the anger in five's voice when he says it

This is based on a quote I saw last week and I love it, the quote is at the end.  Thanks to @myuselessknowledge for the idea that fed this. 

It’s a future fic, kind of. Angst but not serious angst and a tiny bit of fluff. Some of this is under the cut.


It creeps up on Liam.   He suspects it’s the same for Zayn. It’s not deliberate, but it happens anyway.

They always knew they’d have to be separated for a while, it wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last.  In a way it sort of worked, they made it work.  

Till one day, it’s like he’d had his hands on the steering wheel for so long and all it took was one tiny distraction to take his hands away.

Just one night out, where the food was great and the company even better, and what he’d planned to be a swift meal and home by 10pm to hope Zayn would still be wide awake in New York, turned out to be 3am crawling into bed, glancing at his phone to see a whole bunch of missed calls but too tired to do anything about it.

That’s when it started.

It’s eight months later, it’s a freezing cold day in the middle of winter in London.   In LA, it’s sunny and warm, Liam just checked.  

It’s become sort of necessary to have that piece of information lately.  Some way to get the conversation flowing, though flowing?  That’s overegging the pudding so much.

He’s about to unlock his phone and hit speed dial or maybe in a few minutes he will when the phone starts ringing.

His heart sinks.  He’s not ready, he’s never ready lately, but from somewhere he conjures up a smile in his voice and presses the answer button.

“Hey babe.”

“Hey yourself,” it starts out like this every time, when they don’t have to force the notion that they’re pleased to hear each other’s voices.

Zayn still has the power to make Liam’s heart skip a bit just with one word, doesn’t even have to be a particularly grand word, just the way he’ll say something in that Yorkshire accent he’s so in love with and that’s never changed even after all these years they’ve spent to and from LA.

“Checked the weather before,” says Liam, “Scorching innit?”

He hears Zayn murmur a quiet, “Yeah.”

It starts then, the silence that used to be filled with nothing other than relief at the feeling that even though separated, they could still talk to each other, it’s now stilted, awkward and Liam’s scrambling to find what best to say, when there’s too much he wants to say but recent times have taught him to be careful.

“Wish I was there,” it’s the truth, but he knows it’s not the right thing to say as there’s a heavy sigh that comes down the other end of the phone line.

“Yeah, well, easily changed that as you know Liam,” it’s not that he sounds angry, it’s more that he sounds so tired, so weary, his tone is curt too, but Liam could overlook that, he could but just like a couple of days ago, like last week, like the week before it touches a nerve.

He tries to keep his voice even, tries not to let the defensiveness show in the tone of his response.

“How many times Zayn, how many times do we have to go through this until you realise that it’s not just me, you could be here, there’s a reason why we built a studio here.”

He fails.

“There’s a reason we built one here too babe,” Zayn’s voice is just so reasonable, so soft.  Too reasonable, too soft.

So if all else fails, like usual Liam makes an attempt at humour.

“You know what, we missed a trick Zedd, that studio in the middle of the ocean, that’s what we should have been spent all our money on.”

There would have been a time that Zayn would have snorted out a laugh, called Liam “you big doughnut,” and then they’d have carried on talking about everything, what they’d been up to.

“Mm,” is the only sound he gets in return and then it’s back, the silence except it’s worse even than before.

It’s not even quarrelling, not even a bitter fight with name calling, and yet somehow it’s worse, much worse and Liam looks at his watch, and it’s almost time for him to head to the studio, to try and push through to finishing this album.

Liam’s first big debut as a producer and he should be excited. 

Instead, he’s figuring out how to remove himself from a conversation that not that long ago could have lasted hours, even if they’d spoken no words, just to hear his breath, to hear him moving around the kitchen, occasionally dropping little words of commentary about where he was and what he was doing.

“Anyway, I have, erm, well stuff to do so we’ll talk soon,” it’s not a surprise Zayn beats him to it, it’s not a surprise that it’s as awkward as it would’ve been had Liam said it, “Won’t we?”

Those last two words though, the way Zayn sounds so uncertain, the fact that it’s a real question and the fact that he has to voice it at all.

It’s like Liam’s been kicked in the stomach because if he needed a clue as to how bad all this was, he has it.

 “We will Zayn, we will and it’s only a week or so till I see you, I really do mis-.”

 “Yeah anyway, love you.” 

Four words, and the last two used to feel like a fleece blanket on Liam when he was most cold, most afraid and tired of everything.  Now they just feel cold and unfamiliar.

Then there’s silence which is too suffocating, so Liam finishes, “Miss you,” to the ended call screen and to the room he’s in and then with a small glance because any longer will do things to him, he can’t express, he looks at the picture on the wall in their study, of them.  In times that feel like a lifetime since he says out loud, “Love you too.”

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Caffeine Challenge #6

Whoo, good job everyone! That was a fun challenge :) You can read all past challenges and today’s HERE on this doc! It also has other’s who participated.

Here’s also mine below!

[END TIME lol I actually finished a contained short story for once!]

You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things. The demon in front of you doesn’t see anything amiss, doesn’t question your choice of writing implements, doesn’t do anything but what she’s been doing for the past hour; smiling.

“There we go,” she coos and pets your hair like a mother would. “Easy, easy and so much time life, darling. You made a good deal.”

“…Thanks,” you say, trying not to lean into her touch. It’s been weeks since anyone but a nurse has touched you, even longer since anyone has touched you with something approaching the amount of affection this demon is showing you.

It’s a lie, you think, staring down at your hands. They’re thin and brushed with purple and blue, your skin nearly translucent under the weight of your medications. Your fingers knot in your flimsy hospital gown.

“Take care, kid,” the demon says and brings the contract to her lips. She kisses the crackling paper and smiles wickedly at you. “I’ll be seeing you soon enough.”

She disappears in smoke and fire, a vortex of light and sound in the sterile hospital room that sends all the machines hooked up to you shrieking. She takes with her the sense of peace she’d brought, probably something artificial too.

You sigh and begin to pull the IVs and patches from your body.

“Stop!” Nurse Blanchett rushes into your room, eyes wide. She’s wearing pastel pink scrubs today, the brightest color in the hospital. She grabs your wrist as you go for the heart monitor, pinning it to your side. “Lavina, you can’t pull the–”

She breaks off as, slowly, you lift your arms, forcing hers up. You’re strong, so much stronger than her, and she loses the concern in her eyes to fear.

“I’m checking out,” you say and she lets go, stepping back from you. You swing your legs over the side of the bed, your bare feet still thin, still sickly, but filled with so much strength that your knees don’t buckle when you stand. “Goodbye, Nurse Blanchett.”

You don’t have any normal clothes at the hospital, but that’s fine. You need to go shopping before your final destination anyway.

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Requested: Can you do an imagine were you’re on the verge of life or death from a car accident while you’re attending college and Shawn is on tour. Meanwhile, Shawn’s in the dressing room after a show and Andrew is the first to be informed bc it occurred during the show. Shawn panicks and cant believe what his manager just told him so he rushes to the hospital and you’re still in critical condition. After a few days, you’re stable and Shawn is even more protective of you than before. An intense chapter…


You’re on your way to get donuts with your best friend. Its past midnight, but you were both studying in the library and had a huge craving for donuts. And would you be real college students if you didn’t make donut runs at 1 in the morning? Probably not, so of course here you are. You’re singing at the top of your lungs, and laughing at how she’s just making a fool of herself. She starts laughing too. Five hours in the library can start to make you go a little crazy, and you two are definitely proof of that tonight.

Neither of you are paying attention to much going on around you, you’re too tired and delirious, but high on life at the same time to care. It may not be the best combination, but you don’t realize that at the time. Before you know what’s happening, you hear a loud horn. There are lights, the bone chilling sound of metal on metal, and tires skidding on gravel. You’re suddenly in immense pain, and before you can truly process anything, everything starts to fade to black.

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Roommate pt. 2

(not edited)
“I’ll text you later Luke! It was nice meeting you!” I smiled as I waved him goodbye. It was a few hours now that I met him. We clicked instantly and I loved it. He was cute. He had dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue green eyes and ah those tattoos. I smiled to myself thinking about him and walked back to the apartment. I carried my legs upstair to the elevator clicking the third floor. As I waited patiently I saw that I had a text from Lucas, ‘I had so much fun meeting you! We should hang out again soon!’ I giggled and typed out a reply. 'Yes!!:)’
The elevator dinged and I got off and walked to the door. I pulled out my key and covered my hand over my eyes. “Is it okay for me to come in now!” I yelled throughout the little apartment. “Stop being so dramatic.” I heard Kate’s voice say. “Well that’s only going to happen when you stop being a bitch soooo guess that won’t happen any time soon.” I told her blowing her a kiss. “Matthew! Did you just hear what she said to me!” I laughed “Oh are you a five year old now? Are you gonna tell on me??” I said in a baby voice poking out my lip. “Ugh Y/N. Stop.” I heard matthew say. “I’ll stop when she grows the hell up.” Matthew’s eyes shot out anger. He came at me with heavy feet. He slightly pushed me back to the wall. “Why don’t you grow the hell up.” He said with his loud stern voice over me. I scoffed and pushed him off of me. “Fuck you. Oh wait Kate already has.” I went to my room and slammed my door. 'I should’ve gotten food I’m hungry.’

Sorry this one is a bit short too, I’m sick so I’m not that up to doing anything. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Fighting the Fall

Originally posted by assbutt-trumpet

This is part two to Forever Fighting which can be found here as requested by @cemmia I hope you enjoy it lovey! Let me know what you think! This imagine is rated M+ for language and sexual innuendo…

Fighting the Fall

Six Months Later

The summer heat lingers in the air; thick and pressing despite the sun having set hours ago, and with a hand pressed to the side of your abdomen where the bullet had torn through you, you look around for any signs of him, and when your eyes make out only a few cars parked in the lot and no one in sight you resign yourself to the wait, and press your back against the brick wall.

You’ve been meeting here for nearly six weeks; finding the location perfect as it wasn’t too far from Charming that should he get a call that it would take forever to get back to TM, but far enough that the likelihood of anyone seeing them together was next to none.

You can’t put your finger on what made you guys click.

God knows you hadn’t before.

Part of you wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that he saved your life; and that part of you knows it played a role, not in this part of things, but it played a definite one in you being open to the idea of befriending him.

What happened as a result of that befriending is a mystery to you, and one you aren’t in any hurry to solve.

Shaking your head, you pull your phone from your pocket to check if you had missed a call or text, but all that shines back at you in the darkness is the time.

12:04 a.m.

You’re just about to call off the plans when you hear the familiar rumble of his bike and with a soft smile forming on your lips you press back into the shadows. You wait, heart starting to beat quicker and quicker with each footstep that draws closer.

“Y/N…” his voice is soft as he calls for you and to suppress the sound that threatens to bubble up and out you press your hand to your lips. “Y/N, come on out. I know you’re here, I saw your car…come on, this shit isn’t funny…” He turns away from you and from the way he moves his head slowly you know that his eyes are scanning the parking lot for you.

“What isn’t funny,” you say stifling a laugh when he jumps and whirls around at the sound of your voice, “is keeping me waiting without so much as a phone call…”

“It’s not my fault. I got the third fucking degree from Tig about where I go when I take off,” Kozik says as he steps into the shadows with you. His smile is soft but bright when his eyes land on you and damn if it isn’t infectious.

“You don’t think he followed you do you?” you ask being sure to keep your distance from him.

“He was face down in Grade A CaraCara pussy when I finally slipped out…so no, he didn’t follow,” he says taking a step towards you to close the distance, wrapping you in long arms and burying your face into his leather you, you close your eyes on his scent filling your senses.

“Come on,” you say taking him by the hand, “we don’t have long tonight.”


Their time together was limited, but every minute was worth the headache of sneaking away from his brothers, at least to Kozik it was, and as he pulls his bike into TM, he notices Tig standing outside the shop doors, arms crossed tight against his chest.

“Shit,” the oath is soft as Kozik walks towards him, and deciding to take the high ride and ignore the older man he moves to walk past him but is stopped when Tig slaps a hand to his chest.

“Where were you last night?” Tig asks, his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, but knowing him as well as he does, Kozik knows they are narrowing in on his face as doing so would afford him the ability to pick up on any deception.

“Out,” Kozik replies shortly, “now if you don’t mind I have some work to do.” He pushes Tig’s hand from him and starts to make his way into the garage.

“I know you were with Y/N…” Tig’s voice carries an eerie calm that Kozik has come to know can mean only one thing; trouble. He turns slowly measuring Tig up.

“And if I was?” he asks keeping his voice neutral.

“There’d be problems, big ones, in store for you,” Tig says evenly, and with a shake of his head Kozik tries to reign in his growing anger.

“It’s none of your damn business what I do when on my own,” he tosses out, “and it sure as hell isn’t any of your fucking business what Y/N does either.”

“Clay would disagree with that,” Tig says drawing the sunglasses form his face, “he’s looking for you.”


Forty-five minutes later Kozik stalks out of the club house, anger rolling off of him in waves so violently he vibrates with it, and upon setting foot outside his eyes lock on Tig who stands with an arm slung nonchalantly around Y/N’s shoulders.

He doesn’t think, his feet carry him straight over, and with his brain giving the command to his hands before he can stop them he’s shoving Tig back.

“Jesus, Kozik what the fuck is wrong with you?” Y/N demands moving to stand between the two men.

“Why don’t you tell her Tiggy?” Kozik demands and when Tig’s mouth stays firmly shut Y/N looks back and forth between the two of them.

“What is he talking Uncle Tig?” Y/N asks trying to understand what has Kozik so fired up.

“Listen sweetheart,” Tig starts but he’s quickly silenced by Kozik.

“Oh save the soft tone bullshit Trager! I’m being booted back to Tacoma,” Kozik says through clenched teeth.


“I’m being booted back to Tacoma,” Kozik’s words dance deliriously through your head, and with a laugh born of disbelief you shake your head.

“You can’t-you can’t go back to Tacoma,” you say trying to understand. “There was supposed to be another vote…”

“Apparently there was,” Kozik says his voice losing some of the heat it carried before, “and Tiggy here made sure I lost, again…”

“Why?” you ask turning to look at Uncle Tig, “why would you do that?”

“Listen Y/N, I know he saved your life and you feel like you owe him something, but how can you just start fucking the guy and forget that six months ago you couldn’t stand him?” Tig spits and his words sting, but the sting pales in comparison to the fire of anger that it ignites in you.

“Who I do or do not have sex with is none of your damn business,” your voice carries a heat to it as you stare at Tig, “and I couldn’t stand him because like an idiot I sided with you. I believed, you. I supported, you.”

“Good dick doesn’t make him a good man Y/N,” Tig says and taking a step back you shake your head.

“You’re right good dick doesn’t make a good man, all the women you’ve been in are a testament to that,” your words are harsh as you storm to your car and send your tires screaming out of TM.


Kozik texted to make sure you made it home safe and when you told him you did he informed you that he had just two days to clear out.

Clay’s orders.

“Yeah Clay’s orders, but Tig’s pulling the strings,” you hiss to yourself as you pace your bedroom. Pictures plaster your mirror and as you stare at them you realize how many of them are of you and Tig; and his words pointing out that six months ago you couldn’t stand Kozik come swimming to the surface. He was right of course; six months ago you and Kozik were fighting like cats and dogs. You never really understood why you didn’t like him, you just didn’t, and seeing the way he and Tig treated each other didn’t help anything.

Sitting on the edge of your bed you pull your phone from your pocket scanning through the pictures saved to it; taking your time when Kozik starts showing up in them. He’s smiling in almost all of them; even the couple he managed to snap while he was kissing you the corners of his are clearly lifted in a grin.

How had you never noticed before just how heartbreakingly gorgeous he was? How his smile lights up his face and sends the shine of his blue eyes dancing…

Did it really take getting shot to realize what was in front of you all this time?

Fear prickles inside of you as soon as you start to realize that you’ve fallen for him.

“Oh no,” the word is a groan as you fall back against your pillows, “no, no, no.”


You bite your lip as Kozik packs his saddle bag, trying desperately not to cry. The last two days passed in a blur of text messages, phone calls, and endless tears; at least on your part, but never in front of him. No, you saved your tears for the privacy of your shower.

A few of the guys come out of the garage and clubhouse to say good bye, and with your eyes narrowing behind your sunglasses you find Tig standing back, a satisfied look on his face. You haven’t spoken to him since the argument two days ago, refusing every call and text; going so far as to tell Gemma that if he calls one more time you’ll change your fucking number. He heeded the warning as his number hasn’t crossed your screen since then.

“Y/N,” Kozik says your name softly and turning your attention to him he offers a sad smile, “It’s time.” His hand comes up to brush at the hair on your forehead and lifting your own hand you hold onto his wrist, squeezing lightly when he rests his forehead to yours.

“This isn’t fair,” your words are soft as the tears you had controlled so well up to this point have finally broken free.

“I know baby,” his voice is soft as he presses his lips to your hair, and sensing that you aren’t going to be the one to let go he steps back breaking contact to put his sunglasses on and flashing one last gorgeous smile at you he straddles his bike.


You never intended falling in love with a Son, certainly not with Herman Kozik, but as you watch him preparing to ride away you realize that’s exactly what’s happened. It only took years of arguments, despising one another, and a gunshot wound to nurture such a love.

He’s pulling away when you hear someone screaming his name, and when he stops to turn and look at you, you realize it was you, and without thinking you run to him, throwing your arms around his neck.

“I’m going with you,” you say gripping his face in your hands as you press your lips to his.

“What-what are you talking about?” Kozik asks the confusion apparent as he stares at you in disbelief.

“Look, they say you have to leave, fine,” you lift your voice even as you see Tig stepping closer, “but they don’t get to tell me that I have to stay. So I’m going with you.”

“Y/N,” he speaks your name on a laugh but when he realizes how serious you are the humor fades away. “Y/N, I can’t ask you to do that…”

“You aren’t asking me to do anything Koz. I fought the fall long enough. I’m done fighting, I’m yours. I don’t care if we stay here in Charming, or go to Tacoma, hell we could end up in Timbuktu for what it’s worth, I’m with you. I’m with you.”

Kozik swings off his bike and lifting you up he gives a quick spin, “Well, it’s about damn time.”

here are some fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of April and I recommend that you read them in May (if you haven’t already)!

1. Run Away Home (106k)

Louis stands, in the middle of a clearing with his hands in his pockets, and stares. This boy—God, this gorgeous, gorgeous boy. He seems so clumsy, confused at the best of times, but there’s a wisdom about him as he speaks, a maturity that belies his age.

Louis is hopelessly, wildly attracted to him.

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart. it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.

2. Behavioural Ecology (81k)

Louis Tomlinson is a primatologist working with the Jane Goodall Institute for primate conservation; and Harry Styles is the photojournalist sent from National Geographic to write a piece promoting awareness about the endangered species. They meet, and love is never, ever simple, as we know.

Featuring Eli the chimpanzee, bickering humans, storytelling, and five men who come to gain an understanding of what it means to be human; all stationed in the Republic of the Congo.

3. These Hands Not Fit For Holding (46k)

“You should be grateful,” Harry tells him, leaning in so he’s almost whispering in Louis’ ear. Louis stands as still as a statue, trying not to react when Harry’s low voice caresses his cheek. “I’m offering you something better: a chance to join my crew. I’ll pay you to work as a carpenter on my ship.”

“I’m not a fucking pirate,” Louis says, anger flaring. He steals little trinkets occasionally, if he thinks they’ll make his sisters happy. He’s not a proper thief, or a murderer, though, and certainly not on the level of Captain Styles and his crew.

Or, Harry is the captain of a pirate ship, and Louis is an accidental stowaway.

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In the corner of his eyes he’s watching her. She’s sitting on the grandstand and reads a book which has more pages than a fucking phone book.
“Oh c'mon Tyler, you’ve to be fuckin’ kiddin’ me!” Negan yells.
“Sorry coach.” He responds and picks up his bat.
She’s smiling in the book, whether it’s about him or what she reads Negan doesn’t know, but it makes him smile too. And he feels disgusted by himself.
Because she’s 18 years old. The new girl in town with a rich daddy. But she’s different than the other girls here in high school. Never he sees her giggling or getting a choleric attack when her nail breaks off. Negan likes her. Even when she sucks at sports. 

God, the girl runs 1 km and starts wheezing like she ran a marathon. 

But she has this inner peace which attracts Negan.
“Good night, coach.” She smiles as she passes him.
“Night.” Negan nods and watches her until she’s gone.
He can’t wait to get back at home to Lucille and he doesn’t have to think about her anymore..

“Ok, that’s ri-fucking-diculous.” Negan arches a brow and looks at the girl on the ground.
“It’s fine. I’m fine.” She pants and he snorts amused.
“Extra training for you, three times in the week. You choose the days.”
She stares at him in disbelief before she agrees with a nod. “Monday, wednesday and thursday?”

The first two weeks were disasters and Negan was afraid she’d die at a heartattack.
“Seriously when the apocalypse would start tomorrow you’d be fucked.” He said in the first week and she gave him a sarcastic laughter.
The third week went better and in the forth she doesn’t sound like a hippo with asthma anymore.
She gives him a high five and he chuckles amused as an old man appears.
“Are you the coach?” He snarls and her face is getting pale.
“I am, Mister..?”
“(Y/L/N), I’m her father and would appreciate it when you don’t waste the time of my daughter any longer.”
“I think I don’t understand… Sir.” Negan says with slight anger in his voice and her eyes widen in panic.
“Your little training here. It’s unnecessary and she’ll not need it in future.” Her father says and grabs the upper arm of his daughter.
“He!” Negan roars as he drags her away and Negan tries to stop them.
“It’s ok, coach.” She pleads whimpering and Negan pulls back.
Stunned, horrified…

She doesn’t come to school the next few days and Negan is worried.
“I don’t know what to fucking do.” He says to Lucille while he gets a glass of water for her pills.
“You know where she lives?” Lucille asks and he shakes his head. “Find it out.”
Grateful he nods and presses a short kiss on her forehead and she cups his cheek, a knowing glance in her eyes and he hates himself for it.
“You know that I wouldn’t do anything stupid.” Negan murmurs and she grins, amused by his words.
“You will, but I know that I can’t stop you. Save this girl.”

It’s 5am in the morning as Negan sneaks in the school building. From the basement he hears the janitor and he hurrys the fuck up to get to the secretariat.
Her file is quickly found and Negan frowns as he reads through it.

’… in school psychological treatment.’

“Fuck it.” He mumbles as he starts the computer, clicking impatiently with his tongue while he looks at the monitor.
Finally the program started and it takes him one or two tricks from on of his student to read her file.
It doesn’t surprise him, but it still shocked him.

’… probably abusive father.’

Negan doesn’t even turn off the computer before running out of the school building to his car. The file lies on the passengers seat as he drives like a man possessed to the address.
There’s no car in the driveway as Negan arrives and he sighs relieved, ringing the door bell.
She looks shitty if he should be honest.
“Ne-Negan?” She looks up and down the street and gestures to him to come in the house. “What are you doing here?”
“You know why.” Negan growls and pulls up her sleeves. “Jesus (Y/N)…”
“I’ll not say it’s fine and try to get you out of the house..” Her voice sounds broken and it hurts Negan. “..because it’s not.”
Before he can stop himself, he pulls her in a hug and instead of fighting back, she buries her face in his chest. For minutes he’s holding her while she cries.
“I’ll figure out something, I fucking promise you.” Negan whispers, his lips pressed on the top of her head.
“Thank you.”

Things went nuts afterwards.
And Negan doesn’t understand a single fuck of what happened.
First the shit about (Y/N). After he visited her, he tried to find out more about her father. But nothing.
Only that he’s a nice fuck with a mouth full of teeth and spent more money in the past months as Negan will ever have.
But Negan didn’t want to give up, even when he had to.
Lucille became sick, cancer and he can’t leave her alone. Not in this situation. He didn’t even went back to work.
That’s why he decided to visit (Y/N) at night where she stood on the window and gave him signs of how her day was.

And he was such a stupid piece of shit to believe each of her smiles.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” Negan shouts in panic as he goes through her house.
Tears still floating in his eyes from the events of the hospital. He couldn’t safe her.
He couldn’t safe his Lucille.
But he’ll safe (Y/N)..
His mind goes blank as he reaches her room. It’s soaked in blood and Negan drops on his knees.
“(Y/N)?” He asks quietly, hoping she’d jump out of the wardrobe and in his arms.
Paralyzed he stares at the baseball bat in the middle of the room and he crawls to it as he hears a groan behind him.
“Please..” Negan mumbles as he turns around and stares in the dead eyes of her father.
His body is covered in blood and Negan loses it, letting out all his anger and grieving. As the body follows on the ground, Negan notices the big belly and he can’t himself as he rips it open.

“Pissin’ our pants yet?” Negan smirks as he exits the RV. “Boy, do I have a… that’s not fucking possible.“ 

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“let me live, will you?”-yoongi

“for fuck’s sake, y/n. let me live, will you?”

“i thought you were the undead?”

he rolls his eyes at you and pins you down with a look, to which you squeak before zipping your mouth shut. automatically, he senses your discomfort and sighs, sitting on the stool, beckoning you over with a hand. you shake your head, refusing to go over but then he stands and you yell a quick wait!

he’s startled, not because of your voice, but because of the proposition you have.

“b-before we say anything, kiss me five times.”

he narrows his eyes at you, wondering what kind of antics you have now. all he thinks is you humans are weird as fuck but then he obliges when you make him agree before you come close. when you do, you direct him to kiss you on your forehead, left cheek, then the other, then your chin, lastly your lips.

he then knows why you’re asking him to do it.

he was fuming with anger when he kissed your forehead. simmering down on your left. finding solace in his right. feeling much better at your chin. finding the reason why he loves you on your lips.

“still mad?”

“no. but i still want to prove my point.”

“for fuck’s sake, yoongi.”


Chapter one: 

Running… There had been so much running, so much panic and chaos. Fear hung in the air like a thick fog. I felt it even from the small confines of my bedroom, echoing through my mind and soul. I wanted to investigate… to see what had caused all the chaos, but I didn’t dare move. I could feel him… his light had converted to darkness, and he was here to finish the job. There had been a shift in the force… a shift in the atmosphere that surrounded the Jedi temple. The ease and light that had engulfed it seemed to have vanished with the setting of the sun and with it a new light seemed to be blazing bright. There was anger in this light, a darkness that I had never felt before. It consumed me the moment the sensation flickered through the thick air.

I could hear screams, the screams of children… of adults fighting against whatever it was that was tormenting them from the other side of my door. The screams grew more and more familiar as the darkness approached and I knew in that moment the screams were that of my fellow Jedi. The temple had housed a great number of us our ages ranging from six to twenty. My room was near the teens, it was far from the children, but even with the range between myself and the youngest padawans I could still hear them scream.

The sounds of screaming grew worse and as they did an icy chill moved up my spine. I knew who was responsible for this now… I could feel his anger, his need to be dark… to repel all that was light within him. My eyes close tightly as I sit on my bed, my knees pressed to my chest as I sit with my arms wrapped around the top of them. I am in the furthest corner of my bed, my shoulder’s brushing the sides of the cold walls. The heavy sound of his boot clad feet making their way down the hall send another shutter up my spine, but I continue to sit, my whole body paralyzed in fear. My gaze moves to my right when the sound of someone attempting to open my locked bedroom door rings through the quiet nature of my room. My gaze flickers over to the person I shared my room with… my sister. She was sitting in the same position as me on her own bed, her body trembling. My jaw clenches as I look over to her and a new horror washes over me. Would he spare us? Would he spare the girl he was with and her sister or was he too dark to even care about me and her?

“You need to hide…”

I hiss in a barely audible growl earning a look of concern on her face. We were both eighteen years old, but in moments like this she looked so young… so scared. I want to tell her it will be alright, but I know that I can’t lie to her. Instead I force myself out of the tiny corner I’d pressed myself in and I move across the room. I move to the wall across my bed and run my fingers along the cool stone of the wall until I find what I’m looking for. The wall dips ever so slightly, to anyone else it would’ve looked like a dent in the wall, but I knew better. Master Luke said that every room had a secret doorway, and each one was uniquely hidden for moments like this. This had been invented because one Jedi apprentice had went dark years ago… a powerful sith that had killed children for the dark side. The secret door opens just as my bedroom door rustles in another attempt to open, but it doesn’t budge.

“… Hide, I will Shield him from you the best I can, but you need to get out of here. I will come find you if I can. If not go where the others were told to meet in case of emergencies and leave. Do not wait for me Larisa.”

Her eyes widen when I rasp this, we’d been together since we were born. We’d never been apart… not like this. She doesn’t hesitate even though I can feel that she wants to, instead she stands and moves to me quickly.

“I love you Emilia. I will see you shortly, I know I will.”

She gives me a tight hug which I return even though I don’t want to. I didn’t want to say good bye. I didn’t want to hold her one last time, I wasn’t ready for this to happen. But against what I want to happen we hold onto each other tightly for a moment before I push her away from me and step aside from the hidden door. She looks at me with tear filled eyes, but leaves anyway. Her silhouette only takes moments to move to the doorway before completely vanishing into the darkness that surrounds it. I force the door closed and stand in front of it hopelessly, my emotion getting the better of me as I stand in front of it.

Tears fall as I lean against the wall, my lips quivering as I feel my pain take hold of me. But it isn’t just my pain that I feel… it’s my sister’s, it’s the disturbance of the force, it’s the pain of my fellow Jedi students…. It’s his. The moment I feel him the door opens and I find myself having to focus even though I just want to fall apart. Every Jedi had special abilities, but mine were different… rare and now I had to use them against the one person I never expected to. The door opens with a thud and his feet cross the threshold, his boots loud with his every step. My breathing hitches as his emotions continue to run wild, his anger seeping into me. He shuts the door behind him and breathes.

“Turn around Emilia. Let me see you.”

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"Damn Y/n, long time no see" - Dean x reader

“Damn Y/n, long time no see.” The oldest Winchester stands in the doorway grinning, Sam just behind him.

You sigh with relief when you see him. “Thank God you’re here.”

“Not exactly how I pictured our reunion going,” he continues, leaning against the doorframe. “But you look good.”

Son of a bitch is enjoying this, you think bitterly.

“Yeah, alright Dean, just get me out of here,” you reply, glaring up at him from the floor.

“How long has it been, Sammy?” Dean asks, turning to his brother. “Three, four years?”

“Five, actually,” Sam replies, crossing his arms and trying not to laugh when he looks at you.

“Guys, come on.” You tug on the metal cuffs that have left you chained to the wall. “This isn’t funny.”

“No, what’s not funny,” Dean says, and now there’s anger in his voice, “is you taking off and disappearing for five years.”

“There were … special circumstances,” you reply, looking down at your shoes.

“Too special to pick up a damn phone?”

Jaw clenching, you glare up at him. “Alright. Fine. I’m sorry. You happy? I’m sorry. Now get me the hell out of here.”

Dean crouches down in front of you. “If I do, you’re going to tell us why you left. And where you’ve been. And why you never bothered to call us. Deal?”


One and Only

Originally posted by dyoru

A/N: I tried to not make this generic, but oh well. 

~Admin Allie

No, Y/N. You got it wrong and now you need to drink.” Baekhyun tried to hand you a cup that was half filled with the strongest vodka that one could find in a cheap diner.

“No, Thriller definitely came out in December eighty-two.”

“It was November thirtieth. It’s right here.

You looked at the screen and he was right. You pouted because you knew that he wouldn’t give you another chance since he wanted to get you drunk anyway.  

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Headcanons for when Otabek is sick and Yuri is the only one to take care of him.


I think Yuri would be so mad at Otabek for getting sick, but only because he’s worried, you know? I bet he would do everything to get Otabek better as soon as possible, while still being angry lmao. it probably goes a little like this:

“For christ’s sake Otabek, I told you to take a scarf before going for a ride, but NO,” Yuri grumbles angrily as he searches the cupboard for a pot. “I can’t find my scarf, but it’s not that cold today, don’t worry Yuri. Don’t worry my ASS,” he continues, slamming the fridge shut for emphasis after retrieving some vegetables. Otabek winces.

“Yuri, I’m fine it’s just a col-,” Otabek stops mid sentence at the death glare Yuri shoots him over his shoulder from where he’s standing at the kitchen counter, vigorously chopping carrots. Otabek has to admit that angry Yuri is scary when the anger is directed at him. It’s not a position he’s used to being in.

“You, mister,” Yuri starts, focusing back on the knife and chopping board (they don’t need another casualty, thank you very much), “have right about nothing to say right now. Less talking, more tea drinking.”

Otabek sighs in defeat and takes a sip of the chamomile tea he has his hands wrapped around. He’s sitting at the tiny kitchen table, wrapped in a fleece blanket. Yuri insisted.

“Thanks,” Otabek say. His voice is croaky. He should’ve taken the extra five minutes yesterday to look for his scarf, he thinks. He can see the tense line of Yuri’s shoulders ease up, the frown on the younger’s face doesn’t look quite as deep as just a few minutes ago.

“Of course,” Yuri says gently as he pushes the chopped vegetables from the board into the pot of now boiling water. A soft smile replaces the angry frown. They share a quick look before Yuri goes back to cooking. Otabek smiles, too.

“Finish your tea. Soup will be ready in 20.”

3 AM Surprises (TOP Scenario)

Requested by anonymous

Since you only specified that you wanted a TOP scenario, this is what I came up with :) It turned out quite long. Hope you like it!

Summary: You broke up, but he suddenly shows up at your door in the middle of the night.

The doorbell was ringing furiously. It almost sounded like an alarm clock from the way someone repeatedly pressed it. Groaning in annoyance, you opened your eyes slightly and sleepily grabbed your phone to see what time it was.

“3 AM?” you mumbled to yourself, as sleep was still trying to take over your body.

The ringing doorbell refused to stop, though, and since you were afraid it’d disturb your neighbors too much, you eventually got out of bed as an annoyed sigh escaped your lips. Lazily stretching your arms up in the air as you walked towards the front door, you wondered who it could be. Who could be rude enough to show up outside your door at a time like this?

As that question ran through your head, the face of a possible suspect came to mind. However, just as quickly as his face popped into your head, you just as quickly pushed it to the very back of your head. It couldn’t be, could it? No. Even if he often did just as he pleased, he wasn’t that stupid… Right?

Two whole months had gone by since you last saw or heard from him, which was just as it should be. The two of you broke up, after all…

With that sentence nudging its way into your head, it was pointless to try and keep his infuriatingly handsome face out of your thoughts. The memories of him that surfaced made you bite your lip, to stop the tears from forming. You shouldn’t think of him now - he was a part of your past, not your present or future.

Stop it, you told yourself before taking a deep breath and pushing all thoughts about him out of the way. You reached the front door, where the persistent ringing of the doorbell was still in full swing. Feeling annoyance sweep over you, you unlocked the door – instantly making the ringing stop – and opened it. The face you were met with on the other side made you freeze. This was a dream, right? He couldn’t-… No. It couldn’t be real.

Your ex-boyfriend could not be standing outside of your apartment, at 3 AM!

Water was dripping down his face from his wet hair and his jacket was soaked from the rain that, you quickly registered, was pouring down outside. Why was he here?!

“Opp-?”, you stopped yourself and awkwardly cleared your throat, “… Seung Hyun-ssi”

You’d made a deal with yourself after the two of you broke up; that you needed to put as much distance as possible between you and him, whenever he was around. Pretending like everything was like it’d always been would only hurt you too much. He wasn’t your Oppa anymore.

“What the hell was that?” his deep voice forced your eyes to land on his face, where confusion and frustration could be found, “it’s still ‘Oppa’, you know”

At his last statement, he took a step closer to where you were standing by your front door. His sudden movement surprised you, making you take a step back and simultaneously giving him enough space to be able to step into your apartment.

“N-no it’s not”, you stuttered as his familiar cologne invaded your senses when he walked past you.

“Yes it is”, he argued before huffing in annoyance as he tried to get his jacket off, that was now clinging to his body because of the rain.

Your heart took on a life of its own at this; its beat quickening as your eyes involuntarily studied his body and how the shirt under his jacket was also clinging to his body – giving away the fact that there were defined muscles hiding under it.

“… We broke up”, you whispered a few moments later when you’d managed to find enough control over your body to look away; closing the door in an attempt to distract yourself and your racing heart. This statement, along with having him so close to you again after two long months, suddenly brought tears to your eyes.

“No, we didn’t”, Seung Hyun argued through gritted teeth, sounding like he was trying to convince himself of the fact.

“Why are you here?” you questioned, trying to keep your voice as steady as possible, “and how the hell did you find out where I live?”

“I miss you”, he stated, surprising you, “and I’ve been pestering your sister for the last two months regarding that… She thankfully gave in and told me tonight”

You stared at him in disbelief, not having expected those first three words to escape his mouth. The fact that he’d shown up outside your door at a stupid hour like this was bad enough. Hearing him say that he missed you crossed the line completely. The second part about how he’d found out where you lived barely even registered in your brain; you were too preoccupied with trying to calm your heart that was beating like crazy.

“Stop saying stupid stuff like that”, you told him and looked way.

“Telling the truth isn’t stupid, baby”, he said and studied you, an unreadable expression on his face.

Don’t!” you exclaimed and glared up at him, “don’t call me that”

“Why?” he questioned, making you annoyed at his stubbornness to not acknowledge what was actually going on.

Only able to sigh while trying to not kick him out of a window, you closed your eyes for a moment. When you opened them again, a tired expression slowly grew on your face.

“Look, if you have nothing better to do than ruin my night”, you said, “then I’d very much appreciate it if you got the hell out of my apartment”

“Seriously?!” he suddenly raised his voice in frustration, startling you, “I tell you I miss you and all you respond with is ‘get the hell out of here’?”

“What do you want me to say then?” you asked him in a louder voice as well, trying your hardest to fight the tears from falling.

“That you miss me too”, he said, his eyes looking at you intensely.

“Don’t be ridiculous”

“Don’t for a second think I’m being ridiculous”, he retorted.

The frustration that’d been evident in his voice only moments ago suddenly entered your body. Why was he doing this? Why was he telling you these things – at 3 goddamn AM in the morning? It didn’t seem like he was drunk, so what the hell had gotten into him? It’d been his fault that your relationship had ended…

The fight that had eventually ended your relationship two months ago suddenly replayed in your head.


“What is your problem, Oppa?” you angrily asked him as you walked into the living room, hearing his equally angry footsteps follow you.

My problem?! You’re the one who ruined the entire freaking night”

“What?!” you quickly spun around and glared up at him, receiving an identical glare from him, “what the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

“You’ve been away visiting you parents for a whole week, so I wanted to have a nice night just the two of us”, he told you, almost through gritted teeth at this point, “but then you decide to go straight to your friends for a ‘girls night out’ as soon as you get back”

“I told you three days ago that I was going out with the girls when I got back”, you shot back at him, “and if you really wanted the two of us to have a nice night together, why didn’t you just tell me?!”

By this point, both of you were more than aware about the fact that the fight had nothing to do with any of the words you were throwing at each other. Things had been tense between you for a while now, hence the reason why you went to visit your parents in the first place. Seung Hyun was stressed beyond his limit because of work and your boss was quickly taking you down the same path, with the amount of tasks she was making you do. Neither of you really wanted work to come between you, but it was at the point now where it was impossible to not let it.

The immense frustration running through your body brought tears to your eyes and you wondered how things had gotten to this point. Sure; work had definitely contributed a great deal, but this wasn’t the first time both of you’d been stressed because of your jobs. This was, however, the first time you’d allowed that stress to affect your relationship like this.

“I can’t do this anymore”, Seung Hyun suddenly said and turned around, making his way towards the direction of the kitchen and the front door.

“What?” you asked, surprised and confused about what he meant by that.

“I need to get out of here right now”, he said as he started putting his shoes on.

At his words, an unexpected amount of anger grew inside of your body. He really thought he could just leave like that? Even though he’d done it before when you’d fought, to calm down, this wasn’t like all of those other fights. Didn’t he understand that? If he walked out now…

“I won’t be here when you get back, if you leave now”, you told him in a quiet voice, taking yourself by complete surprise.

What? Why did you just say that? You didn’t mean any of that… Right? You weren’t ready to throw five whole years with the man you loved away, just because of this one fight, right? However, even if you tried to reason with yourself, your heart was still telling you that your words were nothing but sincere. You were extremely tired of fighting and, if he walked out of that door, you’d do the same. Only difference was that you wouldn’t be coming back.

Surprising to you, though, was the response you got from Seung Hyun. He only chuckled slightly at your words and proceeded with putting his jacket on.

“Don’t joke around like that, baby”, he said, “I just need some air to cool down, I’ll be back in a while”

And, with that, he opened the door and disappeared out of the apartment. Left standing by the door was you, stunned that he’d actually left and that he didn’t seem to understand the seriousness of your words.


He hadn’t thought you were being serious. He’d been convinced that you’d just said it to make him stay there, for the fight to end as quickly as possible. But you’d been more than serious and had started packing all of your stuff shortly after he’d left. When he got back a few hours later, you – along with all of your stuff that you could carry – were gone.

He’d called you repeatedly during the days that followed. You refused to pick up, though. You were too hurt and too aware of the fact that, if you did pick up, you would instantly give in and go back.

You’d stayed at your sister’s place for the first two weeks, before you managed to find an apartment of your own. Seung Hyun seemed to give up on trying to contact you after the first week; something that’d both made you relieved, but also quite sad and hurt. Were his words of love for you just a lie then?

As your mind got back to reality, the memories of that night had your heart stinging painfully and you forced yourself to stop thinking about it. You’d hated him a great deal for walking out of the apartment that night, but your body seemed unable to listen to that particular message from your brain. Having him stand in front of you washed away all of the resentment and what was left was a feeling of longing. You had missed him – a lot.

“Please get out”, you soonsaid in a quiet voice, not yet able to really admit that you wanted the exact opposite.

“Not going to happen”, he said and took a step closer to you.

“I can’t take this right now, so please just leave”

“You miss me just as much as I miss you”, was all he said as a response, not even listening to your plea for him to leave. He knew those words meant nothing.

“I…”, you had no idea how to respond, “I-“

However, you didn’t get a chance to even try as he interrupted you; crashing his lips to your, taking you completely by surprise as memories flooded your brain at the familiar feeling. This had been one of his tactics every time you’d fought in the past, because he knew you couldn’t resist him – just as he couldn’t resist you. He’d always succeeded in making you forget whatever you were fighting about, with nothing but a simple kiss. Without really thinking about it, you kissed him back, just like you’d always done.

But, really, that was in the past, wasn’t it? He shouldn’t be doing this now and neither should you. He had no right to do something like this anymore. Realizing this, you pushed him away with as much force as you could. He stumbled back a few steps, surprised by your sudden action.

Don’t touch me!” you whispered as tears started to form again, confusion and anger evident in your voice and on your face.

“Why did you kiss me back if you don’t want me to touch you?” he shot back.

You really had no good response to that, since you didn’t know yourself, “leave, please”

“No”, he simply said.

“Leave”, you repeated, feeling the frustration grow at his stubbornness.

He did nothing but shake his head this time, as he took a step closer to you. This automatically made you take a step back, which instantly resulted in your back making contact with the wall next to the front door. Seung Hyun took this opportunity to take yet another step closer, making him invade your personal space.

“Not until I get what I came here for”, he told you.

“And what would that be?” you shot back and glared up at him, trying to ignore how your heartbeat quickened at having him stand so close.

He didn’t answer at first, but simply just stared at you for a few moments. He then lifted his arms and proceeded with trapping your head in between them, as he rested them against the wall. You felt slightly lightheaded because of how fast your heart was beating. You were completely sure that he knew exactly what he was doing, which made you feel irritated. He was just teasing you, wasn’t he?

“I want you”, he said, making it sound like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“What?” you snapped, not having expected him to say that.

“I want you”, he repeated and leaned his head closer to yours, resting his forehead against yours, “I need you to be mine again”

“Don’t be ridiculous”, you said.

“I’m not”

Yes, you are” you whispered as the first tear rolled down you cheek.

Intending to yet again push him away, you placed your hands on his chest. Your body and brain weren’t in sync at all at the moment, though, because your brain’s plea to get as far away from him didn’t reach your body. Your hands on his chest barely even attempted to push him away. His closeness made you feel completely powerless, as well as unwilling to have him go away. You felt yourself slowly giving in and felt how a growing desire to admit how much you missed him washed over you.

“Don’t fight it, baby” he murmured when he noticed the change in both your body and on your face.

Biting your lips as more tears rolled down your cheeks, you eventually gave in completely and leaned forward – resting your head against his chest, not caring at all that his shirt was soaked. This action had Seung Hyun responding at once; he wrapped once of his arms around your waist and cradled the back of your head with his other hand – bringing you as close as possible.

Without saying a single word, he let you cry in his arms. The two of you stayed like that for what felt like an eternity. Eventually, your sobs quieted down and you instead turned your head; resting your ear against his chest instead, listening to his beating heart. It calmed you down - it always had.

“I’m sorry”, he said after a long while of silence.

Confused at his sudden apology, you moved your head to look up at him – the confusion evident on your face as well.

“I shouldn’t have walked out that night”, he told you and stared down at you were you stood in his arms, “I was so full of myself that I didn’t think for a second that you’d ever leave me… You have no idea how broken I felt when I got back and you and your stuff was gone”

Without answering at first, you rested your head against his chest again and wrapped your arms around his waist. You hadn’t really thought about it during the last two months, but those words were… Exactly what you’d needed to hear.

“Took you long enough”, you told him, a small smile plastering itself to your face.

“Hey!” he laughed slightly and tightened his arms around you, a smile on his face as well. He knew this meant you’d forgiven him – you didn’t have to say it out loud.

Just like that, the emptiness you’d felt in your heart for the last two months was gone. Who knew good things like this could happen at a stupid hour like 3 AM?

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"Take a picture, it’ll last longer." Katniss annoyed with Peeta

“What the fuck is a re-commitment ceremony anyway?” Katniss yells out from behind the closed dressing room door. “I mean you already had a wedding, you’re already married!”

Peeta shifts uncomfortable in the over-sized arm chair that sits in the small viewing area right outside the dressing room of the fancy boutique that his best friend, Katniss, dragged him too.

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The Universe Hates Toby (and Alcor by extension) Part 4

And here’s the finale! First bit of fanfic that I’ve actually consciously completed in a long while… and i’ts about demons… yay?


Dipperjumped out of the mindscape, legs flinching hard enough to thump against his work desk as he regained ‘consciousness’. He almost got out a swear in demon-speak before cutting himself off in English. “Fuck- yeah?”

Toby was silent.

Tyrone cast a glance toward the door. Should I be worried, or…?

“I – I need help!”

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“Do you take prompts for fics? What about Meryl is sitting between Maks and Charlie while driving for SOI and she falls asleep on Maks. Charlie talks to Maks about Meryl and tells him that Meryl has been though a lot with previous relationships and that Maks better not hurt her. But Charlie approves of Maks.” Anon.

I do take prompts! haha. And you got it. So this isn’t Maksyl directly, but It certainly involves them! haha. So its like a Chaks/Maksyl/Merlie kinda thing all rolled together? lol. Anyways! Love you! Always- J.

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141012 2min at SW2014 in Ishikawa ^^

♡   During MC, when members were talking about local food of Ishikawa, Onew pretended to bite the back of Jjong’s head !! Then Minho also began to bite the back of Taemin’s head while making funny face XD When Key looked at dorky boys, he said with anger voice “ Just listen to people who’s talking !!! ”

♡   During Dazzling Girl, Minho touched Tae-butt when 2min passed by. and “ I wondered what I should do. I know I’ll find a way somehow.” part,  Minho tried to patt Tae-butt again XD

♡   At last when Taemin tried to hi-five with fans at the front, Minho stealed Tae’s hands to hi-touch with him while saying “ Yaaaaaaaaay ! ” !! He seemed like claiming that “ Taemin’s hands are mine !! ” ^^

fanacc cr : @ aionee_51, A_filet, 2min_xxx and musumusumu

trans : fukumin99