of an interesting dynamic
  • but a lot of his like jobs that he gets requested to do have nothing to do with that. sure he takes photos of like parties, weddings, graduations and that’s people but that’s like groups of people and that’s not his interest. every now and then someone asks for him to take photographs of like products they’re trying to sell and that’s yoongi’s least favorite because he’s like great i get to take photos of a bunch of customized dog sweaters again
  • but his favorite job, let me spoil it for you now, is when he gets a call from you and you ask how he’d feel taking photos of the bridge between peoples eyebrows and your voice is shaking over the phone because you think this is probably the weirdest request he’s ever gotten and yoongi is silent on his end of the phone until you hear, to your surprise a delight;
  • “sure! where and at what time should i bring my camera?”
  • and so you and yoongi meet for the first time face to face at a park near the campus where you’ve brought three of your friends along and they’re all like “the part between our eyebrows? like? what the heck?” and you’re trying to explain that this is for one of your core art classes, the teacher was like make a project about the part of the body you think is underappreciated and you were like……the part between your eyebrows
  • and all your friends are like side eyeing that concept but you’re like please just let the nice dude take your photos and when you turn and see yoongi coming toward you with like his duffel bag of equipment
  • well one you’re like) thank god he’s normal because you got his number off a bulletin board near the science department and the flyer next to his was a dude looking to sell his pet iguana and two) he’s actually …..super freakin cute…….
  • and yoongi also in his head is like 1) thank god this person is normal and doesn’t have some eyebrow space fetish thing going in,,,,,at least you look normal 2) actually you look better than normal you’re also mcfreakIN adorable to yoongi
  • but seeing as though you two have a business agreement you push the cuteness of each other to the back of your minds and yoongi asks if your friends are the models for the project
  • you nod and yoongi gets to work and when the last friend is done (and all of them are like send me the pics by email so i can put them on instagram) and gone you thank yoongi a bunch of times and you’re also like “im sorry you had to do this…….weird….of a job”
  • and he’s like “actually, this is probably my favorite one so far. it was interesting, i like people that appreciate the small things about other people.”
  • and you’re kinda like o,,,oh really? and yoongi is like yeah! by the way why’d you……choose that part of the body? and you’re like “well, it’s underappreciated and also…..this is embarrassing but you know how when you’re nervous and you can’t look someone in the eyes you pretend to look at them by looking at that space?”
  • yoongi takes a second to think about it but then he grins (and oh my god his smile is just the cutest) and he’s like “you’re right! that’s………that’s pretty cool.”
  • and you’re like laughing like is it?? i thought it was just a dumb habit everyone does and yoongi is like true i sometimes stare at the forehead too and you’re like yeah!!!
  • and you guys are legit bonding over ways to cope with nervousness. this modern love
  • but yeah yoongi is like im going to send the photos to you digitally tonight after i clean them up and you’re like thanks!! and then you know the dreaded question you’re like how much do i owe you??
  • and yoongi kinda mauls it over in his head and shrugs and he’s like “it was fast, and it was actually fun so how about this if you allow me to use these photos for my own art - i won’t make you pay anything.”
  • your eyes light up and you’re like sure!!!! wow oh my god are you ok with that though we’re all starving college-
  • and yoongi’s like shaking his head like nah nah it’s fine. do we have a deal?
  • and you’re like yes!! and it’s sweet he like puts his pinkie out for you to cross with your own
  • and ok tbh he gets embarrassed at himself for doing that and he gets super red and you’re like ok he’s getting cuter and cuter by the second
  • and it’s bittersweet when he waves goodbye and you watch him leave with his stuff out of the park and you have to sit on the bench and just reply all the cute scenes of him when he was in front of you taking photos
  • and you’re like once you get that e-mail from him, that’s it you guys won’t have a reason to talk again
  • but that night yoongi is fretting in front of his laptop because he wrote out the email and everything but he also is contemplating if he should maybe invite you out to get coffee sometime or if that’s too creepy after a first meeting
  • and honestly he’s about to delete it when his roommate jin just leans over him and clicks ‘send’ and walks away sipping his chai tea and yoongi is staring at the screen in horror like
  • sEOKJIn HY U N  G W H  A T T H E H  e  LL 
  • and jin is like “you’ll thank me when they say yes.”
  • and honestly you almost scream a little when you see his little invitation in the e-mail and you’re just like !!!!!!!!! so excited and ok the photos turned out just perfect too and you’re like 
  • oh my god is this happening heheu
  • and you finally like calm yourself to reply and you’re like “love the photos! thank you so much and coffee sounds great, do you have a favorite place?”
  • and before you know it you and yoongi upgrade from emailing (because this isn’t the late nineties) to texting and you agree on the following week at this little cafe you both really like 
  • and it’s all perfect and planned and you and yoongi are giddy even though yoongi is trying to make a show that he’s indifferent
  • jin is even like “you were smiling at your phone for an hour AFTER they fell asleep on you in the chat so shuttup you’re excited”
  • BUT then on the actual day of the date you’re sitting at a table with your coffee and you have a cute outfit on and you know you’re rEADY yoongi is gonna fall in love on this damn date
  • but instead of coming in and waving to you he RUNS in and his duffel bag is over his shoulder and his hair’s a mess and he’s like 
  • and you’re like it’s fine!!! and he’s like frICK i NEED to CAtch THE BUS right nOW and you get up and you’re like let’s go!! and yoongi is like yes let- wait what
  • and you’re like if it’s ok with you,,,,,can i come along and help?
  • and yoongi is half confused, half super excited because well he’s never had anyone come and help him (or even offer) but he’s also like he feels bad for just dragging you along to some strangers event
  • but you’re like nudging him toward the door like let’s go mr. photographer
  • and yoongi’s like im going im going and it’s cute you two like talk a little more on the bus you learn about yoongi’s parents and his major and like you tell him about what you’re studying
  • and once you get to the event yoongi’s like im here!! and it’s cute they’re not mean about his slight lateness and you help yoongi set up the pod for the camera and you like help him wipe some lenses and it’s just nice between you two
  • and then yoongi is off taking family photos and photos of the mom and her husband
  • and you’re like watching yoongi in action and even though he had mentioned before that he’s never really a fan of the jobs he gets, you can see that he feels most comfortable with a camera at hand
  • and like on your way back from the shower yoongi is like “i at least owe you dinner or something.” and you’re like no no you should keep the money, you have to save up for your own apartment like you told me” but yoongi is like listen at least let me get you some ramen from the 7/11
  • you agree and you two find the 7/11 off campus still open and yoongi pays for your instant ramen and you two stand in the little section towards the back and eat and laugh about this and that
  • and like it’s definitely not a usual first date, but it honestly couldn’t go any better.
  • and after that you and yoongi have some actual dates like movies and museums or whatever
  • you meet jin once when you’re coming back from a date and jin’s like hello!! you’re the person yoongi is dating right? and yoongi is like jIN we- we haven’t decided that yet but jin is too busy smiling and shaking your hand and being like
  • “do you read the campus art journal??” and you’re like “um sometimes, why?” and jin gets this big smile like “oh! you should read this month’s issue, the anonymous submission in the photography section is actually yoongi! he was telling me how the photos he took the day he met you-”
  • and yoongi jumps up and puts his hand over jin’s mouth like !!! that’s enough hyung!!!
  • but it’s cute you like find a copy in the library later that day and see that it’s true yoongi did use the photos and he made them so pretty and you’re kinda like ,,,,,, yoongi is so much more sweeter than he likes to let on
  • and after a while you two officially begin to date and it’s adorable you like become the focus of a lot of yoongi’s photos and all the pictures he had on his wall of like the sky, nature, his friends like slowly more photos of you also make it up onto the wall
  • and you also get into the habit of helping yoongi out on any jobs he has if you have the time!!! you consider this just cute dates but yoongi’s always like noooo i have to treat you now the real date is going back to his dorm and ordering pizza after LOL
  • yoongi you learn loves using you as a pillow if he can he’ll just knock out on your shoulder or on your lap
  • sometimes yoongi falls asleep standing up on the train and you’re just like,,,,,how,,,,,,
  • and it’s when yoongi announces that he’s finally saved up for his own little place in the city that you two celebrate by going over to see the apartment
  • and like all yoongi has there is his camera and a mattress thrown onto the floor with some pillows and blankets and you guys eat take out and you help yoongi hang the first photos 
  • and it’s a small studio one room and a kitchen but the windows give him a view of the night sky and you open them to let some cool air in
  • and you don’t notice the way yoongi is looking at you as you lean against the window like how your outline looks against the swirling vast stars
  • and you only notice from the corner of your eye the way yoongi lifts his camera up and takes a photo of you and the sky
  • and then he’s coming closer and he sets his camera down and he kisses the back of your shoulder and slowly his arms come around your waist
  • and he’s tugging you gently toward the mattress 
  • and yoongi has never been demanding of you ever but now his kisses against your skin feel just a tad more heated than before
  • and he whispers into the crook your neck that you’re the more beautiful than any view he’s ever seen before
  • and yeah it’s romantic as heck and like perfect
  • and in the morning you like get yoongi awake by sitting on his hips with his camera and zooming into different parts of his face and neck and snapping photos and yoongi’s like groggily like put,,,that down,,,you don’t know what you’re doing,,, 
  • but you’re like no im gonna take all the blurry cute photos of you my min yoongi
  • and he covers his face with his arm, but you can see his smile peeking out
  • honestly how freaking aDORable
  • as yoongi moves all his stuff into his new place you find yourself spending more time there than at your dorm like you even have your own part of the closet because like half your stuff is over at his apartment
  • and the day yoongi finally drops polisci and declares photography his major you just run into his arms outside the administration building and cover his face with kisses
  • and yoongi is a smiling at you and leaning in to kiss you
  • when you hear the lady from inside the office be like nO PDA and it’s like ma’am this is college not high school and you and min yoongi are adults who are totally gonna make out now because everything is finally feeling
  • PICTURE PERFECt ba dum tssssss

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This is my first KC fic, and also my first fanfic written in English. I’m high on it to say the least. 

Damon was the first to go.

Caroline did not expect that. She always thought it would be Elena, or Bonnie- not that she wished for either of them to go, but from the very start Elena had been the most human of them all, and Bonnie… Bonnie had had her fair share of near-death experiences as it was. Even herself- as the last vampire standing in Mystic Falls, she wasn’t naïve enough to humor the notion that she could just live happily forever.

But never had she thought that it would be Damon. Maybe a tiniest part of her would always picture Damon as the mysterious young man tuning up out of the blue, with abysmal eyes and abysmal powers. Even if they faced multitudes of more powerful, more indestructible enemies post-Damon, even if Damon became a mere human post-cure, Caroline had subconsciously felt that Damon would live long into the unforeseeable future.

God knows he had been in the Civil Wars. That was old.

Or maybe that was just Damon. He came with a dramatic entrance, sauntering into this one-pony town when everyone knew literally nothing of the supernatural world, wreaking havoc while he was at it. And when he left he ought to go with a flourish, reuniting every friend and family member all over the world to see him off- though there couldn’t be a more anti-climatic ending than dying of old age.

He didn’t even live long enough for Elena’s 50th birthday.

The cure was as fair to every former undead as it was cruel. Katherine, with 500 hundred years of calamity and glory, turned grey in just a few months. And Damon’s hundred or so years took their toll on him in the end.

“Actually I think I lucked out.” Lying in bed in Liz’s former bedroom (the old Salvatore house had long become the boarding school, and he steadfastly refused to spend his last days in a hospital), Damon wiggled his brows towards Caroline. The orange light of the sunset cast through the windows onto his face, his blue eyes almost transparent in the soft hue. “Oh I hate this color.” He held the corner of the white sheet between his fingers, which was a shade of gold in the sunlight, grimacing before loosening his hold on it.

“You always hated yellow. I know.” Caroline tried hard not to roll her eyes, the corner of her lips turning up instead.

Damon looked up at her somewhat thoughtfully. After a while he offered an off-handed response, “No, not always.”

In the last 20 years they still hadn’t become best of friends. Damon had Alaric for a drinking buddy, blowing off steam and just fooling around. For a rare heart-to-heart he had Bonnie. Not to mention Elena- they were practically joined at the hips. Call it differences in disposition, or call it old grudges, but Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes were just not meant to be BFFs. Even so, the bond between them had gradually and imperceptibly grown inseverable.

Because of Liz Forbes.

Because of Stephan Salvatore.

Caroline didn’t know if this was the first lesson on being an immortal. The bond holding you together with someone was defined not by yourselves of your dynamic, but by the time you co-existed, the memories you shared- the deaths you withstood in each other’s company.

“You will see him.”

Damon glanced at her while fiddling with the day-light ring on his finger (he never took it off), taunt in his eyes, though not as sharp as the old days.

Caroline reiterated with punctuation, “You will see him. And when you do, tell him that we’re all doing well here- we miss him, but we’re doing well.” She laughed a little, “Of course, he probably already knows all that. Oh, and tell him that we’ll meet him one day and just be patient, especially now that you’re going to be bothering him day and night.”

Damon rolled his eyes, “Ever the optimistic, huh, Blondie? You know, I’ve been wondering for the past twenty years. Did my blood have a genetic mutation in your body? Cause my bloodline couldn’t possibly be this sunshine-rainbow-unicornly. It clashes with my image.”

Caroline just upped her eyebrows for the sake of it.

“Seriously, how can you be so sure?” After a few minutes’ silence, Caroline almost thought he had fallen asleep, but Damon revisited the topic, “how do you know that in a year, or ten years, or even a century, that you can see someone again?”

Caroline looked out the window. The windows in Liz’s bedroom faced the courtyard of her childhood home. From this angle, she could vaguely see the white roof of the porch spreading into the sky, as if calling for something, or maybe reminding, “Sometimes you just need something to hold on to. And sometimes… You just know.”

That was their last conversation. That night, Damon died peacefully in Elena’s arms.

Everyone came to the funeral. Including Bonnie, who was traveling the world; Matt and Jeremy, who were assisting a case of “animal attack” in a police station on the west coast; Lizzie and Josie, who had settled down in Atlanta. Their whole Mystic Gang.

Caroline stood in a far corner, with dark sunglasses that were so not her style, watching people congregating and then scattering, every word of whisper meant or not meant to be heard reaching her ears in perfect clarity- but Mystic Falls could not know of her existence. Not anymore.

A few years after that, it was Alaric’s turn.

And then Matt. Bonnie. Jeremy.

Caroline developed a new tradition. For every person who left, she would add another frame on the wall beside her bed. All these years she preserved the most completed and up-to-date photo collection of their gang. She would spend several unsleeping nights perusing every accurately-named file and neatly-labelled album, selecting the perfect smile to be staying still in said frame.

And the other unsleeping nights after that, she would stand by her bed, cleaning the frames in moonlight, or just counting them, forward and backward.

It wasn’t as creepy as it sounded- Caroline reasoned with herself. After all, she had seen someone carrying a bunch of caskets for a thousand years. You couldn’t get much creepier than that.

And then it was Elena. Elena, who everybody loved, who really glued their little gang together for all these years, who Caroline adored and envied and hated and couldn’t fathom being without, who she hadn’t separated with since childhood.

In her last hours, Elena lay in the exact same bed where Damon had passed away, her eyes and smile as gentle and compassionate as when she was 17, “Oh, Care, I’m so sorry.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for, Elena.” Caroline held her shriveled hand, “They are waiting for you.”

“Someone’s been waiting for you, you know.”

Caroline didn’t act like she couldn’t understand. She was well past the phase of pretending and denial. But she also didn’t feel like answering. The correspondences interspersed all these passing years, every word of which crossing her mind, only to be overshadowed by Elena’s increasingly labored breaths and heart beats. So she just held her hand, hand that was still warm with a bit more force, and reciprocated the smile that she knew so well.

Elena’s funeral was greatly different from Damon’s. Almost everyone present had been her former co-workers or patients, instead of friends and family. They didn’t have kids- someone with both possible doppelganger blood and the cure in his veins would have been destined for a life with too many unpredictable dangers.

Caroline stood afar as always, listening in on people wishing Elena reunite in heaven with the love of her life.

That kind of love never dies.” She remembered someone once saying something like that.

A week passed and Caroline still couldn’t remember when or where she heard that line. The strengthened powers of a vampire did not include superior memory. Caroline smiled wryly before putting the photo of Elena she had chosen into the newly-added frame.

Another ten years and it came to Lizzie and Josie.

They were, after all, Alaric’s girls. Their magical powers were guided to thrive in the boarding school, but eventually both of them had settled for a normal human life. They hadn’t sought out the spell for longevity like so many other witches did.

These two funerals Caroline did not attend.

After Lizzie and Josie each had kids, she slowly bowed out of their lives- she still talked to her little girls as often as she could, but her grandchildren mostly knew nothing about her. A normal human life far away from the supernatural world had not a place for a grandma who didn’t age. It was Lizzie and Josie’s choice.

She snuck into Lizzie’s hospital room late at night, during non-visiting hours. In a certain difficult breath Lizzie woke up from her fitful sleep and saw her, before smiling into the oxygen mask. Alaric once said that her smile could light up the whole room- just like Caroline’s.

“Mom,” Lizzie blinked, “It’s so nice to see you.”

“I’m here.” Caroline bent down to kiss her on the forehead, just like what she did when she kissed them good night in their childhood, “Mommy’s here.”

That was also the last words she said to Josie.

She didn’t go to their funerals.

In the following months, something Bill Forbes had said before he died constantly sounded in her mind, “Parents are not supposed to outlive their children.”

Sometimes she didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse.

When Caroline was young, she experienced too many deaths in too short a time period. Mystic Falls was like the swirl in the supernatural tides, dragging them all down. But somehow they escaped, even sailed their little ships into the distance. However, no one escapes time.

When death poured down like storms, you didn’t have a chance to stop, to mourn, to feel. You could only run and run and run some more, wishing that you may come out the other side in one piece. But when death snuck into you layer by layer like the chill of night, you could barely get up before you were stiff and frozen, unable to move a limb.

The funny thing was, vampires were not susceptible to coldness.

Maybe for that exact reason, Caroline overlooked the signs. She didn’t care that she had more and more sleepless nights, spending more and more time counting the frames. She didn’t notice that when she was with the kids at the boarding school she couldn’t find the sparkling happiness that used to warm up her heart. She didn’t realize that her world was fading and muting right before her, in spite of her vampire eyesight and hearing that only augmented as her years grew.

Caroline only felt more and more stressed. And when under stress, Caroline Forbes always turned to stress-cleaning.

Halfway through her closet, she found her old phone inside the pocket of a coat that she hadn’t worn for years.

Before she realized what she was doing, the phone was playing against her ear the only voice mail that she kept.

She heard that low, accented voice a whole century away, talking to her about food, music, art and culture. She could hear the smile in his voice, the music flowing in the street where he stood, and the sunshine sizzling in his dark blonde hair.

And just like that, her world was reignited.

She felt slightly dizzy from the barrage of colors and sounds storming into her head, but her trembling fingers pressed the buttons without a miss, the number that she knew by heart to this day.

It went to voice mail.

Caroline opened her mouth, but no sound came out. They had kept in touch through the years, in tacit mutual understanding choosing the old-fashioned way of correspondence, which was slow and far between. For a century she hadn’t once heard his voice, nor he hers.

But Caroline had forgot how her body would act on its own accord whenever she was facing him. She felt a strange yet familiar sound coming from deep inside her chest,


Just this one word.

Yet she felt drained.

But the whole world that she regained, or rather rediscovered moments ago was sending a steady flow of strength into her, invigorating her perpetually.

The screen of her phone quietly lit up on the morning of the following day. Caroline opened the text, her heart uncannily calm and peaceful.

It wouldn’t hurt to prove me right once in a century, love.

She smiled, picking up the bag that she had already packed the night before.

And then she stepped out into the world that he once promised her.

Late Night Anomalies

My slightly belated contribution to Day 4 of @seungchuchuweek
Free day (Crushing, sort of getting together, Coffee Shops)

Phichit is exremely tired on his usual train ride home, decides to sneakily take a phot of his kind-of-crush he always sees and fails to do so.
They meet again in a coffee shop when Phichit is too sleep deprived to find a way home.
They meet a third time in a restaurant, thirdwheeling (and fifthwheeling) and Phichit has a weird but great idea.

Phichit is tired. He is so tired that he actually considers taking that one fucking picture for Yuuri, that he has been begging him to take. Because, even though Phichit is tired as hell he cannot under any circumstances fall asleep. The guy is in the train. Again. Which shouldn’t be as surprising as it is to Phichit at the moment, because, goddamnit he’s been on the same train as Phichit for the last two months. It’s very probably just because Phichit hasn’t slept in the last 56 hours due to his exams and bus shooting schedule so he is just living in some kind of trance where apparently everything surprises him. Even the regular appearance of the pretty Korean guy who is sitting a few feet away from him.

And because Phichit is really, really tired and apparently exceptionally careless today he decides to try to take a sneaky photograph of Pretty guy and send it to Yuuri so he can gush about him later.  Phichit fumbles to get his phone out of his pocket and almost drops it in the process of doing so, the short moment of panic waking him up a little. It only lasts for a few seconds though, before his mind is clouded with fatigue again. Phichit presses the home button and the screen lights up immediately. His three hamsters are his wallpaper and he smiles at them before remembering what he actually had wanted to do. Take a photo of Pretty Korean, without him noticing. Shouldn’t be too hard, Phichit is like, super good at taking photos subtly, otherwise he wouldn’t have that much blackmail material of any of his friends.

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N: He would keep everything totally professional in terms of how he speaks to you and how he acts around you. However, as time goes on he might randomly remember that you like him during a photo-shoot and you might get some extra eye stares, some glances, or maybe a flirty line or two. Other than that, he would keep this knowledge on the hush hush. “Am I standing under enough lighting? Make sure to use your good side to catch my good side!”

Originally posted by luvmyfunnykpop

Leo: He would pretend like he didn’t know and just act normal around you afraid to mix business with pleasure. Although, that’s not to say that he wouldn’t want to get know who you are as a person, but he wouldn’t act on this small knowledge of a crush. Now if Leo gets to know you because of all the time spent together then he might soon act on it or maybe not. It all depends on him. “*Bows* Hello. Nice to see you again.”

Originally posted by thevixxforest

Ken: You’re going to need new lenses fooling around with him. He’ll be all up in your camera being completely and utterly extra. If you thought Ken was goofy before, he’s even goofier now because he has a reason to be. Now this won’t happen for sometime, that is until he figures you out. But when he does, he’ll pretend to be a camera hog and want to be the focus of your camera.  “Please stop taking pictures of them. I’m the cute main vocal, so point that thing toward me and get to snapping!”

Originally posted by onevvsgf

Ravi: Oh, so you have a crush on him? You’re screwed.  Confident Ravi will not let you hide behind your camera all day. He’ll pose and flash those handsome looks of his with more effort than ever to tease you a little. His goal is to have you blushing so hard you want to put down the camera. When he’s done having his fun, he’ll try and get to know you without the camera in the way only if Shy Ravi doesn’t turn up. And there’s a 99% chance that Shy Ravi will show up to ruin all the fun. “Do you want capture my abs from this angle…or this angle?”

Originally posted by wowshik

HongBin: Perfect. The two of you already have something in common. That would be his conversation lead-in that would hopefully allow him to get to know you better. He’d praise your work, ask about your favorite projects, and if he ends up liking you back he could potentially ask for a private photo session. But it’s Bean we’re talking about here. It’ll take some time before that actually happens. “C-Can I see your portfolio?”

Originally posted by hugbin

Hyuk: What would Hyuk do with that knowledge? Well, like the others, he’ll have a feel out period making sure you are worth his future attempts at trying to woo you. Now, if you pass the test, then he’d let you know that he knows about your crush, but at the same time he’ll act like he’s not interested. Hyuk will confuse the mess out of you at the cost of seeing you squirm. If you pass that test then this could potentially be the start of something new. “Are you sure about this pose? I wouldn’t want to crush…haha…the fans with my mature looks? You on the other hand are used to this kind of thing so you don’t matter in this scenario.”

Originally posted by chaoticcassidy

Thanks for asking! (If you reblog, add tags. We like reading them!)
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

              As far as villains go, Cass thought, the Red Hood wasn’t so bad.  Yes, he killed people, and that was inexcusable, but at least he didn’t kill innocents.  Plus, having once been Robin had to count for something, right?

              Which is why Cass didn’t turn around and leave when she saw Jason Todd sitting in the café on the corner of 15th and Larimer right where her “blind date” was supposed to be.

              The date had been Stephanie’s idea.  Cass needed some “normal socialization,” according to her, and Barbara had agreed.  So the three spent an afternoon taking photos of Cassandra from every angle and describing her in flattering half-truths (“How do you spend your free time?” “Fighting criminals.” “… Studying martial arts sounds better.”).  It didn’t take long for people to start contacting her, which Cass quickly learned was not always a good thing.  Quite a few people – mostly older men – sent her some very unsavory messages, often accompanied by unwarranted images of their supposedly impressive genitals.  One man in particular, a 54-year-old named Brad, had sent a message so vile that Cass had to physically restrain Stephanie from tracking him down and smashing his face in.

              Several people, though, had sent nice messages and seemed to genuinely want to get to know Cass. She got to chatting with most of them, and found that she actually enjoyed conversing with these strangers, though the textual communication was downright aggravating.  More than a little bit was lost when body language and emotion couldn’t be read.

              So when one of the strangers, who used the moniker ‘noprideallprejudice’ suggested meeting up in person, Cass jumped at the chance.  They agreed on a time and location, and Cass spent the morning being poked and prodded by Stephanie, who’d insisted on helping her friend get ready.

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Svtfoe Friendenemies Thoughts/Recap

{{Please watch the episode when it airs new on Disney XD in your timezone}}

Back at it again with Marco trying to buy some tickets to an 8 hour marathon of his favorite actor’s movies. Disney XD shows sure do always have the sold out concert/ticketed event episode (Svtfoe, phineas & Ferb, Gravity Falls), not that I mind, just pointing it out.

Hey Marco~ Can I get your help with something?

Star, baby doll, how did you do that to yourself. Oooo~h I gotcha! Starco Trash Brain says that you were tangling yourself up so Mr. Diaz here could untangle you……I’m done. She probably genuinely got herself tangled in them, but what was she doing with them in the first place? Unlike how I originally thought, it wasn’t decorating, but we never really get any form of explanation.

So, Mackie Hand’s name, punny as it is, is probably a reference to Jackie Chan

However the mention of how he died could be a reference to Brandon Lee, martial artist, actor and son of Bruce Lee, who passed unfortunately do to a tragic failed stunt while filming a movie.

Marco describes Mackie Hand very similarly to how Star worshiped Mina Loveberry

Anyway poor Marco, of course the tickets to a popular event would be sold out on the day OF the event. 

Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s still a chance you could get a ticket.

Good things don’t happen to me.”

*scoffs* Ahem, A LOT of good things happen to you. Is that a challenge, Mr. Diaz because look who came a-fire burning on the dance floor to put a stop to them fighting words. Tom, how are you not melting that ice cream, bro? 

Nice of you to pop in, you don’t even knock? Star knocked. 

Thanks to the recent online promo and synopsis from way back when, we already know Tombone here ain’t back from Daisyland and wanting to hang out with Miss Butterfly. The honor goes to Marco, who was bewildered by the very idea- what, no every time I see you you threaten my life with fire and stuff mentality- until Demon Boy flashed his pearly fangs and tickets to the only thing that will make happy at the moment.

Tom, don’t be flashy

Star starts to chew her way out of her light restraints, while Tom apologizes for every temper tantrum he’s had thus far and promises to be good, Marco detects a whiff of bullpucky and asks Star what his angle is. Star says he’s trying the “Bury the hammer”  [hatchet] and suggests he go with him. Good on you Star, rational thinking. I like it. The final deciding factor is that Tom decided to throw sparkly pixie dust on the tickets to make them extra tempting and Marco falls for it: Hook, line, and sinker. 

I hope they untied Star before they left because that is the last we see of her for the rest of both episodes. Bye Star.

Entering TOMCO Territory, are you ready?

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Raking Leaves

SPN Writing Challenge: @isometimeswritesomethings vs @vilemalapert

Prompt: Raking Leaves

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1212

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Written for @spnwritingchallenge ‘s Autumn Challenge

You weren’t watching him. Definitely not staring. That would be creepy. You just happened to be standing here, enjoying the view from your living room and he just happened to be out there, raking the leaves that were strewn across his lawn. As he turned towards you to catch the last few leaves, you quickly ducked behind the curtain.

“Shit,” you cringed, you were definitely watching him. Dammit.

You silently kicked yourself as you turned, deciding to do something more worthwhile than standing watching your beautiful neighbour maintain his pristine garden, not that you had any good ideas as to what that could be.

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“God It Fucking Sucks.”
  • Pairing: Reading/Luke Hemmings
  • Word Count: 1,635
  • Warnings: super cute Luke fluff!! that’s all really
  • Requested? Yes!
  • Summary: The one where you’re insecure about the comments fans give you and Luke comforts you.

You looked in the mirror, your body standing before it innothing but a pink undergarment set, matching as well. It shone out against your skin, making you only think more about you.

The thighs you carried upon your legs touched as if they were to burst once they separated. You wouldn’t classify your arms to be like you wanted. In place of where muscle should be living, there was soft skin that, seeming to you, hung so far down you could feel it at your knees. Of course, you knew you were exaggerating, but that didn’t stop your brain from seeing what was true.

Your eyes were too big, your fingers too short, your cheeks too puffy. Nothing seemed right and all you could do was stare. Every flaw that sounded so little looked like a big red siren yelling at you. You could only look for a few seconds longer before you turned your head away from the mirror and towards your closet.

You had been invited to go out with the boys for lunch. You were excited, but then it happened. There are those days that unexpectedly come and you’re left feeling like who you are is not who you want to be. It’s not every day, but when that day comes, it lasts almost the whole day. You know you’re not the only one but you frankly do not care.

Not so excited anymore, you decided to go anyway. You weren’t going to keep anyone home because of your petty feelings. Walking into your closet, you looked through your clothing, reaching up and sliding the plastic hangers across the metal rod one by one until you came across something deemed good enough to wear.

Just as you went to put the items on, you saw your phone light up. It was a tweet from Luke with the caption, ‘My beautiful girlfriend!’ Once you opened it, there was nothing there but a blank, gray slate and a message. ‘Tweet could no longer be displayed.’ You shrugged, locking your phone and place it once more on the bed. Although, the notifications didn’t stop there. Actually, they increased. Your eyebrows wriggled together, your breathe releasing as you sighed and slipped your clothes on, sitting at the edge of the bed and reading through them all.

As your eyes scanned the screen, you did not read one compliment. Insults shot you at all angles, feeling physical pain throughout your body. Finding out that Luke’s tweet was of you, standing in front of the mirror with your hands raised to the top of your head, your hair cascading down your back; just where you had been no more than five minutes ago. Some fans managed to save it. You shook your head, throwing your phone and lying on your back, letting your emotions pour out through heavy breaths.

“(Y/N), are you ready?” Luke asked, walking in the doorway and stopping, staring at you and chuckled. “What are you doing there, Sleepy?” He joked. You lifted your upper body on your elbows, situating yourself in a more comfortable manner to glare at him. Your face was harsher than anticipated, making Luke watch in confusion.

“Luke,” you growled as he walked closer, “how could you?” He cocked his head, asking what you’re talking about as your body flopped down on the bed once more, head hitting Luke’s pillow. “That picture… on twitter. I don’t know if you thought I wouldn’t see it or what, but I did. Let me just tell you, the responses were not very nice.” Luke sighed while he slowly walked over to the edge, kneeling down and taking your hand in both of his. He kissed your palm, looking up at you and resting his head on the bed.

“We both know hate is inevitable when you date someone famous. We talked about that, remember?”
“Yeah, I know.”
“It was a mistake baby. Honestly, I didn’t mean it. I meant to post that picture of us from yesterday, and I did.” His head turned to the window where your phone lay right under, basking in the ray of the afternoon sun. His hand left yours as he crawled to get it, unlocking and showing you. “You haven’t seen have you?” He asked as you shook your head and took the phone. Reading the responses, the majority was compliments. Beautiful saying about you, everything about you. Your hair, makeup, clothing; just you. Your face lit up like a Christmas tree as your body sat up once more. You could hear Luke smiling on the side; his hands gripped your thigh even tighter.

“Luke…” You whispered, continuing to scroll though the tweets, randomly reading ones the more you went down. Luke’s large hands went before your face, locking the phone off and sliding it out from your grip. Your head turned up to him, watching as he set it gently on the side table, never breaking the gaze with you. Both of your eyes locked together as your beaming face dropped.

“So, why is it okay and ‘gorgeous’ for me to be dressed up and have my photo taken with you but horrible and ‘whore-ish’ for me to be in my own room in something every girl wears?” You asked calmly. Luke’s hands drifted to yours once more, taking them both in his. He let out a large breathe, answering in an audible whisper. “They’re jealous. I know you’re going to roll your eyes and tell me that that answer is stupid, but it’s true. I know you haven’t seen it, but there’s a trend. About you might I add.; about all those stupid people who hate on you and how they should shut the hell up because you’re incredibly beautiful, (Y/N). This information might not help but… fuck, I think you’re stunning no matter what you’re wearing. Is that… is that not enough?” Luke’s voice cracked during the last words, his eyes closing to prevent himself from letting any tears escape.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, much less seeing. Luke’s never acted this way in front of you before and you had to admit, your heart broke from it. “It’s more than enough,” you whispered, kissing his hand. “It’s more than enough, Luke. I can’t tell you how much it means to me, but when there are thousands of people hating on you because you’re a certain way… God it fucking sucks.” Tears began to slowly fall from your eyes as you close them, tight along with the grip you had on his hands.

“(Y/N), I know it’s hard to believe this, but I think what we have-our love-is more than any hate anyone could give you. If you focus on what we have, the happiness we have together, nothing anyone could say to you would mean anything.” You couldn’t help but give a small smile, knowing that Luke’s words are genuine. They made you feel better, your heart swelling with each sound leaving his mouth.

“I’m sorry Luke. I love you…” You said sincerely. “Don’t be sorry babe, you didn’t do anything but be the perfect you. I love you too (Y/N).” He stood up and towered over your body that still sat upon the bed. He smiled down at you, kissing your forehead.

“Luke?” You whispered, looking up at him through hazy eyes. “Yes baby?” He responded as he stood up once more. You saw his chest rise and fall with his breath, the room growing silent, and a feeling of nothing but the two of you together feeling the room. “Do you mind if we reschedule lunch with the boys? I kind of just want to stay in and cuddle… maybe watch some movies with you.” Luke’s smile never left his face, his eyes glazed over with small sparkling stars while he looked at you. It seemed like every time his eyes stayed upon you, they studied you with the passion you’d see an artist give their most valued piece. Admiration.

“Of course,” he answered, nodding and hugging your head into his lower chest. “Thank you,” your arms wrapped around his upper back, holding it tightly.

“Now,” he said, his voice suddenly rising to a normal volume, “move over, you’re on my side of the bed!” He chuckled, pulling away from you as he rolled you to the other side, you giggling in the process. Your legs instantly sprung to his side, blocking his from letting his body touch the bed. “Not until you put a movie in.”
“Fine.” He groaned, rolling his eyes while slightly smiling at you. He made his way to the TV, opening the cabinet beneath. “What do you want to watch?” He said loudly. You pondered before lighting up and slightly yelling. “The Fault in Our Stars!”
“(Y/N), you always cry during that movie though!”
“Please! You can pick the next one.”
“Deal!” Luke jumped from the leaning position he was in and popped the movie in, grabbing the remote and returning to the bed. He lifted your legs effortlessly and laid down next to you, propping his head up with pillows and worked the remote buttons to get the movie to play. Your body moved so your head rested on his chest, your hands on his lower stomach as your legs intertwined with his.

As the music began to play the opening scene of the movie, your eyes moved up to see Luke watching the screen with interest hidden. You smiled and snuggled deeper into his, his arms holding you tighter while his lips kissed the top of your head. Truthfully, you know both Luke and you would much rather be doing this than going out to lunch, and you’re glad you are. You knew he was right; love is more powerful than hate.


What you make it (2/10?)

Work Title: What you make it
Summary: Sans thought his life was complicated enough without adding a kid to the mix. | aka in which Sans accidentally adopts a monster as a second sibling.
Characters: Sans, Frisk, Papyrus
Pairings: Background Papyton, Undyne/Alphys

Chapter Title: fraternal feelings
Chapter word count: 1635
Chapter warning(s): none
[first] [prev] [next (coming soon)]

Additional notes: loosely based on @toddnet‘s human au, mostly the designs ((this pic in particular ruined me but you should go look at all of todd’s amazing stuff)) and some of the character dynamics/relationships; 110% based on the fact that i love big sibling instinct fics so much

cross-posted to ao3

Sans was nice.

Frisk was very glad he’d found them in the alley. Things had been scary- almost as scary as leaving the Underground- and then he’d shown up like a comic book hero. They were still feeling a little starry-eyed about it, to be honest, so when he’d said he had to step out for a little bit and for Frisk to stay put, they stayed put.

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anonymous asked:


Notes: Sequel/follow-up to this fic (Modern, political AU)! Thanks for the positivity everyone!! This is going to be three parts :3

The Visit: Arrival



Hello Hi Hey Katara,

I don’t know why I’m writing you a letter. It’s stupid. It seemed like an okay enough idea when I started. Even though it’s the easiest way to have correspondence taken by spies. Hopefully there’s no spies. Anyways the paper’s out and I’m writing on it already so. Here it goes.

You should come back to visit

I miss-

We should-

Six months is a long time not to-

I hear the South Pole’s nice this time of year. Lots of…snow. We don’t have snow. Much. Well, maybe in the mountains. Near the top. If you wanted to see it. The snow, I mean. It might be different than your snow.


Your friend


Warm regards

Yours truly



Dear Zuko,

Sokka and I will be heading back to the Fire Nation this summer for the peace summit. I’m sure your snow is very nice snow.



PS: I like letters. But get a Twitter already :P

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General Hux Project: Reference Gathering

The other major starting point for Hux (and all costumes in which there is more then one image) is to collect reference photos like they’re going out of style. Hux, asshole that he is, is one of the few costumes not part of the touring Star Wars costumes that were at the celebration. So while tons of pictures exist of Rey, Kylo, Poe, etc costumes on the dress forms at the Celebration…no first order costumes at all were there. Hux is not in a ton of scenes, annddd they’re wearing black clothing, on a black darkly lit ship *head desk* so let the fun begin! 

Some of this came from watching the movie again with the express reason of looking for Hux details, others from the lovely people at the RPF and Imperial Order (RPF is a great place to look for info and ref photos for costumes from movies). I mentioned fabrics in my last post, so this is all the sewing details of it.

So follow this way for tons of ref’s and detail notes on his outfit!

EDIT: Updating as movie is released and more details become visable with HD and behind the scenes. 

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Part 1/4

Prompt: Phil does a lot of traveling and while hes in London he meets Dan and for the night they are captivated by eachother and Phil is photographer and they take a ton of pictures together (but mostly of Dan) and now that’s all Phil has to remember him by and he looks at the pictures all the time and its been 2 years and Phil is back in London to try and find Dan again because hes fallen in love with him through the pictures.

Word Count: 3,080

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: first multi chapter fic!! i wrote this all in one day bc i was ill. the more people who like this, the sooner i’ll upload the next chapter!! i need to know that people are actually liking this fic :)

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so, thanks to this beautiful blog, i had a thought: what if erotic photographer!Derek ran a tumblr helping guys (and the occasional gal) take better dick pics? and what if Stiles was a *coughcough* fairly regular submitter after Derek posted a selfie *coughcough* and things… happened? here are the results.

The blog wasn’t actually Derek’s idea to begin with. It began with a pretty young bodouir model with a propensity for checking her phone during breaks in the shoot. Not that Derek minded, of course–he was getting paid whether the photos got taken or not, so it was no skin off his nose. That is, until the day he noticed her turn bright red out of the corner of his eye, and whirled around to see what the cause of her rather strong reaction might be. 

“Oh my god,” she spluttered, and Derek’s concern melted away when her shock shifted to laughter as she stared at the smartphone in her hand. “Derek, you have got to see this.” Curiosity piqued, Derek stepped around to lean over her shoulder–and was greeted by the single most hideous, uncreative photograph of a penis ever to exist. 

“Would you just look at this?” the girl chortled, and if Derek weren’t so offended by the poor quality of the picture, he would be laughing with her. As far as dicks go, the one on the screen is fairly average, nothing to write home about, but… the lighting is terrible, the angle is horrendous, and the penis itself takes up most of the frame in a hideously forward way that makes the artist in Derek cringe. Not only that, he notes, but the sender’s dick is strategically placed next to a ruler, in the most crude display of dominance via size Derek has ever seen. All in all, it’s positively revolting, and Derek has to look away to keep from dry heaving at the sight. 

As it turns out, unsolicited “dick pics” are not all that uncommon, particularly for girls like Erica, and, current profession notwithstanding, it angers Derek to think that there are men (boys, really) who think that this sort of thing is appropriate or welcomed in any way. It doesn’t take much digging on the internet to find hundreds of similar pictures, uploaded by guys who feel that aggressively proclaiming the size of their dick makes them better and more desirable. After fifteen minutes, Derek is feeling ill, and after nearly an hour he wants nothing more than to lie down and try to permanently erase the images from his mind. Instead, in a brief and probably-soon-to-be-regretted flash of inspiration and generosity, he heads to Gmail and creates a new account, which he then uses to create a Tumblr under the same name. It takes less than half an hour to get it looking decent, and another ten minutes to write (and re-write) an intro post (complete with a ‘selfie’ for the curious) for a blog that Derek hopes will do a little bit of good among the dick-pic-taking brotherhood of the 21st century. 

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The Journey

I am in training.

To be a submissive, ok, I understood that…but a what? Cuckquean? What is that? And he is going to take on Cuckcakes? Humiliation? With holding orgasms? I will have to please her?

My head is spinning, I am angry and hurt…Mi Leon…My King, broke me into submission one night. Telling me that he was going to have sex with other women. Just sex. All of this, while he stabbed his hard pulsing cock into my slick vagina.

No, no, no….“I know you liked it kitten"…

No, no I didn’t, I don’t…

“Oh but you do…when I told you about sleeping with my ex-wife last summer, you fucked me like a dog in heat"…

Did I? Oh, right. I did.

“Five times that night. You were insatiable.”

But this isn’t fair. Haven’t I been good? I cook, I clean, I take care of my womanly duties…I never turn down anything that he desires in bed, but this, this is to much. I can’t. I am a good girl. I don’t talk to other men or flirt. My heart is caving in. I hate you. As my world is changing, my body is betraying me. I can feel myself swell with pleasure. I say, “this isn’t fair”

I want you to look at me, it took me a second to realize that I had been holding my breath and squeezing my eyes shut…he is still sliding in and out of me. Tantalizing me. He has always known what to do to make my body react and crumble. I think of the first time he ever touched me. I was his. And he knew it. So now, just like the first time he is sliding back and forth, pulling almost all the way out, but stopping before we actually separate. With quick rapid hip movements he pushes into me. My feet are now flat against the back of his calves helping me raise my hips to help meet the thickness of his cock. I am edging…closer…and closer. This isn’t fair

I heard his once voice again, now with more a thundering conviction because I hadn’t obeyed the first time he asked. Look. At. Me.

I open my eyes to light, he had moved a light closer to my face, so that I could see what he was holding in his hands. Polaroid’s. Several of them. There is a pretty girl in the photos. Hmmm…she slightly resembles me Look at her, she is nice isn’t she? He moved to the next photo. This time she just had jeans on, and she was playfully covering up her breasts…the next photo…His cock it at attention..stiff, her pert little breasts looked amazing, her nipples harden as she stretched her mouth around him to fit all of him into her. My heart quickens, little orgasmic termors come through my walls and I can feel the juices from my vagina leak down and start to coat my tiny asshole. Oh NO!  The next photo, she is lifting up off of him, her sweet natural pussy is juicy and wet, all of her is swollen with ecstasy and I can see her pleasure coating his thick hard organ…I am gasping, small tears are forming from what I am seeing, but also because I am about to explode…finally he shows me the last one…I can tell that she has taken this one, angled from her stomach her glistening pussy hair framing his hard cock, he is holding himself while his seed pours out…

I lose control…erupting all around him, my body quivers with lust, he feels me pulse with pleasure and stabs into me yelling out, “oh fuck oh fuck” he pushes me over the edge again and I can’t help but cry out…

Slowly, and tenderly he slows his strokes, and wipes my eyes…I look up at him and he says;  "See I told you, you like it”

I catch my breath and gather my thoughts. Once I have calmed down I reply, “Yes Sir, I do.”

So it begins….

the undone and the divine

for: Katie @giantbandgeeks
by: emily @hurrricanes
Three seasons of spring, two tattoos, and a lot of chances to get it right.
word count: 17,776
warnings: mentions of death/cancer and needles/tattoos,  
main: harry/ofc


Saffron’s hand hovered over the brass doorknob, her stomach lurching and her fight or flight response leaning heavily towards flight. She took a step back from the door and rubbed her hands over her face as she tried to remind myself that she could do this. It was just a needle. Granted it was one that would pierce her skin over and over again, leaving behind pools of ink, but it was just a needle. It wouldn’t kill her and the pain would be worth it when a tattoo was left behind.

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